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Stormy Maria: Inked Pink!

December 21, 2013

Molina reveals her secret “tart tatt”–nine months late. For Carpe Diem fans of the Fox News weather gal Maria Molina, a/k/a “Cosmo’s caliente Latina,” the revelation was a long time coming. Over nine months ago, the author noted the barbed pink/red ringlet adorning Maria, Tweeting her, “[I]s that a red “barb” tattoo or a beauty mark on your left wrist?” Not a word from the Nicaraguan nymph: Perhaps, the demure beauty thought that FNC was a tatt-free zone and she did not want to be dispatched posthaste like her comely “spanked and spurned” predecessor Domenica Davis.

Nevertheless, Monday, F&F newsreader Heather Nauert outed the demure damsel on F&F‘s After the Show Show. During the episode entitled, “Hidden talents,” with Maria, Heather, and co-hosts, Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Steve Doocy, on the curvy couch,  Heather abruptly turned to Maria, teasing, “Give me your hand here! Give me your hand! What is that on your wrist?”*

Embarrassed, Maria initially pulled her arm away from Heather: Then, complying, she gave her hand to Heather. Subsequently, Heather (and Elisabeth) turned Maria’s arm for all of her F&F fans to see the reddish pink symbol inked on her wrist. Interjecting, Steve intoned, “Wait! Wait!…Oh, look at that: it’s a stamp!”

Chiming in, Heather added, “It looks like she was at a little club.”

Chagrined, Maria admitted, “It’s a tattoo.” Shyly, she subsequently explained, “It’s actually a tropical storm.” Then, she added, “It’s supposed to be Hurricane Andrew. And, that’s the reason I became a meteorologist.”

Sounds good–at least, to the parents. But, for ardent acolytes of the smoldering Maria Molina, her explanation seems almost too convenient. For those votaries of a tropical stormy Maria, her symbol looks almost a little like the inchoate etchings of Pamela Anderson’s racy barbed wire.

To quote Eminem, “Maybe, that’s what happens when a tornado meets a volcano.” Maria, “love the way you lie.” Or, not.

[Author’s aside: Aerosmith’s Steven Tyler weighs in? “Pink is my favorite color.”]

*A.S.S. (12/16/13) – @ 03:08/04:20

H/t: J$P. (Steve Doocy’s “shout-out” to J$.)

Maria Molina: Bye!

April 6, 2011

Fox News meteorologist Maria Molina bid her fans adieu anew on Fox & Friends Weekend this past Sunday. Providing her F&FW fans with a strange sense of deja vu, Maria and F&FW co-host Dave Briggs reenacted a similar final scene from almost five months ago. However, hopefully, Maria sent an additional message to her admirers this time.

As F&FW concluded Sunday, the busty brunette joined Dave and the other F&FW co-anchors, Clayton Morris and Alisyn Cameroa, on the curvy couch to offer the audience their au revoir. As Clayton, Aly, and Dave spoke, Maria sat silently and shyly on the end of the sofa in her sexy white dress, short and sleeveless but buttoned-high. When Dave concluded the final F&FW farewell, he turned to the coy, comely meteorologist and mischievously started to wave to the audience. Grinning puckishly, he commanded, “Say ‘bye,’ Maria!”

Glancing briefly at her tormentor, a smiling but embarrassed Maria quickly complied. “Bye!” echoed Maria while she animatedly waved to her fans. Meanwhile, as Aly grinned sympathetically and Clayton tried vainly to hide his smile, Dave ducked his head and chuckled at Maria’s discomfit. Blushing, Maria turned to Dave and playfully shoved him as the show ended.

A mere goodbye to her admirers once again? Perchance. But, she also may have said a welcome goodbye to the old demure Maria who had suddenly replaced the delectable Domenica Davis–and a happy hello to a new more self-assured one.

Possibly, a positive portent of Maria’s rebirth was her appearance on Happening Now today.* In front of the Fox News weather map stood a striking Maria almost channeling her sexy “exhibitionist” FBN colleague, Nicole Petallides as she confidently and sultrily delivered the weather. And, no, dear reader, the Nicaraguan beauty did not mercilessly tantalize her votaries a la the Greek goddess, but she did hold court in her tight, v-necked fuschia top. But, Maria certainly could have been mistaken for Nicole’s sister as she seduced them with her long, flowing locks; her big beautiful brown eyes; and her high, chiseled cheek bones.

Bye, bye, Miss AccuWeather. Maria, hello, Miss Fox?

*Happening Now – 04/06/11 (@ 12:32 p.m. ET)

Maria Molina: Shades of Domenica?

December 28, 2010

Fox & Friends guest meteorologist Maria Molina heated up the F&F set yesterday on a frigid New York City morn. Before she did so, substitute co-anchor Clayton Morris showed co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade a personal iPhone photo that he had taken of some NYC street snow drifts. Subsequently, segueing to Maria, Brian racily queried, “Hey, Maria, do have anything, any pictures to show us?*

As Clayton chuckled and added, “You’re so beautiful,” a smoldering Maria ducked her head and pursed her lips. Arching her eyebrows at Brian, she purred, “What do you mean?” Interjecting, Clayton teased, “Those aren’t for air?” As Aly closed her eyes and shook her head at Clayton’s risque remark, Brian guffawed, “I’m sorry. I forgot.” Gamely, Maria pointed at the weather screen and laughed, “I have this picture right here!”

Fox & Friends fans, Maria finally found her mellifluous voice.

[Author’s aside: Re this article’s rubric, Domenica Davis was the Italian delight that Maria replaced as a FNC meteorologist. For examples of Domenica’s saucy side, cf. Carpe Diem’sDomenica’s Peeping Dave,” “Domenica: Skirts Up Forecast,” and “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.”]

*Fox & Friends – 12/27/10 (@ 6:32 a.m. ET)

Clayton Likes 2 “Peep”

October 9, 2010

“Tasty treat,” Aly? Almost two years ago, Fox & Friends co-anchor Dave Briggs was exposed as a “leaf peeper” by the saucy Domenica Davis, F&FW‘s former guest weathergal: Today, it was co-host Clayton Morris who was likewise outed by a rather risque Rick Reichmuth, FNC’s chief meteorologist. After Rick ribbed him about liking to leaf peep during his first second hour weather forecast, Clayton racily remarked, “That’s peeping, not necessarily leaf peeping.”* (Regaled, co-anchor Alisyn Camerota closed her eyes, bowed her head, and laughed heartily: meanwhile, Dave beamed broadly, arched his eye brows, and rolled his eyes.)

Almost an hour and half later, perhaps, remembering his peculiar proclivity, Aly apparently found Clayton particularly appetizing. During a segment with an on-set, charity-auction bust of Kevin Bacon made of bacon, a clowning Clayton picked at the sculpture as if for an errant ort. Seemingly, amused at his antics, Aly instructed, “Just lick it, Clayton!”** Subsequently, as Dave coaxed Clayton into putting his face side-by-side with the sculpture, Dave noted, “Bacon Kevin Bacon and Clayton look a little bit alike.” Interjecting racily, Aly remarked, “You’re right. And, they both taste delicious. Two tasty treats!”

Aly, Ms. Del Conte would concur.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@8:07 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 10/09/10 (@9:32 a.m. ET)

Janice Dean: “I Was at a Strip Club”

August 29, 2010

“Yes, I’ve been to strip clubs.” Fox News weathergal Janice Dean, the Dancing Machine, defended the IQ’s of exotic dancers on Red Eye in the wee hours of Saturday morning.* After RE host Greg Gutfeld derided the mental acumen of ecdysiasts (during a segment on a British study showing that 25% of striptease artists have a college degree), Janice remarked, “Listen, I’m the one here to dispel the myth that strippers are dumb because I, I have met smart strippers in my lifetime.” Laughing lubriciously, she added, “Last night, for instance.”

Elaborating, Janice remarked, “This is a true story. It didn’t necessarily happen last night. But, I was at a strip club and the person next to me was getting a lapdance. The stripper was very nice. She was kind of looking at me a little bit funny, right? But, then…she kind of leaned over–this is a true story…yes, I’ve been to strip clubs–[and] she said, ‘I know you: you’re Janice Dean, the Weather Machine. I watch Fox all the time.'” Smiling, Janice concluded, “They are smart!”

Enjoying Janice’s bawdy banter, Greg comically queried, “Janice, when you go in your condition, do you have to pay twice for the lapdance? And, can pregnant women have a lapdance because I think that might be problematic?” Janice answered, “I will tell you this. I have not been to a strip club pregnant.” Goatishly, Greg jested, “Really? Have you left one pregnant?” Giggling, Janice racily responded, “No comment!”

First, Domenica Davis. Now, Janice Dean. Fox News Weathergirls Gone Wild!

*Red Eye – 08/28/10 (@3:32 a.m. ET)

Huddy Says “Goodbye”

July 12, 2010

But, Banderas to say, “Hello.” As Juliet Huddy concluded the Fox Report last night, she announced, “Julie Banderas is returning from maternity leave next week.” On a personal note, she added, “But, I would like to say, ‘Thank you so much.’ It was a wonderful, wonderful pleasure spending all of my Sundays with you.” Perhaps, to help insure that it was a similar treat for her fans, she wore a hot, red mini giving them a generous view of her gorgeous gams.

Juliet will be missed as Julie’s replacement on the weekends. Not only is she an obvious beauty but she also provides that sassy, sexy, irreverent take on the news that made FNC what it is today. However, unfortunately, as of late, FNC seems to be “growing up,” toning things down, and moving toward that “more mature” mien of a staid, stodgy CNN. After saying adieu to the dynamo Domenica Davis, Bill, do not let FNC’s jaunty Juliet go. Or, go to waste!

Domenica: “Spanked” & Spurned?

July 11, 2010

Davis leaves FNC home: Appears back on NBC’s stoop.* Meteorologist Domenica Davis has left Fox News and was seen this Friday on NBC’s Early Today according to TVNewser. The blog further reported Domenica was “filling in” but not a NBC News or MSNBC staffer. (N.B. As of today, Domenica’s bio remains on FNC’s website.) Citing TVEyes, it added that Domenica was last spotted on Fox News on May 17.

Readers of Carpe Diem should not have been overly surprised by the news of Domenica’s departure. Merely a month before she disappeared from Fox News’ airways, Domenica appeared to have been disciplined by FNC Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine for a sexually suggestive Sapphic “spanking” jest that she made on Fox & Friends Weekend. In that instance, on April 17 (Saturday), while substituting for Rick Reichmuth, Domenica made the salacious joke about herself and co-anchor Alisyn Camerota and later laughed about fearing getting in trouble for further bawdy banter. However, the very next day (Sunday), her fears seemed to have been realized forthwith: she did not return to F&FW to temp for Rick and her absence was not even acknowledged by F&FW’s co-hosts. (In fact, her apparent punishment appeared all the more patent when F&FW had no meteorologist in for Rick and simply had no regular weather segments that day.)

Hopefully, Domenica’s departure is not a portent of things to come. Fox News’ dynamic, colorful, and sexy personalities need not be muzzled. Rather, they can be trusted with a freer rein to relate to their colleagues, Bill. And, to their audience.

Good luck, Domenica. You’ll be missed!

*Before being hired by FNC, Domenica worked at NBC affiliates in Baltimore (WBAL-TV) and in Louisville, KY (WAVE-TV).

Update: As of July 14, Domenica Davis was hired as a meteorologist by NBC to work at its affiliate WNBC, “4 New York,” according to TVNewser. If the reader would like to see Domenica in action at her new home, s/he may link here.

Domenica: Yawn or Dawn?

May 9, 2010

Or, hopefully, both? Clothed in her hellfire-red dress, short-sleeved and scoop-necked dress, Italian delight Domenica Davis sleepily greeted her Fox & Friends fans today. Subbing for meteorologist Rick Reichmuth (partying in the Hamptons according to DD), Domenica soldiered through her first weather segment. When she then segued to the F&FW co-hosts (Alisyn Camerota, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs), Dave teased, “Poor Domenica was yawning the whole time before we tossed to her. So, Domenica, we will get you some coffee in just a minute.”

Apparently, Dave did get Domenica some much needed java. Later, she perked up in her subsequent segments with some color commentary (on Boston’s weekend sports woes) and with a whit of ribbing of Rick (on his getaway location being cold today). Nevertheless, Double D remained somewhat subdued today.

Perhaps, Domenica was still sore and shy from her “spanking” by FNC SVP of Programming Bill Shine. Regardless, she needs to get back in the game, and Shine should tell F&FW producers to give her freer rein. Not to mention–like her male counterpart Rick, Domenica should be allowed on the curvy couch at the end of the show. And, maybe–gasp–like her leggy colleague Aly, she could be shot below the waist on occasion.

Shine Spanks Domenica?

April 18, 2010

Davis Disappears. After Fox & Friends Weekend weathergal Domenica Davis saucily jested about being paddled by Alisyn Camerota yesterday, was she spanked instead by Bill Shine, FNC’s SVP of Programming today? It certainly seems that she may have been.

With F&FW’s regular meteorologist, Rick Reichmuth, on vacation in Jamaica, Domenica filled in for him yesterday. Before one of her segments Saturday, F&FW ran a story on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system): when it concluded, Aly tossed to Domenica, spicily stating, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.” Then, upping the ante, Domenica risquely responded, ““Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal]. There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

During the show, Carpe Diem published “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.” In the F&FW weather report that followed that post, co-anchor Clayton Morris seemed to try to impishly engage Domenica in some more bawdy banter: after prom and alcohol stories, Clayton commented, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Tellingly, Domenica laughed and responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Perhaps, it was already too late. Today, Domenica did not return to fill in for Rick. Instead, she disappeared without a trace and without any explanation (from the F&FW co-hosts). Strangely, F&FW producers did not replace her: rather, they simply included no regular weather reports today.

If Domenica is being disciplined by Shine, the punishment seems quite harsh. And, it is certainly not the spanking that Domenica or her F&FW fans had envisioned.

“Naughty” Domenica Wants a Spanking

April 17, 2010

Italian dishes, weathergal Domenica Davis and co-host Alisyn Camerota, served up some extra spicy fare this morning on the Fox & Friends Weekend set. After a segment on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system), Aly saucily tossed to Domenica, saying, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.”

Tossing her hair flirtatiously, Domenica racily replied, “Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal].” Meanwhile, Aly smiled broadly, nodded her head yes and seemed to mouth, “Right. Strict.” Upping the heat further, Domenica seductively added, “There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

Wisely, the boys, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs stayed silent. While Clayton beamed and rubbed his chin, Dave grinned, raised his hands in innocence, and pointed to Aly as the “guilty” party.

No worry, girls! Assuredly, no complaints will be filed by the F&F viewer.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @7:42 a.m. ET

Update: In the first F&FW weather segment after the posting of this article, Domenica seemed to have learned the wrong lesson. After Aly tossed to her following prom and alcohol stories (and Aly’s anecdote about seeing zombie-like prom girls still out in the wee hours this morning), Domenica declared, “I saw those prom goers, too, this morning.”* Subsequently, Clayton mischievously interjected, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Laughing, Domenica responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Oops! Domenica, now Aly will not need to spank you.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @8:41 a.m. ET

F&FW’s “Low-Rent” Weather

December 13, 2009

Fox and Friends Weekend meteorologist Rick Reichmuth? Out! His regular replacement Domenica Davis? Here yesterday, gone today! Next-in-line Janice Dean? Upstairs! Need more info? Shut up and watch! That seemed to be the message that F&FW producers and co-hosts sent their faithful viewers this morning.

As Janice Dean inexplicably read her weather report from “upstairs” (according to F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris), fans could be forgiven for thinking that their program had gone “low-rent.” Four times Janice gave the audience the weather as she was ensconced who-knows-where: viewers might as well have gone to for that type of report. To make matters wore, Janice (not to mention, F&FW co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota) gave no explanation for Domenica’s complete absence nor her own virtual one.


Domenica: “Just a Girl”?

November 14, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend weatherwoman Domenica Davis seemed to take Gwen Stefani’s  anthem a little too literally today. With F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth out celebrating this weekend with his 1991-year-abroad buds, the delightful damsel Domenica subbed for him. Looking demure in her pink frilly dress without decolletage and avec long short sleeves, she seemed to be channelling Gwen Stefani, stating, “I’m just a girl I’d rather not be ’cause they won’t let me drive.”

And Bill Shine probably will not until Domenica looks and acts like she is more than ready to roar. Even though she usually puts out a vivacious, voluptuous vibe, the Italian beauty kept it largely in check today. Even her usual playful rejoinders to co-anchors Clayton Morris and flirtations with Dave Briggs were muted. Maybe, she was mulling over No Doubt’s lyrics in the final verse: I.e., “I’m just a girl, what’s my destiny? What I’ve succumbed to is making me numb.”

No worries, Double D. Perk up and let your inner caliente out. Your future should be bright!

F&FW Goes South (with Dave)

October 10, 2009

What happened today to Fox & Friends Weekend? F&FW co-host Dave Briggs decided to go south (Buenos Aires, Argentinea) and, unfortunately, so did F&FW. Filling in for Dave was the somewhat smug, unctuous Peter Johnson, Jr. Unfortunately, he threw co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris off of their respective games this morning.

Say what one may about Dave, but he knows his place. The sports guys is the beta male: Like the youngest son who wants to be loved and pampered, he knows to go along and not to buck up to the alpha bitch or the alpha male. On the other hand, Johnson, is like the brainy nerd who returns to a school reunion with a new wardrobe, more self-confidence, and unwarranted hubris: He still does not know quite how to fit in.

Unfortunately, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine seems slow on the F&FW uptake, too. As long-time fans remember, Shine defenestrated the trio of Page Hopkins, Kelly Wright, and Greg Kelly without warning and rather abruptly replaced them with Ainsley Earhardt, Clayton, and Dave. Then he let F&FW languish long under those callow hands until he was finally forced to conscript Alisyn Camerota to captain the listing ship. Now he appears happy to use the next Hobson’s choice to temp.

Bill, how about riding a new horse? E.g., why not bring Clayton’s fellow Phillie Mike Jerrick back into your stable to substitute? Or use meteorologist Rick Reichmuth on the curvy couch with Domenica Davis replacing him at the green screen? Or even return for the moment to a girl/girl/boy format with former F&FW filly and new contract girl Juliet Huddy back in the mix?

Dave, you were missed.

Aly Shines on AN: Keep Her on F&FW

September 25, 2009

“If you’re all alone, pick up the phone….Who you gonna call?” With Megyn Kelly, America’s Newroom co-host, gone and Bill Hemmer all alone, FNC’s SVP, Bill Shine, did indeed pick up the phone. And who did he call? Nope, not Ghostbusters–but Alisyn Camerota.

Shine’s morning go-to gal is definitely Alisyn Camerota. Whether she is captaining Fox & Friends Weekend, “filling in” on Fox & Friends weekday, or co-hosting an FNC morning show, Shine knows that Aly will come through for him. However, Shine should realize that the F&F franchise is the one most ready made for Aly.

Former FNC Executive VP of News Editorial John Moody stated, “[Fox & Friends is] an entertainment show that does some news.” Whereas he was waxing overly hyperbolic, F&F needs someone to both entertain and enlighten. Aly fits that bill superbly.

Ergo, if Shine needs Aly in a pinch, then, by all means, he should use her. However, he should not take her indefinitely from the morning show where she is at her very best. With his team depth, he should turn his eyes to potential starters like Juliet Huddy, Patti Ann Browne, or Ainsley Earhardt. Or, he could give lesser known talents like Domenica Davis, Lauren Sivan, or Dari Alexander a chance.

Hopefully, Aly’s appearance is apparitional and another’s will be aspirational.

Domenica’s Bosom Mike

July 29, 2009

FNC meteorologist Domenica Davis shared a rather intimate weather report today on Happening Now.  To set the stage: the Italian delight was having trouble throughout her segment being heard over the static as an ill-attached microphone rubbed against her.  When she began to conclude her report, her “irascible” mike gave her an even harder time: it took that plunge. Yes, deep into her cleavage.*

When it did, Domenica looked down at her bosom, abashedly tried to button her blouse, and softly exclaimed, “Oops!” HN guest co-host Gregg Jarrett said, “Nice sound effects, Domenica.” Giggling, HN co-anchor Jane Skinner saucily asked, “Where did it go?” Rolling his eyes, Gregg rejoined, “I think  Domenica lost that little lavalier microphone down some place.” Jane pertly responded, “Wouldn’t you like to know?” Gregg admitted, “Yeah, and added, “Now, I’m paying attention!”


Update: No problem, J$P. Thanks for the vid.**

*Happening Now (07/29/09) – 11:33 a.m. ET


Domenica’s Crush on Dave?

June 22, 2009

“Our favorite dad.” An F&F day late and a dollar short? Perhaps, however, since yesterday was such a sweet Father’s Day show for Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, the author was a bit hesitant to give Dave and Domenica a ribbing in that regard. However, today is another day.

Yesterday,  in one of her weather segments, Domenica dubbed Dave “our favorite dad” and then jested that he gave her an allowance like her own dad once did. (Not a joke that Dave’s wife Brandi would necessarily find riant but, perhaps, risible.) Then in Dave’s honor, Domenica gave him the weather conditions for the U.S. Open. Once she was done, she had to be prompted by guest host Courtney Friel to give a shout out to her own dad Domenique for whom the Italian lovely said that she is named.

Reading a bit too much into that vignette? Quite possibly. After all, Dave was the only father on the set yesterday. However, does not the reader recollect Clayton teasing Domenica recently about not seeming to mind her big hug from Dave (during a past three-second-hug school rule segment a while back)?

Don’t spice up the show too much, Domenica!

Clayton Spits: Domenica Swallows

May 24, 2009

Fox & Friends guest meteorologist Domenica Davis would not be denied this morning. After her al fresco weather segment and before the wine one, Domenica segued, “There is some wine in our future, and I’m gonna have to have some.” And she meant it.

While Gary Vaynerchuk of Wine Library TV shared his expertise and gave glasses of various fruits of the vine to co-hosts Clayton Morris, Dave Briggs, and Alisyn Camerota to sample, Domenica cozied up to the table. As Aly inhaled the bouquets of the wines, Dave sneaked some sips, and Clayton took one large gulp but spat it into the taster bucket; Domenica decided not to be so politically correct. Instead, the Italian oenophile eagerly imbibed the potent potations and brazenly swallowed them on air.

Domenica: no shrinking violet. A Latin lust for life!

Domenica: Mind That Bird

May 23, 2009

Our boys were back in town, and Domenica Davis had their rapt attention! As the Marines (fresh in for Fleet Week) showcased their fighting skills and big guns for the public in Times Square outside the F&F studio this morning, they exhibited an extra dollop of testosterone as the Fox & Friends guest meteorologist put them through their paces. F&FW’s winsome weatherfilly, like Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra, had her leatherneck studs heatedly following in her tracks.

In fact, the long-tressed Italian treat, clad in her royal blue, plunging-neckline dress and shod in white foot-flattering thongs, had the eager eye and obedient ear of every red-blooded male Marine there. After our boys had proudly displayed their physical prowess for her in their defensive fighting exhibition, she interviewed them. Not surprisingly, none, apparently, had a wife (or girlfriend) as co-anchor Dave Briggs astutely noted: One gave a shout-out to his mom, another to his aunt, and the last one to his sister. Hmm!

Our fighting boys did not seem to mind that regular meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was vacationing in Hawaii. (For that matter, neither did Domenica.) When it came to Domenica today, the Marines held true to their motto Semper Fi!

For her pre-FNC WBAL-TV vids (including a Preakness one), check the links as follow:

Rick Rocks 2Nite: Aly, Domenica 2morrow?

May 16, 2009

Sorry, Rick Reichmuth fans, but your favorite Fox & Friends Weekend weatherguy will be off Sunday. According to Rick, even though his birthday is actually next Thursday, the genial gent will be celebrating tonight and, understandably, will be sleeping in tomorrow morning. Happy early birthday, Rick!

For devotees of weatherwoman Domenica Davis, Rick’s usual and probable stand-in tomorrow, you should have four hours to enjoy your Latin lovely. Even though Rick was not able to coax an unusually coy Alisyn Camerota to show off her full-body Thriller moves today, perhaps, tomorrow Domenica will be more successful in getting the “Baby Got Back” dancing queen off the curvy couch to “stand up and gyrate” to the pulsating rhythm of MJ’s megahit.

F&F dancing girls: a sure ratings boost!

Rick Sick: And Domenica?

January 11, 2009

Yesterday Fox & Friends Weekend’s usual guest meteorologist Domenica Davis filled in for Rick Reichmuth. Today F&FW co-anchor Alisyn Camerota, almost apologetically, subbed for Rick who she said was sick. However, she made no mention of the absence of the delectable Domenica.

A  little too much “Golden Global warming” yesterday?