Domenica’s Crush on Dave?

“Our favorite dad.” An F&F day late and a dollar short? Perhaps, however, since yesterday was such a sweet Father’s Day show for Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, the author was a bit hesitant to give Dave and Domenica a ribbing in that regard. However, today is another day.

Yesterday,  in one of her weather segments, Domenica dubbed Dave “our favorite dad” and then jested that he gave her an allowance like her own dad once did. (Not a joke that Dave’s wife Brandi would necessarily find riant but, perhaps, risible.) Then in Dave’s honor, Domenica gave him the weather conditions for the U.S. Open. Once she was done, she had to be prompted by guest host Courtney Friel to give a shout out to her own dad Domenique for whom the Italian lovely said that she is named.

Reading a bit too much into that vignette? Quite possibly. After all, Dave was the only father on the set yesterday. However, does not the reader recollect Clayton teasing Domenica recently about not seeming to mind her big hug from Dave (during a past three-second-hug school rule segment a while back)?

Don’t spice up the show too much, Domenica!


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One Response to “Domenica’s Crush on Dave?”

  1. sandysays1 Says:

    Nice to see a blog post that’s truly about the folks on the NW not political agenda

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