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Juliet Huddy: “My Bullying Story Still Haunts Me”

May 31, 2012

“Scarred me for life.” Fox & Friends guest co-anchor Juliet Huddy revealed Tuesday that she is still traumatized by a childhood bullying incident. Before a segment about an eight-year student who was shamed at a school assembly by her teacher with a “Catastrophe Award” for most homework excuses, Juliet Tweeted, “My bullying story still haunts me. Stay tuned to find out what evil girl scout counselor scarred me for life.” Subsequently, when discussing the story with her co-hosts Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, Juliet exclaimed, “I think it’s horrible! And, I’m going to tell you why.”

Prefacing her explanation, Juliet insisted, “I like a joke just like the rest of you folks out there.” Then she declared, “But, when I was in third grade and I [had] started crying at girl scout camp because I missed my mom and dad–I’m not not usually a wimp but for some reason I was just having a hard time–at the end of the week, Starr, the little counselor…[gave me]…Biggest Crybaby [camp award].”

Playfully mocking Juliet, Brian interjected, “Aw! Aw!”

With a slight smile in response, a very serious Juliet continued, “And, I was very disturbed by the whole thing. I knew at the time that they were all making fun of me….I have been tormented and haunted by that.” Then, emphatically, she proclaimed, “I swear to you on my life.” Concluding, she pointed to herself and self-deprecatingly jested, “Which is why I turned out this way.”

*Fox & Friends – 05/29/12 (@ 7:38 a.m. ET)

Roginsky’s Baby Boy: Zachary Peter [Update: Pic]

May 28, 2012

Fox News contributor Julie Roginsky announced the birth of her newborn son yesterday. In response to a well-wishing Steve Kornacki (Salon political writer) who Tweeted, “Welcome to the world, Zachary Peter Roginsky, and congratulations to @julieroginsky, who will make a great mom,” she RT’d him and replied, “Thank you!!” According to a trusted source, Zachary was born on May 27; weighed seven pounds eleven ounce; and measured 22 inches. Hopefully, Julie will share a few photos and added details with her Tweets soon about the happy occasion.

Congratulations, Julie!

Update: On June 2, Julie shared a photo of her and her darling son (via an RT’d of a Steve Karnacki Tweet.

Morris’ Memorial Miss

May 28, 2012

Oops! An unfortunate “Unknown” ad lib. Fox & Friends guest co-host Clayton Morris probably wishes that he had stuck to the script this morning. One who prides himself in his historical ken and is continuously lauded for such by his FNC colleagues, Clayton had a memorable Memorial Day mishap this morning: He misidentified the “Tomb of the Unknowns” as the “Tomb of the Unknown Soldier” and then regrettably made the logical leap–and fell flat on his face.

As Fox & Friends Memorial Day edition entered its second hour, producers showed a live shot of the Tomb of the Unknowns where President Obama was scheduled to lay a wreath. Simultaneously, Clayton intoned, “That is the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, referring to the remains, of course, of the unknown soldier interned at that specific spot Arlington National Cemetery.”* [Italics added for emphasis.] But, of course, it was not the resting place of a single soldier: rather, it was the “Tomb of the Unknowns” which “contains the remains of unknown American soldiers from World Wars I and II, the Korean Conflict and (until 1998) the Vietnam War” according to Arlington National Cemetery.

When the author pointed out his mistake in two Tweets [1, 2], Clayton did not respond nor did Fox & Friends show the scene again. However, when the following show, America’s Newsroom, did, both guest co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Gregg Jarrett properly referred to the monument as the “Tomb of the Unknowns.” Apparently, they knew better, or, perhaps, someone got the word.

In fairness to Clayton, even though he was off the mark this morning, he certainly did not get any assistance from his fellow guest co-anchors, Ainsley Earhardt or Dave Briggs. Ainsley merely muttered, “Mmmm,” and Dave simply moved on without a word. To make matters worse, even Clayton’s producers failed to provide him with a helpful voice in the ear.

F&F (Memorial Day): Clayton and the crew on holiday!

*Fox & Friends – 05/28/12 (@ 7:01 a.m. ET)

**America’s Newsroom – 05/28/12 (@ 10:10 a.m. ET and @ 10:14 a.m.ET, respectively)

Juliet Huddy: Tamed Cougar?

May 27, 2012

Forty-one year old Juliet fetes her barely younger boy’s birth again.* Fresh back from her Sonoma vacation, Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Juliet Huddy seemed to gush over her forty-year-old fellow today: in fact, she seemed to go a mite overboard as she started the show with a diss of Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras, “the David Beckham of [polo]” and “the heart throb from Buenos Aires.” After her F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris teased that their interview of “the face of Ralph Lauren” and “the most beautiful polo player in the world…[who’s]…gorgeous” would be “really difficult for…[her]…to be around him,” Juliet roundly replied, “It’s not going to be difficult. He’s okay.”**

Subsequently, after promising pics of her California wine country “vcay” around mid-show, Juliet faithfully Tweeted photos of Jordan’s birthday celebration: one of two of her girlfriends in route to her “beau’s surprise bday [sic]” party; a second of her in a flattering red-hot spaghetti-strap dress with a buxom bud; a third of the “unveiling” of the birthday cake; and yet another of her guy with his “gift sword.” No longer hiding her honey, Juliet seemed happy to show her swain again to her Tweeps. Likewise, Jordan has continued to proudly display his lovely lady for the world to see.

Interestingly, Juliet’s Jordan shares the same name as her dad and her baby bro (John John). Congrats already, Juliet? Regardless, happy birthday, Juliet’s John–Jordan!

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/27/12 (@ 6:18 a.m. ET) – Re Etan Patz’s disappearance thirty-three years ago on May 25 (ironically, Jordan’s birthday), Juliet said, “I remember this story. I was nine years old.”

**Ibid at @ 6:03 a.m. ET.

Fox & Friends: TNA or “T&A”? [Updated]

May 24, 2012

Brian spanked by Brook beauty.  Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade got his appreciative rump repeatedly slapped this morning as he welcomed former “Hogan Knows Best” reality star and sexy chanteuse Brook Hogan to the program. Promoting TNA’s new Thursday time slot on SpikeTV, Hulk Hogan‘s daughter, the new executive at TNA (Total Nonstop Action) Wrestling executive brought her wrestling lovelies Velvet Sky and ODB for her segment with Brian and his F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy: And, the Brown-Haired-Guy-Who-Isn’t-Steve-Doocy was not disappointed as he took on the scantily clad ladies in a mock match.

When Steve began the “In the Ring with Brooke Hogan” interview (in the middle of the wrestling ring on the sidewalk outside the studio), he asked Brooke about her “new” show. Before she could answer, Brian jauntily interjected, “It’s TNA!” With a suggestive smile, Steve asked, “What does that stand for?”

Knowingly, Brooke answered, “TNA: Total Nonstop Action Wrestling: wagging her finger at Steve, she laughed, “Don’t let your mind go there–even though they’re very beautiful!” When a joshing Steve asked if she were talking about “these employees over here of yours,” Brooke chuckled and Brian interposed, “We’re talking about Velvet Sky and ODB!”

Subsequently, as a busty ODB began to play with Brian’s tie, Brooke joked, “Uh, oh! Uh, oh! I think you got a girlfriend there.” Smiling, Brian riposted, “Well, I’m seeing somebody right now but you never know if it’s gonna really last.” Getting in on the action, leggy, abs-bearing beauty Velvet Sky grabbed his right hand, querying, “Hey, there’s no ring though, right?”: then, espying it on his left hand, she looked at the camera as if at Brian’s beloved [Dawn], declaring, “I’m sorry! I’m sorry!”

When the interview ended, Steve and Brooke went to the ropes as Brian took off his coat to fight his pretty opponents. When the “fight” ensued, Velvet Sky began the contact with a touch to Brian’s arm and then a tap to his posterior. Then, she and ODB took Brian through a demonstration of their moves with a toss into the turn buckle, a choke hold, a shot to the solar plexus, and then a clothes-line hit. Consequently, Brian good-naturedly hit the damp mat on his duff.

Beaming, Brian returned to the fray. Giving him no quarter, Velvet Sky got Brian into a full Nelson and OBD gave him a fake knee to the groin. As Brian feigned a protest to Brooke, Velvet Sky playfully patted him on his tush thrice, saying, “Nice wet pets you got there!” Grinning, Brian agreed, “I know. I do have wet pants.” As Steve stepped in and asked if he were okay, a bemused Brian animatedly answered, “What? I’m, I’m watching Thursday night, I tell you, because I want to see, especially, if you ladies wrestle.”

However, Brian was not done with the lovely Velvet Sky. When she (and OBD) subsequently wrestled one of the Fleet Week seaman volunteers and had him “at her mercy” in an arm twist, Brian decided to intervene. Returning to the inner ring, a beaming Brian dropped to his knees and tackled the short-skirted lovely. Sky vainly struggled to regain her footing: But, Brian’s amorous embrace was sure.

F&F today: T&A. Oops! TNA.

[Author’s aside: Apparently, Velvet Sky was unimpressed with’s Brian’s ardor: after their “rassling” romp, she teased, “Really Brian Kilmeade?? With a take down like the one you gave me this morning you should have your man card revoked!”]

Related Fox & Friends fanny friskiness [update re lore]: “Kiran Chetry Spanks Kelly Wright!” (video) – 10/22/06 “Grope an Anchor Day” (Clayton Morris‘ cheeks clutched by chap) – 04/04/09; “Brian’s Love Tap” (Alisyn Camerota‘s tush slapped by Brian Kilmeade) – 11/11/10; and “Kara Gropes Kilmeade” (Brian’s bum squeezed by model Patricia Kara) – 11/08/11.

Steve Doocy: “Our Dirtiest Show EVER!”

May 19, 2012

Anna Kooiman: “A little nervous!” “Mudder” Fox & Friends co-anchors Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade (weekday), Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs (weekend), Anna Kooiman (weekday First), and FNC meteorologist Rick Reichmuth all got down and dirty for a great cause yesterday and today. The six braved a Tough Mudder abbreviated obstacle course on the sidewalk outside their studios to promote the Wounded Warrior Project.

On Thursday, Steve teased, “Friday on FnF, our dirtiest show EVER!” True to his word, he and his younger co-host Brian Kilmeade proved their Mudder mettle Friday while co-anchor Gretchen Carlson was not up for the muddy wet T shirt contest. After his brave run, Brian remarked, “Most nervous I ever was for a segment.” Subsequently, Steve somewhat more tentatively tackled the physical endurance test: Later, seemingly still winded, he Tweeted, “Brian & I survived the @toughmudder, thanks 2 the INSPIRING #woundedwarriors guys.”

Today, Rick began his FNC Mudder trial with his usual intensity as he enthusiastically went full throttle in the mite too cool early morning. Later, buff fitness femme fatale Anna ran the course at a somewhat slower rate as she tried to not to be a “YouTube sensation for busting [her] booty going over the wall.” Approximately, an hour later, Dave athletically scaled that wall without any apparent assistance as Clayton gamely followed suit with some well-timed help from his hero friends.

Fox & Friends fun: Showing how it’s done!

H/t to Johnny Dollar: F&F “Mudder” vids via links, supra, courtesy of J$P.

Kiran: A Face for Radio?

May 17, 2012

Not exactly! Nepalese lovely Kiran Chetry “appeared” anew on Mother’s Day Eve: unfortunately, for her acolytes, she decided to”reveal” herself this time–not on the boob tube again but on the radio, on the John Batchelor Show (WABC). Not that her dulcet sounds, wit, and wisdom on audio were unappreciated but they did made her fans long for the premium package, including, obviously, any concomitant video of Kiran in the flesh. Perhaps, to make amends, Kiran did Tweet a lovely photo of herself on the set with Batchelor.

Regardless, the latest avatar of Kiran caused the author to wonder when is this beauty really going to return to her natural home, cable news morning television. Regrettably, she (or her William Morris “super-agent John Ferriter”) may have burned the bridge to the place that most complemented her smart, sassy, and sexy style, i.e., Fox & Friends, where her erstwhile rival Gretchen Carlson strangely rules the early morning roost. Nevertheless, hopefully, CNN chief Ken Jautz will return Kiran to her CNN “A.M.” throne when he decides to pull the plug on his disastrous new morning programs, Early Start and Starting Point.

Kiran: “Ray of light.” Just what CNN needs to rouse it viewers again in the early morn. But, Ken, let her fully shine this time!

Rob Marciano: I’ve Got Butt Implants

May 17, 2012

“Can, can you tell?” On Hump Day, the boys were back in town in the CNN “A.M.” Yesterday, Early Start guest co-host Ali Velshi and meteorologist Rob Marciano brought in some much needed testosterone, albeit a low dose, to the usually “all girl” show. With co-anchor Ashleigh Banfield gone for the week, Ali sat in her place, perhaps, to test run a change in the dynamic of CNN’s moribund morning program.

In the second hour of Early Start Wednesday, news reader Christine Romans reported the story of a young man who had implanted magnets into his wrist to secure his iPod.* Segueing to Ali, Christine suggestively remarked, “Ali, what do you have implanted and where?” As ES co-host Zoraida Sambolin interjected, “Oh, my!,” Ali nonchalantly revealed, “I have a chip: I have one of those things like you put in a dog….I did it for a story. I’m a real company man.”

After an incredulous Zoraida felt the random canine chip in his right forearm, Ali segued to Rob, remarking, “Rob, no need to comment on my bodily [sic], you know, implants.” As Zoraida chuckled, Rob teased, “The company allowed you to do that story so that they can track you kinda like a dog that gets away.” Subsequently, he jauntily joked, “I’ve got butt implants”: Turning to offer the camera and his viewers a profile perspective, he laughed, “Can, can you tell?”

Happily not, Rob. But Early Start does need some “boy” implants. Or, at least, a few more testosterone shots.

*Early Start – 05/16/12 (@ 6:13 a.m. ET)

CNN’s Early Start: American Morning Again?

May 14, 2012

Alina Cho MT: WEIWEI”@AliVelshi…good AM.” Freudian slip? As Early Start began this morning guest co-host, a “wiredAli Velshi, Tweeted, “Nice to be back w/ my buddy, colleague & former office mate @AlinaChoCNN. Between her @ZoraidaCNN & @ChristineRomans, it’s a good morning.” In reply, Alina exclaimed, “WEIWEI” and MT’d Ali’s Tweet with the not so subtle change of “good morning” to “good AM.” Whether she was answering enthusiastically in French phonetically, or, less plausibly, simply could not contain herself, literally, her message was crystal clear: Alina was quite excited to be back again with her former American Morning colleagues, AM co-hosts Ali and Christine Romans.

As well, Alina–not to mention, CNN suits–should have been. Early Start was a marked improvement over its short and dismal past: E.g., Co-host Zoraida Sambolin simply came alive today and asserted herself charismatically with uncharacteristic aplomb. Perhaps, it was simply because the rather reserved Zoraida was no longer tethered to her regular co-host Ashleigh Banfield, who, according to Inside Cable News, lacks the requisite chemistry with Zoraida as a “hyper and over-caffeinated [anchor who leaves] no pause unmolested” in contradistinction to the more reserved Zoraida. Furthermore, it was a delight to see the facile, informed exchanges between Ali and Christine in clear contrast to the usual sycophancy of Ashleigh toward her “Mayor of the Morning” Christine.

Yes, American Morning under Ali and Christine and their erstwhile interim co-anchor Carol Costello was assuredly a morning CNN cellar dweller: But, at least, it was watchable (even eminently so, at least, until AM’s last permanent co-host, comely Kiran Chetry, bid her fans a final namaskaar). And, that is more than one can readily say about Early Start as it fatefully charters new ratings depths (even lower than AM ever descended in its ten-year history).

“Early Start”: American Morning again? CNN viewers can only hope.

Gretchen’s Wardrobe Malfunction: “Oy!”

May 14, 2012

No coffee needed! Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson certainly aroused any of  her sleepy fans with a sexy caffeine-free start this early Monday morning. And, one crewman made certain that they did not miss the shot. Oy!

When F&F returned today for a second hour (with a tease about the “plug being pulled on a popular TV show”), co-host Steve Doocy vigorously wiped the “curvy couch” table. Pointing to him and the mess, a jesting Gretchen explained, “Steve…was so rattled that we’re going to be canceled that he deposited his entire coffee on my foot.” Continuing animatedly, she remarked, “You know what, let me just take off my shoes….I’m just going to take them off right now ’cause I got coffee all over them.” Uncrossing her legs insouciantly and reaching down to remove her right shoe, she gave her viewers a java-less her viewers with a sudden up-skirt shot.

For any Gretchen’s audience who had not yet noticed the slip, an off-camera crewman (sounding like Joel, the floor manager) alerted them with a loud “oy” while her white underwear was yet in view. With the hint of a smile, Gretchen appeared to glance in his direction, pulled her short blue dress back down and continued to doff her stiletto. Meanwhile, with a twinkle in his eye, her co-anchor Brian Kilmeade looked in the same direction as he sheepishly grinned. Without so much as missing a beat, Gretchen removed her other high heel, wiped her leg, and straightened her skirt again–this time without a second wardrobe malfunction.

Oy! F&F Monday: Starting your week with a smile. Sans Starbucks.

Huddy Hides Honey: Deletes Derby Pic [Updated]

May 11, 2012

Wherefore art thou, [Juliet’s] Romeo? Fox & Friends First co-anchor Juliet Huddy has mysteriously scrubbed her Kentucky Derby weekend Tweet about her “beau John Jordan,” including, a photo of the two lovebirds together. Shortly after Carpe Diem posted the author’s article about Juliet’s sweet Tweet, it mysterious disappeared even though Juliet’s other Kentucky Derby Tweets, including, pics (1, 2, 3) remained, including one of her with a ring on her left “ring finger.”

N.B. When one Juliet’s Tweeps noted the “shine on [Juliet’s] left hand” and offered his tacit congratulations, she replied, “Nope! Just a fun cocktail ring. I don’t buy into the “only wedding rings on left ring finger thing lol.” Nevertheless, she and Jordan did seem quite cozy at his and his family vineyard’s fortieth birthday bash.

Juliet: she’s so shy!

[Author’s note: For the text of Juliet’s deleted Tweet, link here and view its Google ghost (fifth item).]

Update (05/14/12): Three days later, Juliet uncovers her honey: reveals their new Derby pic.

Ainsley Earhardt: A Real “Heel”!

May 10, 2012

Ainz: from”nude” to”rude.” Believe it or not! Fox & Friends First co-host Ainsley Earhardt finally got a brand new pair of shoes and rocked the set in her sexy, strappy red stilettos. For the sweet Southern belle who seemed to almost always don the very same, stinky (surely, by now) bland Crayola flesh-colored shoes on F&FW that she first wore on its debut on March 5, the change must have been a fresh breath of air–at least, for her feet. It certainly was a welcome relief for the aesthetically-deprived eyes of Ainsley’s fans.

Perchance, at last, Ainsley took the author’s advice and let her co-anchor and footwear fashion aficionado, Juliet Huddy, take her shoe shopping. Regardless, she sports some “real heels” now. Bravo, Ainz!

Martha MacCallum: Ms. or Mrs? Ring, Ring!

May 10, 2012

Nude no more–at least, not today. After a day off, America’s Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum returned this morn to her show apparently sporting her connubial bling again. After flashing her naked ring finger at her AN audience for seemingly almost a month and a half or more, the blond beauty appeared ready to rein in any rumor about her current marital status. In fact, not only did she don a silver or platinum band on her marital ring finger but also she placed another upon her corresponding left hand digit as if to accent her point all the more.*

Martha Bowes MacCallum: Still Mrs. Daniel John Gregory? So, she seemed to say–today.

AN – 05/10/12 (@ 9:09 a.m. ET)

Update: Actually, Martha’s rings appeared a day earlier (i.e., her day off of AM), apparently: she seeme to be wearing both during her May 9th interview of Ann Romney.  America’s News Headquarters (airing) – 05/13/12 (@ 1:42 p.m. et seq. ET)

Clayton & Natali Morris: “It’s a Girl”

May 9, 2012

Ava Elizabeth Morris arrives. Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Clayton Morris and his wife Natali nee Del Conte announced the birth of their beautiful newborn baby yesterday evening. Breaking the news, Clayton tersely Tweeted, “It’s a girl.” About forty-minutes later, Natalie proudly proclaimed, “It’s a girl! She’s healthy and lovely!”

Early this morning on Fox & Friends First, co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt shared the news with Clayton’s FNC fans. In “The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly” segment, Ainsley declared, “First, we start with the good. Meet the newest member  of the Fox & Friends family: weekend host Clayton Morris and his wife welcoming their baby girl Ava Elizabeth yesterday. She joins big brother Miles.” Meanwhile producers ran two pics of beautiful Ava: one of her in the arms of her doting dad and the other of  her with both adoring parents.

Apparently, Ava has completed the Morris household. When a Tweep teasingly admonished mama Morris to slow down, Natali declared, “No no I’m done now!”

Congratulation, Clayton and Natali!

*Fox & Friends First – 05/09/12 – (@ 5:58 a.m. ET)

Update 1 (May 10): Adorable Ava sleeping (photo taken by Clayton and RT’d by Natali).

Update 2 (May 12): According to Clayton today on F&FW, Ava weighed six pounds 12 ounces at birth. F&FW – 05/12/12 (@9:59 a.m. ET)

Update 3 (May 13): For Ava’s pics cited in article, supra, cf. J$P‘s 05/09/12 link (“a girl”).

Update 4 (May 13): For even more Ava pics (After the Show Show), link here.

Update 5 (May 14): Natali adds her coda, i.e., that Ava measured 19.5 inches and came “out in 2 pushes!”

Juliet Huddy: “My beau John Jordan”

May 6, 2012

Carnal cougar no more? Today, Fox & Friends First co-host Juliet Huddy lovingly announced the name of her forty-year-old beloved, John Jordan, the CEO of Jordan Vineyard & Winery, apparently. In her Tweet, Juliet declared, “Amazing weekend w Karl Rove and his fiancee Karen, new friends and most importantly my beau John Jordan.” The news came as no surprise to her Tweep acolytes and FNC fans since she has recently mentioned that she was no longer single and has a boy in San Francisco.*

And, just who is Juliet’s new “boy”? According to, Jordan, a former U.S. Navy Reserve Commander, is a Piper Cub pilot and a bass fisherman; has a J.D. and an M.B.A.; and reigns as CEO of his family’s winery. Interestingly, Jordan celebrates his birth on the very day that his family vineyard came into existence. In pics from his recent fortieth birthday bash, he seems to be quite pleased with his new “catch” as is evidenced by photos of the happy couple together (photos 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.)

Cheers, Juliet and Jordan!

*Red Eye – 02/02/12 (@3:12 a.m. ET)

Update: After this Carpe Diem article posted, Juliet provided her own close-up pic of her and John together at the Kentucky Derby, saying, “My better half John Jordan. We jokingly called him Maj Sanders for obvious reason [sic]. So handsome :)”

Morris “Moons” Manhattan

May 6, 2012

Dave Briggs: “Still trying to purge that image from my mind.Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris made an unfortunate, indelible impression on his audience and his co-hosts Dave Briggs and Alisyn Camerota this early morn. After dunk or “drunk” tank duds Friday and Saturday (where no F&F or F&FW co-anchor was soaked despite their teases of the respective Cinco de Mayo quiz loser taking a margarita bath), Clayton regrettably peppered the post-holiday program today with mental pictures of his posterior this morning. Arg! To paraphrase Lucy Kaplansky, please don’t let your “Manhattan moon be back tonight”!

After a story on the lunar phenomenon last night, Aly remarked, “Dave Briggs was looking forward with great anticipation to the supermoon.”* When Dave indicated that it did not quite meet his expectations, Clayton jested, “So, he didn’t see it last night. So, this morning in my office, I reenacted it for him.” Grimacing and arching her eyebrows in feigned disgust, Aly asked, “A super moon?”

Without apology, Clayton ribaldly replied, “Mm, hmm. I mean this morning.” Sighing deeply, a smiling Dave looked away and then turned to the viewers, declaring, “Still trying to purge that image from my mind. And, I will be for the rest of the day!” As Clayton beamed broadly, Aly acerbically quipped, “Mm. Yeah, as soon as I stick hot pokers in my eyes.”

Clayton and Dave: Mano a mano? High moon in Manhattan!

*Fox & Friends – 05/06/12 (@ 7:33 a.m. ET)

Shep: Can’t Show Trampoline Bear Vid Anymore

May 3, 2012

Carpe Diem: Fox News FINALLY does the right thing. Today, FNC anchor Shepard Smith announced that he could no longer run the 2003 Trampoline Bear video on Studio B. After almost two years of Carpe Diem decrying that loathsome footage of a black bear falling from a tree onto a trampoline, being propelled high into the air, falling face first into unforgiving ground, and crumpling underneath its own weight, Fox News appears to have got the message at last–perhaps, after the author’s article, “Roman’s ‘No Ring Circus”, (just four days ago) on Shep’s seemingly sadistic snippet being embraced anew by Early Point guest anchor Christine Romans.

Today, after airing one of his famous bear updates (about an Altadema, California, momma bear and her two cubs in a tree), Shep remarked, “Aw, look at ’em. You know what they need! They need those bears a trampoline.”* When someone seemed to chuckle softly off-camera, Shep added, “Get ’em right out of there and put them on a trampoline. They have a nice little ride.” As long-time viewers, doubtlessly, awaited the Trampoline Bear video to run as usual, Shep sadly intoned, “Can’t show that anymore, though! Apologies.”

No apology need, Shep–at least, for not being able to show the odious Trampoline Bear video anymore. Rather, you should apologize for airing that horrid clip–repeatedly over the years.

Kudos, Fox News, for making Shep shape up. Finally.

*Studio B with Shepard Smith – 05/03/12 (@ 3:49 a.m. ET)

Related Carpe Diem stories (Trampoline Bear chronicles): “Shep’s Trampoline Bear: PETA MIA” (06/07/10); “Banderas’ ‘Teachable Moment’?” (07/25/10); “Banderas Responds: Bars Bear Vid” (07/27/10); “Banderas Recants Apology” (07/27/10); “Shep de Sade?” (07/28/10); “Banderas: ‘Not My Fault'” (08/03/10); “Shep de Sade’s Bad Boys” (08/06/10); “Shep de Sade: Kubrick’s Clare Quilty?” (08/12/10); “Shep Defends Trampoline Bear Video” (08/13/10); “The Good Shepard?” (08/20/12); “The Good Shepard Hydes” (08/26/10); “Shep’s Trampoline Bear: Old Miss Mascot?” (10/15/10); “As a Dog Returns to its Vomit” (10/16/10); “Hope Springs Eternal” (10/29/10); “Ole Miss’ Colonel Shep” (11/07/10); “Shep the Schlep” (02/21/11); “AM Adopts F&F’s Couch (But, Shep’s Commode?)” (05/17/11); and “Romans’ ‘No Ring’ Circus” (04/29/12).

Bill Hemmer: “So How Do We Look?”

May 2, 2012

Martha MacCallum: Please send in your Tweets and messages. Please vote.” A new Hemmer hint? Today, America’s Newsroom co-anchor Bill Hemmer seemed to fan the flames about any notion that he and his recently “ringless” co-host Martha MacCallum may be a hot new item indeed. And, Martha seemed to add gas to that very fire.

Less than a week ago (last Thursday), AN producers aired a pic of Bill and Martha posing together in a rather romantic setting  (i.e., against the backdrop of the New York skyline on an Ailes-hosted evening harbor charity cruise) from the night before: when they did so, Bill laughed, “Oh, my gosh! The bride and the groom!” Today, after a segment referencing putative GOP nominee Mitt Romney’s VP quest, Martha declared, “It’s like speed dating: traveling around the country spending a little time with each one of the contestants. Right?” In a seemingly incongruent response, Bill pointed to Martha, to himself, and then to Martha again, asking, “So, how do we look?”

As they both chuckled heartily, Martha remarked, “Please send in your Tweets and messages. Please vote.”

Please do.

*America’s Newsroom – 05/02/12 (@ 10:32 a.m. ET)

Recently “Ringless” Romans: Randy?

May 2, 2012

Ashleigh Banfield: You’re both blushing! Recently “ringless” Early Start guest co-host Christine Romans appeared rather randy Monday as she discussed the latest FDA-approved erectile dysfunction drug Stendra. Almost like a silly school girl, Christine reddened and appeared rather giddy as she talked to CNN senior medical correspondent Elizabeth Cohen about men’s erections and their willingness to get them at almost any expense. Her similarly “ringless” co-host Ashleigh Banfield noticed and gave her grief.

The health segment with Elizabeth began sensibly enough as Christine introduced the most recent drug Stendra and asked, “Why take this one, Elizabeth?”* Before explaining, Elizabeth joked, “Right, you might want to ask the question, ‘Does the world really needed four drugs for this?'” In response, Christine’s somber visage changed as she blushed, giggled, and suggestively cocked her head.

In answer to Christine’s query, Elizabeth explained that the new drug worked for some men within fifteen minutes as opposed to significantly longer times for other ED drugs. Subsequently, she elaborated that the side effects of Stendra were generally rather mild but that one rare but “bizarre” side effect was the temporary loss of vision. Then, she concluded, “But, doctors we talked to said, ‘That doesn’t really scare men away. They don’t really care: they want the drug, they want the erection, and they don’t really care if they temporarily lose their vision.'” Flushed and beaming, Christine repeated rubbed the erogenous zone beneath her left earlobe and jested, “Huh, a trade-off that is somehow not surprising!”

Subsequently, concluding the interview, Christine thanked Elizabeth and tossed to her co-host Ashleigh Banfield. Grinning like a Cheshire cat, Ashleigh exclaimed, “You’re both blushing! Go figure,” and then cackled wickedly. Off-camera, a seemingly chagrined Christine chuckled, “Uh, yes we are.”

“Recently Ringless” Romans randy? At least, an “early start.”

*Early Start – 04/30/12 (@ 6:42 a.m. ET)