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Boy Kiran: Oxymoron

June 30, 2009

Was it truly that cold in the American Morning studio today? As soon as the author saw AM co-host Kiran Chetry in her wide-shouldered, pin-striped, and charcoal-colored coat, he immediately thought that an ice-cold Kiran had commandeered her co-anchor John Robert’s garment.

Were that it so! Instead the producers had given Kiran an old school feminist make-over. In addition to the  “man power” coat, they had provided Kiran with a dour dark gray mid-knee skirt. Nevertheless, in order to give her a more “feminine” touch, they gave her a Laura-Ashley approved yellow print blouse and open-toed heels. It was as if John Ashcroft were fashion consultant for the day.

Sorry, AM but “that dog won’t hunt!” You can take Kiran out of Fox but you can’t take the fox out of Kiran!

“PETA Pan”: Sorry

June 29, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Clayton Morris has apparently seen the light and apologized for his PETA Pan performance Sunday.* After mockingly mourning the death of Gus, the 2008 World’s Ugliest Dog, Sunday, Clayton received a Tweet from a less than amused Twitterer ImBrendaO who declared, “[D]isappointed in u drng dog segmnt don’t make fun of Gus. Losing a dog is tough.”** Clayton aptly responded, “I know. I’ve lost plenty of animals in my life. Sorry if I made fun.”***

Back in the castrato chorus. On second thought, it took a few kahunas to admit that he was wrong. Bravo, Clayton!




John’s “F****ing” Fun

June 29, 2009

Today American Morning co-host John Roberts took a delightfully witty tack to more directly address his “f*****ing” faux pas a week and half ago. (As Carpe Diem readers may remember, on June 19 a frustrated John seemed to say “frucking” and guest Carol Costello called him on it.)* Last Thursday John obliquely alluded to his gaffe (after a weather segment), saying, “I was thinking of another word that ends with ‘y’ to describe the weather here but I’ve been having trouble with language lately: So, I’m just going to leave it alone.”** Today he took his misstep head-on with good humor.

As AM’s final block began with a live shot of the Capitol, John read, “Good morning, Washington, D.C. As the sun comes up over the Capitol building, most cloudy [abruptly stopping].” Almost echoing his earlier remarks, he exclaimed,  “Who writes this FLIPPING stuff that goes in the teleprompter! It’s not cloudy there: it’s gorgeous….They do this to annoy me!”

As John segued to Carol Costello, he said, “Carol, you are the one who put that in the teleprompter, right? Because you loved it so much Friday a week ago Friday when we  had it wrong in Myrtle Beach in Charleston.” Carol saucily commented, “I like when you say words like ‘flipping’ on the air and worse sometimes. ” Roberts declared, “I decided to follow the Napolean Dynamite principle: “Flipping is as racy as it gets here.” Carol responded, “That’s good. That will not insult anyone. At least, I think so.”

After Carol tossed back to John and co-host Kiran Chetry and before the program ended, John said, “Make sure that you keep those cards and letters coming because we love to see them.” Immediately, Kiran cutely snickered and left it there. Kudos, John, for a fun take on your “frucking” faux pas.



Clayton: PETA Pan

June 28, 2009

As Michael Jackson leaves behind his title of America’s Peter Pan, Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris has assumed its “evil” homophonic honorific, PETA Pan. Today after a segment featuring the newly crowned World’s Ugliest Dog Pabst and during the subsequent “memorial” vid of the 2008 winner Gus, Clayton mockingly mourned the poor pup’s passing.*

Unfortunately, Clayton failed to follow the lead of his recently chastened colleague Dave Briggs.** As Gus’ pictorial dirge began, Dave commented, “Unfortunately, Gus is no longer with us….We miss Gus dearly but I got to say that [Gus] is an adequate winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog. I mean, we love Gus though.” A seemingly less compassionate Clayton mirthfully emoted, respectively, clownishly crying, broadly smiling , and gleefully grimacing at Gus’s “ugliness.”

Clayton, today’s eternal child: F&F’s PETA Pan.

*F&F (06/28/09) – 9:40 a.m. ET

**After saying that his wife Brandi’s cat wanted “to be punted” and a subsequent Carpe Diem article suggesting that he make peace with the cat,” Dave Tweeted an indication that he had done so.


F&FW: Catch Us IF U Can [Mea Culpa]

June 27, 2009

If you missed the first hour of Fox & Friends Weekend this morning, tough! Or, at least, c’est la vie. That seemed to be the message that F&FW sent when it once again failed to give viewers a real “heads up” as to it’s starting an hour early today.

Yes, co-anchor Clayton Morris Tweeted his followers an alert an hour before the show, and co-host Alisyn Camerota blogged her audience one fifteen minutes prior to the program. However, unless you were up already, you would not know! Moreover, your DVR probably did not record it either (unless you were taping the O’Reilly Factor at that hour).

F&FW producers, step it up! Further, Dave (Briggs), Aly, and Clayton, if you care whether your fans tune in, please let them know when you are on in a timely fashion. On the bright side, you were on early.

Mea culpa: Sorry, Aly, I missed your afternoon blog post! For Twitterville residents, a timely Tweet from Clayton or Dave would be greatly appreciated in the future. (Thanks, Al, for your correction.)

Jacko: F&F’s Faux Facts

June 26, 2009

Today Fox & Friends’ “News by the Numbers” seemed more like “Michael Jackson Fan Fiction” by Steve Doocy.* In this segment “dedicated to the career of Michael Jackson,” Steve claimed that Jackson was the “only artist ever to get in twice” into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and that Jackson’s thirteen Grammys and number one hits were both “record-setting.” Not quite.

As to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Steve, at least, forgot Paul McCartney who was inducted as a member of the Beatles and as a solo artist.** With regard to Grammys, Stevie Wonder with 22 surpasses Jacko (13) as a solo male artist.*** Likewise, pertaining to record number one singles, Elvis Presley, Rock & Roll’s King, with 17 bests Pop’s King (13).****

Speaking of records, who was fact-checking F&F’s record today?

[There is no doubt that Michael Jackson was an incredible talent. As his life is memorialized, there is no need to over-hype. Appreciate him for he was: another great conflicted artist.]

*F&F (06/26/09) – @7:24 a.m. ET

Gretch: Fox or Friend?

June 25, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson appeared to opt for the latter today. After reporting on a North Carolina “Paid to Not Get Pregnant” program ($1/day), Gretchen had a “blond moment” on the number of days in a year: Gretchen said, “If I’m going to pay 354 days or whatever it is…sorry…it’s worth it.” Coming quickly to her aid, Steve Doocy interjected, “[Three hundred] Sixy-Five” and Brian joked,  “Leap year you get 366.” Happy to be one of the boys, Gretch appreciatively chuckled, “Sorry I had, I had a brain fart for a moment.”

Friend today. Fox tomorrow?

Roberts: “Fricken” Not “Frucking”

June 25, 2009

In response to Carpe Diem’s “John’s ‘F****ing Bridge,'”* American Morning co-host John Roberts denied using the word “frucking” on the show last Friday.  Yesterday morning John Tweeted, “I hate to disagree with you Jake, but I called it [the Charlotte, SC, bridge] ‘fricken’ both times.”**

In reply, the author of the article Tweeted, “John, not saying that u meant to do so. But, if u listen anew, u may change ur mind. N.B. Carol commented the 2nd time only.”*** Even though John may not concur, there was a distinctive difference in “freaking” (or “fricken”) the first time and “frucking” the second time. Further, only after John said “frucking,” did AM guest host Carol Costello ask if he could say that word on television and noted its hybrid nature. (Of “freaking” and “*ucking,” perchance?)

Today John seemed to good-naturedly reference his gaffe of last Friday. After AM meteorologist Reynolds Wolf’s weather segment, co-host Kiran Chetry said, “Reynolds, you said, ‘It’s cool here’: I would say, “Swampy.” John commented, “I was thinking of another word that ends with ‘y’ to describe the weather here but I’ve been having trouble with language lately: So, I’m just going to leave it alone.” Knowingly, Kiran queried, “Does it start with an ‘s’ and end with a ‘y’?” Smiling, John deadpanned, “No. Not at all.”




Gretchen’s “Virgin” Experience

June 24, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen got to “make out” with British billionaire and Virgin Atlantic founder Sir Richard Branson on the curvy couch on the After the Show Show (ASS) yesterday.* F&F co-anchor Steve Doocy gleefully stoked the fires. (For viewers who did not see it yesterday, F&F was more than happy to offer another prurient peep today.)*

ASS was quite a bit more risque than usual yesterday. Throughout the segment, bawdy humor abounded. Steve joked that the Virgin Airlines PJ changing area was the Mile High Club room. Branson immediately jested, “Exactly. And now with our space progam coming up, it will be the 180 Mile High Club. As to the origin of the airline’s name, Branson repeated Steve’s alleged conjecture that it was so dubbed because it would not go all the way. (He explained that actually it was because he started business because he was only fifteen when he started in business.)

However, ASS got steamier when the topic turned to Branson’s Virgin glamor girl publicity shoots. Noting that five years ago Branson had picked up Pamela Anderson but yesterday he hoisted Kate Moss, Steve teased, “You just can’t bench press what you used to be able to? Are you looking for smaller girls?” In response, chuckling, Branson rushed toward Gretchen, saying, “Well, let’s see. What do we got here?” Gretchen screamed, “Oh, no! Oh, no! No!” As Sir Branson tried to lift F&F’s damsel in distress, one understood why she resisted so and had color coordinated beforehand.

After Branson relented amidst howls of laughter, he embraced Gretchen tightly as she exclaimed, “Oh, my god! I haven’t been swept off my feet in a while, Buddy! Alright? Flattered and flustered, she animatedly added, “Hello! Oh my goodness! Could we make sure we get a still photo of that? If I could make that like into an 11×14 in my office.” When Steve remarked, “That’s your screen saver,” Gretchen heartily concurred, “Definitely!”

As the segment concluded, still holding Gretchen, Bronson joked, “Could we turn the light out, please.?” As the F&F floor crew complied and added mood music to boot, Branson playfully acted as if he were friskily frolicking with her as she saucily screamed. As the lights came back on, Branson kissed her hand and said, “It’s been a pleasure.” Gretchen responded, “No kidding! Could you stop back in tomorrow?”

Probably not. But, Branson certainly gave Gretchen a Virgin flight of fancy.

*Fox & Friends’ After the Show Show (06/23/09)

**F&F (06/24/09) – 6:32 a.m. ET

Kiran: Let’s Talk About Sex

June 23, 2009

American Morning’s version of Salt-N-Pepa’s hit could be heard as CNN business correspondent Stephanie Elam discussed marital discord during the 7 o’clock (ET) C Block this morning. AM co-host Kiran Chetry sang lead, Stephanie sang backup, and co-anchor John Roberts just barely joined in.

As the segment “Out of Sync” started, Stephanie stated, “It’s the one thing that no one ever wants to talk about is that one thing, and everyone thinks that it’s the other thing. No, it’s about money.” Kiran racily interjected, “What’s the other thing?” Stephanie replied, “Oh, you’re married.” While a broadly smiling co-anchor John Roberts in the middle chair clearly relished the exchange, Kiran riposted, “You’re a newlywed so I just wanted to know if you figured it out yet.” Stephanie retorted, “So, ergo, it’s not a problem for me.”

In response, Kiran, pounding her fist on the desk in laughter, jested, “Just you wait, Stephanie.” Stephanie smiled and answered, “Don’t do my marriage! And, if he’s watching I’m going to get lots of email right now.” As Kiran and John chuckled, Stephanie declared, “I’m moving on!”

John’s “F****ing Bridge”

June 23, 2009

American Morning’s John Roberts made sure he got it right today. As the 6 o’clock (ET) C Block began with a picturesque shot of Charleston with its beautiful bridge in the background, he laughed, “It’s Charleston, not Myrtle Beach.”

Befuddled, co-host Kiran Chetry asked, “Why? Why are you laughing? What do you mean?” John answered, “You weren’t here Friday, were you? That’s right: we had a little incident….It’s that flipping bridge!” He added, “I’ll fill you in on the whole thing later.”

For the AM audience who were not tuned in Friday, the author will fill you in. When John opened a segment with guest co-host Carol Costello to a similar shot of Charleston Friday, he identified the city as Myrtle Beach. When he realized his mistake, AM’s abashed Wikiman declared that he knew that “freaking” bridge: Then growing more agitated, he called it a “frucking” bridge. Surprised and amused, Carol asked if he could say that on television, and John promptly responded that they would know if he returned Monday. Obviously, he did.

Domenica’s Crush on Dave?

June 22, 2009

“Our favorite dad.” An F&F day late and a dollar short? Perhaps, however, since yesterday was such a sweet Father’s Day show for Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, the author was a bit hesitant to give Dave and Domenica a ribbing in that regard. However, today is another day.

Yesterday,  in one of her weather segments, Domenica dubbed Dave “our favorite dad” and then jested that he gave her an allowance like her own dad once did. (Not a joke that Dave’s wife Brandi would necessarily find riant but, perhaps, risible.) Then in Dave’s honor, Domenica gave him the weather conditions for the U.S. Open. Once she was done, she had to be prompted by guest host Courtney Friel to give a shout out to her own dad Domenique for whom the Italian lovely said that she is named.

Reading a bit too much into that vignette? Quite possibly. After all, Dave was the only father on the set yesterday. However, does not the reader recollect Clayton teasing Domenica recently about not seeming to mind her big hug from Dave (during a past three-second-hug school rule segment a while back)?

Don’t spice up the show too much, Domenica!

Clayton Chokes Up

June 21, 2009

Usually, one who eschews emotional moments, co-anchor Clayton Morris could not help himself today.* In a Father’s Day call to his father who survived very serious heart surgery recently, Clayton first kidded his dad about his “scary” mustache (in an old photograph displayed on the screen). However, turning serious, Clayton said, “This is a big moment for me and Happy Father’s Day. You know, I don’t ever get choked up but I will. You just went through quadruple bypass surgery, and, um.” Tearing up, he could not continue.

Stepping in for his friend and co-anchor, Dave Briggs stated, “And, we are very happy to hear you are doing well. I know this is emotional for Clayton: He and I have talked about it many a weekend. He’s thrilled, we are all thrilled that you are doing better.”

After regaining his composure yet still emotional, Clayton stated, “You have your energy back, and you’re looking fantastic. I got to see you last weekend. So, happy Father’s Day. Happy birthday.” He added, “Love to the family. And have fun today going out to breakfast and enjoying the rest of the day.”

Like Dave earlier today,** Clayton had his own Hallmark moment on camera. However unlike Dave, Clayton seems unaccustomed to them. Today the usually clowning Clayton showed his more sensitive side, i.e., that of a loving son.

*F&F (06/21/09) – @8:10 a.m. ET


Dave Tears Up

June 21, 2009

Today Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Dave Briggs received an early morning Father’s Day call on air from his wife Brandi and young daughter Emerson. At the beginning of the call, Brandi said, “Happy Father’s Day! I have someone here who is very excited to talk to you. Here’s Emerson.” Warmly greeting her, Dave said, “Hi, Em!” Emerson answered, “Happy Father’s Dad, Daddy! I made a card for you.”

As Dave answered, “You made a card for me?,” F&FW showed a split screen with a picture of Dave’s two children, Emerson and William, on one side and a live shot of him on the other. Turning to his co-hosts Clayton Morris and Courtney Friel, Dave commented, “See. I hate when they show that shot of me because I always get emotional when I talk to my little girl.”

Still on the phone, Emerson enthusiastically exclaimed, “I love you!” Dave tenderly replied, “I love you, too, Sweetie!” Emerson added, “I miss you! Bye.” Dave responded, “I miss you, too. Bye.”

Apparently, not one to revel in the Hallmark moment, Clayton requested, “Zoom in on camera two tighter: I want to see if there is a tear that’s about to [flow].” Abashedly putting his hand to his face and shaking his head, Dave declared, “I’m so soft. I’m so soft. Man!” Dave laughed, “Thank you to my producers for making me appear so soft.” As Dave concluded, “Very nice though. My daughter Emerson, my son William at home on this Father’s Day. I can’t wait to get home.”

In the meantime, Clayton kiddingly got a box of tissues and handed two tissues to Dave. Dave pulled them apart as if to use one. Even though he never did while the camera was on him, he discreetly wiped the bottom of his eye with his thumb as he subsequently discussed being a dad.

At the end of the show, Clayton announced that Dave’s wife Brandi had e-mailed the show. “Reading it,” he said, “Hey, Dave, don’t look now but we’re in the studio with your kids and we’re surprising you on this Father’s Day.” As he did, in walked his beautiful wife Brandi with their two small children Emerson and William. Grinning broadly, Dave eagerly picked up their children in his arms and gave his wife a sweet kiss on the lips.

Dave: a soft touch. In a good way.

Carol Gets Playboy: John Doesn’t

June 19, 2009

Like a man who says that he “reads Playboy for the articles,” moderate Daily Beast columnist John Avlon turned somewhat mealy-mouthed during his weekly “‘Wingnut’ of the Week'” segment on CNN’s American Morning today. When he dubbed Playboy “‘Wingnut’ on the Left'” for Guy Cimbalo’s early June website column entitled, “So Right It’s Wrong: The Top 10 Conservative Women We Hate to Love, Avlon cited the Playboy columnist’s comparison of women, e.g., Peggy Noonan and Dana Perino, to Eva Braun and said that “it was way over the line so much so that Playboy took it off their website and issued an apology.” Happily, for the audience which had not previously heard of the controversy, guest host Carol Costello provided a more complete picture.

Carol commented, “It was incredibly sexist….A lot of conservative women and, actually, many liberal women, too, said Playboy crossed the line with that one because it also sort of said it was okay to, and they didn’t use the word “love” really…It was sort of like the “f word” and it wasn’t feminism either.” For the viewer with a DVR, AM provided a fleeting screen capture of the article which included the text that actually earned the Avlon’s “‘Wingnut’ on the Left'”: It read, “[T]here is a way to reach across the line without letting principles fall by the wayside. We speak, naturally, of the hate f**k.”

As an aside, if the viewer wants the perspective of a woman who was listed, Megyn Kelly amply provided it on her show America’s Newsroom.* She heatedly declared that “Playboy Magazine’s online site unleashed a vile attack” against her in what “some [were] calling a rape list. She added, “In my view, this is not the act of a publication that respects women in any way whatever their politics happen to be.

Today the author of Independent Nation played the centrist “wingnut.”


Juliet’s Lam to London

June 18, 2009

Tonight Juliet Huddy, former co-host of FOX’s Morning Show with Mike & Juliet, leaves her personal and professional problems behind in the States and seeks solace across the Pond with her BFF Julie Roginsky (a Democratic consultant and FNC political contributor). After announcing the end of her five-month marriage to Doug Barrett on the Tuesday of last week and concluding her long professional relationship with Mike Jerrick as they did their final show together last Friday,* Juliet should get some desperately needed “r&r” in London with her proclaimed “savior.”** Apparently, fine food and potent potations are very much on the menu with Juliet’s soliciting suggestions from her Twitter followers “for great restaurants/bars/lounges.”**

Perhaps, the apparent acrimony between her & her hubby*** will abate as, hopefully, “distance makes the heart grow fonder.”




Bocephus Gets Bawdy W/ Gomez & Gretch

June 17, 2009

From suggestively serenading Disney teen sensation Selena Gomez to flagrantly flirting with Fox & Friends’ own co-host Gretchen Carlson, Hank Williams, Jr., got bawdy today. Promoting his album 127 Rose Avenue by performing all morning live outside on the “veranda” for F&F’s summer concert series, “All American Summer,” Bocephus was in rare form. In the middle of the hour when co-anchor Steve Doocy indicated that Hank and his band coffee needed a pot of coffee, Hank proffered a presentiment of things to come: he laughingly replied, “And a few Bloody Mary[s].”

Perhaps, F&F did serve up a few to him. Mid-show, Hank serenaded the star of Wizards of Waverly Place as she stood silently next to him.* Gazing at her from behind his sunglasses,  he sang, “Watermelon lip gloss, kiss beneath the swamp moss on a moonlit night”: perhaps, playing along, Selena put her palm to her chest and then to her forehead as if in disbelief. Continuing Hank crooned, “Bubble gum perfume” and then pointed to her as he sang,” Well-placed tattoo above her hiney, high, oh my!” Selena smiled, her jaw dropped, and she coyly put both her hands to her face. Possibly, she needed to be in the “Princess Protection Program” figuratively, too.

During Hank’s interview by the F&F co-hosts, Brian reminded him of his promise to take him fishing. Gretch interjected, “Wait a minute! I’ll go to Monday Night Football with you.” Taking her hand eagerly and cradling it in both of his, Hank readily responded, “Honey, I will take you anywhere: I’d even go to a tennis match with you.” As an aside to the audience, Gretch exclaimed, “I hope that my husband’s not watching.”


Gretch: “Kim Kardashian, Her Backside”

June 16, 2009

Just one look, Fox & Friends fans: That’s all you got. Of Kim Kardashian’s bum, that is. F&F flaunted it in the first promo but put it under wraps in the following ones. (For pop cultural eremites, Kim is a Playboy pretty, a Paris Hilton BFF, and star of the reality series “Keeping up with the Kardashians–not to mention her claim-to-fame personal tape.)*

As the six o’clock hour (ET) of F&F’s A Block concluded, photos of the upcoming guests were shown on the big blue screen. All were head shots except that of Kim which featured a body shot from behind with her buttocks on prominent display (and her looking back at the camera). As Gretchen read off the names, she laughing noted, “Kim Kardashian, her backside.”

When the same pics of the program’s guests were shown again at the end of the hour, the then priggish producers had enlarged Kim’s pic so that it became more of a head shot with her derriere largely hidden from view. Still, co-host Steve Doocy could not help but ad lib a double entendre. As he read the list with Kim’s name last, he said, “And Kim Kardashian as the caboose–so to speak.”

Kim is known to be quite proud of her rear. With F&F producers’ initial patent presentation of her posterior, they appeared to appreciate it as well. However, once Gretch brought attention to that fact, it was, “Butt Out!”


JD: Kiran, “So You’re Pregnant Right?”

June 15, 2009

Last Tuesday, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts stirred the pot to his colleague Kiran Chetry’s discomfit. In a pre-ad preview to a ten-week-pregnancy-gender test story, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts turned to colleague Kiran Chetry and commented, “So you’re pregnant, right, and you’re going along in your pregnancy. Do you want to know the gender of your child?” Smiling abashedly, Kiran grabbed John’s wrist and insisted, “Don’t all start rumors, John. No, no, no, no, no.”

Of course, whether Kiran meant that she was not gravid or whether she meant she did not want John to broach the topic further was left open to interpretation. When the commercial break ended and before the segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta began, John declared, “Typically, the first question expectant parents want to know is, ‘Is it a girl, or is it a boy?” Then looking at Kiran and trying to quell the queries of Kiran, he declared, “Not like Kiran because she’s not pregnant.” Off camera, Kiran laughed but said nothing.

Whether the mother of sixteen-month-old Christopher Chetry Knowles is with child again is doubtful. However, when given the opportunity, Kiran, an only child, did not seem to close the door conclusively that she may be adding to Chris’ quiver. The lithe lovely certainly does not appear gravid but she has kept her figure well during her earlier pregnancies.

Regardless, Kiran probably will not be sipping Coke and nibbling Nabisco crackers any time soon–at least, on camera.*

F&FW Fools Fans?

June 15, 2009

After a less hurried second viewing by the author, the depth of deception of Fox & Friends Weekend yesterday morning appears greater than the author originally thought. What were the producers of F&FW thinking? Amazingly, they seemed to try to convince later risers that the second showing of co-anchor Alisyn Camerota’s interview of television legend Betty White was live.

The co-hosts’ script and the interview presentation seemed to clearly suggest that the second segment was live. E.g., even though the actual interview aired at 6:51 a.m. ET, at 7:57 a.m. ET Aly previewed the second showing saying, “Of course, you know Betty White from the Golden Girls and Mary Tyler Show: She’s gonna be here on Fox & Friends to talk about her new movie and her very long, fun career.” In a second promo at 8:12 a.m. ET, Aly said, “Coming up, her new movie is about to hit the big screen but first Betty White joins us here on Fox & Friends.” In the final one at 8:19 a.m. ET, co-host Dave Briggs stated, “Coming up, she steals the scenes in the new movie the Proposal….Betty White, one of the Golden Girls, joining us next.” After the commercial break, the interview ran again at 8:23 a.m. ET as if it were live with no voice-over or chyron to alert the viewer otherwise. After the repeat (which included Betty fans with Betty shirts) concluded, Clayton Morris pointed to the off-camera set and commented, “I want one of those shirts.” Looking in the same direction, co-anchor Dave Briggs commented, “It pays to wear you Betty White shirt.”

Even if former FNC Executive Vice President of News Editorial John Moody was right when he declared, “[Fox & Friends is] an entertainment show that does some news,”* F&FW fans do not expect fiction or legerdemain from it. They expect F&FW to play it straight with them even when the matter may seem insignificant. F&FW is becoming a quality show again: No need to regress!