Clayton: PETA Pan

As Michael Jackson leaves behind his title of America’s Peter Pan, Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris has assumed its “evil” homophonic honorific, PETA Pan. Today after a segment featuring the newly crowned World’s Ugliest Dog Pabst and during the subsequent “memorial” vid of the 2008 winner Gus, Clayton mockingly mourned the poor pup’s passing.*

Unfortunately, Clayton failed to follow the lead of his recently chastened colleague Dave Briggs.** As Gus’ pictorial dirge began, Dave commented, “Unfortunately, Gus is no longer with us….We miss Gus dearly but I got to say that [Gus] is an adequate winner of the World’s Ugliest Dog. I mean, we love Gus though.” A seemingly less compassionate Clayton mirthfully emoted, respectively, clownishly crying, broadly smiling , and gleefully grimacing at Gus’s “ugliness.”

Clayton, today’s eternal child: F&F’s PETA Pan.

*F&F (06/28/09) – 9:40 a.m. ET

**After saying that his wife Brandi’s cat wanted “to be punted” and a subsequent Carpe Diem article suggesting that he make peace with the cat,” Dave Tweeted an indication that he had done so.


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