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Carol Alt: A Sexier You?

January 21, 2014

Not last weekend: but, maybe, later. FNC anchor Carol Alt brought her game when it came to the putative pros of hemp/marijuana, phat fats, and ab exercise. But, unfortunately, the supermodel hottie left her “glam quotient” on the catwalk on her eponymous show.

The long-tressed brunette beauty could be forgiven for her demure royal blue dress (during three of the four blocks) that seemed to have been tailor-sabotaged with a neckline an inch too high and sleeves and a hem correspondingly in tandem too low. However, the former Playboy cover girl looked as if she were filming from another land during her exercise segment: Clad in a clerical collar without the requisite white square, Carol tried to rock a charcoal top with sleeves that wrapped her wrists and cloaked her derriere–not to mention–the non-form-fitting black leggings that said not so subtly to just look away.

Easy Sexy Raw: This weekend Carol may have forgotten the sexy. But, she did make nutrition easy and raw. Two out of three ain’t too bad. At least, this time!

Carol Dares to Bare Again!

November 3, 2013

A second Playboy appearance? Not yet: But, the sexy supermodel Carol Alt did strip during the opening of her eponymous show, A Healthy You & Carol Alt, yesterday and today. Sorry fellows, the long-legged, mini-dress clad lovely only took off her tagline at the beginning of her program. But, it is a start!

This week, Carol decided to scratch her solipsist intro, “I’m Carol Alt. I’ve been on the cover of more than 700 magazines and traveled the world for photo shoots and movies….I’m just like every person watching this show, and I want to help make a healthy you.” Instead, she aired the same title graphics and opening music but stripped off the annoying tagline (and its concomitant mag and vid footage). When the camera panned to a radiant, smiling Carol, she more intimately welcomed her viewers, simply saying, “Welcome to A Healthy You: I’m Carol Alt.”

Changing her show further for the better, Carol eschewed her earlier esoteric modus operandi with her experts and their arcane argot in favor of a more audience-friendly approach without the fitness pedagogues. Instead, she featured “ugly duckling” model and actress Heidi Albertsen (with childhood weight and eczema issues), a plain spoken expert (GMO’s), and an active navy physician (type-2 diabetes). Finally, she closed with her signature “Ask Carol” segment, exhorting her viewers to personal responsibility and fitness.

If her show today is precedent for the future, Carol has markedly transformed her program for the better. She still seems somewhat stilted in her speech and her mannerisms: But, she should be able to work out those challenges over time. And, hopefully, she will continue to tailor the program to meet her own and her audience’s expectations.

Kudos, Carol!

“I’m Carol Alt”: I’m Just Like You

October 27, 2013

No, Carol, you’re not: And, that’s okay! Former supermodel Carol Alt continues to introduce her eponymous show A Healthy You & Carol Alt with one of the most annoying taglines ever. I.e., “I’m Carol Alt. I’ve been on the cover of more than 700 magazines and traveled the world for photo shoots and movies….I’m just like every person watching this show, and I want to help make a healthy you.” Argh!

One is surely tempted to turn the channel after Carol’s solipsist boast amid the cognitive dissonance. But, the gorgeous gal appears to have done her health homework and even the fitness nut may learn a thing or two from her. But, if Carol wants to broaden her viewers beyond those who have read her latest book, Easy Sexy Raw, she may want to open up the arcane argot of her health experts and herself to FNC’s “benighted masses”: In other words, if Carol want truly wants to make her fans “A Healthy You” she needs to spend less time trying to impress her expert guests with her knowledge and more on conveying it to her audience.

As a viewer of her show since its inception, the author has noticed that Carol has tried to hone it each week. And, as one who hopes that she and it succeeds on FNC, he hopes that she will scratch the irritating intro, supra, (or, at least, have someone else do the voice over) and talk less exclusively with her experts–and more so with her audience.

Go “Easy Sexy Raw,” Carol! Less experts and argot: more you and your audience. Again, dare to bare!

Carol Alt’s New Show: Easy, Sexy–and, RAW!

September 11, 2013

A work in progress–hopefully! Former supermodel Carol Alt debuted her new afternoon FNC weekend show A Healthy You & Carol Alt Saturday with a cornucopia of information for her fans, fellow fitness freaks, and the casual viewer.* Unfortunately, the haut couture beauty seemed to think that she was filming a thirty-minute infomercial instead of debuting FNC’s next big hit–chirping constantly about herself, her health ken, and whatever else she could think of–proving the adage that silence is, or certainly can be, golden.

Carol’s start out-of-the-gate was assuredly awkward: But, she brought her game–at least, as to her knowledge of health. Now, the former Sports Illustrated and Playboy cover girl needs to step it up with her presentation–less self-promo and more edutainment. In other words, slow down, Carol, take a breath, and talk about your passion with your fans–not at them.

Good luck, Carol! Hope your new show is a success!

[Author’s aside: “Easy, Sexy–and, RAW!,” supra, is a less than subtle allusion to Carol’s book Easy Sexy Raw.]

*A Healthy You & Carol Alt – 09/07/13 (@ 4:00 p.m. ET)