Aly: Moms’ Breasts Best

Fox & Friends co-host Alisyn Camerota lauded lactating, nurturing moms today. Discussing Facebook’s Boeotian banning of breast-feeding fotos, co-anchor Brian Kilmeade derided Facebook protesters’ choice of non-catchy chants. The mother of three (all under the age of four) knowingly suggested, “Our breasts are best.” Aly added, “Here’s the point. Breast-feeding is the most basic food function: it is as God intended it.”

Co-host Clayton took a quasi-supportive stance: not defending the probity of the pics but merely the right to publish them on one’s site, he asked how drunk frat pics allowed were any better than “lactivists.” Brian’s take? He  insisted that people would gawk at the exposed breast “just like you don’t want to give your children National Geographic magazine.”

Aly’s right. Facebook, don’t be a boob: allow a mother’s breast.

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One Response to “Aly: Moms’ Breasts Best”

  1. Al Says:

    I can’t believe there’s any controversy at all about breast feeding pics on Facebook. So silly.

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