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No-Ring Circus

September 27, 2009

Ainsley was back today and she turned the usual three-ring circus, i.e., Fox & Friends Weekend, into a no-ring one. The newly more liberated blonde beauty re-joined her former F&FW colleagues on the curvy couch today. Clad in a short lilac dress, the Southern belle charmed her way back into the hearts of Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris.

It seemed as if she did not need to work too hard. In fact, the boys seemed to be favorably predisposed. Not only did Dave apparently forget to take his ring off the bedroom dresser this morning but also Clayton seemed to suffer from the same amnesia.

During the show, the boys made Ainsley feel right back at home with their bawdy humor. E.g., Dave racily remarked that Ainsley and Clayton were doing “something” off camera. Not taking too much offense, a smiling, blushing Ainsley faintly protested that he made it sound bad. Of course, “bad boy” Clayton simply smiled.

With the Aly cat away, her boys did play.

Aly Shines on AN: Keep Her on F&FW

September 25, 2009

“If you’re all alone, pick up the phone….Who you gonna call?” With Megyn Kelly, America’s Newroom co-host, gone and Bill Hemmer all alone, FNC’s SVP, Bill Shine, did indeed pick up the phone. And who did he call? Nope, not Ghostbusters–but Alisyn Camerota.

Shine’s morning go-to gal is definitely Alisyn Camerota. Whether she is captaining Fox & Friends Weekend, “filling in” on Fox & Friends weekday, or co-hosting an FNC morning show, Shine knows that Aly will come through for him. However, Shine should realize that the F&F franchise is the one most ready made for Aly.

Former FNC Executive VP of News Editorial John Moody stated, “[Fox & Friends is] an entertainment show that does some news.” Whereas he was waxing overly hyperbolic, F&F needs someone to both entertain and enlighten. Aly fits that bill superbly.

Ergo, if Shine needs Aly in a pinch, then, by all means, he should use her. However, he should not take her indefinitely from the morning show where she is at her very best. With his team depth, he should turn his eyes to potential starters like Juliet Huddy, Patti Ann Browne, or Ainsley Earhardt. Or, he could give lesser known talents like Domenica Davis, Lauren Sivan, or Dari Alexander a chance.

Hopefully, Aly’s appearance is apparitional and another’s will be aspirational.

G.I.’s: “Pigs” in Afghanistan?

September 25, 2009

A sports story gone awry? Today Adam Housely, FNC’s Live Desk co-anchor, seemed to inadvertently tell his audience that American soldiers who stayed in Afghanistan were like pigs–not exactly a compliment in the Muslim. Hopefully, that was not quite the point that he intended to make.

In his seemingly stay-the-course segment on America’s future role in Afghanistan, Adam appeared to reach back to an old coach’s pep talk in his minor league days as an Expo or a Tiger. As he interviewed Jim Phillips, a Heritage Foundation Middle East fellow, about his advice on U.S. involvement, he asked, “Remember the old analogy of the bacon-and-egg breakfast where the chicken…is involved and the pig is committed? Is it time now that we commit fully or pull out fully?”

Perhaps, the author has considered Adam’s analogue a bit too much. Nevertheless, if one were to carry Adam’s argument to its logical conclusion, American G.I.’s there now or new ones in the future would be disdained as unworthy by the largely Muslim population. Or from an American perspective, they would be sacrificing their lives for another’s selfish enjoyment.

Adam, strike one!

Boy! Megyn Really Delivers!

September 25, 2009

Megyn Kelly, America’s Newsroom co-host, gave birth to a “beautiful and healthy” baby boy shortly before 10 a.m. ET this morning (according to AN). Megyn’s TV hubby Bill Hemmer proudly announced the early arrival of little Edward Yates who weighed seven pounds and ten ounces. Megyn’s substitute, Alisyn Camerota, added that Yates was named after both of his grandfathers.

Congratulations, Megyn and Doug!

Angie Harmon: “Age Appropriate?”

September 22, 2009

Apparently, Fox & Friends producers forgot to do their research on guest Angie Harmon, former Law & Order star. Billed as merely an actress, Angie was booked for two segments to promote her charity celeb shoe auction for kids. The second part included a fashion segment entitled, “Age Appropriate?” F&F did not seem to realize that Angie was a fashion model who had won Seventeen’s cover-page contest at the age of fifteen and had subsequently appeared in Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. (Not to mention that the age of majority is eighteen!)

As the first segment concluded, F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson breathlessly promoted the upcoming one entitled “Age Appropriate? (with photos of Gossip Girl Blake Lively in her hot backless, thigh-high slit, and waist-low neckline red Versace Emmy dress),” asking, “Are young women in Hollywood like Blake Lively dressing too provocatively?” Angie, incredulously scoffed, “Oh, come on! She looks beautiful. Really? That’s beautiful. That’s not even provocative!”

When the second segment started, Angie briefly discussed non-profit KaBOOM!’s urban playground initiative with co-hosts Gretch, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy. Immediately thereafter, Gretch said, “Sounds like a fantastic cause. Let’s talk a little about fashion because we were showing that picture before we went to break of Blake Lively.” Angie joked, “She’s just godawful, isn’t she? Poor thing having to walk through life like that. She’s beautiful!”

Haltingly, Gretch replied, “Yeah, I’m not really sure. I guess.” Steve interjected, “The plunging neckline. She’s twenty-two.” Angie asked, “Is she twenty-two? Then she’s fine.” Less sure of herself than before, Gretch continued, “Dressed provocatively would be the short hemline.”

Angie declared, “She’s twenty-two….Her shoulders look fine. Is it low-cut and high-cut?” Interrupting her, Brian jested, “Do you think they [sic] should be wearing a coat?” Adamantly, Angie responded, “No! It’s LA…. No, I think she looks lovely. If this was [sic] my daughter, I would be fine with this. There! How’s that!”

And that was that.

Gretchen: Get U.N. Out of U.S.

September 22, 2009

More FNC push-back today for Obama’s stiff arm Sunday? On the very morning that President Barack Obama gave a speech at the United Nations on climate change, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson called for the ouster of the U.N. from American soil.

After a segment on the President’s full day at the U.N. and mention of tomorrow’s speeches by Obama, Libyan leader Khadafy, and Irani potentate Ahmadinejad, Gretchen made her pitch. She asserted, “I’d like to start a movement. Maybe, we can start a movement to move the United Nations out of the United States. What do think about that?”

Concurring, co-host Steve Doocy declared, “And save us a bunch of dough.” Gretchen continued, “Yeah. We spend gazillions. I think…the U.S. picks up at least 75% of the budget for the U.N., and then we have these people come here and diss us. It doesn’t make sense.”

Co-anchor Brian Kilmeade countered, “But Mayor Giuliani said that our city benefits from this.” “In what way?,” asked Gretchen. Brian anemically answered, “Financially, I think, even though they don’t pay their tickets.” Gretchen laughed, “Let me know when you figure out how it benefits the U.S. to have them criticize us.”

Was she subconsciously including POTUS?

Kiran: “Looking Down My Shirt”

September 21, 2009

This time it was American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry who was “pumpkin peeking”–at her own. In the past, AM co-anchor John Roberts and co-anchor temp T.J. Holmes have been caught stealing a similar glance.

Today not only was Kiran momentarily distracted but also she had CNN correspondent Jason Carroll somewhat flustered. As Jason gave his political report on the NY governor, Jason stopped mid-sentence, smiled at Kiran, and asked, “What are doing?” She said nothing. As he began to conclude his story, Jason seemed to inadvertently point his pen at Kiran’s chest: Kiran looked down and then at John who kept his eyes studiously riveted on Jason.

When Jason had finished his segment, Kiran pointed at her bosom repeatedly and answered, “I was actually, I was looking down my shirt because I thought my microphone  fell off.” Jason replied, “Yeah, I was wondering what was going on there. Glad you cleared that up for us!” Turning toward John who was grinning and looking away, Kiran exclaimed, “Sorry, he asked me, ‘What are you doing?'”

Perhaps, remembering last October and less than two weeks ago, John jested, “At least, it wasn’t one of us!” Chuckling, Jason answered, “Yeah!” To which, Kiran heartily guffawed.

Ironically, had her mike fallen earlier, Kiran would not have had to search as hard. Earlier in the show, Kiran had a more daring decolletage. However, apparently, some priggish producer found fault. Thereafter, Kiran went from pinup to pinned up.

“So Delicious”: Chetrylicious!

September 18, 2009

Thanks, Jamie! After American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry teasingly revealed that she was dancing off camera (during an opening city shot), this viewer complained, “Jamie Kraft should put [you] ON camera when you dance, Kiran. Spike those ratings! P.S. Tell Jamie that Janelle [Rodriguez] did.” Possibly, responsive thereto, AM’s executive producer did just that.

A mere half hour later when AM returned from a commercial break, Kiran and CNN correspondent Alino Cho were saucily dancing at their desk to Fergie’s “Fergalicious.” “So delicious”! Even more so for the author, since Carpe Diem’s long-time description of Kiran has been “Chetrylicious.”

Kudos, Jamie! Not only for your apparent responsiveness to the AM audience but also for loosening things up today on the set. Hopefully, this will be a hallmark of your tenure at the helm.

*American Morning (09/18/09) – @8:54 a.m.

Gretchen: Stanford’s “Bimbo”?

September 18, 2009

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson displayed an iota of ignorance on A.S.S., the After the Show Show, yesterday. And, no readers and viewers, she does not want to hear about it from you. (N.B. Grechen fans, the author has written “ignorance,” not stupidity.)

Today in the middle of A.S.S., co-host Brian Kilmeade had to leave for his radio show, Brian and the Judge: As he did, the camera panned to his shoes. Colleague Steve Doocy asked, “Brian, are those the shoes from a famous person?” Instead of answering, Brian replied, “What deceased person mailed me shoes before they [sic] died? Gretchen interjected, “That’s the question of the day: That’s the question of the year. Maybe, we could get someone to sponsor that one: It would have to be a foodie.”

Confused, Steve asked, “Foodie?” Surprised that he did not immediately concur, she queried, “Wouldn’t it?” Hoping to end the uncomfortable disconnect, Steve exclaimed, A footie!” Still bemused, Gretchen asked, “Well, are we thinking of the same person who gave those shoes to him?” Steve immediately responded, “Brian got those shoes from Tom DeLuise.” Gretch replied, “That’s what I, yeah, a foodie! He, he was a chef.”

Correcting her, Steve said, “An actor.” Gretch answered, “Yeah, in his later years, tho.” Steve replied, “He did have, like, some, he looked exactly like chef Paul Prudhomme.” With eyes wide open, Gretch queried, “Oh, he wasn’t the same guy?” Chuckling, Steve answered, “No that’s a different guy.” Doubling over in laughter, Gretch simply said, “Oh!” As the crew erupted in laughter, Steve sympathetically stated, “Look, we have a three-hour show.”

Gretch admitted, “I can’t keep it all straight. They do look a lot alike: I thought that Dom DeLuise was, in fact, Chef whatever his name is.” As an aside to the audience members and literally giving them the hand, she sternly warned, “And don’t send me the e-mails about ‘I thought you went to Stanford…you’re not smart, you’re just a bimbo. Don’t send them, okay? Thank you!”

To be fair to Gretchen, DeLuise strongly resembled the celeb Cajun chef. In fact, so much so, that Deluise once jested that he had impersonated Prudhomme at the chef’s New Orleans restaurant K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. Furthermore, DeLuise authored several cookbooks in the latter part of his life.

Nevertheless, it’s never good to give the audience the hand. Or the proverbial finger for that matter.

Juliet Huddy: “I’m baaaaaaaack!”

September 17, 2009

The girl is back in town! Today, Juliet Huddy, the former co-host of the Morning Show with Mike and Juliet and Fox & Friends Weekend is back at Fox News with a new contract. Only a few hours ago, the leggy, blond beauty Tweeted, “Heading up to Fox Legal to sign a new deal. I’m baaaaaaaack! Been with FNC for 12 years. CRAZY.” Offering a clue to her plans, she added, “New segment on O’Reilly Factor — “Dumbest Things”. See you on Fridays!”

Juliet has been sorely missed since her departure to the broadcast network. Lately, her appearances as a substitute host on the morning and afternoon, a contributor on the O’Reilly Factor, and a guest on Red Eye have been a delightful reminder of her fab Fox & Friends days. Now that she’s back, hopefully, Bill Shine will add her to the Fox & Friends rotation, too. Her sexy, edgy, irreverent approach would be a welcome addition.

Welcome back, Juliet!

Kiran: “Arrivederci, Rob!”

September 17, 2009

Bye, bye, AM beefcake? Did American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry give meteorologist Rob Marciano a subtle Soprano-like kiss goodbye today?

In AM’s second hour weathercast, Rob concluded his segment and segued back to Kiran and guest co-host T. J. Holmes. When he did so, Kiran said, “It’s time to get up here, Rob, get your butt up here and pick some apples.” T.J. looked at Kiran, smiled, and interjected, “Wow!” As for Rob, he replied, “Alright. I’d like that. Yeah, maybe, do a little leaf viewing as well.”

Seeming not to understand Rob, Kiran queried, “Do a little what? He repeated, “Do a little leaf peeping.” Again, Kiran asked, “Leaf what?” Rob reiterated, “Leaf peeping and apple picking.” Seeming to sense some double entendres, T.J. turned to Kiran and exclaimed, “I should go. I should go now.” Grabbing T.J.’s arm, Kiran pleaded, “Just stay, please. We don’t need anyone else walking off set because of something Rob said.” Then looking into the camera, Kiran threw Rob an unexpected kiss goodbye, and said, “Arrivederci, Rob!”*

As to her “mafioso” farewell, Kiran may have been ribbing Rob about his producers’ caution yesterday after an exchange with CNN Newsroom anchor Heidi Collins. After a story about a naked biker who was stopped for a D.U.I. after visiting Hooters, Rob began to ad lib risquely before being stopping by his producers for the “benefit of [his] career.”

Long-time AM viewers know that Rob frequently not only makes risque remarks but also quips about his future CNN employment. E.g., cf. Carpe Diem‘s “Rob Unleased: “Pimp” and “B-i-t-c-h’s.” This morning, Kiran seemed to be be playing along beautifully with the theme. No worries, ladies, your Adonis is safe!

ACORN Vid: Old or Misdated?

September 16, 2009

Filmmaker James O’Keefe and Hannah Giles released their latest ACORN vid expose yesterday. (In it, once again the duo pose respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the community organizing group.) On the embedded YouTube video, O’Keefe said that the vid filmed in an office in San Bernardino, CA, occurred on August 17, 2009. If one merely looks at this video, there is no apparent time or date stamp.

Whereas American Morning ran the YouTube version,* Fox & Friends aired another one with time and date stamps included.** The time shown was “20:41:03” and the date indicated was “2005.08.14.” If accurate, the video would have been taken at 8:41 p.m. four years ago.

Of earlier O’Keefe & Giles’ exposes, ACORN chief organizer, Bertha Lewis claimed, “It is clear that the videos are doctored, edited, and in no way the result of the fabricated story being portrayed by conservative activist ‘filmmaker’ O’Keefe and his partner in crime.” Even though subsequent firings of some of the involved employees may tend to belie her assertions, the F&F video with the old or misdated time and dates stamps may lend some credence thereto.

*American Morning (09/16/09) – @7:48 a.m. ET

**Fox & Friends (09/16/09) – @8:06 a.m. ET

F&F Mutes Geraldo

September 16, 2009

Did Fox & Friends use the five-second delay to censor Geraldo Rivera today? Known for his salty tongue, Geraldo has previously used expletives including “dumbas*,” “tu*d,” “bast**d,” and “pr*ck” on the program. This morning, F&F producers seemed more than ready for him.

F&F had Geraldo in for a segment entitled “Hispanics in America,” which showcased his new book, The New Progression: How Hispanics Will Lead America to a New Era of Prosperity. When Fox & Friends co-host Steve Doocy promoted his upcoming appearance before a commercial break, Geraldo began his usual swagger from the Green Room toward the set. As he did, he appeared to randily remark, “I noticed Gretchen [Carlson] is tan: she looks like a [unknown adjective fully muted] Latina.” [Italics added for emphasis.]

What did Geraldo say? Unfortunately, F&F producers appeared to censor it much too well for the author to tell. However, the curious reader with a DVR may see if he or she can.*

*Fox & Friends (09/16/09) – @7:42 a.m. ET

Smoking John Roberts! Not!

September 15, 2009

The latest bad boy? Shortly after an American Morning segment today entitled, “So Much Misbehavin’,” the seemingly irritated AM co-anchor whacked his CNN colleague Jason Carroll with his rolled up papers.* Ironically, in a show bemoaning the lack of civility based on the recent behavior of Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R), Selena Williams, and Kanye West, John swatted Jason after he questioned whether John was indeed an ex-smoker.

In an earlier segment on the proposed Central Park smoking ban, John had seemed to indicate his support for it. He had commented, “You know, you walk down the streets in New York…and somebody half a block ahead of you is smoking, it just permeates the environment.” In Jason’s second story on the ban, co-host Kiran Chetry said, “You’re talking to two ex-smokers. And, when you’re an ex-smoker.” Interrupting her, Jason pointed to John and incredulously said, “Ex-smokers? I thought you knew.”

Looking at John and then at Jason, Kiran insisted, “We’re exes.” Immediately, as if Jason were an impertinent child, John rolled up his papers and punished him with a pop to the top of his head. Thereafter, a surprised Kiran laughed as if she were not quite sure how to respond. Jason, trying to be a good sport, did as well.

At the end of the segment when the film footage had run, John, mimicking Wilson, Selena, and Kanye, apologized. Addressing Jason, he said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have whacked you with the paper.” As an apt aside to the audience, Jason rejoined, “Maybe, he should take up smoking again.” Kiran chuckled, “Maybe, it would calm him down.” John jested, “You know what they say: there’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker.”

Maybe. Perhaps, a reformed smoker that’s still sneaking a few?

*American Morning (09/15/09) – @8:55 a.m. ET

Hannity’s Twilight Zone

September 14, 2009

Glass houses! Sean Hannity’s favorite liberal Bob Beckel looked like a philandering Pharisee casting stones at the woman caught in adultery tonight. “Embarrassing, just embarrassing”: Those very words uttered by Beckel, 1984 Democratic nominee Walter Mondale’s campaign manager, after Reagan’s landslide victory (49 of 50 states) seemed to echo eerily tonight on Hannity.

In a Great American Panel segment, entitled “ACORN Exposed,” Hannity asked Beckel to defend the community activist organization in light of the recent expose by film maker James O’Keefe and his collaborator, Hannah Giles. (O’Keefe and Giles posed respectively as a pimp and prostitute seeking housing and tax advice from the organization to set up a bordello.). After defending ACORN generally, Beckel inexplicably went THERE. He pontificated, “You know what I really found interesting about that was Senator Vitter of Louisiana who went out with a whore and he sits there and starts complaining about it. He ought to shut his mouth. And he’s lucky he’s still in the United States Senate.”

Subsequently, Hannity panelist Heather Higgins, Independent Women’s Forum Chairperson, stated, “You’re desperate to be bringing Vitter into this.” In response, Beckel said, “I could bring a lot more in: I could bring in the governor of South Carolina, I could bring in Bill Clinton…. Not surprisingly, he conveniently forgot to bring himself in as well. (According to the Smoking Gun, Beckel is not unacquainted with such dalliances.)

Then, Hannity, perhaps, aware of his audience’s incredulity at Beckel’s chutzpah, pointed at Beckel and said, “I just saw you smile…I got you!” Sheepishly, Beckel replied, “Far be it from me to throw arrows at things like this.”

Far be it, indeed. Perhaps, a parallel universe? Tonight, close enough: Hannity‘s Twilight Zone.

Juan’s “Fordian” Slip: Megyn’s Mock

September 14, 2009

FNC contributor and NPR analyst Juan Williams had his Gerald Ford “Free Poland” moment today. During a “Does Racism Play a Role in Anti-Obama Protests?” segment, Hemmer asked about Maureen Dowd’s assertion that Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R)’s outburst was based on race. Williams replied, “If you listen to talk radio these days, especially, black talk radio…people are really beginning to see a pattern….Joe Wilson’s disrespectful reproach to the President, ‘You lie,’ has become a refrain for the President’s critics. But, it seems as if there is a degree of disdain in there or contempt–a refusal to say, ‘Well, gee, we’ve got to give him the respect that’s due any President.”

Unfortunately for Williams, he did not stop there. He added, “There were people who really didn’t like George W. Bush but no one yelled out in the midst of a joint session, ‘You lie’: No one questioned his legitimacy to be President.'”*

Like the moderator in the Ford-Carter debate, co-host Megyn Kelly could not quite contain herself at the conclusion of the segment. Looking at Hemmer, Kelly scoffed, “Did Juan say that, that no one questioned the legitimacy of President Bush? Hah! I think he’d probably  want to amend that.”

When Hemmer replied, “At times.” Megyn continued, “That happened throughout the eight years after the 2000 election.” A grinning Hemmer animatedly agreed, “At times, it crossed, it crossed the wires.”

*America’s Newsroom – 09/14/09 (@9:13 a.m. ET)

Aly to Dave: Feel It!

September 13, 2009

Fox & Friends Weekend co-anchor Alisyn Camerota may have somewhat hidden her love from her fans and followers today. However, she certainly did not toward her co-host Dave Briggs. As for her fans, she treated them to some eye candy with her sexy, short red dress but she simply sent a single Tweet (no Tweetbacks) and merely commented once on her blog (ten minutes before the end of the show). However, as for Dave, her love seemed a mite more manifest.

One such instance occurred during F&FW’s “Snuggie Time for Wallace” segment (wherein Chris Wallace donned a Snuggie from the F&FW crew). As Dave began to introduce the story, he suddenly stopped, moved closer to Aly, and said, “Uh, I guess my mike is off.” More than helpful, Aly jutted her bosom mike out towards Dave and coquettishly cooed, “Speak into my chest.”  [A loud whistle from her delighted floor crew ensued.]

Another such example occurred later in the program after Aly did a story on shopping for vintage clothing at New York’s City Opera Thrift Store. As that segment concluded, Aly modeled her designer dress for her appreciative colleagues, Dave and co-anchor Clayton Morris. Then when the previews of the upcoming blocks ran, Dave was heard saying, “It’s good.” For the audience’s benefit, Aly amusedly remarked, “Dave’s fondling my fabric.”

After the promos ran, the trio reappeared on air just before going to commercial.  Clayton asked, “What fabric is this? Is it burlap?” as he repeatedly touched her dress. Meanwhile, Dave, not quite as comfortable as Clayton, kept his distance for the time being. However, quite interested, Dave asked, “What is vintage?” Aly racily patted her derriere and saucily replied, “Feel it!”

The Bristol Bay Babe seems to always be able to keep her boys’ rapt attention.

Ann Coulter: We Look Fantastic Naked!

September 12, 2009

Geraldo at Large guest Ann Coulter tantalized her conservative fans by baring a little of her libertine side tonight. During a segment on ESPN reporter Erin Andrews who had denied to Oprah that she had staged the “Peeping Tom” video, host Geraldo Rivera aired a portion of the interview. As it ran, Ann whispered a racy aside to fellow guest Kimberly Guilfoyle.

After the footage had run, Geraldo told Kimberly that it was “clearly an inside job.” Kimberly responded, “But that doesn’t mean that she staged it.” Then she gratuitously added, “What Ann and I were talking. Go ahead and say it, Ann.” Chuckling, Ann replied, “No. That was a hot mike.” However, Kimberly could not keep that delicious tidbit from the audience: She disclosed, “No, she said, ‘I think we, too, would look pretty good walking around naked, too.'”

Defending her risque remark, Ann stated, “Well, Oprah just challenged it, saying, ‘Nobody looks that good walking around naked.’ And, I said, ‘We look fantastic naked!'”* Amused, a grinning Geraldo interjected, “Oh, my dear! How did we get here?” Kimberly answered, “I don’t know!” Laughing, Ann riposted, “It’s your topic!”

Tempting viewers with thoughts of herself and Kimberly nude, the conservative siren sure knows how to bring errant sailors ashore.

Geraldo at Large – 09/12/09 (@10:54 p.m. ET)

Ainsley: Poor Thing

September 12, 2009

She did not just say that! “Poor thing”: Intended double entendre or merely mistimed Southern colloquialism? Either way, today Ainsley Earhardt, America’s News HQ co-host, made viewers grit their teeth and roll their eyes when she uttered those words.

Initially, Ainsley introduced a segment on South African runner Caster Semenya, a purported hermaphrodite in danger of being stripped of her women’s 800 meter medal in the  world championships. When it was over, co-anchor Rick Folbaum repeatedly referred to Semenya as a female and expressed deep sympathy with her plight. Ainsley concurred, “I know. I know. Poor thing! Hopefully, they’ll figure it all out.”* [Italics added for emphasis.]

Ouch! Assuredly, one would not think that Ainsley was being intentionally hurtful. However, her choice of words was most regrettable. Obviously, no human is a thing whether male, female, or otherwise classified.

*America’s News HQ – 09/12/09 (@6:26 p.m. ET)

Briggs Bashes Absent Blago

September 12, 2009

After apparently being blown off by former Illinois guv Rod Blagojevich this morning, the Fox & Friends co-anchors were not particularly happy, especially Dave Briggs. In the final half hour, Alisyn announced, “We have been awaiting a guest this morning, Governor, former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who’s out with a new book.  He’s supposed to be here any minute but we haven’t seen him. We’re getting a little bit concerned.”

Then Aly posited that his absence might be her fault. Rhetorically, she asked, “Is it possible that he could have cold feet? As you will recall, I did interview him less than a year ago. He told me that time that I was mean and that it was the meanest, most frightening interview he had undergone…Where is Governor Blagojevich at this hour?”

Clowning, Clayton began to ostensibly look for Blago in the studio. Dave advised, “Smell for hair spray: Get the scent of hair spray.” Going to the F&FW hair stylist, Clayton commented, “I went right to the hair person because we know Blago’s hair and…we know he was going to be about an hour for that.” Meanwhile, Aly pleaded, “We would love to have you on, governor: we’re hoping that you’re in the car heading in our direction right now.” Then Dave sternly declared, “We hope that you live up to your promise–come, come here as promised.”

Thereafter, turning to Aly, Dave acerbically added, “There might be another scent that you smell for because a lot of people say that he’s full of–uh, a few things.” When Aly responded, “I’m not sure that you’re encouraging him right now to come on. An unapologetic Dave answered, “Well, it is what it is!”

Dave’s version of Cronkite’s tagline?