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Gretchen: “Not Me. Not the Young Part!”

November 30, 2010

Glamorous and super rich: Two out of three ain’t bad. This morning Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared to proudly proclaim that she was not ready to cede her 1989 Miss America crown to those “komely” Kardashian kids. At least, not yet.

During a preview of an upcoming segment with the sexy sisters, Kim, Kloe, and Kourtney, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade waggishly intoned, “They’re young, they’re glamorous, and they’re super rich! Am I talking about Gretchen Carlson? No. I’m talking about the Kardashian sisters.”

Rather regally, Ms. Casey Close chuckled, “Not me, not the young part!” Something better left unsaid. Perhaps, Gretchen has forgotten E.D. Hill, her F&F predecessor.

*Fox & Friends – 11/30/10 (@7:19 a.m. ET)

Ms. Briggs’ Bra: “Miraculous”?

November 27, 2010

Mr. Briggs: “She doesn’t need any help!” Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs proclaimed that his wife Brandi’s bosom was ample enough. During the Victoria’s Secret Christmas segment, FNC correspondent Courtney Friel asked Victoria Secret Angels Erin Heatherton, Chanel Iman, Andriana Lima, and Lily Aldridge for suggestions for holiday gift that male viewers could give the women in their lives. After the sexy supermodels had given their helpful hints, a naughty Courtney showed Erin and Andriana a large photo of Dave and asked what he should get for his wife.

Pointing to a racy red Santa outfit, Erin replied, “I think he should go for that: you know, make it crazy!”* However, Andriana made it much more personal: Looking into the camera and holding up a sexy ebony bra, a sultry Andriana purred, “Dave, would you like to see your wife in this, the Miraculous Bra? Let me tell you what it does: It adds two cup sizes. Would you like your wife to have two extra cup sizes? Yes?” Nodding her head eagerly in agreement, Courtney spicily interjected, “Why not! The more the merrier!”

Subsequently, when Courtney concluded her report and segued back to the co-anchor trio, she quickly recommended a purple diaphonous top for Aly and a scarlet Jingle Bell Bikini for Clayton. Taking the toss, the co-hosts laughed at Courtney’s strange suggestion for Clayton while Clayton comically acted as if her were wearing those distaff undies then and there. Next, the conversation turned briefly to Courtney’s pick for Aly. When it was time for Dave to address the supermodels’ suggestions for him as to Brandi, Dave deftly diverted the discussion back to Clayton, asking, “How are those riding up on  you?”

On to Dave’s ploy, Clayton tersely answered, “Good,” and then quickly noted, “Wait, Dave didn’t manage to comment on his.” Without replying, Dave began to read out the segment. Perhaps, remembering Adriana’s remark about the benefits of the Miraculous Bra for Brandi and realizing that he had better say something in her defense, Dave suddenly stopped and emphatically declared, “She doesn’t need any help!”

In other words, Brandi, you [really] are a fine girl.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 11/27/10 (@ 7:40 a.m. ET)

Juliet Huddy Sells Her Sole

November 26, 2010

Offers it to the highest bidder. For Thanksgiving, America Live guest host Juliet Huddy gave the needy a leg up and foot fanciers a thrill up it yesterday. And, her fellow AL substitute anchor Rick Folbaum was more than happy to help in their interview of Soles4Souls CEO Wayne Elsey about the charity that collects shoes for impoverished people around the world. As Elsey concluded his spiel for more shoes, Rick intoned, “Wayne, I don’t know whether you need a red-and-white pump but I’m reaching down and taking off Juliet’s right now: we’ve got your address.” As Rick cheerfully bared Juliet’s supple foot with toenails of ruby red, a blushing Juliet laughed.

Being in another studio (without a vid feed apparently), Elsey replied, “I can’t see that.” Without answering, Rick continued, “Well, it’s in the mail.” More helpfully, Juliet interjected, “They’re beautiful. Trust me!” Looking at Juliet’s high heel, Rick readily agreed, “It is. It’s very nice!” Smiling, Juliet playfully snatched her shoe back from Rick and then thanked Elsey for his appearance on the show. As the segment ended, a still chagrined Juliet commented, “Alright, let me put my shoe back on while we do this next one: This is not the most p [trailing off].”

Whether she meant professional or not, her shoe was not destined to stay on. As America Live was about to conclude, Juliet declared, “[E]arlier in the show, we told you [the audience] about a charity called Sole4Soles….They actually asked if I–’cause you [Rick] took my shoe off, that was a little weird.” Bending down as she stripped off her shoe again, Juliet continued, “But, they asked if I would sign it and then they would try to do like a little, a little auction thing.”

Hopefully, Rick interposed, “Are you gonna do it? Sign it!” Arching her eyes at the audience, Juliet jested, “That’s gonna be a money-making thing! So, bids start at a million dollars. And, no, I’m just kidding.”

Pointing his pen, for emphasis, at the audience, Rick proclaimed, “!” Turning to Juliet, Rick instructed, Sign it!” As Juliet eagerly grabbed her pen, Rick remarked, “You [the viewer] can get these shoes!” Making the sell, perhaps, of Juliet, Rick racily queried, “What size are they, by the way?”

Looking down inside her sleek stiletto, Juliet responded, “Uh, they’re, I believe, an eight.” Saucily, Juliet quickly added, “And they’re by Naughty Monkey‘s Closet. Naughty Monkey!” Subsequently, after signing her sexy sole, Juliet held it up and commanded, “Bid!”

While America Live‘s madam is away, its mistress doth play. Obey!

*America Live – 11/25/10 (1:56 p.m. ET)

**America Live – 11/25/10 (2:59 p.m. ET)

Update: In a Tweet before America Live Friday (11/26/10), Juliet teased, “Info on where to bid for my autographed shoes – and WHY to bid – in 2pm est hour!”

Update2: During the final segment of America Live Friday, Juliet and Rob reminded viewers where to go, namely, and why, i.e., charity, to bid for Juliet’s signed shoes that she wore Thursday. Unfortunately, the address does not link yet to the auction for Juliet’s shoes: Rather, it redirects one to the organization’s main site

Rick Racked? Jessica’s “Dancing Muffins”

November 25, 2010

Dave Briggs’ Tweet: “Anybody else think @JessicaSimpson made @rickreichmuth nervous on ‘FOX & Friends?'” Yes, F&F Weekend meterologist Rick Reichmuth did seem rather rattled by Jessica Simpson today–at least, at one particular point, as he interviewed the busty pop princess prior to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade. When discussing Jessica’s new Christmas record, Happy Christmas, Rick asked, “Are you going to be singing something from your album on a float today?”* Jessica answered, “I am. I’m singing the single. It’s called”My Only Wish.” Smiling, she added, “And, I have dancing muffins.”

Raising his eyebrows and grinning sheepishly, apparently, at her potentially salacious euphemism, i.e., muffins, Rick randily remarked, “Um. Tell me more!” Chuckling, Jessica replied, “I’m on the baked goods Morton Salt float.” In response, a seemingly somewhat disappointed Rick muttered, “Okay.” Explaining, Jessica continued,  “So, I’m going to have lots of, like, pies and muffins dancing around me.”

No double entendres there either, Rick.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 11/25/10 (@8:39 a.m. ET)

Megyn Kelly: “GQ Intelligence…Hot”

November 22, 2010

Slate: “A Post-Feminist News Babe.” America Live anchor Megyn Kelly is no man and proud of it. As her alluring photos and Greg Veis interview in 2010 GQ Men of the Year edition prove, Megyn has spurned the Procrustean yoke of her feminist forerunners who felt compelled to almost ape a man in apparel to solicit respect. Instead, she fearlessly forges her future as the smart and sexy face of Fox News.

This year, Megyn’s star has begun to shine brightly as the media has really begun to take note of the beautiful blond journalist at FNC. Shortly, before her debut on America Live (AL), the New York Times reported on January 31, 2010, that Megyn was a “centerpiece of the news side of Fox News” and “seem[ed] to be progressing through Fox’s star-making machinery.” In a review soon thereafter (February 12), deemed Megyn a “post-feminist news babe” not shy with her sexuality as it cited her casual comfort at colleagues’ colorful banter, the revealing camera shots of her sexy stems, and her amorous, adventurous advice for her distaff audience. Then, two months later, Howard Stern, the satyric shock jock and self-anointed “King of All Media,” really noticed Megyn and got her to open up to his “very personal questions”: in so doing, disclosed that her breasts were real, that her husband Doug Brunt called them (“killer bees”), and that her sex life was unimpeded by pregnancy.

Now, in the GQ Men of the Year issue, the almost forty-year-old, gravid again, journalist daringly goes one step further with her incredibly sexy shots to accompany her interview with Veis. Posing for two provocative photos in a beautiful black mini with a plunging neckline, Megyn flaunts her “killer B’s” and luscious legs. Seductively, Megyn beckons her admirers with only a wedding ring to damper their desire. Modestly, she explains, “People want to see the anchor.”


Kyra: John, “Does Someone Have an Issue

November 18, 2010

With the way I dress you?” Rowr! As AM was concluding yesterday, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts felt compelled to address the criticism of his clothing choices by his Twitter followers. After thanking the audience for watching, John declared, “Before we go…a lot of people have been Tweeting me to say, ‘Why are you wearing a t-shirt and jeans?” As his co-host Kiran Chetry giggled, a seemingly miffed John remarked, “Obviously, it doesn’t translate on tv. I’m actually wearing a charcoal gray wool suit, jacket and pants, and a sweater.”

Turning to John, Kiran sweetly said, “Well, you look very nice.” Looking like an embarrassed laddie, John puckishly proclaimed, “No t-shirt and jeans this morning. Sorry!”

Subsequently, when Kiran tossed to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips, mama Kyra growled, “Does someone have an issue [with] the way I dress you? Is that what the problem is here? So, you know what? They better start Tweeting me.”

Laughing heartily, John answered, “Yeah. Exactly. For the folks who are upset about what I was wearing, take it up with her.”

Reassuring her man, Kyra pontificated, “Yeah, Kiran’s with me. It is hip.”

No matter what they might say.

AM: All Ms. (Bristol Palin)

November 18, 2010

Five features for the Dancing with the Stars finalist! In one of the strangest American Morning shows yet, co-host Kiran Chetry and CNN correspondent Carol Costello elevated Bristol Palin, former governor Sarah Palin‘s daughter, almost to the status of America’s Princess. On a day when AM celebrated Great Britain’s Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton extensively, it likewise covered America’s Tea Party Princess Bristol Palin albeit with more caustic commentary.

On this surreal American Morning, Bristol appeared thrice in “Morning Talkers” (Kiran/John Roberts’ confab) as to her PSA with the Jersey Shore‘s Situation in an abstinence/safe-sex spot and twice in “Gut Check” (Carol’s report) as to her advancement to the final on ABC’s DWTS. However, this American Morning princess was not well received by either Kiran or Carol.

In the “Morning Talkers” segments, Kiran appeared loaded for bear, or the Mama Grizzly’s cub, at least. In the very first one, Kiran laughed that the single mom’s paean to abstinence was “jaw-dropping” and “painful to watch…(that’s why I wanted to bring it to you guys).”* In the next one, Kiran noted, that Bristol’s words were “cringe inducing” immediately before joyfully announcing that Michael Vick, convicted felon and animal abuser–incidentally,  the quarterback of the Philadelphia Eagles, her husband Chris Knowles’ favorite team–appeared possibly headed for redemption as the NFL’s MVP this year.** Then, in the third and final one, Kiran scoffed at Bristol, saying, “Some fine acting….I think that people should practice what they preach about that.”***

[After Kiran made that acerbic remark about Bristol, co-anchor John Roberts told Kiran that her microphone was off. In reply Kiran replied, “Maybe, my mike was off for a reason: I couldn’t put my foot in my mouth.” Unfortunately for Kiran, she could: her audience was still able to hear her.]

In Carol’s “Gut Check” story (which aired twice),**** Bristol fared no better. When John segued to Carol’s report, he declared, “While the judges may not exactly love her moves, the television audience keeps pushing Palin through, leaving some people to wonder if, maybe, we’re witnessing a vast conservative conspiracy.” Leaving little doubt as to where she stood, Carol replied, “If Bristol Palin’s presence on Dancing with the Stars proves anything, it proves just how partisan we’ve become as a nation.” Darkly, she added, “I’m sure you’ve heard this: some believe the only reason Bristol Palin remains on Dancing with the Stars is because of the Tea Party/Republican conspiracy.”

AM‘s Bristol Palin: no common, ordinary girl.

*American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 6:24 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 7:25 a.m. ET)

***American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 8:21 a.m. ET)

****American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 6:32 a.m. ET)

****American Morning – 11/17/10 (@ 8:31 a.m. ET)

Kiran: Bringing Bootylicious Back

November 17, 2010

Giddy up! American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was back in the U.S. cavalry saddle Tuesday inspiring the wounded soldiers on as CNN’s anchor version of Betty Grable. After ruing that she was not able to boost the morale of those proud warriors at Walter Reed Hospital Monday night (because her press escort was a no-show), Kiran returned to AM with her killer black knee-high, stiletto-heeled boots and a sexy ebony mini to do just that. And did she succeed!

In fact, after “Morning Talkers” segment with Kiran’s gorgeous gams on full display,  AM co-host John Roberts seemed stirred.* In that subsequent story, entitled “Having the Winning ‘Touch’: Study: Fist bumps, butt slaps = success,” correspondent Carol Costello reported that that strategy did not “really work in the office because if you fist bump or chest bump your fellow workers in the office, they kind of think you’re invading their personal space.”** In response, John, beaming broadly and putting his hands up defensively, guffawed, “If you pat a co-worker on the butt, that’s not good either!” As Carol laughed animatedly, Kiran looked downed at the desk and simply shook her head.

Then, as Kiran began to introduce the headline stories, John (showing his palms again as if “clean”) interrupted, “Not that I’ve tried!” Turning to John and winking, Kiran replied, “No. Of course not.” Apparently, hoping to clear him of any suspicion, Kiran added, “We just, we’re assuming: we’re just making an inference there.” Rolling his eyes, John nodded and chuckled. [Of course, he could have thinking of CNN colleague and fiancee Kyra Phillips.]

But, as for Kiran: Bootylicious? Chetrylicious!

*American Morning – 11/16/10 (@ 6:22 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 11/16/10 (@ 6:30 a.m. ET)

Rob: “Not Anywhere Near My Junk”

November 16, 2010

John: “It’s a little early for that, Rob.” American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano was not about to be subjected to an intimate airport pat down by anchor John Roberts. After an AM story entitled “Don’t Touch My Junk!” (about a passenger who threatened a TSA screener with arrest if he touched his genitals), co-hosts John Roberts and Carol Costello salaciously segued to CNN meteorologist Rob Marciano. As he began his toss, John,  gesturing as if frisking someone, joked, “Now, alright, let’s do a quick pat down of the nation’s weather.”* Doubling over in laughter, Carol interjected, “It’s a good thing you’re in Atlanta because John would pat you down this morning, Rob!” Beaming broadly, John concurred, “Yeah, absolutely!”

Not exactly thrilled with that prospect, Rob retorted, “Yeah, listen, you’re not getting anywhere near my junk. I’ll tell you that, pal!” As Carol roared with laughter, a chagrined John chuckled, “Oh, ho, ho, ho! It’s a little early for that, Rob!”

Subsequently, as soon as Rob had concluded his weather forecast, a still carnal Carol kidded, “We won’t touch your junk this [morning]. Grateful, a smiling Rob answered, “Thank you!” Looking up to the heavens as if for help, a laughing John aptly added, “Okay. Time to throw a lifeline to somebody. Pull us out of this one!”

American Morning – 11/15/10 (@ 6:06 a.m. ET)

Dave: “Say Bye, Maria!”

November 15, 2010

“Say something!” Like a school boy shooting spitballs at the cute new girl in class, Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs seemed determined to get the attention of FNC’s newest weather beauty Maria Molina. Last Saturday, a playful Dave startled Maria as he threw a snowball and hit her mike as she ended a weather report. Later that day, as the show was ending, Dave gallantly caught her before she fell to the ground after being nearly wiped out by F&FW co-host Alisyn Camerota (who was trying to learn how to snow board).

Yesterday (Sunday), Dave finally got the shy lass out of her shell a scintilla. When the co-hosts (Dave, Alisyn Camerota, and Clayton Morris) and Maria had gathered together for the final segment,  the co-anchor trio bid the audience adieu but Marina remained mute. As the camera began to pan away, Dave looked down at the diminutive Spanish delight and demanded, “Say bye, Maria. Say something.” Reddening,  a smiling Maria exclaimed, “Bye!” as she waved furiously and ducked her head in embarrassment.

Say “hello,” Maria. Say a lot more to your new F&F fans.

[Author’s aside: FNC has finally put up Maria’s bio on its web site.]

Dave: “The Briggs Girls”

November 15, 2010

Proud Papa Briggs. As Fox & Friends Saturday returned from break for its final half hour, a giant screen appeared with a photo of a lovely auburn-tressed little girl and her beautiful blond mother. From the background, a doting Dave declared, “Aw! That is the Briggs girls. I want to say ‘Happy Birthday’ to my daughter Emerson this morning. She is five years old this morning!” With a shout-out to his sweetie, Dave added, “My wife Brandi there.”

Joining in the celebration, Aly asserted, “Oh, my gosh! Big landmark birthday. Emerson, happy birthday!” Clapping his hands, Clayton cheerfully commented, “Wow! Happy birthday! She’s got a great [inaudible] now because she’s got a birthday and then Christmas, gifts kinda like back to back.” Perhaps, remembering the impending distaff festivities, sports guy Dave almost ruefully replied, “Oh, it’s brutal at the Briggs’ house! We’re heading to the salon today for hair and makeup. That’s were the party is.”

Dave, a sweet dad. And, Emerson, happy belated birthday!

Leachman Licks Kilmeade

November 13, 2010

“SIN”ior Moments III: Cloris Returns. Telly legend Cloris Leachman returned with a vulgar vengeance to Fox & Friends Friday. Last year, when promoting her book, Cloris: My Autobiography, Leachman racily revealed to co-anchor Steve Doocy that she did not wear underwear. Yesterday, when she came back to tout her new series, FOX’s Raising Hope, she shared with co-host Brian Kilmeade the carnal knowledge of her tongue’s tactile touch.

The randy nine-time-Emmy-award winner ruled her segment as she kept the trio of F&F co-hosts (Brian, Steve, and Ainsley Earhardt) off kilter with her wickedly irrepressible and irreverent humor. As her interview began, Brian asked her if she minded her age being mentioned earlier in the show. In reply, Leachman exclaimed, “Why not! I’m clean and I’m proud. I mean, if you start with being clean, that goes a long way.”

Naturally, assuming that she was speaking figuratively, Brian queried, “So no drugs, no alcohol, do you stay up late? Do walk against traffic?” Looking at her youthful inquisitor with playful scorn, Leachman, retorted, “Why are assuming all that?…When I said, I’m clean, I didn’t mean I’m clean of drugs. I would like, I would like not to be clean.”

Seemingly shocked, Ainsley interjected, “Oh!” as a crew member laughed heartily in the background. Somewhat incredulous himself, Steve chuckled, “Oh, stop it! Living on the edge!”

Subsequently, the producers ran a few snippets of “Raising Hope” that included a loony “Maw Maw” Leachman trying to lick a lipstick held by another. As they did, Steve stated, “You do a lot of licking on this show.”Not bashful, Leachman disclosed, “I keep licking Greg Garcia, who’s the creator of it….I just love him and I’ll lick the back of his neck.”

After Leachman then vividly illustrated her technique (by sticking her tongue out and making a licking motion) and aped Garcia’s consequent shuddering, Steve impishly asked, “Do you want to demonstrate on Brian just so that we could see what that [looks like]?” Only too happy to comply, Leachman replied, “Well, I’ll show you” as she turned toward Brian. Being a good sport, Brian answered, “Well, okay, go ahead” as he began to bend down. With a wicked gleam in her eye, Leachman commanded, “Lean forward, Love” and licked Brian’s neck lustfully.” [Vid via J$.]

After she had wet his nape with her tongue, a waggish Brian aptly asked Leachman if she disputed her characterization by co-star Martha Plimpton who said, “Just out of her mind enough to be willing to try anything.” Guileless, Leachman laconically concurred, “Correct!”

Leachman: another F&F “sin”ior citizen.

Related stories: “F&F’s Open Mikes” (“Self-loving Ernest Borgnine) and “F&F’s “SIN”ior Moments II” (Commando Cloris Leachman).

Kiran: “This Feels Very Odd”

November 12, 2010

Ali: “Can we hold hands then just to be a little closer while we do this?” American Morning guest co-anchor Ali Velshi gave a general thumbs down to the new AM “Morning Talkers” [“MT” hereafter] segment set. Co-host Kiran Chetry indicated that she was not a big fan of it either. [The “MT” set consists of two black stools placed far apart with a huge screen in between them.]

When the first “MT” began this morning, Aly commented, “This is new to me.”* Expectantly, Kiran queried, “You like this?” Quite candidly, Ali responded, “Well, we’re a little bit far.” When Aly reached out his hand to Kiran and grasped her hand, Kiran concurred, “Yeah, a little bit far.” Sounding half-way serious, Aly jested, “Can we hold hands then just to be a little closer while we do this?” Seeming slightly chagrined, a laughing Kiran somewhat opaquely explicated, “No, ’cause they need to see this inner Morning Talkers and they need to be able to see them in the wall, Ali. Go with me here!”

Later, as the fourth and final “MT” started, Ali complained anew, grousing, “Why is it when we want to have casual chat we come in these formal things really far apart from each other?”** Heartily, Kiran concurred, “I know. This seems, this feels very odd.” Pointing to the big screen in between them, Kiran explained, “But, I’ll tell you why. Because we need to show the video here.”

Very odd indeed, Jamie. Both Aly and Kiran echoed what the author has been thinking since “MT” premiered less than a month ago. As Aly observed, the black stools are indeed rather “formal” for a “casual chat” between the AM anchors and they are placed “really far apart from each other.” Furthermore, as Kiran aptly noted, the AM set seems “very odd.”

Solution? In the author’s opinion, put Kiran and her co-host in the plusher pleather chairs and place them closer together (with the screen to one side of them). Better yet, perhaps, the big middle screen should be ditched altogether in favor of a split screen (with the co-anchors on one side and the aired clip on the other). To boot, the addition of a third person, e.g., Christine Romans to “MT” might well add some much needed conviviality to the conversation.

As Carol might say, “Just sayin!”

*American Morning – 11/11/10 (@ 6:22 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 11/11/10 (@ 8:21 a.m. ET)

Brian’s Love Tap

November 11, 2010

Aly: Yes, I’ve been the recipient. Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-anchor Alisyn Camerota appeared to remember that F&F fan favorite video of yore, i.e., the footage of her being playfully slapped on the bum by her co-host Brian Kilmeade years ago after an F&F sports report.

During a segment on a conservative Muslim government official in Indonesia who rued his handshake with Michelle Obama, co-host Brian Kilmeade opined, “Everyone has their own policy and quirks. But, not touching any women outside your family, that is not a common policy.” Smiling, co-anchor Steve Doocy declared, “You mean handshaking.” Brian deadpanned, “Handshaking women. I, I will shake women’s hands. Personally, and so will you, Steve. Right?”

Raising her eyebrows at Brian, Aly smirked, “Yes. I’ve been the recipient.” Perhaps, trying to distract his audience from their risque recollections, Steve said, “Put her there” as he shook Aly’s hand and Brian followed up with a fist bump. However, Aly’s suggestion of a more intimate touching resounded in the author’s ear. And, Brian’s errant slap of Aly’s arse long ago would assuredly qualify.

[Author’s aside: Carpe Diem reader, do you remember that classic F&F moment? If so, please supply a link thereto for newer fans who do not even know about it. Unfortunately, F&F has appeared to try to bury that video.]

Fox & Friends – 11/10/10 (@ 8:07 a.m. ET)

Rob Raps Rick?

November 10, 2010

Marciano: “You just don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Sanchez listening? American Morning meteorologist Rob Marciano appeared to have some late acerbic advice for his famously fired former CNN colleague, Rick Sanchez, this morning.

After an AN news story on a court’s ruling that an employee’s firing by her boss for Facebook criticism was illegal, co-anchor John Roberts warned, “You gotta be careful, though: there’s [sic] only certain people who can do that and, maybe, get away with it.” Seguing to Rob, co-host Kiran Chetry kiddingly cautioned, “Rob Marciano is not one of them. So, keep your thoughts to yourself, mister.”

Taking the toss, Rob responded, “No, no, no. There’s been friends of ours that have spoken out against the higher ups. And, you know, you just don’t bite the hand that feeds you.” Then, Rob added, “That’s pretty much what Daddy told me. And, so far so, so good. There’s no wood here to knock on: I’ll just try to keep my mouth shut.”

As Rob ad libbed, a smiling Kiran arched her eyebrows knowingly and nodded her head in agreement. Meanwhile, a more stoic John rapidly blinked his eyes and looked straight ahead with a blank stare. When Rob concluded that he would try to keep his mouth shut, an almost stone-faced John let a slight smile barely crease his lips.

Perhaps, John realized that Rob may have succeeded as to the network brass but that he had probably said a tad too much with his apparent allusion to Rick Sanchez, who was canned by the network shortly after he made controversial remarks that “implied that CNN is controlled by Jews and that the network passed him over for promotion because he’s Latino.”

American Morning – 11/10/10 (@ 7:07 a.m. ET)

Megyn Preggers Again

November 8, 2010

With her “little buddy.” Only two and half months after her friend, FNC meteorologist Janice Dean, proclaimed her pregnancy to viewers during an America Live weather report, AN anchor Megyn Kelly followed suit today. After teasing her Twitter followers that there was “big news to break today–news you won’t hear anywhere else but America Live…in our 2p hour,” Megyn waited until the last five minutes to share the good news.*

After Megyn segued to the weather segment, a gravid Janice began her report and stopped suddenly, saying, “Before I get to the next part of the forecast, Megyn, I just want to take this opportunity real quick to say what a fantastic job you did on Election night. You were like the Energy bunny, the Energizer bunny….You did your show and then you were on for hours and hours and hours with all of the voting taking place. You did just an amazing job!”

Slightly smiling, Megyn replied, “Thank you very much, Janice. And, you know, if I do say so myself, it was even more amazing because I did it on no caffeine. As Janice feigned ignorance with her jaws agape and mouthed why, Megyn began to explicate, stating, “And the reason I did it without any caffeine is because.” Then, pausing for effect and turning sideways to show her protruding belly to the viewers, a beaming Megyn continued, “I, too, am expecting a little baby!”

Pumping her fists in celebration, Janice exclaimed, “Fox News Alert: Forecast calling for babies!” Before she read it onscreen, Janice disclosed, “I have to admit that I, I kind of new about this [inaudible].” After Megyn responded, “Yeah, you were in on the secret early,” Janice announced, “April 2011, clear skies. We’re hoping for delivery. Congratulations, Megyn, Doug, and big brother Yates!” Then, turning into the uninhibited Dancing Machine again, Janice began joyfully gyrating, explaining, “I’m doing a belly dance for you.”

With a prefatory aside to the AL audience, Megyn remarked, “Janice’s baby is due in February, and mine is coming in April. So, we should have, at least, a month of shared maternity leave, JD.” Janice earnestly replied, “I can’t wait, Megyn. I’m so excited, so excited for you guys. This is such great news.” An appreciative Megyn answered, “Thank you, thank you so much, Janice. Throwing her a double-handed kiss, Megyn added, “Mmwhah. I love you. I love you.”

Concluding, Megyn commented, ‘She has been so supportive and such a great friend to me. And my husband Doug and I are very, very excited. So, we’ll take a brief maternity leave after this little buddy comes. And, then, I’ll be back.”

“Little buddy”: hmm. A little brother for Yates, Megyn?

[Author’s aside: Megyn is married to Doug Brunt, an Internet security executive, and the father of their thirteen-and-half month old Edward Yates.]

America Live – 11/08/10 (2:55 p.m. ET)

Update: Megyn’s pregnancy announcement (vid via

F&FW: The Times They Are A-Changing

November 7, 2010

The boys are still adjusting. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota announced yesterday that F&FW now officially begins at 6:00 a.m. ET every Saturday and Sunday. Furthermore, co-anchor Dave Briggs clarified that the show has been extended to four hours and that the new format change is permanent. (Last weekend, Dave had said, “FOX & Friends is 6-10 ET tomorrow & every Sat/Sun in the near future.”)

Even though F&FW fans may welcome the extra time with their favorite co-anchors (Aly, Dave, and Clayton Morris) and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, today, the F&FW guys, at least, were still getting used to that added hour. Dave welcomed viewers to the Saturday morning F&F; Clayton called Rick, “Mitch,” (the name of a former co-worker, probably Mitch English of the Daily Buzz); and Rick rued having a Henrick’s gin and tonic rather than sleeping the extra Standard time hour. Nevertheless, an excellent job by the boys and Aly as they adjust to the change.

Ole Miss’ Colonel Shep

November 7, 2010

Trampoline Bear Abuse or Cool Critter Celebration? As Shepard Smith‘s beloved Ole Miss progresses forward with its mascot pick of the Rebel Black Bear to replace Colonel Reb, the Studio B and Fox Report anchor continues to be conflicted about moving forward from his signature segment “Bear Alert” to a more animal-friendly “Cool Critters.” As a case in point, last Thursday, Shep reported the very same story (about a newborn Atlanta panda cub) under the respective rubrics differently on his two daily FNC programs: To wit, on Studio B, Shep narrated the tale as the “Bear Alert,” accompanying it as usual with the cruel Trampoline Bear video (showing a tranquilized bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline, being hurled high into the air, and then crashing headfirst into the unyielding ground) whereas on the Fox Report, Shep retold it as a “Cool Critters” story without the repugnant Trampoline Bear clip.

Unfortunately, Shep’s recent setback occurred just a mere week to the day that he showed significant promise on Studio B during his “Bear Report.” On that show, he aired the Trampoline Bear clip but he elided the offensive frames of the black bear crashing into the concrete-like earth albeit jesting about “bear trampoline safety.” Optimistic that Shep may have turned a proverbial corner, the author penned, Carpe Diem‘s “Hope Springs Eternal” that he would not “return to his vomit.”

Unfortunately, Shep did just that as he returned to his folly Thursday on Studio B‘s “Bear Alert.” But, did he repent a mere three hours later on Fox Report‘s “Cool Critters”? Hope may spring eternal, but its flame is dimmed with each passing day.

Colonel Shep, walk into the light!

Update: Eight days later (last Friday), Fox Report producers took a different tack. Instead of choosing between the rubric “Bear Alert” or “Cool Critters,” they did both basically. As guest host Jon Scott previewed the FR‘s final segment entitled “Bear Buddies” (about an older female polar bear at Highland Wildlife Park in Kingussie, Scotland, being introduced to a twenty-three-month-old male as a companion), Jon commented, “Now, Bear Alert and Cute [sic?] Critter Alert, Britain’s only polar bear getting a new friend but don’t expect cubbies anytime soon.” The odious Trampoline Bear video did not run after this conflated alert. More progress?

*Fox Report with Shepard Smith – 11/12/10 (@ 7:54 a.m. ET)

Kiran: Under “Her” Spell?

November 4, 2010

Christine O’Donnell: Still scary? American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry seems to think so.  Four days after Halloween and two days after the elections, Kiran still appears to be haunted by the specter of Delaware’s failed GOP Senatorial candidate. Today, when introducing an AM segment entitled “Dreaming of a ‘Black Christmas'” (with author/comedian Lewis Black), a relieved Kiran remarked, “Finally, we’re all getting a break from the mid-term election madness. There are no more town halls, no more attack ads, robocalls, or Tea Party upstarts [pause] who dabbled in witchcraft.”* Co-anchor John Roberts looked at Kiran, smiled knowingly, and chuckled to himself.

With friends, family, and a cottage in Delaware, Kiran has seemed almost obsessed with that state’s possible new Senator. As Kiran has reported on the campaign, Kiran has consistently mentioned her as an example of Tea Party candidates “mired in these culturally conservative issues.” Yesterday, when the election was over, Kiran finally got her chance to meet the woman via satellite and ask her about her views, her failed run, and her future.

Interestingly, Kiran began her colloquy asking about O’Donnell’s future political plans: Appearing almost fearful that she might run again, Kiran asked O’Donnell if her concession-speech-statement that “This is the beginning” meant a new campaign. When O’Donnell demurred, Kiran queried whether her “conservative views [were] perhaps, a few shades too conservative to get elected on a national level. After O’Donnell adamantly denied that they did, Kiran cited O’Donnell’s “dabbling in witchcraft” admission indirectly, asking whether her loss was attributable to GOP establishment resistance or something “more personal” (citing the Bill Maher tapes). Then, when she had posed on last question to O’Donnell (about Karl Rove‘s summary dismissal of her candidacy), Kiran stepped down from the stage. As she did, Kiran tripped, gasped, and caught herself—with a smile aimed at the camera.*

O’Donnell’s black magic? That wicked witch!

*American Morning – 11/04/10 (@8:31 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 11/03/10 (@7:11 a.m. ET)

Update: O’Donnell interview via (N.B. As to Kiran’s tripping, it occurs approximately ten to fifteen seconds after’s vid ends: Kiran’s stumble can be seen in the background as John begins a new segment.)

Megyn & Kirsten Make Up

November 3, 2010

Catfights to pillow fights? Perhaps, heeding that seductive slogan of peace, “Make love not war,” America’s Newsroom Megyn Kelly and Kirsten Powers appeared ready to sheath their claws and to mew together anew last night on FNC’s American Election HQ. Over three months ago,  the FNC blond beauties had a vicious scratching session during an alleged Black Panther voter intimidation segment. However, last night, the feisty felines appeared on the same set and seemed rather ready to let bygones be bygones.

When Kirsten concluded her AEHQ segment with fellow guests On the Record anchor Greta van Susteren and former Senator Rick Santorum, she segued backed to co-anchors Megyn and Bret Baier at another table.* (Perhaps, not inadvertently, Kirsten and Megyn sat at opposite ends of the two tables.) After Kirsten’s toss, Megyn playfully demanded an answer about the purported Black Panther voter intimidation.* Initially, Kirsten looked surprised but then laughed heartily in reply. Chuckling, Megyn smiled warmly back at her. Joining in the fun, Brett jested that the two gals should be kept apart, and Santorum sportingly stretched out his arms between them as if to do so.

All is well again at their FNC home, apparently. No more catfights! But, pillow fights are another matter altogether.

*American Election HQ – 11/03/10 (@10:49 a.m. ET)