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F&FW Oops! TEEN Alcohol Safety

March 14, 2015

FNC “Medical A Team” doc: “We want teenagers to be careful about mixing this stuff (Palcohol) with…other alcohols.” Oops! FNC Medical A Team’s Dr. David Samadi made a Biden-like Washington gaffe this morning on Fox & Friends Week in his interview with co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Clayton Morris and guest co-anchor Peter Doocy: He told the truth. To make matters worse, he told the truth about teens and alcohol and most Americans’ real attitude about the mix thereof.

In hisĀ F&FW segment on Palchohol, a powdered alcohol that can be concocted to turn water into a variety of potent potations, Dr. Samadi remarked that Palchohol could “be abused by teenagers”: that it could be easily concealed, and that it could be carried to bars and nightclubs.* He explicated, “My concern is that some of these powdered ingredients could be very, very powerful. So, as we’ve seen with powdered caffeine that were like twenty times more potent than a regular cup of coffee, this could also be extremely dangerous….Now, if it really is that powerful, it can affect your liver [and] it can effect your pancreas, and the last thing you need is for teenagers to get into this kind of trouble…[which]…could be irreversible.”

As a cautionary conclusion, Dr. Samadi declared, “We want teenagers to be careful about mixing this stuff [Palcohol] with other kind of caffeine and [with] other alcohols.”

Oops! Dr. Samadi told the truth: Most Americans know that many teens will drink, and they hope they do it safely–even if they should not be drinking at all.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/14/15 (@6:53 a.m. ET).

Ainsley Just Married? “Our Husbands”

September 19, 2012

Did Fox & Friends First co-hostc Ainsley Earhardt announce today that she has tied the knot again? This morning, she certainly appeared to do so after her myth-debunking health segment with Dr. David Samadi of FNC’s “Medical A Team.” As she concluded the interview, she asked Dr. Samadi if warm milk helped one get to sleep: he answered that one would have to drink “gallons and gallons of milk” for its tryptophan to induce slumber. Subsequently, when Ainsley tossed back to her co-host Heather Nauert, she jested, “Do you hear this, Heather? So, our husbands have no excuse when they sit on the sofa after Thanksgiving dinner because they’re not eating gallons and gallons of turkey.”* [Italics added for emphasis.]

One final connubial tease by Ainsley? Three months ago (June 18),the author noticed the new big rock that she suddenly began to sport on F&FF: In a Carpe Diem article entitled “Ainsley Earhardt ‘in Shape’: Blushing Bride 2B?,” he noted that the usually “ringless” Ainsley had Tweeted a pic of herself proudly sporting the ring to her followers and had hinted to her F&FF fans two weeks earlier that she was a bride-to-be in an “Wedding Workout: Exercise to Get You Ready for the Big Day” segment with Nikki Glor. Almost two months later (August 15), when she guest-hosted on Fox & Friends weekday, Ainsley finally admitted, “Yes, I’m getting married.” Today, she seemed slyly to tell her own audience on Fox & Friends First that she is now married when she playfully remarked “our husbands.”

Congratulations, Ainsley?

Update: Ainsley and her putative hubby’s new abode? Only six days ago, she Tweeted a photo of a beautiful house on the shore to her followers, teasing, “The Beach – Home Sweet Home.”

Fox & Friends – 09/19/12 (@ 5:25 a.m. ET)