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Clayton: History Buff or Bluff?

November 21, 2009

As loyal Fox & Friends Weekend fans know, co-anchor Clayton Morris fashions himself a history buff. However, today he appeared to be more the dilettante of the American narrative in an F&FW interview of Governor Mike Huckabee. During that segment (on Obama’s hinting that he might not run again in 2012), Clayton asked about one-term President Gerald Ford.

Clayton commented, “Let’s talk about Gerald Ford for a second from a history perspective because I’m fascinated by that moment.” (Perhaps, he should not have.) Confounded,¬† Clayton disjointedly declared, “He ran but he knew by pardoning Nixon, by taking some of those bullets. And, of course, famously even featured in Profiles in Courage, you know, the Kennedy book later for having courage to stand up and take sort of a bullet for the country as a result of the Nixon impeachment proceedings. Is that what President Obama is saying here?”*

In the past, Clayton has confused¬† the nineteenth century caning of a would-be assassin by our seventh President “Old Hickory,” Andrew Jackson, with the beating of Senator Charles Sumner by Rep. Preston Brooks more than two decades later. Such an error about the arcane Congressional record is one thing. However, not remembering President Gerald Ford’s 1974 pardon of the disgraced Richard M. Nixon occurred almost twenty years after President John F. Kennedy penned his 1955 Profiles in Courage is another altogether. [N.B. Gerald Ford did receive the 2001 John F. Kennedy Profile in Courage award (named after JFK’s book) for his pardon of Nixon.]

The dangers of being a self-dubbed “buff”! In the future, Clayton may well want to consult the country’s chronicles before opining on its past beyond the current news cycle. The author does not doubt that he will learn from another of his avocations and get better with age.

*Fox & Friends (11/21/09) – @8:49 a.m. ET

Juan’s “Fordian” Slip: Megyn’s Mock

September 14, 2009

FNC contributor and NPR analyst Juan Williams had his Gerald Ford “Free Poland” moment today. During a “Does Racism Play a Role in Anti-Obama Protests?” segment, Hemmer asked about Maureen Dowd’s assertion that Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R)’s outburst was based on race. Williams replied, “If you listen to talk radio these days, especially, black talk radio…people are really beginning to see a pattern….Joe Wilson’s disrespectful reproach to the President, ‘You lie,’ has become a refrain for the President’s critics. But, it seems as if there is a degree of disdain in there or contempt–a refusal to say, ‘Well, gee, we’ve got to give him the respect that’s due any President.”

Unfortunately for Williams, he did not stop there. He added, “There were people who really didn’t like George W. Bush but no one yelled out in the midst of a joint session, ‘You lie’: No one questioned his legitimacy to be President.'”*

Like the moderator in the Ford-Carter debate, co-host Megyn Kelly could not quite contain herself at the conclusion of the segment. Looking at Hemmer, Kelly scoffed, “Did Juan say that, that no one questioned the legitimacy of President Bush? Hah! I think he’d probably¬† want to amend that.”

When Hemmer replied, “At times.” Megyn continued, “That happened throughout the eight years after the 2000 election.” A grinning Hemmer animatedly agreed, “At times, it crossed, it crossed the wires.”

*America’s Newsroom – 09/14/09 (@9:13 a.m. ET)