“Cougar” Carlson: “I’m In the Mood”

Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson’s just could not quite contain her inner cougar this morning. Rowr! She batted her feline eyelashes early in the show and was ready to pounce as the show concluded.

As F&F began, co-anchor Steve Doocy queried whether a Couger [John Mellencamp] could be coming to Congress. In reply, Gretchen cooed, “I thought you were talking about me, Steve, when you said, “Cougar.”* When Steve and guest co-host Clayton Morris guffawed, “Gretchen added, “I might be running for Congress. You never know.” When Clayton playfully informed her that a “cougar cruise” was departing this week and asked whether she would be on board, Gretchen stuttered, “Oh, right. I, I, duh, I’m not sure my husband would be on board with that.”

Subsequently, her inner cat seemed to return to her lair for much of the show. However, it reemerged in the show’s penultimate segment when she and Steve introduced guest Mickey Blaine, a California high school dean of students, who has used Burt Bacharach to “tame teenagers” who were dancing too provocatively. When Steve asked, “Is the music of Burt Bacharach working?,” Gretchen pertly replied, “I don’t know ’cause Burt would get me going.”

During the interview, F&F producers ran video of young people intensely grinding on the dance floor as the dean explained that he would use Bacharach music to cool things down when the dances became too heated. Then, as the segment ended to the strains of Bacharach, a flushed Gretchen turned to Steve and saucily stuttered, “I don’t know about [you but] I, I’m like in the mood. I’m gonna take off ’cause I’m in the mood.”**

When she began to leave, an amused Steve looked up and asked, “Really?”Gretchen answered, “Burt Bacharach just does that to me.” As she began to sashay off the set, a riant and, possibly, very ribald Steve announced, “Attention, floor crew. Here she comes!” Then, he mischievously chuckled.

*Fox & Friends – 02/17/10 (@6:00 a.m. ET)

**Fox & Friends – 02/17/10 (@8:56 a.m. ET)

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3 Responses to ““Cougar” Carlson: “I’m In the Mood””

  1. NoOne Says:

    O geezs!…….She has to try harder, she`s just not that popular.

    That is to say, that`s why she does it, in my opinion.

    And Steve Doocy would make a great replacement for Mr, Rogers

    “It`s a wonderful day in the neighborhood a wonderful day in the neighborhood” “Wont you be mine” “Wont you be my” “Wont you be my Neighbor”

    EEEEEEH make me cringe why don’t you!

  2. Media Ho' Says:

    Cougar Carlson indeed.
    Former Miss America (1989) Gretchen hosted the pageant recently on TLC.
    Despite being a 43 year old mother w/2 young children and a hectic schedule, Gretch oozed more sophisticated sex appeal than many of the scantily clad contestants that were half her age.
    See for your self.

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