Carlson: I’m a Cougar!

“I just don’t act on it.” Rwwr! This morning, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson made no bones about her attraction for much younger guys after a F&F headline news story about a Utah high school that decided against choosing the “cougar [the cat] as a mascot because it [didn’t] want to offend another kind of cougar.”* In fact, she was “outraged.”

During the F&F mid-show headline news segment this morning, Gretchen’s co-host Brian Kilmeade read the ditched-cougar-mascot account and producers aired an accompanying Cougar Town clip of a flashing Courtney Cox. As he explained, “If you watch Cougar Town, you know Courtney Cox plays an older woman who dates younger men, Gretchen whooped, “Alright!” When Brian elaborated that some parents and school board members were consequently for another mascot, the bawdy former Miss America exclaimed, “Oh, come on! Come on! That is so ridiculous! And, I can say so with authority!”

Amused, Brian asked, “So you are outraged?” Lifting her right eyebrow suggestively, Gretchen cooed, “I’m a cougar!” Pruriently prodding her on, Brian continued, “You’re a cougar?” Shrugging her shoulder and smiling coyly, Gretchen insisted, “I mean I don’t act on it but I’m a cougar.”

Tweaking a randy Gretchen, Brian jested, “Right, I know: Casey’s 29. This is something brand new.” While chuckling at Brian’s playful but, perhaps, untimely reminder of her middle-aged hubby Casey Close, Gretchen protested, “I just mean in age alone–not that I’m gonna act on it.”

Crouching cougar: Hidden Carlson?

*Fox & Friends – 01/20/12 (@ 7:36 a.m. ET)

[Author’s aside: For related Carpe Diem articles, cf. Gretchen: Cougar 2 Pussycat, “Cougar” Carlson: “I’m in the Mood,” “Cougar” Carlson: Saved by the Bell, and Gretch: Rub My Toes, Peter Doocy.]

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2 Responses to “Carlson: I’m a Cougar!”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Gretch a cougar?? We had her pegged as the quintessential MILF
    She’s a 45 year old mom rockin’ BIG hair, skimpy skirts and a haughty “I’m-so-hot” tude’.

    You can bet her HUGE ego would be “stroked” if she knew that a lot of virile young men have “lusted” for her since the very first time she flashed her luscious legs on the curvy couch.

    After a few “pink peeks” she became a cult LEGend, and now she is worshiped like a goddess on leg fetish sites all over the net.
    If mighty Casey ever strikes out, there are a lot young cubs on the prowl eager to be nurtured by “Cougar Carlson”.

  2. Sandra Says:

    Several weeks ago I began to wonder if Gretchen is still married. She really acting too too much like a cougar even if she says, I wouldn’t act on it. She acts real to me. I remember her acting somewhat disgusted toward Brian about his antics/statements. Seems she’s had about face with that. What’s with her lately. Maybe just having fun; looks weird I like her though.

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