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Kiran’s Cleavage: Aftershocks

April 28, 2010

Today American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry seemed to have had an overnight conversion. Yesterday, she coyly “dismissed the power of her ‘pumpkins‘” after a Jeanne Moos’ report entitled “Busting ‘Boobquake’ Theory” (about a Purdue student and her friends’ attempt to debunk an Iranian cleric’s theory that immodest women cause earthquakes by wearing their bosom-baring tops). To her co-anchor John Roberts, she riantly remarked, “Just stick with me, John, [and] you’ll be in no danger of running into an earthquake.” However, this morning Kiran appeared to recant her earlier view and to embrace both her distaff potency and the cleric’s “wisdom.”

Ironically, Kiran chose to wear today the very dress that had led John not only to peek at her pumpkins but also to eye her stems as well last autumn (September 9, 2009). However, she apparently tried to tamp down any tremors that John or her AM admirers would experience due to her distaff potency. Whereas then she proudly donned her short, sleeveless black dress with a plunging neckline for John and the AM viewer to enjoy, today she took a much more prim approach. I.e., she cloaked herself with a white top underneath that black dress to cover her decolletage fully and she studiously kept her bare legs underneath the AM desk for the entirety of the show. (John was conscripted to do floor duty alone.) To boot, Kiran adorned herself with no jewelry at all except the engagement and wedding rings that her husband had bestowed upon her to make her his wife.

Girl power under wraps today!

Kiran’s Cleavage: Boobquake?

April 27, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry coquettishly dismissed the power of her “pumpkins” today to the amusement of her co-anchor John Roberts. In the final block of the first hour of AM, Kiran introduced a Jeanne Moos story cleverly entitled “Busting ‘Boobquake’ Theory” about a Purdue student’s effort to debunk an Iranian cleric’s claim that immodestly attired women precipitated earthquakes. In the report, Moos humorously covered Jen McCreight and her friends’ attempt to test the strange theory by wearing their most revealing tops Monday. Moos even asked McCreight about the “magnitude of [her] cleavage.”

After playfully opening her own blouse a bit to the merriment of McCreight and her gal pals, Moos concluded her segment, saying “Just to be safe, beware what you wear!”* As Kiran caught the toss, she self-deprecatingly jested, “There you go. Just stick with me, John, [and] you’ll be in no danger of running into an earthquake. I can’t say the same for everyone else.” After she and John both shared a hearty laugh, John replied, “Sounds like a great idea.”

And, John would know. In fact, so would AM guest host T.J. Holmes. Kiran may not have produced an earthquake yet but she certainly has given her CNN colleagues and AM admirers, at least, a few tremors.

*American Morning – 04/27/10 (6:56 a.m. ET)

Kyra Prefers “Johnny Canuck”?

April 27, 2010

Phillips’ Red-headed Roberts. American Morning co-anchor John Roberts cannot accuse his woman of turning his hair gray as some men are wont to do. In fact, it appears that his betrothed, Kyra Phillips, has conversely changed his silver mane into a reddish-hued one. Perhaps, the golf-obsessed CNN Newsroom anchor wants her hubby-to-be to return to his Scottish roots.

When the two began their sub rosa relationship in December 2008, John wore his “gray head of wisdom” with pride as American Morning’s “voice from the mountaintop.” Apparently, Kyra preferred the MuchMusic veejay with the famed mullet from Canada. (In fact, she calls him “J.D.” as he was known then according to John in a recent interview with’s Alan Cross.) Today, as Kyra’s fiance, John sports a younger more fashionable look with his shortly-cropped locks tinged reddish brown. (If the reader missed AM today, cf. link1 or link2 or tune in tomorrow for a clearer view.)

Now, if only Kyra can also quicken John’s youthful exuberance and irreverence to shake up CNN’s too often staid and stodgy news. Or, at least, she could show AM executive producer Jamie Kraft John’s crazy costumed interview with “Nash the Slash to incorporate some Fox & Friends-like fun into the morning. If AM co-host Kiran Chretry (an F&F alum) joins John in the levity, maybe, AM can finally start competing with FNC’s juggernaut.

[Serendipitous factoid: John credits Kiwi country singer Keith Urban for his newly found appreciation of country music. In his interview with Cross, supra, John said that despite his long-time dislike for the genre that Keith Urban “really turned me on” to country music. In so doing, he remarked, “I’m a huge fan of Keith Urban not just because he’s a great singer and an amazing performer…but he’s an amazing guitarist.” Laughing, John added, “My girlfriend (Kyra) insists I have a ‘mancrush’ on Keith Urban [but] it’s not a ‘mancrush’ but I do appreciate his musicality and his talent.]

Nicole: Exhibitionist Angel?

April 26, 2010

Confessions of Nicole Petallides? Ever since Carpe Diem reported that Nicole heated up the Fox & Friends set by seemingly hiking her skirt twice for her Fox & Friends Weekend fans (October 11, 2009), the Foxy FBN correspondent has appeared to be almost persona non grata on FBN’s big sister network FNC. However, Nicole did make a rare appearance about three months later on Red Eye (January 9, 2010) where she kidded about being an “exhibitionist.”* Also, she returned once to F&FW (March 7, 2010) for a jobs report segment with co-host Dave Briggs: Nevertheless, for almost the entire interview, the producers appeared to studiously keep the chyron up to occlude a view of her legs (a la Elvis on the Ed Sullivan Show).**

What has become of this too-hot-for-FNC correspondent? Last Thursday and Friday, the Greek goddess who graces the New York Stock Exchange floor clad in quite conservative attire for FBN’s Countdown to the Closing Bell (CCB) guest-hosted on FBN’s Happy Hour with regular Rebecca Diamond nee Gomez and fill-in Sandra Smith for a special “Ladies’ Night” edition. Venus was reborn.

On Thursday, all three were such a distaff delight with their obvious smarts, informed analyses, and sexy short skirts that Happy Hour producers introduced the trio after one commercial break as “Foxy’s Angels” to the voice of John Forsythe and the theme song and graphics of Charlie’s Angels.*** A flattered Nicole remarked, “Can we see it again? Can we see it again between now and the end of the show? It went so fast!”

Similarly, Nicole’s F&FW admirers must be asking, “When can we see you again?”

*Red Eye – 01/09/10 (@3:04 a.m. ET): In a segment on a study that showed a cocaine vaccine made the addicts crave cocaine more, RE host Greg Gutfeld said, “What kind of behavior would you like to stop if there were a vaccine?” Nicole replied, “If I had a vaccine for myself? Um. Exhibitionist? Then, when Greg goatishly asked, “Really?” Nicole “innocently” answered, “No, no. Chocoholic?” Gutfeld sidekick Bill Shulz rakishly remarked, “Let’s get back to the other one!” Trying to tamp down the testosterone just a tad, Nicole riantly responded, “No, no, no, no. But this vaccine’s unbelievable….”I’m all for sex, drugs, and alcohol, and lots of fun but not ones that put you on your deathbed. Right? Or, make you go broke!”

**Fox & Friends – 03/07/10 (@9:06 a.m. ET)

***Happy Hour – 04/22/10 (@5:22 p.m. ET)

John “Traps” Kyra

April 26, 2010

American Morning co-host John Roberts and CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips are now engaged according to TVNewser. After almost one and a half years of dating, John popped the question to his comely CNN colleague at the Greenbrier Resort in West Virginia. Apparently, as the two lovebirds were about to conclude a round of golf, Kyra approached the flag and noticed a card affixed to the pin (with the engagement ring hidden in the hole). Romantically, John got down on bended knee and asked for her hand in marriage with two Greenbrier staff members at the ready to pour the celebratory champagne if Kyra answered yes. She did.

Congratulations, John and Kyra.

H/t TVNewser.

[Both John and Kyra have been married before. For a look back at when their courtship first began, cf. John Hush-Hush on Question about KP (National Post) and New York Magazine’s CNN Anchors Kyra Phillips and John Roberts Secretly Dating? [Updated] (New York Magazine Daily Intel).]

“Dave, Aren’t You Married?”

April 25, 2010

Victoria’s Secret du jour Saturday: one hot mama. Introducing Fox & Friends Weekend segment, “Red-Hot Moms!,” guest host Juliet Huddy asked, “How do you get two grown men weak at the knees, drooling?” Answering her own question, she declared, “You just put Alessandra Ambrosio here, Victoria Secret model.” And was she right.

After Juliet had asked Alessandra about her twenty-month old baby Anja Louise, co-host Clayton Morris began coolly, querying, “We’ve been talking about this all morning, being a ‘hot mama.’ How do you whip it back into shape?…How did you do it?” After the lissome lovely explained her dietary regimen, a more obvious Dave Briggs, standing between Alessandra and Clayton, blandished, “It’s your job to look beautiful–and you, and you do it very well. Some people actually criticized you for being thin after having a toddler. What was that like?” Looking on, Juliet chuckled knowingly and rolled her eyes.

When Alessandra had answered Dave’s question, Clayton pulled Dave back, remarking, “Okay. Well, Dave’s been standing too closely to you. Do you mind if I slide over?” Grinning abashedly, Dave declared, “I knew that was coming!” Dressed in her white micro mini (with a sexy open weave), Alessandra, cooed, “No problem. I can be between you guys.” Juliet, with her hand on her hip, interjected, “Does this get really old for you–having men throw themselves at you like this? Alessandra giggled, and exclaimed, “Oh, God!”

Subsequently, Clayton asked Alessandra about the new Victoria Secret’s scent selection that she was touting. As Alessandra replied that the fragrance “Heavenly Flowers” was being launched at the Soho store Sunday, Dave made his move: he slyly walked behind both Clayton and Alessandra and sidled up next to Alessandra again but on her right side.) When Alessandra further elaborated that she and fellow V.S. models Miranda Kerr and Candice Swanepoel would be signing autographs, Dave excitedly interjected, “Wait! When? Where?” Clayton animatedly piped up, “Wait, wait. Yeah, I’m sorry. I didn’t get the address.”

Then, when Alessandra repeated herself while showing them the promo flyer, Dave exclaimed, “Clayton and I are there!” As Clayton tried to hide his smile with his notes and Alessandra basked in the amorous enthusiasm, Juliet leaned in toward Dave, looked him straight in the eyes, and teased, “Dave, aren’t you married?” Looking away briefly, Dave retorted, “She’s back in Colorado.” Juliet guffawed, “Oh, brother!” Smoothly offering Dave an alibi for later, Alessandra remarked, “Well, actually, you can get this beautiful flower bouquet that you can give your wife if you go there ’cause you get one.” “Perfect!” responded Dave before licking his lips.

As the segment started to conclude, Clayton, trying to stake his claim, began to take off his jacket. Clayton flirted, “Alessandra, are you, are you a little cold? Are you a little cold today? Looking at Dave and rebuffing Clayton, Alessandra laughed, “I’m better now.”

Interjecting, Meteorologist Rick Reichmuth, Dave friend and officemate, who had just walked onto the set, exclaimed, “Don’t you dare put that jacket on her!” Clayton retorted, “I was going to offer her this. She seems a little cold.” Then undeterred, he draped his coat over Alessandra’s shoulders.

However, apparently, for Dave’s sake, Rick immediately took Clayton’s coat off of Alessandra’s shoulders. Sarcastically, Rick riposted, “That’s very nice of you. [The segment is] now over, I think.” As Clayton tried to retrieve his jacket, Rick pulled it away and offered it to Dave. While Dave did not take it, he did look at Rick and smiled appreciatively.

As the segment ended, Juliet previewed the upcoming the stories. When she finished, she wagged her finger reprovingly in the faces of her male colleagues gathered adoringly around the lovely lingerie model. The unrepentant bees continued to hover worshipfully around their beautiful flower. And, she simply smiled and wafted her heavenly fragrances into their eager nostrils.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 04/24/10 (@8:53 a.m. ET)

Juliet: “We Would All Be Fired”

April 24, 2010

Juliet in white? Filling in for Alisyn Camerota, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Juliet Huddy returned to her old center seat today. Modestly attired in a long white dress sans decolletage (with conservative elbow-length sleeves and a wide white belt), Juliet almost looked like a virginal bride who was walking down the aisle for the first time.

Even though she played the part nobly, Juliet just could not quite pull off that good girl persona for the whole show. If fact, after merely thirty minutes of trying, she gave in. Unfortunately, for her fans, it was off camera: nevertheless, Juliet did give them a hint of that “bad girl” underneath her demure dress.

After the first hour of being prim and proper, Juliet returned with her co-hosts, Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris, from break. As the program began anew, Juliet giggled suggestively and Clayton said, “Oh, yeah.” Shaking her head, Julie replied, “Oh, boy!” To the audience, Dave declared, “The things that happen here in the break, if only there were a tv show for that.” In response, Clayton facetiously queried, “Can we do a commercial break version of the show?” Dave declared, “No! No!” Juliet concurred, “Definitely not! We would all be fired.”

On the other hand, Juliet, you might be back more often.

Kiran: Shaken & Stirred

April 22, 2010

Chetry: Craig Crazy. American Morning’s Aphrodite Kiran Chetry may enjoy getting her male acolytes all hot and bothered on occasion but yesterday it was Kiran who became the flustered votary of her Adonis. When AM returned almost mid-show to the theme of James Bond, Kiran drew “her gun” like an Angel (Charlie’s)  before reading the headlines. She began, “Welcome back! I guess you can guess what we’re talking about this morning.”*

Then, as producers ran the footage of Craig rising from the surf in his bathing scivvies in Casino Royale, Kiran continued, “007 may have a hard time surviving his latest adventure. The twenty-third James Bond film has been postponed indef [ending mid-word]. Appearing suddenly to be overcome by the vapors, Kiran exclaimed, “Hold on, I can’t speak!” Abashedly, she laughed, “Lord have mercy! Sorry!”

After regaining her composure and finishing the story, her co-anchor John Roberts nonchalantly queried, “So, who was the best Bond?” John proclaimed that it was Sean Connery. Not swayed in the least, Kiran defiantly declared, “I picked Daniel Craig. I’m sorry. It was that scene we showed.”

Agreeably, John replied, “I also like Daniel Craig: I think he’s a very good Bond. I really do.” Raising her eyes lustily, Kiran enthusiastically concurred, “Me, too!” Realizing that he might want to distinguish his comments, John replied, “I like him for different reasons than you do.”

Turning to John, Kiran riantly responded, “Next time we’ll do your favorite Bond girls. How about that? We’ll keep it fair.” Gallantly, John answered, “Nah! I got one girl [Kyra Phillips] that’s my favorite.” Kiran simply laughed.

Kiran: the next bodacious Bond girl? Don’t laugh. She certainly made a luscious Lara Croft!

American Morning – 04/21/10 (@7:19 a.m. ET)

Megyn: Veils “View”

April 20, 2010

America Live co-host Megyn Kelly felt “definitely nervous” going on Howard Stern on Sirius today and it showed–in her clothing choice for his show.* Actually, Megyn seemed to intentionally make sure that she did not show it–at least, in a wardrobe malfunction. So, she “slacked” for the self-proclaimed King of All Media before shedding her pants for The View and America Live in favor of a short, sleeveless dress.

After Howard’s racy show, a relieved Megyn Tweeted, “Finished Stern – it was like an out of body experience. I liked him! & Robyn was cool. Some R-rated Qs but not bad. What’d u think?” Later, revealing that she was not quite the prudish prig, Megyn elaborated, “Well, of course, he’s Howard Stern so he did ask me some very personal questions. The answers, some I gave, some I didn’t.”** Then she teased, “The ones I gave may be a bit too edgy for daytime but his show replays all day on Sirius satellite radio so if you don’t get it you can subscribe now and listen to it.”

Megyn: Hiding from Howard? Not completely.

*America Live’s Stern snippet indicated that Megyn was wearing slacks and its vid clip of The View showed her wearing the dress. For the transcript of Howard Stern on Sirius clip it is as follows:

Stern: Look at you.

Megyn: I feel a little nervous, Robin.

Robin giggles.

Stern: Are those rip-away pants?

Robin: Rip-away pants?

Stern: Don’t they make such a thing as rip-away pants?

Robin: Not for newscasters.

Megyn: Yeah, exactly.

Howard: Baby, look at you!

Megyn: Aw, thank you!

** AL – 04/20/10 (@12:38 p.m. ET)

Update: An additional nearly 10-minute video of Megyn’s Stern interview can be found at Meidiaite. (H/t J$P.) Megyn gets personal as she discusses her friend Julie Banderas (“hot mama”), her “killer B’s” (real), and her love life (while pregnant).

Spit It Out, Mike!

April 20, 2010

“Eyjafjallajokull”? As his fellow journalists struggled to pronounce the name of Iceland’s erupting volcano, Fox News correspondent Mike Emanuel found it impossible to spit out the word “unanimity.” More embarrassingly, America’s Newsroom co-anchors Martha MacCallum and Bill Hemmer tried unsuccessfully to help him.

During Mike’s segment on Iran’s future threat to the U.S. in light of a recent Pentagon report, Martha asked about the “big picture.” Starting smoothly, Mike answered, “[Iran is] trying to do everything it can to increase its influence in the region and throughout the world by countering the United States, countering the West in trying to emphasize Islamic una, uh, ah. Struggling, Mike, continued, “How shall I say it? Ah, unanim.” Frustrated, he declared, “Uh, I can’t speak.”

Trying to come to Mike’s aid, Martha asked, “Unity?” More helpfully, Bill offered, “Unanimity?” No game for another go, Mike gratefully exclaimed, “Exactly!”

As Martha howled with laughter, a smiling Emanuel abashedly added, “I just need…more coffee. I was up reading the report all night. Sympathetically, Martha responded, “Listen, it was all perfect until then, Mike. It was perfect, perfect, and very informative, and kind of frightening actually.” Appreciatively, Mike replied, “Thank you very much. You know what I mean.”

Sweetly, Martha responded, “We always know what you, Mike. We love you. Thank you, Mike.” Sensing that Mike might need a brohug, too, Bill added, “He’s a good man.” “Sure is,” Martha agreed. Grinning, Mike answered, “Thank you very much.”

Poor Mike must be dreading his Reykjavik rotation.

*America’s Newsroom – 04/20/10 – @10:03 a.m. ET

Shine Spanks Domenica?

April 18, 2010

Davis Disappears. After Fox & Friends Weekend weathergal Domenica Davis saucily jested about being paddled by Alisyn Camerota yesterday, was she spanked instead by Bill Shine, FNC’s SVP of Programming today? It certainly seems that she may have been.

With F&FW’s regular meteorologist, Rick Reichmuth, on vacation in Jamaica, Domenica filled in for him yesterday. Before one of her segments Saturday, F&FW ran a story on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system): when it concluded, Aly tossed to Domenica, spicily stating, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.” Then, upping the ante, Domenica risquely responded, ““Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal]. There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

During the show, Carpe Diem published “‘Naughty’ Domenica Wants a Spanking.” In the F&FW weather report that followed that post, co-anchor Clayton Morris seemed to try to impishly engage Domenica in some more bawdy banter: after prom and alcohol stories, Clayton commented, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Tellingly, Domenica laughed and responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Perhaps, it was already too late. Today, Domenica did not return to fill in for Rick. Instead, she disappeared without a trace and without any explanation (from the F&FW co-hosts). Strangely, F&FW producers did not replace her: rather, they simply included no regular weather reports today.

If Domenica is being disciplined by Shine, the punishment seems quite harsh. And, it is certainly not the spanking that Domenica or her F&FW fans had envisioned.

“Naughty” Domenica Wants a Spanking

April 17, 2010

Italian dishes, weathergal Domenica Davis and co-host Alisyn Camerota, served up some extra spicy fare this morning on the Fox & Friends Weekend set. After a segment on the resurgence of spanking (in a TX school system), Aly saucily tossed to Domenica, saying, “Let’s go over to Domenica Davis, who we know has been naughty sometimes.”

Tossing her hair flirtatiously, Domenica racily replied, “Yes, I have! But, you just smack me across the face usually. It’s no big [deal].” Meanwhile, Aly smiled broadly, nodded her head yes and seemed to mouth, “Right. Strict.” Upping the heat further, Domenica seductively added, “There’s no paddle involved. I wish there was, actually.”

Wisely, the boys, co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs stayed silent. While Clayton beamed and rubbed his chin, Dave grinned, raised his hands in innocence, and pointed to Aly as the “guilty” party.

No worry, girls! Assuredly, no complaints will be filed by the F&F viewer.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @7:42 a.m. ET

Update: In the first F&FW weather segment after the posting of this article, Domenica seemed to have learned the wrong lesson. After Aly tossed to her following prom and alcohol stories (and Aly’s anecdote about seeing zombie-like prom girls still out in the wee hours this morning), Domenica declared, “I saw those prom goers, too, this morning.”* Subsequently, Clayton mischievously interjected, “It was very noble of you to go to the prom last night and then to come to work this morning.” Laughing, Domenica responded, “Oh, boy! Let’s go ahead and go to the radar before I get in trouble here.”

Oops! Domenica, now Aly will not need to spank you.

**Fox & Friends Weekend – (04/17/10) – @8:41 a.m. ET

Kilmeade: A Comedic Ringer

April 16, 2010

Thanks to Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson’s query today, co-host Brian Kilmeade’s “secret” is out. Long-time fans of the most popular cable morning news show have long been regaled by Brian who rarely, if ever, fails to amuse his audience: whether he is embarrassing Gretchen, piquing Fox News Sunday anchor Chris Wallace, or slapping Alisyn Camerota’s derriere, the Massapequa man-child generally coaxes a smile from even the most incorrigible curmudgeon. However, the author (and, perhaps, others) did not realize that the sports guy is a comedic ringer.

During an interview today of Chinese comic Joe Wong (who has a Ph.D. in biochemistry) by the F&F co-hosts, the truth was revealed. In the preface to a question to Wong, Brian riantly remarked, “We have a very similar background ’cause I also have a biochemistry degree I don’t use.” As Wong laughed, Gretchen turned to Brian and ingenuously queried, “Actually, you were a stand-up comedian: weren’t you?” Apparently, not willing to let his viewers in on that info, Brian evasively jested, “Uh, I was a biochemist.”

Actually, Gretchen was right. According to Brian’s Web site, he “has seven years of experience as a stand-up comedian.” Apparently, that is not counting his time at FNC.

Keep up the funny business, Brian. But, remember, the bar is now raised!

Kiran vs. Kyra

April 16, 2010

On-camera wife vs. off-screen girlfriend. American Morning co-anchor John Roberts was the lucky man in the middle yesterday between his television wife co-host Kiran Chetry and paramour Kyra Phillips (CNN Newsroom anchor). For the reader unfamiliar with the brunette beauties, they look rather similar: in fact, they might be mistaken for sisters with Kiran being the younger and fairer of the two.

Before the fun began during “Dr. [Sanjay] Gupta’s Mailbag” segment, co-anchor John Roberts read a viewer’s Tweet asking, “How can I reduce my growing belly?”: then, chuckling, he abashedly commented, “It was funny: I was looking into this myself this morning ’cause my sweetheart’s always busting on me for, you know, ‘You ought to get a six pack [well-toned abs]: you got to eat properly. I might be a little old for a six pack but, maybe, I can get in one or two in there. You know?”*

Sympathetically, Sanjay replied, “Not at all.” Then, suddenly, putting his hand to his ear and pointing off set, a smiling Sanjay said, “I think I hear Kyra cackling somewhere in the background just right now. Even louder now!” Chortling heartily, John said, “I hear her, too. As he did, off camera, Kyra yelled, “He’ll never have a six pack.” Repeating her for John’s sake, Sanja stated, “He’ll never have a six pack.” Touching his earpiece, John responded, “Oh, yeah! I hear her, too.”

Subsequently, John’s AM co-host, Kiran Chetry, not quite catching the tense of Kyra’ comment, interjected, “She’s screaming, ‘He never had a six pack.'” Turning completely towards John and gesticulating animatedly, Kiran exclaimed, “She just let you off the hook! If you never had one, how are you going to get one now?” Somewhat evasively, John joshed, “I had a six pack in my hands over the weekend. Some Longboard Beer, that’s what it was.”

Later, after Sanjay finally answered question, Kiran told him that he was “getting very thin from the triathlon training” and “we weren’t sending you a six pack.” Piping up and waving the loser sign wildly, John stated, “By the way, you can talk to Kyra about six packs. Okay?” Sanjay chuckled, “I will. I am right now…I’m gonna walk over there.”

Ending the segment, Kiran lightly pounded the desk with her fist, picked up her papers, and leaned back in her chain. Turning her eyes upon her tv hubby (who looked down and away), Kiran took one parting shot at her off-screen rival Kyra. She sniped, “What’s good for the gander is good for the goose!”

American Morning catfight? Rowrrrr!

American Morning – 04/15/10 (@8:55 a.m. ET)

Juliet “Oreo” Huddy?

April 14, 2010

Fox News anchor Juliet Huddy revealed her high school sobriquet on Red Eye early this morning. During RE‘s “Post-Game Wrap-Up,” “TV’s Andy Levy” put up a photo of a young dirty blond Juliet and asked, “Hey, Juliet! What is this?” Chuckling, Juliet joked, “I don’t who that is! Why would you even put that picture up there? Some random chick.”

Andy responded, “Um, hmm. Um, hmm. Tilting her head and playing with her hair, Juliet coyly confessed, “It’s my high school picture–senior picture. Hideous!” Pointing to her lower lip, she continued, “And, yes, I had a mole on my lip. It was taken away. They used to call me ‘Oreo’ ’cause it looked like I ate an Oreo and [some of it stuck there].”

As Andy bowed his head in laughter, RE host Greg Gutfeld, in mock sympathy, guffawed, “That’s terrible!” Looking into the camera, Juliet exclaimed, “Yeah, Muffy, Muffy used to say that about me! Thanks, Muffy!” Then she mouthed, “You b*tch!”

Juliet: Fox News’ favorite cookie. A tasty treat!

Red Eye – 04/14/10 (@4:58 a.m. ET)

Kilmeade: “You’re the Anti-Clayton”

April 14, 2010

Was Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade so accusing Carpe Diem yesterday? (The author was cited by Mediaite Monday for the “backstory” on its apparent scoop of F&F Weekend co-host Clayton Morris’ love life? No, actually, F&F’s double entendre don was directing that declaration toward his co-anchor Gretchen Carlson after she facetiously claimed to “know so much about technology.”* When to Brian’s jest, the conservative former Miss America responded, “No, I would love to be Clayton,” this viewer did wonder if, perhaps, a little subtle F&F damage control had already begun.

As cable news junkies doubtlessly know by now, Monday Mediaite disclosed, “Here’s the tip, and here’s the info we have: Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends, has an extramarital affair with CNET host, Natali del Conte…rumors circulating that he is the father of pregnant Del Conte. Wife of Clatyon [Sara Batterson Morris] has filed for divorce.” Mediate further reported that sources had indicated that Del Conte was gravid and that her pregnancy had been a matter of discussion at Fox News. The media news blog added that it had “reached out to Del Conte” and Fox News: even though a statement from Del Conte apparently was not forthcoming, a Fox News spokesperson tersely stated, “We don’t comment on the personal lives of talent.”

Carpe Diem has contacted Clayton but he has not made a reply for the record yet. When/if the popular Fox & Friends responds with a statement for his F&F fans and his Twitter followers, the author will fully and fairly report it. Hopefully, he will soon.

[Clayton Morris is also the co-feature of the Grizzly Bear Egg Cafe podcasts.]

* Fox & Friends – 04/13/10 (@6:31 a.m. ET)

Jarrett’s Recall Fails

April 12, 2010

America’s Newsroom guest host Gregg Jarrett must have misread his cheat sheets again.* Apparently, the attorney-turned-journo does not yet realize that Pennsylvania Senator Arlen Specter, the former Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman, is no longer a Republican. (Specter, still a Senate Judiciary Committee member, became a Democrat almost a year ago.) As Jarrett presided over a segment on the Senate confirmation of a future replacement for the retiring Justice John Paul Stephens, he correctly noted that the “political landscape…has changed dramatically” since Justice Sonia Sotomayor was confirmed in August of 2009.** However, he disdainfully added, “Arlen Specter hauled off about ten days ago and threatened to filibuster–which, by the way, has never happened with a Supreme Court nominee.”

Apparently, Jarrett was not listening closely to his colleague Chris Wallace’s Fox News Sunday program April 4. When Wallace interviewed Democrat Specter and Republican Arizona Senator Jon Kyle, it was Kyle who indicated that Republicans were ready to filibuster if the Supreme Court appointee was overly ideological. However, Specter did say, “I think the gridlock in the Senate might well produce a filibuster, which would tie up the Senate [with the] Supreme Court nominee: I think if a year passes there’s a much better chance we could come to a consensus.”

*According to the author’s recollection, Jarrett made the same erroneous assertion last week in a similar segment.

**America’s Newsroom – 04/12/10 (9:47 a.m. ET)

FNC’s Priapic iPad

April 10, 2010

America’s News HQ got rather R-rated briefly this evening during its “Consumer Reports” segment with electronics editor Paul Reynolds. As Reynolds illustrated Apple iPad for ANHQ co-hosts Rick Folbaum and Juliet Huddy, he opened its eBooks app with Michael Crichton’s bawdy posthumously published work, “Pirate Latitudes.” When he did, he turned to the vignette of a randy English governor eager to examine Anne Sharp, a freshly bathed beautiful blonde, for the secret sign of Satan.

As Reynold’s turned the page at Folbaum’s direction, the passage appeared of the damsel standing naked in front of the governor as he explained that the mark of the devil is “normally under the arms or on the breast or the pudenda.” Then as Reynold’s went to the next page, a rather ribald narrative appeared which read, “We will now complete the examination,” he [the governor] said seriously, and then his fingers were in her hair, and he was peering at her skin with his nose just a few inches from her q**m, and even though she feared insulting him she found it funny–it tickled–and she began to laugh.”

This narrative was quite graphic for FNC. However, it may elude censorial objections because even though it could be easily read by the viewer, the ribald text was not uttered aloud. Nevertheless, even though probably inadvertent, it was an extraordinary extract for AMHQ to exhibit to its family-friendly audience.

America’s News HQ – 04/10/10 (@6:58 p.m. ET)

Geek Gets Girl?

April 10, 2010

When it came to women and shopping this morning, did Fox & Friends co-anchor Clayton Morris know what he was talking about? Or, did his co-host Alisyn Camerota and his Twitter followers get it right? In a segment on a recent study of how much of a woman’s life is spent shopping, Clayton commented, “Listen to this news story….I’m not shocked at all by the number….[Women] spend three years of their life shopping.” With arched eyebrows and an upturned mouth, Aly skeptically replied, “I am surprised by this because I thought it would be more. I actually think that they are low-balling this….I can’t believe it’s only that little.”

Nor, could many of Clayton’s Twitter followers who Tweeted their incredulity.  E.g., one, Beregond, remarked, “3 years of their lives? More like 3 years of each 20, in my experience.” Another, InvisibleAir, wrote, “[O]nly 3 years? I think that it’s more like a decade!”

Technically, Clayton was accurate: However, his Tweeps and Aly were correct, too–at least, in common parlance. According to research, women (who live to be 63) shop for 25, 184 hours and 53 minutes. Ergo, if a woman were to shop 24/7, it would take her almost three years to do so. However, if she were to shop 8 hours each and every day, she would do so in @10 years.

The geek and the girl are both right.

Kiran’s Feet: AM’s Eye Candy?

April 9, 2010

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry teased her foot fanciers today after producers gave viewers a quick peek underneath her AM desk. When the third hour B block began to the tune of “I Want Candy,” a panning cameraman caught Kiran with her bare feet atop her chair’s legs. As he went in for a close-up “two shot” of Kiran and guest host Jim Acosta, Kiran knowingly giggled and Jim exclaimed, “There they are! There they are!”*

Then, as a smiling Kiran turned her twinkling eyes upon him, a beaming Jim flirtatiously continued, “We won’t talk about that. I think that was Kiran’s feet but we want go there.” Ducking her head and lowering her eyes, Kiran coyly commented, “And two pairs of shoes under the desk. But you know what? We’re not talking about that!”

Don’t worry, Jim: you’re not the only one who has noticed Kiran’s feet. Regular co-anchor John Roberts has as well (as Jay Leno humorously noted). Not to mention fitness guru Richard Simmons who literally salivated over them.


American Morning – 04/09/10 (@8:12 a.m. ET)