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Kiran Takes Her Hubby To Work Today! Sssh!

December 28, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend Revisited! Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry’s hubby, Chris Knowles, appeared thrice as CNN’s brand new meteorologist on AM with Kiran. Strangely, neither acknowledged their relationship to the AM audience. For the author, who is a long-time Fox & Friends viewer, it was a case of deja vu: I.e., Kiran and Chris similarly kept their marriage secret when they worked together on CNN rival FNC’s morning cable news show initially.

Seemingly, Kiran may have smoothed the way for hubby Chris during any of her negotiations with CNN chief Ken Jautz as he seemingly revamps his cable news morning program AM around her. Since her failed 2007 contract negotiations with Fox News probably precipitated Chris’ own departure from FNC and his consequent sojourn to his personal Moab as a parochial NYC WPIX weekend weatherman, Chris’ “power wife” probably has felt a tinge of guilt at his fate. After Chris was unceremoniously sacked in October, Kiran must now be especially elated to have been able to aid his return to national prominence at CNN, her “gold standard.”

Welcome, Chris! And, watch yourself, TJ!

Update 1:’s Fishbowl reported, “It’s uncertain whether this was a one-time appearance for Knowles or if he was auditioning for a larger role at CNN.” In its own update, Fishbowl adds, “Knowles tell FishbowlNY that he also was scheduled to do live weather updates at 10:30 and 11 a.m. this morning.”

Author’s remarks: Actually, Chris Knowles appeared thrice on AM (6:06 a.m. ET, 7:05 a.m. ET; and 8:01 a.m. ET) with his CNN microphone. In his third AM appearance, Kiran introduced Chris saying, “Our Chris Knowles, meteorologist.” Unless “our” suggests a CNN/Client 9 relationship, Chris is more than a one-day stand.

Update 2: Chris returned the next day Wednesday on AM. However, he was referred to as “meteorologist Chris Knowles.” The “our” was absent this time: However, Kiran seemed to begin to say “our” but stopped abruptly (@ 6:27 a.m. ET).

Update 3: According to a trusted source, Chris is uncertain of his CNN future but hopes that his stint pans out into a permanent position.

Maria Molina: Shades of Domenica?

December 28, 2010

Fox & Friends guest meteorologist Maria Molina heated up the F&F set yesterday on a frigid New York City morn. Before she did so, substitute co-anchor Clayton Morris showed co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade a personal iPhone photo that he had taken of some NYC street snow drifts. Subsequently, segueing to Maria, Brian racily queried, “Hey, Maria, do have anything, any pictures to show us?*

As Clayton chuckled and added, “You’re so beautiful,” a smoldering Maria ducked her head and pursed her lips. Arching her eyebrows at Brian, she purred, “What do you mean?” Interjecting, Clayton teased, “Those aren’t for air?” As Aly closed her eyes and shook her head at Clayton’s risque remark, Brian guffawed, “I’m sorry. I forgot.” Gamely, Maria pointed at the weather screen and laughed, “I have this picture right here!”

Fox & Friends fans, Maria finally found her mellifluous voice.

[Author’s aside: Re this article’s rubric, Domenica Davis was the Italian delight that Maria replaced as a FNC meteorologist. For examples of Domenica’s saucy side, cf. Carpe Diem’sDomenica’s Peeping Dave,” “Domenica: Skirts Up Forecast,” and “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.”]

*Fox & Friends – 12/27/10 (@ 6:32 a.m. ET)

Ainz That a Shame 2

December 27, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Ainsley Earhardt held court with her former co-anchors, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, from her old throne over the Christmas Day weekend. Tawny and tempting, the sexy blond beauty showed herself to be a worthy weekend co-host as she held her own on the curvy couch for three straight days. Refreshingly, the now ringless Southern belle seemed to have learned that being overly obsequious to one’s male colleagues is not necessarily a virtue.

Unfortunately, Ainsley still did not quite handle her F&FW boys with the plucky aplomb that current F&FW queen Alisyn Camerota does but Ainz has made marked progress. Her weekend appearances almost made this viewer wonder what might have been if she had been more of the indispensable Fox & Friends “alpha bitch.” Who knows? Perhaps, Ainsley shall reign anew if and when Aly rightly succeeds Gretchen Carlson as the Fox & Friends weekday vixen.

Until then, again, Ainz that a shame!

Clayton: “My Beautiful Wife Natali”

December 26, 2010

Unveiled! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris finally introduced his new bride Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW audience on Christmas Day. Almost five months ago, co-anchor Dave Briggs had teased viewers with her identity when referring to the mother of Clayton’s newly arrived child as merely Natali. More recently, approximately two weeks ago, Clayton briefly displayed an album of his son Miles (which included photos of Natali with Miles) but made no mention of Natali. However, yesterday, Clayton proudly showed off Natali to his F&FW fans and proudly proclaimed her to be “my beautiful wife Natali.”

In the final segment of the 2010 Fox & Friends Christmas edition Friday, producers aired holiday photos of the on-air co-hosts’ respective families. When a photo of a duo of diminutive dogs with bows in their hair ran, Ainsley intoned, ” Here are my babies. That’s Sacks Fifth Avenue on the left and Sassy Girl on the right.”* Then, as a pic of Dave and his family appeared sitting in front of the Christmas tree, Dave declared, “My family, my wife Brandi, my beautiful kids, Emerson and William. Merry Christmas to you guys!” Subsequently, as a photograph of Clayton (holding Miles) and Natali standing in front of the Christmas tree aired, Clayton announced, “And, there’s my beautiful wife Natali and my first little bundle of joy Miles on his first Christmas.”

Yes, Clayton may have appeared to have wait a wee bit long to introduce his new wife Natali to all of the Fox & Friends Weekend family. However, perhaps, appropriately, Clayton waited until this season of love and Advent to introduce her. Regardless, Merry Christmas, Natali!

Fox & Friends – 12/25/10 (@ 9:59 a.m. ET)

New A.M. Anchor: T.J. Holmes

December 26, 2010

CNN Saturday and CNN Sunday co-anchor T.J. Holmes announced that he will become the new American Morning co-anchor in the coming year. To his Twitter followers, T.J. Tweeted, “Thank u guys 4 the support on the weekend and hope I can continue 2 count on ur support as I experiment in a new role. (I’m gonna need it.)” He elaborated, “Need 2 let u know this is my last weekend, 4 now. Starting next yr, I’m anchoring “American Morning” in NY 4 a yet-2-be-determined period.”

T.J.’s new position on AM comes as little surprise to cable news watchers. On December 7, Page 6 of the New York Post reported, “T.J. Holmes…is one of the favorites to take over Roberts’ role and anchor alongside Kiran Chetry.” Furthermore, in the past, the younger, handsome CNN anchor has often filled in for Roberts on AM and has evinced a real rapport with the Nepalese beauty.

When announcing Roberts’ departure from American Morning, CNN chief Ken Jautz stated that CNN would “be looking at different people alongside Kiran.” Based on T.J.’s Tweets, it appears that Ken Jautz has now found his new man on AM. At least, for now.

Good luck, T.J.!

Update: T.J. begins his “interim” stint on American Morning on January 6, 2011.

Update: T.J. reaffirms his “interim” AM status (January 18).

Kyra & John: Viva In-Vitro?

December 24, 2010

March Madness: The Roberts Twins! Less than two months ago, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts and CNN Newsroom host Kyra Phillips proclaimed that they were “‘very excited’ to announce that they [were] expecting twins next spring” according to People magazine. The evening release came out after an earlier afternoon report from Carpe Diem that “Roberts [had] appeared to have put his forty-two year old girlfriend, Kyra Phillips, on notice…[that he]… may be ready to start another family.” Carpe Diem had cited Roberts’ saying “‘Your boys’….It’s all we care about!” earlier that morning after an AM story on the adverse effects of the plastic additive BPA to low sperm count and vitality.

On the following day, Carpe Diem simply declared, “John’s ‘Boys’ Worked: Kyra Pregnant!” However, there may have been more to that story that the author initially assumed: John’s “Boys” may have indeed worked but, perhaps, they did not have to try too very hard. I.e., they may have had a little help.

When the author later revisited the BPA/sperm report again, he noticed that the ensuing story entitled, “In-Vitro Treatment Odds” appeared to adumbrate the advent of Kyra and John’s twins. In that report, AM co-anchor Kiran Chetry stated, “More tries aren’t necessarily better when it comes to in-vitro fertilization. There’s a new fertility study showing that a woman’s odds of getting pregnant don’t improve much after two unsuccessful in-vitro treatments.”* Reassuringly, she quickly noted, “Although there are many personal stories out there.” “Oh, yeah!” interjected John. Elaborating, Kiran continued, “One of my friends…made it happen.”  John added, “The one person I know–five times before it took.”

The very same person, i.e. Kyra? Perhaps. As one 1999 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report stated, “The steep climb in multiple births coincides with two overlapping and related trends: Older age at childbearing and the increasing use of fertility enhancing therapies.”

Conclusive? No. But.

*American Morning – 10/28/10 (@ 8:56 a.m. ET)

Roberts: Bye, Bye, AM

December 24, 2010

Hello, HotKyra–and the babes! Today, on American Morning, co-anchor John Roberts confirmed that he is leaving CNN’s morning news show to join his gravid affianced, Kyra Phillips (CNN Newsroom‘s host), in Atlanta. Before AM segued to CNN Newsroom, guest co-host Carol Costello turned to John and announced, “The American Morning show has to bid John Roberts adieu because we will miss you. You’re going on to bigger and better things in Atlanta.”* In response, John laughed, “Well, I’m going on to a lot of things in Atlanta.” Explaining, he remarked, “Yes, my sweetheart is going to have twins in March. And, I don’t think I’d be long for this world if I didn’t go down to Atlanta to join her for that blessed occasion.”

Pointing to Kyra (then on a split screen with him and Carol), John stated, “There she is, right there. Hi, sweetheart!” Rather than return his greeting directly, a smiling Kyra declared, “Carol, you know I can’t do this all on my own.” Standing up and rubbing her bulging belly, she continued, “Let me tell you, these, these little guys are kicking right there. They’re like ‘Where’s Dad? Where’s Dad?’ We want him here!”

To both Kyra and Carol, John commented, “Dad is coming down to Atlanta to be with Kyra and our new family which will be arriving very soon.” Reassuring John’s CNN acolytes, Carol responded, “You’ll still be working for CNN as well [and will] be covering really big stories for us and doing special reports and really fascinating stuff like that.” John added, “I’m looking forward to being down there.” Then, gesturing to Kyra, an adoring John stammered, “But, this, this, this lady right here is the one that is, is the main focus.”

Best of luck, John! You’ll be missed.

*America Morning – 12/24/10 (@ 9:58 a.m. ET)

John Roberts: “This Pole Does Extend”

December 23, 2010

Jerry Stiller: “You guys, I didn’t think that CNN went in that direction!” The erection of the Festivus pole took on a whole new meaning today as American Morning co-anchor John Roberts gave it his own phallic twist.

In a segment entitled, “Festivus for the Rest of Us! Real people celebrate fake holiday,”  Roberts and guest co-host Carol Costello interviewed the founder of Festivus (Seinfeld’s Frank Costanza a/k/a Jerry Stiller). During their discussion of the faux holiday, Roberts queried Stiller as to his favorite feat of strength (a Festivus rite). Saltily, Stiller responded, “I’m not going to be able to talk about that on an early morning show: So, let’s leave it at that, John! No, but, you know, I got a great wife, and I’m [sic] still get excited. How ’bout that!”*

Chuckling, Costello commented, “That’s good!” Meanwhile, Roberts, after doubling over in laughter, stood and went to the AM Festivus pole. Grasping it with his right hand and guiding it upward, Roberts randily jested, “I just wanted to point out that this pole does extend!” After watching Roberts raise the pole, Stiller buried his head in his hands and exclaimed, “You guys, I didn’t think CNN went in that direction!”

Perhaps, not in the de-Klein days. But, it does in the Jautz era now.

*American Morning – 12/22/10 (@ 8:53 a.m. ET)

Update: Interview vid via Huffington Post.

MacCallum Mocks Napolitano

December 21, 2010

Martha: “367 Days in a Year” not “364 Days a Year.” Hoisting herself on her own petard, American Morning co-host Martha MacCallum poked fun at DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano today.

This morning, Martha reported that Secretary Napolitano told ABC’s Diane Sawyer in an interview that “we are…working 24/7 364 days a year to keep the American people safe.” Introducing the clip, Martha joked, “Homeland Chief Janet Napolitano may need a new calendar for the new year’s [sic].” Then, after playing the footage, Martha laughed, “[3]64, last time I checked there were 367 days in the year. Right, Bill?”

Not responding to Martha’s patent error, co-anchor Bill Hemmer jested, “We can actually vacation after that?”

Continuing to spoof the Secretary, Martha chuckled, “Which day are they not working is the question.” Then, suddenly, waxing a whit more charitable, Martha added, “I don’t know, you gotta cut her a little slack though in that regard. We’ve all misspoken at times. Right?”

Cutting Martha herself more than a little slack at that ironic moment, Bill ignored Martha’s mistake. Instead, he subtly corrected the Secretary, softly saying, “We’ll add one [day] next time.”

Update: Subsequently, some of Martha’s Twitter followers took her to task for saying that there were “367 days in a year.” In response, she Tweeted, “357 [sic] was a joke. Sarcasm was lost on some.” However, at least, one follower, @solucky was unimpressed: s/he responded, “@marthamaccallum Nice try, but you said 367 days and YOU misspoke and came up with the sarcasm excuse after the fact.”

*America’s Newsroom – 12/21/10 (@ 9:35 a.m. ET)

Kiran’s Key to Happiness: “Sex”?

December 20, 2010

“Intercourse….Do you want me to say it in another way?” American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry shared “The Key to Happiness” with guest co-anchor T.J. Holmes last Friday. And, T.J. was only too happy to hear it. In fact, he was rather eager for Kiran to elaborate.

After a morning of flirting with T.J., a purported favorite to be a future permanent co-host of the newly revamped American Morning, Kiran added a little extra spice to their penultimate segment together. Reading the last story, Kiran declared, “If you’re looking for the keys to happiness, pay close attention to this story.” Nodding his head, T.J. mouthed, “Yes, I am.” Subsequently, looking back at T.J. continuously, Kiran continued, “According to new research, the more focused a person is, the happier he or she is. Researchers at Harvard say that those whose minds tend to wander feel less happy.” Turning again to T.J. suggestively, Kiran added, “The task that people had the least trouble focusing on was–sex.”

Looking into Kiran’s eyes, T.J. rakishly queried, “Was what?” Returning his gaze, Kiran chuckled, “Intercourse.” Flushed and beaming, T.J. began to read out of the block, stating, “It’s fifty-five minutes past the hour.” Still, looking steadfastly at T.J. and caressing her hair, Kiran racily remarked, “I mean, what, do you want me to say it in another way?”

Flustered, T.J. replied, “You just got really.” Interrupting himself and addressing the AM audience, T.J. said, “Okay, We’re, we’re gonna take a break. Fifty-five minutes past the hour: we’ll be right back.”

Then, as T.J. turned to Kiran and goatishly grinned, Kiran demurely ducked her head, smiled broadly, and coyly averted his gaze.

Sex: The real key to A.M. happiness?

*American Morning – 12/17/10 (@ 8:55 a.m. ET)

Playbunny Aly Arouses

December 20, 2010

Rick Reichmuth: There’s about to be a wardrobe malfunction.” Clad in her cleavage-baring, sexy short red dress, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota got the rapt attention of FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth and the rest of her male admirers Saturday as she tried on a pink Hoodie-Footie Saturday during the After the Show Show. Having donned it during the regular show, apparently, Aly acted as if she were reluctant to try it on once again.

When the After the Show Show started, Dave asked where the Hoodie-Footie was. When Aly answered that she did not know, Dave theatrically walked off the set, searching for it and demanding that she “put it back on before we leave today.” As Dave sought her “mislaid” garb, Aly explained to viewers that co-anchors Dave and Clayton Morris had given it to her last year as a gift and that it looked basically like a giant bunny suit. Then, as producers played Shaftesque make-out music, a smiling Aly alluring elaborated, “Not the kind of bunny suit they have at Hugh Hefner’s place: it’s a different kind of bunny suit. This one I don’t think arouses quite the same interest level in the viewers.”

Soon thereafter, Dave finally returned with the Hoodie-Footie and handed it to Aly. As Aly struggled to slip her beautiful bare gams into the legs of the unwieldy suit, a staring Rick seemed mesmerized by F&FW’s sexy siren. As Aly continued to raise her stems in his direction in her attempts to don the Hoodie-Footie, Rick chuckled, “There is about to be a wardrobe malfunction going on right now.” No preening prig, Aly riposted, “I know, I appreciate…that you’re monitoring it closely. I see that, Rick. I notice.” Aptly interjecting, Dave declared, “We’re trying to drive viewership to the After the Show Show.”

Continuing to do just that, Dave asked Aly to pose for a photo with her leg up to show off the Footie. After Aly playfully complied and some subsequent casual chatter about the attributes of her attire ensued, Aly commented, “My body temperature has soared to about 105 right now. Just  putting it on, you get instantly hot in here.” Without a moment’s hesitation, Dave gazed down and grabbed his comely co-host’s foot, declaring, “Oh, wait a minute! You can unzip the feet if you have the hot–my wife has what’s called the hot feet [and] her feet get really hot. Sorry honey. Yeah, she calls them ‘the hot feet.'”

As Dave stripped Aly’s foot bare, Aly asserted, “I don’t really think we should show the viewers my toes.” Undeterred, Dave pulled her “stocking” off her foot and twirled it about like a cinematic ecdysiast and threw it suggestively toward the viewers. Looking on, Rick observed, “You have just a whole new search thing for Alisyn.” Alisyn added, “A whole new website. I love it!”

And, so do many of Aly’s faithful F&FW fans.

Friel: “Just Get Him Out of Me Now!”

December 17, 2010

Fox News entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel announced today that she is taking maternity leave as of tomorrow. After her holiday movie segment on Fox & Friends, Courtney segued to the F&F co-hosts, remarking, “This is my last day before I go on maternity leave so I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas, Happy New Year. I’m gonna pop this little baby out and see you in a few months.”*

Taking the toss and pointing to herself, a grinning Gretchen Carlson commented, “Courtney, take it from somebody who has popped a couple of those out. It’s not quite that easy.”

Jesting, Brian interjected, “Yeah, it seems effortless.”

Shaking her head, a smiling Courtney exclaimed, “I don’t care. I just want him out of me. I’ll take whatever happens: Just get him out of me now!”

Grinning, Gretchen replied, “Good luck!”

Good luck indeed, Courtney. May you and Carter have a Merry Christmas and joyfully ring in your new year with a happy and healthy new son.

Author’s aside: According to TV Newser (August 9), Courtney revealed that she and her hubby CNN biz correspondent Carter Evans had a “reporter in the making.” She added that she was “PREGGO with a baby BOY” and that she had a late December due date.

*Fox & Friends – 12/17/10 (@8:43 a.m. ET)

Morning in America Again? Almost.

December 16, 2010

Graphics and gams: Rise and shine! A new day is dawning on American Morning as CNN’s “Ray of Light,” Kiran Chetry, shines ever brighter. Yesterday new CNN chief Ken Jautz formally announced a new and improved AM with a “more upbeat and faster-paced” format and less of its old personnel, i.e., co-anchor John Roberts and EP Jamie Kraft.

On November 23, Jautz began his much needed transformation of AM by creating a spanking-new set with not only sunny graphics that awakened the AM audience but also a very sexy see-through desk that further aroused the male admirers of Kiran (a la Megyn Kelly’s America Live one). Unfortunately, these improvements of Jautz in part seem short lived: Seemingly, some priggish and prudish producer embraced anew the CNN castrato ethos only  two days later. I.e., the foolish philistine eunuch veiled Kiran’s lovely legs with apparently a reflective coating on the glass table that would have made John Ashcroft proud.

Unfortunately, for now, Jautz’s American Morning is a much more muted and bowdlerized version of FNC’s Fox & Friends. However, Jautz is promising to elevate the status of his anemic cable morning news show: Jautz asserts that he is transforming AM “to make it better suited to the morning” by rendering it “more upbeat and faster paced.” Beyond the format changes, Jautz states that he wanted to “make sure we have the right ‘American Morning family,’ as it were and we will be looking at different people [including T.J. Holmes] alongside Kiran on a rotating basis.”

A promising start. Happily, Jautz, unlike some of his colleagues, finally seems to realize that there may well be a desirable demographic beyond the Upper East Side effete elite. Here’s to a real American Morning soon!

Johns: “Rob, Where’s Your Thong?”

December 14, 2010

Chetry: “We all know where your thong is.” American Morning co-hosts Joe Johns and Kiran Chetry decided to saucily jazz (or “Jautz”) things up yesterday morning with their CNN colleague Rob Marciano. And, their hunky meteorologist was more than happy to play along.

Before Rob’s weather segment, Kiran reported on the annual Toronto Santa Speedo Run. As footage ran of the girls and guys in their Santa skivvies, Joe interjected, “That’s so wrong!”* Not completely concurring, Kiran racily remarked, “Actually, everybody looks in pretty good shape, I gotta say. If you’re gonna wear a Speedo, rock on!” When Joe sarcastically answered, “Yeah, right. That’s the front of the line,” the clip showed the rear–and rears–of the final three athletic male Santas: risquely, Kiran responded, “Uh, now the back of the line doesn’t look that bad either!” As she concluded the story, Kiran laughed, “It’s all about generating body heat.” Wanting the final word, Joe commented, “Yeah, right. Just no thongs!”

Subsequently, as Joe segued to the weather forecast, he jauntily jested, “Rob Marciano in the Extreme Weather Center. Rob, where’s your thong?” Before Rob could answer, Kiran burst out in laughter, exclaiming, “That’s not what I was going to say!” Straight-faced, Rob replied, “Well, it’s, come on, Joe! It’s on, of course, silly.” Interposing racily, Kiran commented, “I was going to say, ‘Where’s your chicken costume?’ We all know where your thong is.” A salty Rob answered, “Exactly! It’s not red. Just so you know.”

Too bad, Rob: one of Kiran’s favorite colors is red. Also, she happens to know of, at least, one guy who sports a red thong–in fact, his “lucky” one.** Of course, hubby Chris may have one, too.

Alas, AM viewer, to purge your mind of such frightful sights, you may prefer to envision Kiran in her very own red Christmas thong. Happy thoughts!

* American Morning – 12/13/10 (@ 6:47 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 10/28/10 (Kiran’s read remarks on San Francisco Giant Aubrey Huff.)

Clayton: Natali Who?

December 12, 2010

“My son [Miles Benjamin Morris] here.”* And, his mother by his side is, Mr. Morris? Sorry, Fox & Friends fans, still no introduction necessary, apparently. Interestingly, F&FW co-host Clayton Morris seems to be taking the Prince Charles tact when it comes to introducing his new wife Natali Morris nee Del Conte to his F&FW fans.

As the reader may remember, reported in April that it had received a “tip” that married F&FW co-anchor Clayton and a certain guest, Natali Del Conte, were having an affair; that this same Natali was rumored to be pregnant with their love child; and that Clayton’s then wife [Sara Batterson] had filed for divorce. Since then, Clayton and Natali have both acknowledged the birth of their son Miles (July 27) and have subsequently married (October 20). However, in the author’s memory, Clayton has never disclosed on Fox & Friends that Natali Del Conti is his wife. (N.B. During a Clayton-diaper-changing segment shortly after Mile’s birth, co-host Dave Briggs appeared to begin Natali’s introduction to the F&FW audience for Clayton by crediting Natali by first name for sending in the video.) Today, when given a perfect opportunity to do so, Clayton avoided it.

During a segment entitled “Gadget Gift Guide: Clayton’s Top Tech Picks for Mom” with co-anchors Dave and Alisyn Camerota, Clayton touted MacBook Air with an app iLife that helps one generate photo-albums. Picking up one such album, Clayton commented, “I created this one of my son here.” Subsequently, pointing to the album named “Miles Benjamin Morris 2010” (with a darling cover photo of Clayton’s son), Aly interjected, “Now, see, I want this but I want it with pictures of Miles because he’s the cutest baby in the world.” Proudly opening up the album for the viewers to enjoy, Clayton displayed three more photos (one of Miles alone and two others of him with his loving mom Natali). Oddly, of his beautiful new bride Natali, Clayton uttered nary a word.

At least, not yet.

*Fox & Friends – December 12, 2010 (@ 9:55 a.m. ET)

AM 2011: John Jilted, TJ Wooed?

December 7, 2010

Out with the old: in with the new? According to New York Post‘s Page 6 sources, American Morning‘s co-anchor John Roberts is leaving AM “as early as the start of the new year.” Reportedly, Roberts is concluding a contract with CNN which would take him from his AM anchor seat in New York City to a national correspondent role in Atlanta, home of his gravid fiance, weekday CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips. In Roberts’ stead, inside sources suggest that CNN Newsroom‘s younger weekend anchor T.J. Holmes is a “favorite” to replace Roberts and to join the comely current co-anchor, Kiran Chetry, behind the AM desk.

No one should be surprised at the shakeup of AM, the cellar-dwelling cable morning news program: in fact, cable news media have been speculating for almost a year about a much needed makeover. Even though then CNN boss Jon Klein seemed loathe to alter the team that he himself had confected, successor CNN chief Ken Jautz has shown no such compunction: when Jautz was chosen to replace Klein in September, Jautz outlined his plans to jazz up the primetime ratings by making “primetime more compelling and engaging, sometimes more fun.” Then, last month (November 1) Page Six insider sources disclosed that new CNN chief Ken Jautz was going to concentrate on the daytime programming and that “his first step[would] be to dismantle American Morning, the lowest-rated cable morning show.” Now, apparently, Katz has so acted.

If Holmes does join Chetry, the AM dynamic should change significantly. With the “voice of God” journalist Roberts, Chetry too often has seemed unsure of herself and her abilities. But, when paired on occasion with the greener Holmes, Chetry has appeared to shine with an unabashed self-confidence.

Hot on Huddy’s Heels

December 6, 2010

Juliet’s sexy sole on sale–at last. On Thanksgiving Day, Fox News’ guest anchor Juliet Huddy teased her America Live viewers with the news that she was going to offer them her signed stilettos–the very red and white ones that she was then wearing–to raise funds for the world’s impoverished peoples on the‘s website, However, thereafter, both Juliet and the charity have remained strangely mute as to the auction until today.

Since Juliet has not provided any news as to her shoe auction to her Twitter followers, the author decided to call the Tennessee headquarters of After repeated calls last week for more information, the author was finally routed today to Elizabeth, a representative who said that she had checked on the status of Juliet’s shoes today. Elizabeth informed the author that they are now in route to her organization and should be on auction next week at both and

Don’t be shy, guys. Ante up the cash. Do it for a good cause–and Juliet’s Naughty Monkeys!

Bawdy Brian: “Master Baker”

December 6, 2010

The Next Blind “Cake Boss”? Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade, just could not resist the temptation to spice up F&F‘s segment with TLC’s “Cake Boss” Buddy Valastro in his own inimitable manner. After co-anchor Gretchen Carlson had introduced Valastro and his quest for the “next great baker” during the new season of Cake Boss, co-host Steve Doocy and Brian asked a few prefatory questions. Then, a straight-faced ribald Brian queried, “Real quick, what do you look for in a master baker?”*

Seemingly, oblivious to Brian’s double entendre, Valastro simply started to give a straight answer. As he did, an apparently amused Gretchen smoothly turned her attention from Brian to Valastro. However, Steve struggled to maintain his composure: smirking, he looked away quickly and pursed his lips tightly to contain his laughter. Sensing his salacious success, Brian smiled, but, ever so slightly.

Fox & Friends – 12/06/10 (@ 8:53 a.m. ET)

O’Reilly: F&F “Cartoon Show”

December 3, 2010

Fox & Friends: Fox News’ Rodney Dangerfield? Two years ago, FNC’s Executive Veep of News Editorial John Moody called the number one cable morning news show “an entertainment show that does some news.” Last night, Fox News ratings king and O’Reilly Factor host Bill O’Reilly went one step further and laughed that it was a “cartoon show.”*

During the O’Reilly Factor “News Quiz” segment with Fox & Friends co-anchor Steve Doocy and American Morning co-host Martha MacCallum, O’Reilly asked the name of “The Simpsons” newscaster. When Doocy accurately answered, “Kent Brockman,” O’Reilly chuckled, “I figured you’d watch a cartoon show, Doocy.” Then in a jest to the audience, he sniped, “He does one: he watches one.”

“Hey, hey, hey!” protested Steve. Coming to her morning colleague’s support, Martha cocked her head and arched her eyebrows at O’Reilly, exclaiming, “Ooooh!” Putting his tongue literally in his cheek, O’Reilly replied, “Alright. Cheap shot. I’m sorry!”

Friendly fire?

*O’Reilly Factor – 12/02/10 (@ 7:51 p.m. ET)

Gretchen Carlson’s “Release”

December 2, 2010

Don’t email me and tell me I’m ditsy! Okay?” And, “No,  [John Stewart], I’m not dumbing myself down!,” she seemed to assert again. Today Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson yet appeared intent on proving Comedy Central’s Daily Show host Jon Stewart wrong: I.e., no, the 1989 Miss America, who is a Stanford alum, is not “dumbing herself down” for her Fox News audience, e.g., by claiming not to know what “ignoramus,” “double dip recession,” or “czar” meant. Today, Gretchen added “release” to that list.

After a story on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s failed promise to provide a ladies’ restroom nearer the House of Representatives floor, Gretchen commented, “So the bathroom’s fifty yards away. And, coming into the next Congress there will be seventy-one female members who also have to be sprinters if they would like to go and release themselves while they get back for a vote.”* Laughing at Gretchen’s possibly Freudian malapropism, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade questioned, “Release themselves? Relieve!”

Concurring quickly with Brian’s correction, Gretchen remarked, “Relieved! Whatever that word is. Sorry.” As she began to segue into the next story about new putative Speaker John Boehner’s plan to fulfill Pelosi’s promise, Gretchen abruptly stopped. Admonishing her audience aforehand, she exclaimed, “Don’t e-mail me and tell me I’m ditsy, okay?”

*Fox & Friends – 12/02/10 (@ 7:09 a.m. ET)