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Smitten Ainsley Sexes It Up

March 29, 2016

For People Magazine’s “Sexiest Vet.” Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-host Ainsley Earhardt was very demure for her fans but she finally showed some skin for her hunky guest, veterinarian Dr. Evan Antin. Yes, that South Carolina Southern belle was clearly smitten.

As Ainsley opened the show in the first hour, she tugged repeatedly at the hem of her dress–four times (a double tug, for good measure), to be exact–to make sure that it virtually hugged her knees. And, she demurely did so for almost the entirety of the show until she interviewed her beefcake eye candy [vid]: Then, she gladly bared her gorgeous gams for Dr. Antin, chyronned “‘Sexiest Vet Alive’: People Magazine Picks Out Hot Doctor.” No pulling down of the hem then: Perhaps, even a flirty hike!

The irony is that it was really no big deal. The Ainsley of old was never one shy of flaunting her sexy stems: But, when she joined F&F as its official co-anchor, she said that she could not fill very family-friendly Elisabeth Hasselbeck‘s shoes but she certainly seemed to try her best to follow in the footsteps of her predecessor who platonically deemed her co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade “brothers.” Likewise, Ainsley has seemed to try to tamp down the sexual tension that characterized F&F with “FoxesE. D. Hill and Gretchen Carlson (not to mention guest co-hosts like Kiran Chetry, Alisyn Camerota, and Anna Kooiman) and their co-anchors Steve and Brian (who famously once swatted Aly’s lovely derriere).

For the reader who whines that Fox & Friends is strictly “NEWS,” s/he should remember that it is not. As the current senior executive vice president of FNC Bill Shine apprised the NYT, F&F “falls under the network’s entertainment umbrella and does not pretend to be straight news.” To whit, F&F is edutainment: Get the news with a fun, flirty twist to start your morn!


Aly’s Goodbye Kiss

December 24, 2015

Sweet –and sexy! On this Christmas Eve, New Day co-anchor Alisyn Camerota must have been standing under the mistletoe. As Aly bid her ND fans a fond farewell this morn, she blew them a rare kiss for holiday cheer.

Not surprisingly, her co-host Chris Cuomo suddenly played the Grinch, feebly attempting to steal some sweet and sexy CNN Christmas joy from Aly and her acolytes. Fecklessly, People‘s 1997 “New York City’s Most Eligible Bachelor” tried to mock Aly’s sweet and sexy gesture by bussing the air and looking at the queen of New Day with some slightly “good-natured” derision.

But, the mischievous scion of Mario Cuomo and the younger brother of New York’s guv could not diminish the inimitable Aly a/k/a the “Bristol Bay Babe.” She may be his TV wife: But, Chris does well to remember that Aly is his better ND half–and, indubitably, the fairer sex!

Kyra, John: “Welcome…to the World”

March 15, 2011

“Long road to get here.” CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips and “fiance” FNC senior national correspondent John Roberts make “absolutely beautiful little people” together. According to a People exclusive, the two celebrated the birth of twins, Sage Ann and Kellan Clay, just after midnight this morning. Both brother and sister weighed five pounds fifteen ounces and measured eighteen and half inches long.

People reported that the delighted duo issued a statement, saying, “It was amazing to welcome them to the world. It was a long road to get here, but they are absolutely beautiful little people.” (As to the “long road to get here,” the couple may have been alluding to Kyra’s possible in vitro pregnancy attempts and final success.) They added, “It’s incredible to be able to hold them in our arms and love them in person.”

Congratulations, Kyra and John!

H/t, TVNewser.

Kyra & John: Viva In-Vitro?

December 24, 2010

March Madness: The Roberts Twins! Less than two months ago, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts and CNN Newsroom host Kyra Phillips proclaimed that they were “‘very excited’ to announce that they [were] expecting twins next spring” according to People magazine. The evening release came out after an earlier afternoon report from Carpe Diem that “Roberts [had] appeared to have put his forty-two year old girlfriend, Kyra Phillips, on notice…[that he]… may be ready to start another family.” Carpe Diem had cited Roberts’ saying “‘Your boys’….It’s all we care about!” earlier that morning after an AM story on the adverse effects of the plastic additive BPA to low sperm count and vitality.

On the following day, Carpe Diem simply declared, “John’s ‘Boys’ Worked: Kyra Pregnant!” However, there may have been more to that story that the author initially assumed: John’s “Boys” may have indeed worked but, perhaps, they did not have to try too very hard. I.e., they may have had a little help.

When the author later revisited the BPA/sperm report again, he noticed that the ensuing story entitled, “In-Vitro Treatment Odds” appeared to adumbrate the advent of Kyra and John’s twins. In that report, AM co-anchor Kiran Chetry stated, “More tries aren’t necessarily better when it comes to in-vitro fertilization. There’s a new fertility study showing that a woman’s odds of getting pregnant don’t improve much after two unsuccessful in-vitro treatments.”* Reassuringly, she quickly noted, “Although there are many personal stories out there.” “Oh, yeah!” interjected John. Elaborating, Kiran continued, “One of my friends…made it happen.”  John added, “The one person I know–five times before it took.”

The very same person, i.e. Kyra? Perhaps. As one 1999 U.S. Department of Health & Human Services report stated, “The steep climb in multiple births coincides with two overlapping and related trends: Older age at childbearing and the increasing use of fertility enhancing therapies.”

Conclusive? No. But.

*American Morning – 10/28/10 (@ 8:56 a.m. ET)

John’s “Boys” Worked: Kyra Pregnant!

October 29, 2010

Yesterday mid-morning, Carpe Diem reported that American Morning co-host John Roberts “may be ready to start another family with [Kyra Phillips] the comely CNN Newsroom anchor, his ‘mature woman.’”* Later, yesterday evening, People confirmed that not only was John ready to start a new family with Kyra but also that he had already begun. To wit, in a brief “This Just In” report (at 6:00 p.m.), People proclaimed, “The CNN news anchors are ‘very excited’ to announce that they’re expecting twins next spring.

Congratulations to you and Kyra!

*[Author’s aside: After a story on sperm count and vitality being affected adversely by plastic additive BPA on AM yesterday, a rather animated John revealingly remarked, “You don’t want your boys (sperm) having problems….Hey, I’m a guy! It’s the only reason (to be concerned about BPA). It’s all we care about!”]

Playmate Kiran?

December 10, 2008

After feting this year’s People’s Sexiest Weatherman Rob Maricano to Timberlake’s Sexyback and praising John Roberts People’s 2000 Sexiest Newsman, co-anchor Kiran Chetry said, “I feel left out of this equation: am I even sexy enough to be on this show?” Roberts responded, “You don’t even need to be in a magazine: we all just know it!” Rob added, “You’re gorgeous, you’re sexy all over!”

Does Kiran want that magazine profile? In an interview yesterday with retiring Playboy CEO Christie Hefner, Kiran revealed, “There is this fascination with, and I’m a fan of the show, “The Girls Next Door, and also just the fascinating life that your father has led.” She added, “The company really is, has become famous for naked women and Playboy Bunnies,” and asked, “Who’s the role model for other women out there: you or the Bunnies?” Hefner responded that Playboy was about empowerment and choice whether as a model, commentator or CEO.

Kiran, ready to be empowered as Playboy’s Sexiest Newswoman?

CNN Colder: Eccleston, De La Cruz Out

December 10, 2008

Sorry, Rush Limbaugh crew and People’s Sexiest Weatherman, CNN just got colder! According to TVNewser, hotties Jennifer Eccleston and Veronica De La Cruz have left the cable news channel.  Jennifer, the blonde beauty and Limbaugh crew fave (while at FNC) actually departed CNN in August.  Veronica, Rob Marciano’s rumored squeeze and American Morning webgirl, has left the building, too.

Brrrrr! Turn up the heat, Kiran!