Kiran: “Looking Down My Shirt”

This time it was American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry who was “pumpkin peeking”–at her own. In the past, AM co-anchor John Roberts and co-anchor temp T.J. Holmes have been caught stealing a similar glance.

Today not only was Kiran momentarily distracted but also she had CNN correspondent Jason Carroll somewhat flustered. As Jason gave his political report on the NY governor, Jason stopped mid-sentence, smiled at Kiran, and asked, “What are doing?” She said nothing. As he began to conclude his story, Jason seemed to inadvertently point his pen at Kiran’s chest: Kiran looked down and then at John who kept his eyes studiously riveted on Jason.

When Jason had finished his segment, Kiran pointed at her bosom repeatedly and answered, “I was actually, I was looking down my shirt because I thought my microphone  fell off.” Jason replied, “Yeah, I was wondering what was going on there. Glad you cleared that up for us!” Turning toward John who was grinning and looking away, Kiran exclaimed, “Sorry, he asked me, ‘What are you doing?'”

Perhaps, remembering last October and less than two weeks ago, John jested, “At least, it wasn’t one of us!” Chuckling, Jason answered, “Yeah!” To which, Kiran heartily guffawed.

Ironically, had her mike fallen earlier, Kiran would not have had to search as hard. Earlier in the show, Kiran had a more daring decolletage. However, apparently, some priggish producer found fault. Thereafter, Kiran went from pinup to pinned up.


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