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Megyn: Greta’s Eve?

December 30, 2008

Better watch out, Greta, I’m telling you twice,* Megyn K. may be coming to prime time. FNC’s brightest new star shone brightly last night as she filled in on “On the Record with Greta Van Susteren.” The attorney/journalist co-host of America’s Newsroom and regular on the “O’Reilly Factor” covered the Gaza flare-up, the cruise ship passenger disappearance, and the Caylee Anthony case with aplomb.

On FNC, a cable news network known for its distaff appreciation, Greta is a bit of an aesthetic anomaly. Not that the dogged reporter/anchor is unattractive. However, Fox News may be seeking to transform its final prime time by adding a beautiful statuesque blonde a la Paula Zahn while maintaining the legal expertise of Greta.

Is Megyn Greta’s Eve?


F&F’s Holiday Dynamic Duo

December 30, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade and F&F Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota make F&F holiday viewing must-see tv. Whether the third co-host is Clayton Morris or Dave Briggs, they seamlessly and cohesively inform and entertain the audience with their wit, knowledge, and irreverence.

As lagniappe, Brian and Aly don’t shy from the show’s goofs but embrace them. E.g, this morning when Brian inadvertently said “pi**ed off,” Aly rolled her eyes, smiled, and seemingly said, “I don’t think that I would have chose those words, Brian.” A grinning Brian responded, “I didn’t think so.” Another example today was displayed when Dave inaptly put his head on Aly’s shoulder as she promo’d the sleeping Hawaiian pilot segment. After Dave raised his head and said, “That happens to me all the time,” Brian ribbed, “Just there’s less at stake–and you’ve kinda enjoy[ed] putting your head on her shoulder.” Having been called out, Dave tucked his head and sheepish grinned.

An over-the-top rave? Maybe, but they do make the trio work! Kudos, Brian & Aly!

Aly: Moms’ Breasts Best

December 29, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota lauded lactating, nurturing moms today. Discussing Facebook’s Boeotian banning of breast-feeding fotos, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade derided Facebook protesters’ choice of non-catchy chants. The mother of three (all under the age of four) knowingly suggested, “Our breasts are best.” Aly added, “Here’s the point. Breast-feeding is the most basic food function: it is as God intended it.”

Co-host Clayton took a quasi-supportive stance: not defending the probity of the pics but merely the right to publish them on one’s site, he asked how drunk frat pics allowed were any better than “lactivists.” Brian’s take? He  insisted that people would gawk at the exposed breast “just like you don’t want to give your children National Geographic magazine.”

Aly’s right. Facebook, don’t be a boob: allow a mother’s breast.

Briggs Responds: “My Wife Can Do Whatever She Wants”

December 27, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Dave Briggs responded promptly to Carpe Diem’s “Briggs: I Don’t Let My Wife Drive.” Not pleased with the author’s characterization of his assertion as chauvinistic, Dave penned the comment as follows:

“My wife can do whatever she wants whenever she wants. I made an attempt [at] a joke, albeit a poor one. Please don’t take things so literal in the future. No man who marries a strong, smart, driven lawyer is a chauvinist.”

In a follow-up, Dave iterated that his much beloved wife, who he regularly acknowledges is smarter than he is, can obviously do “whatever/whenever she so chooses.” He good-naturedly maintained, “However, I am a better driver.”

Even though Dave did not send his statement through Fox New’s e-mail address, the one which he used and a subsequent e-mail therefrom seems to verify his identity.

Dave, I accept your word and apologize for my description of your remark and any consequent discomfit that I may have caused you.

Briggs: I Don’t Let My Wife Drive

December 27, 2008

While discussing with his Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris what sex drives better, Dave Briggs chauvinistically commented, “I love my wife, and I don’t let her drive.” Aly asked, “Are you kidding me? You don’t let your wife drive? In a non-response, Dave replied, “Listen! Women drive passively: that’s not necessarily better.” However, when the colloquy continued after the weather break, Dave added, “I have to clarify. I do let my wife drive whenever she wants–just not when I’m in the car.”

Driving Mrs. Davy daftly!

Cf. the following link for Dave’s prompt response.


BFF: “Breast Friends 4 Fox”

December 26, 2008

Fox & Friends guest co-anchor Courtney Friel embraced her fans and meteorologist Domenica Davis close to her bosom this morning. For her Maxim fans, Courtney eschewed her earlier Hunker holiday habit in favor of a low-cut, hiked-high burgundy dress proudly presenting her womanly charms. For Domenica Davis, she complimented the Latin lovely on her hot pink top and dubbed her Double D. On F&F’s last Hooters’ 25th Anniversary celebration today, the theme of the day seemed to be BFF (“Breast Friends 4 Fox”).

Carol: AM’s “No Life” Xmas Viewers

December 26, 2008

American Morning guest co-host Carol Costello won’t be doing promos for CNN’s morning news program any time soon. After her being late for yesterday’s show,  this morning her temp co-anchor Joe Johns teased, “Glad to see that you could make it!” In response, Carol replied, “I hope none of you were watching on Christmas Day because you actually do have a life.”

The former farm lass who used to have own gun and once butchered a bovine is, perhaps, a bit unconventional. However, Carol seems to keep her colleagues and her viewers on their toes with her refreshing shoot-from-the-hip candor. She’s no Kiran Chetry but she and Kyra Phillips are two pretty, pert peas in a pod.

Careless Clayton

December 25, 2008

Poor Major Kelvin Skaggs! Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris seemed to diss the serviceman with the 151 Cavalry on Joint Base Balad in Iraq. As F&F’s F Block in the final hour drew to a close, Clayton asked, “Did you miss our Fox & Friends Christmas Eve special? Well, we’ve got some highlights, or, I should say lowlights.” Immediately thereafter, the major gave his Christmas greetings to his wife and children. Oops!

To be fair to Clayton, a commercial followed the major and then the “lowlights” of the special were shown. Nevertheless, the major’s family may well have not been amused by F&F’s clown.

Aggrieved Gretch

December 22, 2008

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson announced today that she would “go on break for awhile. ” Worry not, Gretchophiles, you can enjoy your holidays with family and friends and not fear  missing your fave morning news anchor. Rejoice, Gretchophobes, you can begin your F&F morning without her studied, unceasing consternation about her cause de jour during the holidays.

As to her vacation, Gretch may have gone home to North Oaks, Minnesota, where her parents reside. She gave a “shout out” today to her mum and indicated that she would see her soon.

Get some good “r&r,” Gretch. May you return with holiday cheer, unaggrieved as you welcome in the F&F morn. Happy Holidays!

Sunny F&F A.M.

December 22, 2008

Is Sunny Hostin back on FNC? It certainly appears that the CNN American Morning legal eagle has returned to her earlier roost. This morning the ebony beauty appeared on Fox & Friends’ curvy couch to discuss the Blagojevich case with F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade. Sunny was introduced as a former federal prosecutor: no mention of her being or having been a CNN legal analyst for F&F rival, American Morning, was made.

Sunny had been a legal analyst for FNC’s O’Reilly Factor until she signed with CNN in September of 2007. It appears that she may have have had a one-year contract with the cable news network. Her bio has been removed from AM’s web site and she does not appear on the CNN list of reporters.

Was her appearance today on F&F merely that or does it augur a more permanent role in the FNC family? Stay tuned.

FNC HD: Hostile Dastards?

December 21, 2008

Is FNC thwarting its viewers’ ability to skip ads and boring segments? Even though the author was able to fast forward through FNC HD programs, e.g., Fox & Friends and America’s News Headquarters, via the DirectTV DVR yesterday and today, he was unable to see the skipped material. I.e., when the “FF” button was pushed, the pic froze and the program began when “Play” was tapped: the intervening video was not displayed. The author has had no comparable problems with CNN HD.

If my personal anecdote is applicable to the new FNC HD experience of all its viewers (or even just its DirecTV ones), this viewer impediment does not bode well for the self-proclaimed “Fair and Balanced” network. It seems like an Orwellian machination not well suited to those who claim to hold high the principles of the Fourth Estate.

Rupert, Roger, are you hamstringing your viewers?

F&F Bane: Christy Lane

December 21, 2008

She’s back! Christy Lane has saccharinely serenaded F&F fans since the days of Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick. Now like the unwelcome ghost from Christmas past she is at it again with her endless holiday music commercials on F&F. Her ad says, “Her voice has captured the world.” The author is reminded of the old Slim Witman commercial claiming that he “was number one in England longer than Elvis and the Beatles.” Enough!

Chrisy Lane: the raison d’etre of DVR!

Briggs: No Cat Lover Nor PETA Pal

December 21, 2008

Usually nice guy Dave Briggs, Fox & Friends co-host , is not exactly fond of his cat. During an F&F “Understand Your Pets?” segment today, Briggs remarked that when his cat meows, “Mine wants to be punted.” Later, in an F&F “Talking to Cats, Canines” story, Briggs explained, “My cat, he just wants to be annoying all the time; that’s all he wants to do; [and] I understand that.”

Briggs, no cat lover. Definitely, no PETA pal.

Kiran: Is This Miniskirt Too Short?

December 20, 2008

After a “recessionista” vid with fashion correspondent Lola Ogunnaike on children’s consignment clothes, American Morning co-anchors Kiran Chetry and John Roberts interviewed Lola. During the segment, Lola had told one girl that she was not sure whether a skirt would fit her: Kiran commented, “Starting early! Is this miniskirt too small? Yes, the answer will always be yes from your parents.”

Sounds like Kiran may have asked that question before. From her parents, the answer may have alway been yes. But now from many of her male AM admirers, the response will assuredly be different for the leggy lovely.

Guess Who’s Back: Ali’s Back!

December 20, 2008

To the tune of Eminem’s “Without Me,” Ali “Shady” Velshi returned yesterday to American Morning to tout his prime time special, “Gimme My Money Back.” Oddly, he was aping AM’s co-anchor John Roberts’ tieless look: not a good look for H-POD, the Hairless Prophet of Doom. Roberts was psyched to have his sartorial acolyte Ali back and gave him a Barack bump to celebrate his return. In fact, Roberts robustly gave him an awkward second knuckle knock when Aly told him that he would return for a whole week (in about two weeks). Co-host Kiran Chetry looked on with bemused amusement at Roberts’ juvenile gesticulation.

Christmas Clayton

December 20, 2008

Clayton Morris had the Christmas cheer or, perhaps, some holiday spirits today. As the sometimes smug Fox & Friends Weekend co-host introduced the show with the story about a town (Brighton, MI) that had outlawed “being annoying,” Clayton stated, “I guess I can’t go.” Then after the voiceover introduction, “Now live from NY, it’s F&F with Alisyn Camerota, David Briggs, and that mutt Clayton Morris,” he chuckled conviviallly. Perhaps, the Christmas carols that he played during the show (according to Dave) countered his usual cynicism.

By the way, a clowning Clayton later lived up to his “mutt” moniker by eating a doggie Christmas tree treat during a pet-presents segment.

You Can Call Me Al, Brian: Not!

December 19, 2008

Hannity & Colmes departing co-host Alan Colmes did not cotton to Brian Kilmeade’s flippant familiarity today. In Fox & Friends’ final segment with Colmes and his wife Jocelyn Crowley (author of Defiant Dads), co-host Brian Kilmeade asked, “Al, what are you are going to be doing: do we know?” Colmes snapped, “Al-[l]an. I don’t go by that nickname!”

Egging them on, co-anchor Steve Doocy interjected, “Them’s fighting words!” Colmes continued, “Don’t call me Al!” Brian smiling rejoined, “You are so angry.” Colmes replied, “I don’t call you Bri: I mean, what is that? [Can I] shorten your name?” Brian responded, “You can call me Bri!” Colmes answered, “I don’t think so! Calming Colmes, Gretchen Carlson commented, “We call him Brain around here.” Steve observed, “This is not ending well.” Colmes retorted, “It didn’t start well.”

Trying to get back on track, Colmes explained that he would continue his radio show and develop a Fox weekend program. Then he ribbed Brian, stating that he was going to be Doocy’s co-host on Fox & Friends. Brian riposted, “I definitely like your wife better!”

Roberts: I Can’t Even Do It Awake

December 19, 2008

In a segment racily entitled “Nocturnal E-missives” with American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry and AM business correspondent Christine Romans, AM co-host John Roberts read, “You’ve probably heard of sleep-walking, sleep-eating, and even people having sex while asleep.” Co-anchor Kiran Chetry interjected, “I’ve never heard of that.” Roberts agreed, “I’ve never heard of that.” Kiran added, “Who wrote that? Somebody who’s a little weirder than us.”

After the story, a randy Roberts returned to the topic and asked, “Having sex while asleep?” Pointing to Roberts, Christine  said, “He’s still on that.” Undaunted, Roberts continued, “How do you do that?” Kiran and Christine giggled. Roberts declared, “I can’t even do it while I’m awake.” Christine tittered and put her head in her hands: Kiran laughed uncontrollably as she first held her stomach while leaning back and then doubled over. Pulling herself together, Kiran declared, “It’s certainly a Friday.”

Roberts definitely still ringless.

Megyn Drills Hemmer

December 18, 2008

America’s Newroom co-host Megyn Kelly brooks balderdash from no one. Not from O’Reilly. Not even her co-host Bill Hemmer.

During a Bernie Madoff story with FBN’s Cheryl Casone, FNC ran vid of the Ponzi schemer aggressively walking through a throng of reporters trying to get home: Hemmer intimated that Madoff might be guilty of assault. After the segment ran, Megyn looked at Hemmer and incredulously asked, “Assault? What was he supposed to do?”

Not expecting Megyn’s challenge, Hemmer stammered around and then ranted, “My point is I cannot for the life of me understand this man’s behavior…To walk down a sidewalk the was he was, it blows my mind. This guy has no conscience. He has gone to the edge.” Megyn calmly countered, “That’s irrelevant. If he did this, he’s a dirtbag. But why doesn’t he have the right to walk down the street with the paparazzi in his face, with the reporters not letting him shut the door of his car?” She concluded, “You save your outrage for the people he defrauded, not for that.”

Poor Bill didn’t expect to get his knuckles rapped by Megyn. He should have: in Megyn’s classroom, logic holds sway.

A.M. Hangover Cures

December 18, 2008

Hung over from a late night? American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry shared their remedies. The wizened wizard of AM pedantically prescribed prevention as the cure whereas the hip hottie answered more aptly that Alka Seltzer did the trick. Of course, a popular Big Easy solution is the “hair of the dog.” Nothing like a bloody Mary to start the next day!