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Molly Line’s Gluts: An F&FW Afterthought

June 1, 2011

Molly’s end: bottom of the Carpe Diem barrel? Before moving on from Fox & Friends’ “new girl,” the author was compelled to include one last Molly Line (Memorial Day Weekend) item. Mercifully, at an end for now, at least, for some–especially, perhaps, her potential F&F Weekend rivals, Ainsley Earhardt and Juliet Huddy. Not to mention, this dry but displaced author (with a backlog of potential posts).

Apparently, as a newcomer to Fox & Friends, Molly is in the process of learning that she is the “Fox” and that her boy bookends are the “Friends.” Accordingly, she has already heeded the apparent advice of her former WFXT-Fox 25 (Boston) colleague and current F&FW meteorologist Rick Reichmuth not to “break a leg” but to “show some leg.” Last Saturday, Molly upped the ante, not only generously displaying her magnificent gams for her FNC viewers during the show but also flaunting her taut tush for them during Fleet Week naval exercise routines. [In the F&FW navy fitness segment entitled, “Do You Have What It Takes?,” a lissome Molly worked her “nice and tight” gluts exclusively as the F&FW cameraperson panned in frequently to marvel at her rear in motion and at rest.*]

However, unlike F&FW‘s proud putative queen, Alisyn Camerota, Molly still seems loathe to exercise her upper body strength. I.e., the naif vixen still disdains the distaff domain of her decolletage as she still studiously swaddles her torso in her high-necked garb de rigeur. Perhaps, FNC’s Harris Faulkner, will soon tutor her alabaster sister with a few pointers for fit femme fatales with a softer, sexier side.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 05/28/11 (@ 5:40 a.m. ET)

“Good Time” Juliet

May 30, 2010

Fleet Week: Huddy treat? America’s NewsHQ guest co-host Juliet Huddy put out her welcome mat to America’s sailors seeking some “r & r” in the Big Apple this week. When co-host Gregg Jarrett introduced a navy segment with Peter Doocy, he teased Juliet about noticing this “inescapable” event and mentioned that he had given seamen directions to Fox News. Giggling, she suggestively asked, “You did? To my office?”* Smiling knowingly, Gregg replied, “They would have loved to have seen you.” Coyly, she tittered, “I’m just kidding.”

Subsequently, after Peter’s report which included a high-tech female robot, Gregg randily remarked, “She is actually quite attractive. Very cute.” Of Gregg who, apparently, had made an off-color comment off-camera, Juliet queried, “What did you just say [inaudible]?” Chuckling, Gregg replied, “I’m not going to say what I said.” Juliet impishly insisted, “You gotta say what you said!” Facetiously, Gregg retorted, “No, no, she could be my new future co-anchor is what I said.”

Wanting to get in on the ribald revelry, Peter teased, “And, I’m sure that if any Marines need to know the directions to Juliet’s office while they’re in town, the robot could help them out, too.” Laughing, a flushed Juliet answered, “I was only kidding. You know, as a female, you have to say that when you’re.” Batting her eyes, she coyly continued, “Well, I guess, maybe, I was inappropriate, and I apologize for that. I was trying to lighten things up a little bit.” Riantly, Gregg replied, “They will love you! Marines, navy, come on down. Twelve eleven.” Reddened, Juliet coquettishly responded, “Quit it! Be quiet.”

The former Fox & Friends Weekend hottie is definitely back in the FNC house.

*America’s NewsHQ – 05/30/10 (@4:23 p.m. ET)

Domenica: Mind That Bird

May 23, 2009

Our boys were back in town, and Domenica Davis had their rapt attention! As the Marines (fresh in for Fleet Week) showcased their fighting skills and big guns for the public in Times Square outside the F&F studio this morning, they exhibited an extra dollop of testosterone as the Fox & Friends guest meteorologist put them through their paces. F&FW’s winsome weatherfilly, like Preakness winner Rachel Alexandra, had her leatherneck studs heatedly following in her tracks.

In fact, the long-tressed Italian treat, clad in her royal blue, plunging-neckline dress and shod in white foot-flattering thongs, had the eager eye and obedient ear of every red-blooded male Marine there. After our boys had proudly displayed their physical prowess for her in their defensive fighting exhibition, she interviewed them. Not surprisingly, none, apparently, had a wife (or girlfriend) as co-anchor Dave Briggs astutely noted: One gave a shout-out to his mom, another to his aunt, and the last one to his sister. Hmm!

Our fighting boys did not seem to mind that regular meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was vacationing in Hawaii. (For that matter, neither did Domenica.) When it came to Domenica today, the Marines held true to their motto Semper Fi!

For her pre-FNC WBAL-TV vids (including a Preakness one), check the links as follow:

Salty Steve Regales Roginsky

May 20, 2009

Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy’s blue humor elicited a rare smile from Pundit Pit guest Julie Roginsky. When Steve thanked the partisan politicos at the conclusion of the segment, he playfully described too often dour Democratic strategist Rodinsky as “a consultant…does all that stuff…and is out on the streets late at night.” Rodinsky riantly responded, “Whoa! That sounds, that sounds a lot worse.” To which, Steve risquely replied, “You’ll have to give us all the details later.”

Fleet Week ’09 did begin today in New York.