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Acerbic McCain Disses Doocy (Peter)

October 18, 2017

Steve sanguine: Ainsley anguished. This Wednesday morn, Fox & Friends fans eagerly awaited co-anchor Steve Doocy‘s reaction to his son, FNC correspondent Peter Doocy, being dissed by a perturbed, irascible, supercilious Senator John McCain after being queried as to whether his relationship with President Trump was frayed to the point that he was not to support anything that the President came to him and asked for.

Introducing the segment regarding the heated exchange between his son and the fiery Senator, Steve said, “John McCain is the man who torpedoed the Affordable Care Act fix in the Senate. So, that’s a good question regarding the relationship with the President. And, a young correspondent I happen to know asked the Senator about it and I don’t think he liked the question.”*

Immediately thereafter, in the vid that ran, Peter asked, “Has your relationship with the President frayed to the point that you are not going to support anything that he comes to you and asks for?”

Menacingly, McCain acerbically retorted, “Why would you say something that stupid? Why would you ask something that dumb? Huh?…You mean that I’m going somehow to behave in a way that I’m going to block everything because of a personal disagreement. That’s a dumb question!” Then, he turned and walked away in a huff.

After the clip, Steve declared, “Is it a fair question? Clearly, John McCain has not been a reliable “yes” vote for the Trump train. And, so going forward what’s he going do? As the President said, he would like to have John McCain’s vote but he doesn’t.”

Interjecting, co-host Brian Kilmeade stated, “McCain had a speech after getting a Freedom Award where he was very negative about the President.” Explaining, he mentioned McCain’s allusion to the President’s policies as “half-baked nationalism.”  But, defending McCain, he said, “But, he seemed to, at least, give a vote for the moving forward on the budget resolution, to discuss the budget: That will be later this week.”

In answer, co-anchor Ainsley Earhardt responded, “Well, they’ve been going back and forward, Senator McCain and the President.” Pointing to Steve, Ainsley exclaimed, “And, for him to talk to your son who I feel like is my family, I didn’t like that! But, I understand, I know he’s going through a lot so God bless him: But, I didn’t like that exchange! Looking intently at Steve, a sympathetic Ainsley asked, “How did you feel as his dad?”

Deflecting, Steve answered, “It’s, it’s a good question. And, you know what, it’s the sound bite we ran.”

As Solomon once said, “A soft answer turneth away wrath.” Well played, Steve–and Peter.

*Fox & Friends – 10/18/17 (@ 7:08 ET).




Sweet Abby: “Mean Girl”?

December 27, 2016

On Christmas Day, new Fox & Friends co-host Abby Huntsman earned her “lump of coal.” Yes, believe it or not, the incredibly gorgeous and usually very sweet and smart Huntsman gal can be a “mean girl.” On Christmas Day, when her family was out feeding the proverbial “least among us” at a homeless shelter a la their family tradition, Abby advocated outing and exploiting one’s relatives who had an alcohol problem.

During a segment entitled “Social Media Faux Pas: What Not to do” that included “post photos of gifts, not family; on your phone at dinner; and post pics of drunk family.”* After concurring with the first two, a smiling Abby disagreed with the third. When guest co-host Peter Doocy said, “Yeah, then photos of drunk relatives,” Abby smiling asserted, “No, those are grea[t]: I think that’s a, I think that’s a yes!” With an evil glint in her eye, Abby added, “Not just photos though! I mean get the video camera out when that happens. Get the memories!”

Joining in Abby’s schadenfreude, F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth responded, “Seriously, I think that is fair game! I do! I think that’s fair game.”

Gesticulating toward her sadly sympathetically concurring colleague, Abby coldly asserted, “If they’re going to be drunk and act that way, you can film them!”

Perhaps, the alcoholics who are hungry on Christmas Day may have second thoughts about stopping by the homeless center in Salt Lake City next year. It is laudable that the Huntsmans feed them on Christmas Day as a family tradition: But, if Abby has her camera out next year, they may want to move on.

Abby, alcoholism is no joke: And, I believe that you know it. Making sport of those who are its victims is mean and uncharitable at best. And, Rick should know it, too.

Hopefully, Abby, you (and Rick) will not deserve your lumps of coal next Christmas. During this season of Christmas and Hanukkah (as always), the hurting need love. And, you and your Fox & Friends fans should embrace them, not scorn them.

*Fox & Friends Weekend (12/25/16) – @ 9:05 a.m. ET.

F&FW Oops! TEEN Alcohol Safety

March 14, 2015

FNC “Medical A Team” doc: “We want teenagers to be careful about mixing this stuff (Palcohol) with…other alcohols.” Oops! FNC Medical A Team’s Dr. David Samadi made a Biden-like Washington gaffe this morning on Fox & Friends Week in his interview with co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Clayton Morris and guest co-anchor Peter Doocy: He told the truth. To make matters worse, he told the truth about teens and alcohol and most Americans’ real attitude about the mix thereof.

In his F&FW segment on Palchohol, a powdered alcohol that can be concocted to turn water into a variety of potent potations, Dr. Samadi remarked that Palchohol could “be abused by teenagers”: that it could be easily concealed, and that it could be carried to bars and nightclubs.* He explicated, “My concern is that some of these powdered ingredients could be very, very powerful. So, as we’ve seen with powdered caffeine that were like twenty times more potent than a regular cup of coffee, this could also be extremely dangerous….Now, if it really is that powerful, it can affect your liver [and] it can effect your pancreas, and the last thing you need is for teenagers to get into this kind of trouble…[which]…could be irreversible.”

As a cautionary conclusion, Dr. Samadi declared, “We want teenagers to be careful about mixing this stuff [Palcohol] with other kind of caffeine and [with] other alcohols.”

Oops! Dr. Samadi told the truth: Most Americans know that many teens will drink, and they hope they do it safely–even if they should not be drinking at all.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/14/15 (@6:53 a.m. ET).

Clayton’s Fave Mixologist Recants Again

January 4, 2015

Pamela Wiznitzer: Don’t mix any type of medicine with alcohol. Just don’t!” On New Year’s Day, Fox & Friends guest co-host Clayton Morris‘ favorite mixologist/bartender Wiznitzer returned once again to the curvy couch to coach those who had overly imbibed the night before how to recover from their hangovers. Introducing Wiznitzer, Clayton remarked, “Our friend, bartender/mixologist Pamela Wiznitzer, says [that] there are several more effective cures out there….If there is someone who knows how to mix a drink in this city, it is Pamela….So then you [Wiznitzer] also know how to combat all of your hard work the next morning.”*

In response, Wiznitzer declared, “I will say, ‘There are no cures.’ There are some remedies and ways that you can help out that hangover: But, there’s no way to actually cure it.” Elaborating, she advised Clayton and his guest co-anchors Ainsley Earhardt and Peter Doocy that one should drink water (or coconut water); eat whole wheat toast, bananas, and/or honey; drink coffee (if one is a coffee drinker); take an extra nap; and work out. Subsequently, she cautioned, “Don’t mix any type of medicine with alcohol. Just don’t!” For any doubting Thomas, she iterated, “But, don’t take anything: Don’t mix medicine! It’s not smart with alcohol!”

Wiznitzer’s latest counsel to those suffering from the ill effects of a Bacchanalian evening was welcome news to the author. On 10/13/13, in an F&F segment with Clayton, she said, “Aspirin is not what you should be taking if you’re drinking….But, ibuprofen and Tylenol are very safe!”: When a Tweeter rebutted Wiznitzer’s assertion re Tylenol, saying, “Tylenol and Alcohol cause liver damage,” she conceded, “Indeed you are right….Never mix the two.” When she returned about two months later to another segment with Clayton on F&FW (12/07/13), she recanted her earlier advice to viewers re mixing Tylenol and alcohol, declaring, “Tylenol can be dangerous. There are studies that lead to the fact that it can have issues with your kidney. Severe issues!”: However, she indicated that Advil was safe.

On New Year’s Day 2015, Witnitzer and F&FW finally embraced the author’s take on a mixologist/bartender’s giving medical advice on air. In his Carpe Diem article entitled, “F&FW Med Malpractice? Tylenol Hangover Cure! Oops: Partier Alert!” the author snarked, “Medical advice from a mixologist/bartender? Seriously?!” Even though Witnitzer may play a psychiatrist behind the bar, she seems to have conceded, she has no business trying to play “doctor” on TV.

Last call, Pamela? Good call!

[Author’s aside: At the end of her segment, Witnitzer turned to F&FW patron Clayton, saying, “Happy birthday! So, we brought you a little present, a little bit of gin (bottle of Aviation American gin) ’cause you do like your martinis!…A little hair of the dog for this morning!”]

*Fox & Friends – 01/01/15 (@ 7:39 a.m. ET)

PETER Doocy Debuts on F&F

January 1, 2015

STEVE Doocy: “This guy filling in for me today on is waaaay to comfortable on that couch!” FNC correspondent Peter Doocy made his debut on the curvy couch this New Year’s Day morn, subbing for his dad, long-time Fox & Friends co-anchor, Steve Doocy. Like a fish to water, Peter seamlessly interacted with his fellow guest co-hosts, F&F veteran fill-ins, Ainsley Earhardt and Clayton Morris: Like father, like son, he was a natural: He deftly reported the news to his viewers and also did not shy away from sharing his personal life with F&F fans.

Showcasing fan fave Steve’s son at the start of the show, producers aired video of Peter as a charming little boy singing “Side by Side” for his proud papa and an appreciative audience. Introducing Peter as guest co-host to the audience, Clayton exclaimed, “Peter Doocy in for Steve Doocy this morning!” Subsequently, Clayton asked Peter about what he did last night (New Year’s Eve): Peter answered that he arrived by train, requested “the quietest room” in a hotel a block away from Times Square; and “slept like a baby.” Apparently, he got his rest and was ready to roll: In fact, when Peter took his co-anchor position this early morn, he performed so facilely that his delighted dad Tweeted, “This guy filling in for me today on is waaaay to comfortable on that couch!”

Well, Peter certainly was at home: And, his dad’s work family at F&F wanted to introduce him more fully to their viewers. Starting with a virile vid block in the first hour, “Clayton’s favorite” showed Peter as a confident young lad with his sister Mary on “Take Your Kid to Work” Day, blithely reporting on his dad’s activities in the FNC building. Later, in a “Meet Peter Doocy” segment (teased by a “Hot Stuff” lilt by Donna Summer), footage of his reporting in the field of his interviewing Bin Laden killer SEAL Robert O’Neill ran: On a more personal level, the Washington-based reporter revealed that he grew up a NY Yankees fan but loved to go to Washington Nationals games; that his “guilty pleasure” movie is “Dumb and Dumber”; that he was “nervous” to see boy-band O-Town in the past (“but, no, that is not my favorite band…[for]…the record”). Too boot, in case, Peter’s new F&F fans wanted to know more, he disclosed that his 2015 New Year’s resolution was that he wanted to Tweet and Instagram more.*

Good job, Peter, filling in for your dad on the curvy couch: Hope to see you more on it!

*Fox & Friends – 01/01/15 (@ 7:03 a.m. ET).

Gretchen’s Cups: “I’m Still a Woman!”

December 2, 2012

Carlson: “When I woke up this morning and took a shower and I looked down, I still had to put a bra on!” To paraphrase Shania Twain, Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson feels like a woman! She needs her cups and her F&F boys, Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy, need their cups, too.

For Gretchen’s male admirers who may feel like F&F‘s “alpha bitch” is always kvetching a bit too much, she seemed to turn up the heat for them Wednesday. As the show started with a tease for a “new website helping you find love at the airport,” Gretchen cooed, “I hate to bring it up so early in the morning but there have been a lot of jokes about hooking up on airplanes.” Feigning innocence, she said, “You know, there’s that club so I’m just wondering if that’s what they’re talking about with this dating site.” Chuckling racily, she added, “If you’re married, you’re going to hate this dating site because there could be a lot of other kind of hookups with married people traveling.”

An hour later, when the second F&F hour began, Brian “innocently” promoted a similarly salacious segment, saying, “It’s the story you’ll be talking about all day. More and more men say they’ll never get married because women aren’t women anymore….Gretchen’s gonna punch me in a second.”

In response, Gretchen remarked, “Not at all!” Smiling saucily, she elaborated, “I just think it’s a provocative conversation because when I woke up this morning and took a shower and I looked down…I still had to put a bra on.” When her co-host Steve Doocy joked, “Fox News Alert!,” Gretchen racily riposted, “I’m still a woman….And, I love being a woman. And I, I absolutely love my feminine side!”

Always the wicked wag, Brian jested, “And Steve and I looked down and we didn’t put on bras. So, we know we’re men!”

Laughing, Gretchen bawdily  responded, “You put on a cup!” Beaming, Brian retorted, “Yeah, yeah, absolutely! Because this is a tough business we’ve chosen! Grinning, Steve answered, “You’ve got that right!” Naughtily, Gretchen concluded, “You should just wear it just in case: That’s why I wear the underwire [bra].”

As Steve segued to his more “naive” son Peter Doocy for the next segment, Gretchen lustily laughed, “I know you’re chuckling, Peter, because you didn’t hear any of that first part of the conversation. Did you?” Smiling, Peter answered, “No, I heard it! But, we’re just going to, I’m just going to keep it going.”

Chiming in deftly, Steve exclaimed, “Good idea!” No rubbing Gretchen’s toes for Peter today!

Carlson: I’m a Cougar!

January 20, 2012

“I just don’t act on it.” Rwwr! This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson made no bones about her attraction for much younger guys after a F&F headline news story about a Utah high school that decided against choosing the “cougar [the cat] as a mascot because it [didn’t] want to offend another kind of cougar.”* In fact, she was “outraged.”

During the F&F mid-show headline news segment this morning, Gretchen’s co-host Brian Kilmeade read the ditched-cougar-mascot account and producers aired an accompanying Cougar Town clip of a flashing Courtney Cox. As he explained, “If you watch Cougar Town, you know Courtney Cox plays an older woman who dates younger men, Gretchen whooped, “Alright!” When Brian elaborated that some parents and school board members were consequently for another mascot, the bawdy former Miss America exclaimed, “Oh, come on! Come on! That is so ridiculous! And, I can say so with authority!”

Amused, Brian asked, “So you are outraged?” Lifting her right eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen cooed, “I’m a cougar!” Pruriently prodding her on, Brian continued, “You’re a cougar?” Shrugging her shoulder and smiling coyly, Gretchen insisted, “I mean I don’t act on it but I’m a cougar.”

Tweaking a randy Gretchen, Brian jested, “Right, I know: Casey’s 29. This is something brand new.” While chuckling at Brian’s playful but, perhaps, untimely reminder of her middle-aged hubby Casey Close, Gretchen protested, “I just mean in age alone–not that I’m gonna act on it.”

Crouching cougar: Hidden Carlson?

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/12 (@ 7:36 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For related Carpe Diem articles, cf. Gretchen: Cougar 2 Pussycat, “Cougar” Carlson: “I’m in the Mood,” “Cougar” Carlson: Saved by the Bell, and Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy.]

“Good Time” Juliet

May 30, 2010

Fleet Week: Huddy treat? America’s NewsHQ guest co-host Juliet Huddy put out her welcome mat to America’s sailors seeking some “r & r” in the Big Apple this week. When co-host Gregg Jarrett introduced a navy segment with Peter Doocy, he teased Juliet about noticing this “inescapable” event and mentioned that he had given seamen directions to Fox News. Giggling, she suggestively asked, “You did? To my office?”* Smiling knowingly, Gregg replied, “They would have loved to have seen you.” Coyly, she tittered, “I’m just kidding.”

Subsequently, after Peter’s report which included a high-tech female robot, Gregg randily remarked, “She is actually quite attractive. Very cute.” Of Gregg who, apparently, had made an off-color comment off-camera, Juliet queried, “What did you just say [inaudible]?” Chuckling, Gregg replied, “I’m not going to say what I said.” Juliet impishly insisted, “You gotta say what you said!” Facetiously, Gregg retorted, “No, no, she could be my new future co-anchor is what I said.”

Wanting to get in on the ribald revelry, Peter teased, “And, I’m sure that if any Marines need to know the directions to Juliet’s office while they’re in town, the robot could help them out, too.” Laughing, a flushed Juliet answered, “I was only kidding. You know, as a female, you have to say that when you’re.” Batting her eyes, she coyly continued, “Well, I guess, maybe, I was inappropriate, and I apologize for that. I was trying to lighten things up a little bit.” Riantly, Gregg replied, “They will love you! Marines, navy, come on down. Twelve eleven.” Reddened, Juliet coquettishly responded, “Quit it! Be quiet.”

The former Fox & Friends Weekend hottie is definitely back in the FNC house.

*America’s NewsHQ – 05/30/10 (@4:23 p.m. ET)

Lox & Friends

October 5, 2009

After almost a week asea sans Fox & Friends, the author anticipated a delightful diversion today. Unfortunately, an F&F one failed to materialize. Instead, he was compelled to listen to co-anchor Gretchen Carlson mispronounce “Opry” as if it were named after the television talk show host (during the “Opry Goes Pink” breast-cancer-awareness mention); forced to fast forward through Peter Johnson, Jr.’s usual patronizing healthcare homily; and made to wait in vain for a fun story or exchange. A futile endeavor. (Sorry, co-host Steve Doocy’s shoeless son Peter hawking his barefoot running story did not quite make the grade.)

Instead of Fox & Friends, it was Lox & Friends. I.e., largely tasteless and repugnant to all but the devoted. Spice it up, Bill! Or, at least, put something new on the menu.

F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II

April 24, 2009

Today Fox & Friends provided the viewer with F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II between co-hosts Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. As Carpe Diem readers may remember, Gretchen, in jest, asked Peter Doocy to rub her toes which did not sit overly well with either son or dad.* To a certain extent, today the shoe was on the other Swede’s foot.

During a Gretchen-read headline story in which Michelle Obama called her Portuguese water pup Bo “a crazy dog” because “he loves to chew on people’s feet,” Steve interjected, “Me, too.” Continuing to read, Gretchen stopped abruptly and exclaimed, “What?” Steve replied, “Yeah.” As co-anchor Brian Kilmeade roared in the background, Gretchen laughed, “Oh, my goodness! Revealing details from Steve Doocy about chewing feet!” Although his response was not fully audible, Steve sounded as if he said, “Awesome.”

“Crazy Dog” Doocy!

F&F (04/24/09) – 7:34 a.m. ET


Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy

January 20, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson seems to like the younger guys: The Jonas Brothers fan dallied with Peter Doocy, son of her co-anchor Steve Doocy, today. After Gretch complained that he had a “plum assignment” indoors in the warmth of the Newseum (when she and the other F&F co-anchors were co-hosting in the cold of D.C.), Peter joked, “Hey, Gretchen! I actually just rolled my sleeves down: It is a little warm in here.”

To the Villanova student, Gretch chuckled, “Come and rub my toes!” Peter shook his and disdained, “No, I’m ok: thanks!” Turning to Gretch, who did not return his gaze, dad Steve sheepishly interjected, “That’s sick!” Peter continued, “I just washed my hands: there’s not enough Purell in Washington.” Gretch cooed, “I just got a pedicure.”

Gretch, a little hot for student?

F&F Co-hosts Assail Olbermann

June 4, 2008

In the latest episode of the continuing conflict between rival networks, FNC and MSNBC, F&F co-hosts assaileded Keith Olbermann in a segment entitled “Olbermann in Top Spot” as a lying, liberal Daily Kos blogger besmirching the reputation of NBC News. While Brian Kilmeade had a rather removed assessment of the MSNBC host of “Countdown with Keith Olbermann,” Gretchen Carlson and Steve aired their personal beefs with him.

Taking offense at Olbermann’s questioning of her mental acumen, Gretch, the former Miss America snarked, “You know what I really love about Keith Olbermann? The other night he called me “stupid.” She added, “I just find that fascinating: I’d like to know where he went to school.” She then rhetorically asked, “Where did you [Olbermann] graduate from high school? Where were you in your class? And, I’d also like to know why you’re still single. Maybe, some ‘stupid women’ out there didn’t like you! Touche!”

[Poor Gretch! With her feckless coup de grace (“Touche!”), she inadvertently handed him the sword with which to slay her. The term “touche” is a term used to express one’s own loss in a verbal exchange. Perhaps, it was a Freudian slip.]

Piling on, Steve Doocy said that he, too, had a bone to pick with Olbermann. Doocy declared, “He said…that…nobody…at his show ‘Countdown’ has ever attacked anybody’s children. Addressing Olbermann, if her were watching, Doocy asserted, “That is an absolute lie!” Doocy then recounted that Olbermann had named his son Peter Doocy “The World’s Worst Person” as to his presiding role in a F&F forum of Villanova University students discussing the presidential primary candidates. (Cf. “Doocys Dog Obama.) Doocy added, “He attacked my son and made him “The World’s Worst Person” because he is my son so he does attack people’s children…He’s a liar.”

To top it off, Doocy called NBC the “National Barack Channel.” Kilmeade concurred, “It’s absolutely true.” The war of words between the cable news networks continues. Who will win? Perhaps, both if ratings are the measure.


Doocy’s “Child” & Aly’s Wall

May 22, 2008

Yes, I have had to be otherwise occupied lately: sorry! What did I miss? As I’ve gone through my backlog of F&F programs, I noticed Steve Doocy get riled about hyperbolic Keith Olbermann and Alisyn Camerota’s new “Wall.” However, I haven’t perused my TiVo’d CNN’s American Morning shows yet.

I saw Fox & Friends’ co-host Steve Doocy go on an irascible tirade against Keith Olbermann, MSNBC’s Anderson Cooper, who made Doocy’s son Peter “Worst Person in the World.” I don’t blame him but Doocy can’t expect his “child,” a twenty-year-old junior at Villanova University, to get a free pass when he like his Dad enters the political arena and seemingly takes sides.

Also, I’ve seen Alisyn Camerota’s cinematic wall. Should it be called Hal, Big Blue, the Blue Wall, Aly’s TV, Wall with a Chick, etc.? Maybe, Camerota’s Cam. Speaking of Alisyn, why does she have to leave the celebrated couch when Fox & Friends First transitions to F&F?

When family matters come to the fore, the ephemeral essence of cable television becomes a bit more apparent. Nevertheless, please feel free to let me know what I may have missed while away. It can be therapeutic and more than a bit fun.

Doocys Dog Obama

May 5, 2008

Peter “HotSHOT” Doocy, son of Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy, piled on Obama today. On F&F First and the regular F&F today, the weatherman’s wonderkid presided over a Villanova University student group that gave their election views. In the very first question about the presidential candidates themselves, the college junior opiningly asked, “His [Barack Obama] big slogan is ‘Change We Can Believe In’ but this is the guy who could not even change churches when his priest…when his preacher was saying the United States deserved 9-11 and the U.S. government created AIDS: so what makes you think that he is going to bring about this change?” In the follow-up, “HotSHOT” added, “At first, Obama said that his preacher, he stood by him, he knew him for a long time, but then once his polls started to slide he distanced himself completely in a speech this week.” Later, “HotSHOT” aped his dad and the Hillary Clinton campaign when he queried the students, “Why can’t Barack Obama finish her [Hillary] off?”

“HotSHOT” Doocy appears to be a nice guy but his political views don’t seem to fall too far from the tree.