Gretchen’s Wardrobe Malfunction: “Oy!”

No coffee needed! Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson certainly aroused any of  her sleepy fans with a sexy caffeine-free start this early Monday morning. And, one crewman made certain that they did not miss the shot. Oy!

When F&F returned today for a second hour (with a tease about the “plug being pulled on a popular TV show”), co-host Steve Doocy vigorously wiped the “curvy couch” table. Pointing to him and the mess, a jesting Gretchen explained, “Steve…was so rattled that we’re going to be canceled that he deposited his entire coffee on my foot.” Continuing animatedly, she remarked, “You know what, let me just take off my shoes….I’m just going to take them off right now ’cause I got coffee all over them.” Uncrossing her legs insouciantly and reaching down to remove her right shoe, she gave her viewers a java-less her viewers with a sudden up-skirt shot.

For any Gretchen’s audience who had not yet noticed the slip, an off-camera crewman (sounding like Joel, the floor manager) alerted them with a loud “oy” while her white underwear was yet in view. With the hint of a smile, Gretchen appeared to glance in his direction, pulled her short blue dress back down and continued to doff her stiletto. Meanwhile, with a twinkle in his eye, her co-anchor Brian Kilmeade looked in the same direction as he sheepishly grinned. Without so much as missing a beat, Gretchen removed her other high heel, wiped her leg, and straightened her skirt again–this time without a second wardrobe malfunction.

Oy! F&F Monday: Starting your week with a smile. Sans Starbucks.


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11 Responses to “Gretchen’s Wardrobe Malfunction: “Oy!””

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gretchen is the Queen of the upskirt. She is the hottest MILF on Fox News Channel. She is the only reason I watch the show !

  2. danielwalldammit Says:

    The closest thing to an actual news item ever to appear on that program.

  3. Lust4Legs Says:

    Gretch is indeed Queen of the uppie. Her skimpy skirts & salacious leg shows have made her a cult goddess who is worshiped on leg fetish sites all over the net.
    She is nirvana for leg lovers, she KNOWS she has luscious legs & loves to show em’ off. She wears a devilish grin while she’s puttin’ on a show.

  4. Mary Says:

    She has thunder thighs………

  5. James B. Says:

    If Grechen leaves I’ll stop watching fox news channel altogether .

  6. Says:

    Just what exactly really inspired you to post
    “Gretchens Wardrobe Malfunction: Oy!
    | Carpe Diem”? I reallygenuinely enjoyed it! Thanks a lot -Melvina

  7. phiip Says:

    she the hots lady on tv

  8. Anonymous Says:


  9. Anonymous Says:


  10. Anonymous Says:

    This lady is true entertainment for men and loves it!!!!! She knows exactly what shows! She is not shy and doesn’t care what the people say!!!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Gretchen Carlson hasn’t changed one bit from her days on Fox and Friends even to this day as host of The Real Story!!! I love you Gretchen Carlson!!!

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