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Martha MacCallum: Mrs. or Ms.?

March 28, 2012

“Miss”ing her marital band. This morning, America’s Newsroom co-host Martha MacCallum did not don her wedding ring as usual. Initially, Martha seemed to deftly hide her left hand with her right one. However, on a few occasions, Martha did reveal her naked ring finger clearly.*

Perhaps, the blond beauty married to Gregory Packaging, Inc. VP Daniel John Gregory for almost ten years simply forgot her connubial symbol today, or, perchance, it was being cleaned. In fact, Martha did not appear ready to attract too much attention from any new male admirer. Rather, Martha donned her more demure apparel, sporting a short-sleeved, crew-necked, and long-hemmed fir green dress.

Incidentally or not, Martha was profiled by (201) Magazine in an article entitled “Holiday Look: Martha MacCallum and her family get dressed up to celebrated” on December 9, 2011, that seemingly featured her herself and her three children but not her hubby. Her man Daniel was mentioned but he did not appear in any of the seven pics that accompanied Martha’s profile. However, Martha was wearing her wedding ring in the photos.

Martha: Mrs. or Ms.? Stay tuned.

*America’s Newsroom – 03/28/12 (@ 9:25 a.m. and 9:42 a.m. ET)

F&F Fam: Juliet Huddy’s Dad Appears

March 26, 2012

Papa John makes three: two to go? Frequent Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy‘s father John Huddy appeared on F&F this morning to discuss former Vice President Dick Cheney’s heart transplant (and his own) via phone. In doing so, Papa John, an author and television producer, became, at least, the third Huddy in Juliet’s immediate family to go on the show: Juliet’s younger brother John (affectionately dubbed “John John”), an Emmy Award-winning Fox 5 News (New York) reporter, has periodically covered news stories (e.g., “Black Friday Begins!”) for F&FW.

Three down: two to go? To the author’s knowledge, Juliet’s mom Erica, a beautiful former dancer/actress has not been on F&F yet. Nor, apparently, has Juliet’s less well-known half-brother Brent. Hopefully, it will be only a matter of time before Juliet’s “older twin sister” and her more “mysterious sib” make their own advents.

FNC’s F&F: Juliet’s Fox and Family.

Alisyn Camerota: “Well, You Gotta See the Bod!”

March 25, 2012

Aly: “Mexico pictures…I hope you enjoy…the deluxe model Alisyn!” Fresh from her family vacation in Mexico, sun-kissed Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota returned to F&FW today to reclaim her center seat on the curvy couch. Unfortunately, the sensual siren sadistically tantalized her viewer subjects with the promise of her vacation pics but failed to deliver the goods. Ironically, at the same time, she complained about a Jockey billboard featuring the face of Tim Tebow while pining for one of him in his underwear a la Marky Mark.

After starting late this morning (post Prez’s South Korean news conference), an ebullient Aly remarked, “Hey, guys! Great to be back with you!” In response, her co-anchor Clayton Morris welcomed her back congenially, and, then addressing Aly’s F&FW fans, he teased, “We’re gonna have much more of Alisyn Camerota coming up a little bit later in the show: you can expect more of her.” Saucily, Aly promised, “Uh, Mexico pictures!”

Mid-show (with no Mexico pictures produced), Clayton saluted Aly’s return anew. When her other appreciative co-host Dave Briggs observed, “Tanned and rested!,” Aly, half-jokingly, answered, “All true.” With a wave of her left hand toward herself in a sexy, short red skirt showcasing her beautifully bronzed gams, she saucily cooed, “I hope you enjoy the deluxe, the deluxe model Alisyn.”

Subsequently (a half hour later with Aly’s Mexico vacay photos still unseen), producers ran the “Shot of the Morning,” i.e., Tim Tebow’s face on a billboard juxtaposed to the double entendre graphic “@JOCKEY WE SUPPORT TEBOW & NEW YORK. Disappointed, Aly exclaimed, “No, no! Wait, wait, wait! This is for Jockey! Why are they just showing his face?” Chuckling, Clayton hircinely commented, “You wanted to see more.” Racily, Aly responded, “Why don’t they take a page from the Marky Mark campaign and show the product?”

In riposte, Clayton queried, “Like the New York Post did?” Almost on cue, Aly placed the NYP‘s front page with a pic of a bare-chested Tebow in tight pants next to her face. Amused, Clayton asked, “That’s what you want to see when your coming through the Lincoln Tunnel to start your morning?” Unashamedly, Aly answered, “Any time! Any time! I don’t have a problem.”

Then, as Dave assured Aly that she would have plenty of shirtless Tebow ads, Aly continued to hold up Tebow’s topless pic. As the cameraperson dutifully panned in closely on Aly and the paper pic, she pertly puckered her lips as if to kiss his mid-section. Laughing, Clayton declared, “You’re making our male producer Gavin uncomfortable!” As if to prove Clayton’s point, Dave Briggs grabbed the photo from Aly’s hand and threw it to the ground, and the producer, perhaps, Gavin, added a kissing sound for the coup de grace.

Later, as the show’s penultimate bloc began (and Aly’s photos were yet MIA), producers displayed the Tebow billboard anew. In concert, Clayton read, “Enjoy it while it lasts: It’s coming down on Friday. And, Alisyn, maybe, they’ll replace it with the one you want of him…with his shirt off.” Racily, Aly responded, “Well, you gotta see the bod! Okay? Can everybody agree with me? You gotta see the bod!” Concurring carnally, Clayton commented, “Let’s give it up! Yeah! I agree.”

Ironically, the “Bristol Bay Babe” herself did not follow her own sage advice this morning: In fact, not only did Aly not show her own topless or bikini pics but also she did not share any Mexico vacation pictures at all. Aly, as Clayton said, “Let’s give it up.” And, as you quite aptly asserted, “You gotta see the bod!”

[Author’s aside: In Aly’s partial defense, she has proudly displayed a bikini pic of herself in her self-professed prime. However, FNC has censored the In the Green Room blog post entitled “80s Photos” that included it.]

Nicole’s F&FW Debut: “Stocks Fox” Rocks!

March 24, 2012

Petallides “Shines” on the curvy couch. Today, FBN correspondent Nicole Petallides finally got her chance to reign on the Fox & Friends co-anchor. The Greek goddess with gams “2 Hot 4 F&FW” brought her “A” game to her premiere this morning with her salient smarts, measured sass, and sweet sexiness. I.e., FBN’s “Stocks Fox” showed that she really does rock.

Only four days ago, this Carpe Diem author asked, “Where is Nicole Petallides?” in an article entitled “Fox & Friends: Mirror, Mirror on the Wall.” FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine had just put FBN newbie Melissa Francis on the Fox & Friends throne for the second straight day to sub for co-anchor Gretchen Carlson: however, Shine had strangely still not given FBN veteran Nicole, the “real Stocks Fox” and an F&FW regular guest, her well-deserved chance on the curvy couch. After addressing this seeming “injustice,” the author declared, “Time for Nicole to rise and ‘shine,’ Bill!”

Happily, today, Shine answered the call in clarion fashion. To the author’s surprise and utter delight this morning, there sat FBN’s Aphrodite, luring her acolytes to assemble in her short, sleeveless royal blue dress. Once she had sweetly wiped Morpheus‘ rheum from their eyes, she dazzled them with not only her beauty but with her smarts and sass as she held court with her courtiers, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, and her guests. In fact, she showed not only that she could fill-in for Alisyn Camerota but also that she could be that “Future F&FW Fox.”

Thanks, Bill, for letting Nicole “rise and ‘shine'”!

Geraldo: Juliet…You Were Freakish, Baby!

March 23, 2012

Steppin’ Out’s “Sexiest”: Especially, when–I know! Fox & Friends guest co-host Juliet Huddy made quite the impression on FNC co-host Geraldo Rivera on Hump Day this week, apparently. Yes, he loved the style of the Hoboken honey today in her rather demure crew-necked, micro-sleeved, somewhat short blue dress today: But, apparently, he really loved her “freakish” look in her daring decolletage-baring, sleeveless mini of the same color Wednesday.

At the end of Geraldo’s weekly Friday appearance this mornng with her (and her co-anchors Brian Kilmeade and Steve Doocy), Juliet cooed, “Bye, Geraldo! Good seeing you, Honey! Say hello to Erica.”

In a rather perfunctory response, Geraldo simply said, “Thank you, thank you,” and shook hands with Steve and Brian. Then, turning back to Juliet, with an appreciative wave of his right hand from her feet to her face, Geraldo rakishly remarked, “Juliet, I love your style, especially around mid-week: you were looking freakish, Baby!”*

Chuckling, Juliet reddened and pointed to him with her Hi-liter pen without looking at him. Trying to coyly shush him, the flattered, flustered lovely purred, “Especially, when–I know. Um, okay!” Then, she laughed with lusty pleasure.

Before segueing to the tease for the next block, Brian waggishly added, “Alright. [Her style] but not, but not Steve’s. With his still patently robust machismo on display, Geraldo laughed heartily. Meanwhile, a smiling Steve arched his eyebrows and shook his head, saying, What!” Loving the amorous attention, a beaming Juliet, exclaimed, “Alrighty!”

“Alrighty” indeed. Juliet, “freakish” on Hump Day, Geraldo? Well, the gammy, buxom gal was certainly in rare form Wednesday in her sleeveless purple mini with a plunging neckline. Perhaps, she was merely making up for the more matronly appearances of her new colleague Melissa Francis Monday and Tuesday: Or, maybe, not!

Fox & Friends – 03/23/12 (@8:10 a.m. ET)

*Caveat: Geraldo’s “rakish remark,” supra, was clearly audible in the beginning and became somewhat less so toward the end: However, to ensure an accurate account as possible, the author listened to the audio repeatedly and, subsequently, transcribed his hearing thereof.

Sanjay Gupta: Kisses Up to Anderson Cooper?

March 20, 2012

Making up for “diss” on Fox & Friends? Less than a week ago, CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta was asked by F&F co-host Brian Kilmeade whether he would rather “hang out with Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer.” Without a hint of hesitation as to his choice of CNN colleagues, Gupta exclaimed, “Wolfman every single time!” When Brian mischievously persisted, “A lot better [than Anderson Cooper]?, a smiling Sanjay answered, “A lot.”

Apparently, today Sanjay felt that he needed to make up for his “diss” of Anderson, host of his eponymous program, Anderson Cooper 360. Sanjay Tweeted, “Check out the picture of my parents and their new favorite son, @andersoncooper” Included was a link to a photo of a smiling Anderson posing with Sanjay’s beautiful mom and Sanjay’s handsome dad.

However, the anchor of the Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer was nowhere in sight. Perhaps, the Wolfman was simply “hanging out” with Sanjay on the other side of the lens. Nevertheless, nice move, Sanjay!

Fox & Friends: “Mirror, Mirror on the Wall”

March 20, 2012

FBN’s Melissa Francis again today: Where is Nicole Petallides? Former child actress Melissa may have been Charles Ingall’s cute little girl Cassandra on “Little House on the Prairie” but she’s all grown up now. The Harvard grad and whilom CNBC anchor is a recent FBN hire who has filled in for the frequently absent Fox & Friends anchor Gretchen Carlson for the last two days. Yes, she is attractive and competent: But, she is not FBN’s real “Stocks Fox,” Nicole Petallides.

Even though Nicole does oft appear on F&F and its weekend version, FNC Executive VP of Programming Bill Shine still has not given Nicole a chance to co-anchor either to the author’s knowledge. The gorgeous Greek goddess with the gams “2 hot 4 F&FW” certainly turns up the heat on the set whenever she appears. So much so that Red Eye’s TV’s Andy Levy aptly dubbed her the “Stocks Fox.”

Of course, Shine may have wanted to give FBN’s new hire Melissa added exposure. And, cable news juggernaut Fox & Friends is the perfect place to do that. However, Nicole has been at FBN for approximately five years: The brainy beauty certainly has earned her chance to co-anchor on the curvy couch.

Time for Nicole to rise and “shine,” Bill!

Green Melissa Debuts Purple–Anew

March 19, 2012

Steve grimaces: Brian grins. Fox & Friends guest anchor Melissa Francis made her premiere on the program in purple apparel anew today–seemingly, the very dress that she debuted on FOX Business Network months ago. But, that fashion faux pas was not exactly what rendered her “boy toys,” F&F co-hosts Steve Doocy and Brian Kilmeade, almost mute today: rather, it was her green attempt at humor.

Approximately, mid-show, Melissa read a headline news story about an Aussie brewery XXXX that purchased a small island (“Pumpkin Island“) to turn into a promotional “ultimate destination for [four] mates” with beer and beaches but no babes. Subsequently, she jested, “Four men get to go on the trip in the fall: That raises so many questions! Opens it up to so many jokes.”

Realizing that his newbie co-host seemed to be tacking toward perilous waters, F&F co-host Steve Doocy grimaced and rubbed his brow fretfully. Looking into the camera quite cluelessly, Melissa continued, “I’m new: So, you know, I’m not gonna really dive on them.” Turning to a smiling Brian, Melissa implored, “But, you should feel free, though.”

Arching his eyebrows and cocking his head, Steve seemed to start to caution Brian. Perhaps, sensing Steve’s  apparent monitionial motions, Brian stammered, “Not, not, not when, uh, not when we find out that Donald Trump is on the line. Everything stops. My ad libs come to a crashing halt because Donald Trump is here.”

Blandishing Brian but belying his veracity, Trump declared, “I don’t think your ad libs will ever stop. There’s nothing you can do to kill them. And, we don’t want to stop ’em.”

No, Melissa, the F&F boys, Brian and Steve, were not going to go to that island–literally or figuratively. But, had it been the “mythical” Greek isle of Lesbos of which you spoke, they probably would not have been able to resist so easily. Had you, their siren, ditched the “green” and the redux purple, an Aerosmith pink may have well sufficed.

F&FW’s St. Patrick’s Day Catfight

March 18, 2012

“Wow! Give her her own show! So, so rude!” Happy St. Patty’s Day? Fox & Friends Weekend celebrated the holiday with a virtual “catfight” today between two attractive GOP pundits. And, “moderator” Dave Briggs did not seem to mind the gals in green garb going at it: in fact, he seemed to rather relish it.

In a segment about whether Gingrich was hurting the GOP by staying in the race, Mitt Romney supporter and GOP strategist Dee Dee Benkie and Newt Gingrich pollster Kellyanne Conway  (both clad aptly in green short dresses for the day) debated whether Gingrich had a path to acquire the needed delegates.* Conway confidently contended that he did indeed via an open convention: But, Benkie countered that Romney was the inevitable nominee and that Gingrich should simply get on board a la “team players” (GOP Prez candidate also-rans) Tim Pawlenty and Jon Huntsman. After Benkie responded with a rather prolix monologue, Dave appeared to give Conway the last word: But, Benkie would have none of it.

As Conway began to speak, citing Romney’s  new spike in negative ratings and crediting it to his negative campaign, Blinkie interrupted Conway with a vociferous defense of Romney. Trying to get a word in edgewise as Benkie continued unabated, Conway retorted, “See, this is very typical. They want to talk over you because there’s great frustration that it’s March 17th.” Before she could finish, Dave, trying to reestablish order, interjected, “We’re all wearing green. We can all agree on a “Happy St. Patrick’s Day.” As Benkie continued to attack Gingrich for “helping the Democrats,” Dave put his hands out toward both her and Conway as if to stop their feral fight. Meanwhile, looking away from Benkie, Conway blinked her eyes in disgust, exclaiming, “Wow! Give her her own show. So, so rude! Wow!”

Meanwhile, a grinning Dave arched his eyebrows high, pursed his lips with an impish glint in his eye, and rubbed his hands together gleefully. With a smug smile, Benkie turned to Conway, saying, “Happy St. Patrick’s Day!” Amused, Dave answered, “And, Happy St. Patrick’s Day!”  On that curvy couch, Conway was assuredly not happy: Miffed, she conspicuously ignored both of them and stoically stared straight ahead.

F&FW felines: St. Patty green and GOP “mean.” Rowr!

* Fox & Friends – 03/17/12 (@8:16 a.m. ET (or 8:16 a.m. ET)

F&F First’s Nauert: Heather Who?

March 16, 2012

The late Tony Snow knew: “God made you [Heather] beautiful. Now you’ve got to make yourself smart.” Leggy lovely Fox & Friends First co-host Heather Nauert lit up the screen all week as she delivered the news much too early in the morn. As FNC viewers watched the tow-headed delight make her mark in the morn, they could be forgiven for asking, “Heather who?”

Before providing his particular answer,  Los Angeles Times columnist Paul Farhi posed a similar question albeit almost twelve years ago, asking, “Who the heck is Heather Nauert?” In a column entitled, “The Voice of Experience? Um, Not Exactly,” Farhi likened the then regular FNC contributor to the “younger sister of another Heather (Locklear), almost snidely noting that she shared Regis Philbin’s William Morris agent (while unsuccessfully reading for a Robert De Niro cine part) and was the “first to admit that she didn’t work her way up the journalist rungs. Even though Farhi seemed snarky initially, he rather fairly followed Heather’s journalist journey from an aspiring sixteen-year-old “Chicago-area [Rockford] scion” to FNC’s Senior VP of Programming Bill Shine’s hire in 2001.

Filling in the facts for his readers, Fahri related that Heather matriculated into Arizona State University in 1992; interned at WB as a country music veejay on “Young Country”; and graduated from Mount Vernon College. Further, he shared that she snared a position on NET “Youngbloods,” a parochial political polemics program (for “twentysomething conservatives and liberals). Then, when the Clinton/Lewinsky scandal occurred, Fahri recorded that Heather like other purported “pundettes” such as Ann Coulter, Laura Ingraham, etc. hit the proverbial pay dirt. Not necessarily admitting as such, Shine said, “When I first saw her, I thought Heather was our demographic, that she could bring in younger people.”

Poignantly, Farhi included the sage advice of the revered and deceased Tony Snow, former  “Fox News Sunday” anchor and whilom Bush 43 White House Press Secretary, to Heather.  Snow wisely cautioned, “God made you beautiful. Now, you’ve got to make yourself smart….TV can be a blond wasteland.” (Following his perspicacious counsel, seemingly, Heather now sports “her masters in journalism from Columbia University.”)

Subsequently, Heather did leave FNC  in  2005 for a few years: In June of that year, she went to ABC as an Los Angeles based correspondent, reporting for Good Morning America, World News Tonight, and Nightline. However, she returned to the Fox fold in February 2007 as co-anchor of “Big Story with John Gibson & Heather Nauert and later joined FOX 5 as “Good Day Wake Up” co-host (2009). Heather is still a FOX 5 morning anchor: however, she now also serves as co-host on the brand new, highly rated Fox & Friends First as co-host.

With regard to Heather personally, she and her hubby Scott Norby live in a beautiful Page-Six-Magazine-featured Glen-Cove-area home (or, at least, as of 2007). The couple have two sons, two-year-old Peter Raymond (baby1 vid) and fifteen-month-old Gage William (baby2 vid). They also have three dogs, German shepherds.

Heather who? A beauty, yes, but also, a brainy one, Tony. And, a sexy maternal addition to Fox & Friends–First.

Kiran Chetry: Thank GBTV It’s Friday!

March 15, 2012

Nepalese “bombshell”: Guys, check me out on Glenn Beck TV. Former CNN anchor Kiran Chetry appeared to take a decidedly rightward tack last night after hobnobbing with President Bill Clinton and CNN bigwigs at Dr. Sanjay Gupta’s book bash only the night before. To her Twitter followers and Facebook friends, the usually capitalization-conscious Kiran excitedly Tweeted, “guys! just wanted to let you know that i am thrilled to accept invite from my good friends @gbtv to guest host @realnewsgbtv this Friday. check it out.” [sic]

For recent fans of Kiran who have known her only as a former CNN anchor (20072011 American Morning) or as a two-time special E! correspondent (2012)*, her decision to host Real News on GBTV [Glenn Beck TV] may come as a distinct surprise. E.g., one Twitter follower wrote, “I am a HUGE fan of yours…. But I could never watch and support that program. Even to see you! Sorry :(.” However, long-time admirers of Kiran also remember her almost seven-year tenure at Fox News as a correspondent and an anchor (Fox & Friends Weekend and Fox & Friends First) before her abrupt departure to CNN (after her FNC negotiations soured).

Now, that Kiran is, apparently, looking for a steady gig again, she may have found a sympathetic ear in her former colleague Glenn Beck who was seemingly ushered himself out of the FNC fold. Whenever the author observed Kiran interview Beck on American Morning when he was an HLN Glenn Beck show host, she seemed to treat the controversial conservative with respect. Ergo, perhaps, they do share some real rapport.

Regardless, Kiran is nimble on her feet. Perchance, she will land that much deserved “very special opportunity” soon. So, check her out.

[Author’s aside: Kiran will be on Real News from the Blaze at 7:00 a.m. ET. Apparently, viewers will have to subscribe to to view the episode live or later on video at @$10/month or @$100/year. For those not so inclined, a 14-day free trial is offered.]

* Kiran first appeared as an E! special correspondent on the red carpet on January 26 at the NYC premiere of Broadway show “Smash.” Cf. Carpe Diem‘s “Kiran Chetry Returns–to E!” (with vid and screen caps links.) She also did a hit on E! News on February 8. E! News @ 02/08/12 (@ 7:35 a.m. ET)

“Wolf”! F&F Embraces CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta

March 14, 2012

Co-host Brian Kilmeade: “He finally found himself on the right network! Fox & Friends gave CNN’s chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta a very warm reception as he touted his brand new book, Monday Mornings.* In turn, Sanjay did not mention FNC’s rival CNN by name but he did open up to Brian and his co-anchors Eric Bolling and Gretchen Carlson with notable frankness about his favorite CNN colleague.

When Eric introduced Sanjay’s segment, he dubbed him “one of America’s top docs.” Subsequently, Brian elaborated that Sanjay was a “practicing physician at Emory University Hospital and author of the brand new novel Monday Mornings.”Then, a smiling Brian exclaimed, “And, he finally found himself on the right network!” In response, a smiling Dr. Sanjay chuckled heartily. Thereafter, he discussed his book with an eager audience of co-hosts.

As the interview of Sanjay began to conclude, Brian mischievously queried, “Can I ask you one question? You can duck this question if you want. But, if you had a choice between hanging out with Anderson Cooper or Wolf Blitzer (both top CNN anchors), who would you choose? Without a scintilla of hesitation, a grinning Gupta replied, “Wolfman every single time!”

Egging him on, Brian asked, “Much better than Anderson Cooper?” Beginning to hedge a tad, Sanjay said, “Well, not much better but Wolf’s a….” Before Sanjay could finish, Brian interposed, “A lot better? Smiling, Sanjay conceded, “A lot.”

Interjecting, a surprised Gretchen exclaimed, “Wow! I like, you didn’t take the Fifth on that question! Sanjay responded, “Well, I like to answer the questions, not duck.”  Meanwhile, a beaming Brian softly chorused, “He doesn’t duck!” Admiringly, Gretchen added, “Wow! Good for you!”

Unrepentant, Sanjay exclaimed, “Wolfman’s great!”

Then, as Sanjay’s segment concluded, Gretchen wished him continued success and promo’d his book once more. Grateful for his enthusiastic embrace by his FNC competitors, Sanjay earnestly exclaimed, “Thanks for having me! Appreciate it, guys!”

CNN’s Dr. Sanjay Gupta: A future FNC “Medical A-Team” leader?

[Author’s aside: For American Morning fans during the John Roberts/Kiran Chetry era, F&F provided a redux almost: before erstwhile AM contributor Sanjay’s segment, his “bromance” buddy, whilom AM co-host John Roberts, appeared approximately thirty minutes earlier (as now an FNC senior national correspondent).** Had Sanjay brought along another certain friend who attended his big book bash last night, it really would have been AM revisited. That friend? Quondam AM co-anchor Kiran Chetry–ironically, a former Fox & Friends co-anchor.]

*Fox & Friends – 03/14/12 (@ 8:36 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends – 03/14/12 (@ 8:02 a.m. ET)

Update: Video of Sanjay’s segment via TVNewser.

CNN A.M.: Christine Romans Returns

March 12, 2012

Early Start: “Mayor of the Morning” back as CNN a.m. anchor! Former American Morning co-host Christine Romans made her triumphant comeback as a CNN morning co-host Friday. After getting the axe last year as “interim” co-anchor when her show AM got replaced by ES and Starting Point, Christine reappeared almost immediately as an ES biz expert and a SP newsreader and biz whiz: At the time (January 12), Carpe Diem noted that Christine seemed even to be “expanding her role…to stealth anchor.”

Friday, Christine ascended from “stealth anchor” to actual one as she co-hosted ES with Ashleigh Banfield, who has admiringly dubbed her “Mayor of the Morning.” When Christine made her debut Friday morning, Ashleigh told her audience that she was “so excited to have [Christine there]” and noted that the two of them looked alike. Subsequently, Christine and Ashleigh seemed to evidence that manifest chemistry that Page 6 CNN sources have accused regular co-anchor Zoraida Sambolin and Ashleigh of lacking: To wit, Ashleigh did not need to instruct Christine to react to her (as she has demanded of Zoraida in the past) because she herself was so busy responding to Christine.

When Zoraida returned today (Monday) from her three-day weekend, Christine assumed anew her secondary role as headline newsreader and biz babe. Even though Zoraida and Ashleigh were a team again, Christine had shown what a compatible ES duo could be. And, hopefully, at least, what Zoraida and Ashleigh will be in the not too distant future.

Gretchen’s Beefcake: Shirtless Dave Briggs

March 12, 2012

Lusty Carlton: “Whoo-who! Alright! Wooh! Alright, Dave!…I might suggest that he does more of those segments.” This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson appeared to get all hot and bothered over the the sight of the bare chest of her handsome younger F&F Weekend counterpart Dave Briggs.

Reading the headline news mid-show, Gretchen reported Dave’s weekend Penguin Plunge in Westport, Connecticut, for Special Olympics of Connecticut.* As producers aired the accompanying vid of the swimmers taking their “Arctic” dip, she did not see him immediately: However, when Gretchen suddenly saw a close-up of a shirtless Dave fleeing the freezing cold water, she excitedly exclaimed, “There he is! There he is! Whoo-who! Alright! Wooh! Alright, Dave! Okay!”

Subsequently, after finishing the rest of her Connecticut Penguin Plunge story, Gretchen cooed, “I might suggest that he does more of those segments.” Looking over at Gretchen, guest co-host Eric Bolling shook his head and smiled uncomfortably. In response, Gretchen looked back at Eric and racily cackled,”Nice job, Dave.”

Then, segueing to their phone interview of Donald Trump, a grinning Gretchen queried, “Uh, Donald, are you going to be doing that anytime soon.” In reply, Trump declared, “Well, I’m not so sure. Doesn’t look too good to me.” Giggling, Gretchen randily raised her eyebrows and purred, “I was talking about going shirtless.”

When an amused Trump answered, “Well, shirtless I love. Right? Shirtless I love,” a smiling Gretchen answered, “Oh, okay.” Exasperated seemingly, Eric exclaimed, “Uh, can, can we move on now!” As Gretchen giggled anew, Trump laughed, “Okay. Alright.”

Perhaps, Gretchen has to move on this year. But, she gets another chance to gawk at more Briggs beefcake on New Year’s Day 2013. In fact, Gretchen gets double the pleasure: Dave plans to take the polar plunge in Maine then–with his friend F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth.**

Poor Gretchen: it is going to be a long 2012.

*Fox & Friends – 03/12/12 (@ 7:33 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends Weekend – 03/11/12 (@ 7:34 a.m. ET)

Kimberly’s “21st Birthday”: Andrea’s 22 Shots!

March 10, 2012

Eric Bolling: “Bubblicious!” The Five co-anchor and former Victoria’s Secret model Kimberly Guilfoyle tried to play the naif Friday as she celebrated her “21st” birthday. But, co-hosts Andrea Tantaros and, yes, Dana Perino proudly let their audience know that they were “not that innocent.” As to the guys, not too surprisingly, Bob Beckel joined in as the bad boy and Eric was the good one.

When The Five returned for their penultimate segment yesterday to a strawberry shortcake birthday cake (Kimberly’s fave) and the Beatle’s “Birthday” tune, Kimberly sexily shimmied in her short red dress seated next to an appreciative Bob, who awkwardly danced along with her. Soon after the music ended, Bob announced Kimberly’s “21st birthday,” kidded her about the “special friend [that she had] brought with [her],” and asked her for her fondest memory of her “first” one. Pulling her hair back sensually, a chagrined Kimberly cooed, “So, listen. I only recently became a lot of fun, Bob: I know you may find this hard to believe.”

Randily, Bob replied, “No, baby, that’s not what I hear.”

Giggling, Kimberly responded, “That’s terrible.” Then, she continued, “But, on my twenty-first birthday, I was at UC, Davis–very nerdy, academic school….I ended up being the designated driver on my twenty-first birthday, and no one objected!…So, there I was with my glasses…so thick [that] I could see into the future. And, I was driving everybody and everyone [else] had a great time.”

Laughing, Bob riposted, “I was the designated drunk on my birthday. That’s why I can’t remember one of them.”

Subsequently, after having Kimberly blow out birthday candles, Bob asked Eric if he remembered what he did on his twenty-first birthday. Soberly, Eric responded, “I, I was knee deep in a baseball season…March of…’84 playing baseball on my way to…making a career out of baseball for a while: So, I probably didn’t celebrate as much as I could have.”

Dismissively, Bob jibed, “Really? Well, that was an interesting story. Okay, Dana?” Furrowing her eyebrows, a chuckling Dana answered, “Mine is not that great. I, it wasn’t like Kimberly where I was the designated driver. But, I just remember [that] I came home from college and there were a bunch of my friends home in Parker, Colorado, and we got together at my parents’ house.” With, a seemingly feigned nonchalance, she added, “And, I think, I guess we probably went to a bar. I don’t really, I don’t remember. It wasn’t that memorable.”

When Bob asked Andrea for her anecdote, she rhetorically queried, “So, I’m, apparently, the only one who had a great twenty-first birthday?” Smiling slightly, She remarked, “I don’t remember all that much. Isn’t that the point of a twenty-first birthday?” Elaborating, she said, “I went to a place called the Crocodile Rocks–classy, classy. My sister, who always wants to go out with me–my birthday is December 30th–so no one ever wants to go out on the 30th ’cause they don’t won’t to ruin themselves for New Year. Not my sister, though. She says, ‘We’re going to Crocodile Rocks [and] we’re inviting all your friends.” And, I did twenty-two shots.”

Amazed, Kimberly exclaimed, “No, you didn’t!” Shamelessly, Andrea answered, “I puked at sixteen but I did make it to twenty-two. As incredulous Kimberly rejoined, “How did you live through that? Are you serious?, Dana interjected, “But, why twenty-two?”  Chuckling, Andrea explained, “One for good luck. And, look where it brought me!”

Not to be outdone by Andrea, a rambling Bob replied, “I got to tell you. The only reason I remember that far back on my twenty-first birthday [is that] I was in the hospital the night of my twenty-first birthday because I got drunk and I was walking out of a bar and I fell over a bunch of garbage cans that had glass in them and I cut myself a little bit. That wasn’t so bad except that I rolled in it for fun and then I went to the hospital. But, I was okay….But, I don’t remember much of it.”

Subsequently, wrapping up Kimberly’s birthday segment, Bob asked his co-hosts for one word to describe the birthday babe. Eric exclaimed, “Bubblicious!” Dana chimed, “Sweet,” and Andrea answered, “Fun.” Perhaps, just a little jealous of Kimberly “special friend” off cam, a seemingly smitten Bob stammered, “Unbelievable, Baby! Yeah, no, really, you’re great. You’re wonderful….We love you and, and I know other people do, too, here in the building.” Knowingly, Kimberly chuckled, “A couple!”

Five fun: 21, 22, and Kimberly’s “couple.”

F&F First: The Thrill is Back?

March 8, 2012

Prudish desk ditched! Today, leggy Fox & Friends First co-host Heather Childers brought sexy back–again–as she returned to F&FF‘s original sleek set. Gone was the table that producers had priggishly brought in Tuesday to conceal the gorgeous gams of co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt after they made such a stir from their “leg chairs” Monday on F&FF‘s premiere: Back were the chic stem chairs and Heather proudly reigned atop one of them as she deftly delivered the news in her short fuschia dress.

Perhaps, it was NewHounds acerbic review (“blondest and leggiest show Fox ‘News’ has ever produced…[for]…merkin men” or Chickaboomer‘s more subtle pan of “‘Fox & Friends First’ Skirting the Issues” that cowed F&FF producers into censorious prudes for a few days. However, happily, they returned to their senses today and showcased anew the sexy stems of their smart comely co-host. Perchance, Carpe Diem played some role in facilitating this welcome change back with critiques Tuesday (“Fox & Friends: Losing Sexy Fast”) and Wednesday (“Fox & Friends First: Happening Not!”).

Regardless, laurels, F&FF. The thrill is back!

Fox & Friends First: Happening Not!

March 7, 2012

Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt hide their gorgeous gams again: But, Jenna Lee shows her sexy stems. Today, Fox & Friends First producers played the prude anew by keeping their day-old desk to shield the lovely legs of their co-hosts Ainsley and Anna after hooking their viewers with a gamfest the very first day. However, Happening Now producers, which share the same set, smartly decided to ditch that desk obscuring the pretty pins of their co-anchor Jenna.

It seemed ironic that the most veteran of the three anchors Jenna would dare to bare again but that her less seasoned colleagues could not or would not. After all, Ainsley and Anna could benefit a bit by distracting their viewers from their still too oft callow commentary. Nevertheless, perchance, their Carolina charms can carry them until they finally find their sea legs.

Fox & Friends First: Pretty faces. For now, as Pork Pig would say, “That’s all, folks!”

Fox & Friends First: Losing Sexy Fast

March 6, 2012

Your espresso? Try decaf instead. Sexy Fox & Friends First co-hosts Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt served up lukewarm decaf this morning instead of their promised “shot of espresso.” Gone were the tall chairs (and small computer tables) that showcased the lovelies’ legs: In their place was a large opaque table intended to do the very opposite. Furthermore, the gals ditched their short skirts for more dour apparel, i.e., just above-the-knee dresses for the few moments that they might be seen.

Perhaps, faint-hearted producers got spooked by a few mixed reviews and suddenly turned priggish. While cable news reviewers on Mediaite and Huffington Report did not note the actual debut of F&FF, TVNewser reported on it a la AP’s disinterested manner but news blog Chickaboomer and Carpe Diem noted the new sexy look of the show. Chicaboomer posted a seemingly subtle pan captioned “‘Fox & Friends First’ Skirting the Issues” with a pic of Ainsley and Anna in their short dresses and another such photo of Anna and FBN biz babe Lauren Simonetti. However, Carpe Diem gave the first show a rave review entitled “Fox & Friends First: Bringing Sexy Back!,” praising F&FF’s homage to its past glory.

Fox & Friends First: Losing sexy fast. Without that arousing promised shot of espresso from Anna and Ainsley, viewers may well decide to roll over and go back to sleep. As B. B. King might aptly say, “The thrill is gone.”

Fox & Friends First Returns

March 2, 2012

Starring Anna Kooiman and Ainsley Earhardt–Monday. Fox & Friends First returns to the FNC morning line-up Monday according to a Hollywood Reporter exclusive. Reportedly, F&FF will begin at 5:00 a.m. ET, an hour earlier than the regular weekday edition of Fox & Friends. Furthermore, it will feature a cast of rotating anchors including FNC beauties (Anna, Ainsley, Juliet Huddy, Patti Ann Browne, Arthel Neville, Heather Childers, Heather Nauert, and Jamie Colby) and F&F Weekend “beasts” (Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris).

On the first show Monday, Fox News newbie Anna Kooiman joins her more experienced colleague Ainsley Earhardt (a former F&F Weekend co-host). Announcing the news to her Twitter followers, Anna excitedly Tweeted a photo of the “Fox & Friends First Gang Prepping for Monday!” In a follow-up only a minute later, she implored, “Wake up with Ainsley and Anna Monday Morning at 5am for Fox & Friends First!!!” To make sure that her admirers would, the very fit fitness expert included a pic of her and Ainsley prettily posing together.

Tune in, F&FW viewers, blond vixens Anna and Ainz will be ready to rouse you from your slumber!

[Author’s aside: The original version of Fox & Friends First debuted in 2001 and ended in 2008 (when F&F weekday was expanded to three hours). It, too, had a rotating cast of anchors including lovelies (Alisyn Camerota, Kiran Chetry, Juliet Huddy, and Lauren Green) and less-than-lovelies (Judge Andrew Napolitano, Steve Doocy, and Brian Kilmeade). For a look back at the original F&FF, cf.  Aly (2007 promo) and Kiran and Brian (2004 footage).]

Update 1: Today (Sunday), as Anna and Ainsley promoted their upcoming show on F&F Weekend, Ainsley said that the two of them would be on together this Monday through Wednesday.* During their segment with F&FW co-hosts Dave, Clayton, and Alisyn, Dave declared that he and Clayton would be a part of the F&FF anchor rotation this month: Seeming to indicate that she would not be a near futureF&FFco-host, a smiling Aly simply nodded her head at his obvious omission of herself and subsequently wished the co-hosts good luck with their new show. Later, in a Tweet, Dave clarified that he would be co-hosting F&FF this Thursday and Friday.

*F&FW – 03/04/12 (@ 8:42 a.m. ET)

Update 2: For vid of Anna and Ainsley’s F&FF promo on F&FW, link here. (H/t J$P.)