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T.J. Holmes Leaves CNN

December 6, 2011

To join Kiran Chetry? CNN Newsroom weekend anchor T. J. Holmes revealed that he is departing CNN at the end of the year according to Richard Prince. TVNewser confirmed the news with CNN programming director Janelle Rodriguez and further reported that T. J. “already has another gig lined up.”

Hm. Is CNN’s ebony Adonis following in the footsteps of American Morning’s Aphrodite, i.e., T. J.’s friend and former AM co-host Kiran Chetry? Less than five months ago (end of July), Kiran left CNN for a  yet to-be-announced “very special opportunity” and just last month she assured her followers that she would be back on TV “very soon.” Perhaps, even though CNN honcho Ken Jautz’s test AM iteration of T. J. and Kiran did not quite work out this year, the two may plan to reunite in early 2012 in another television venture elsewhere.

Regardless, CNN viewers will miss the genuinely charming Southern gentleman with a quick wit, a ready smile, and a personable touch. For T. J.’s American Morning fans (who are likewise bereft of the captivating Kiran), at least, his ivory twin Rob Marciano remains for now as the moribund AM comes to an end next year.

T. J., thanks for the CNN memories. Hopefully, your fans will see you again soon on the air. If with Kiran, all the better!

Kiran: Jump on It! [Updated]

June 7, 2010

“Oops, I Did It Again!” was the message that American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry sent her Twitter followers this morning. To be exact, she Tweeted, “If you see something on my leg this AM, it’s an aircast. I sprained my ankle pretty badly jumping on a trampoline!” As her Twitter followers may remember, Kiran likewise injured herself (albeit her neck then) last year on a trampoline (Moonbounce) as she showed off for her daughter Maya’s friends at a birthday party with an ill-fated flip.

Strangely, Kiran, co-anchor John Roberts, and AM producer Jamie Kraft made no mention of Kiran’s sprained ankle during the show today. In fact, the cameraperson seemed intent on concealing it: e.g., in Kiran’s standing shots, she was shown from basically the knee up. However, on occasion, her cast could be barely seen from a distance when AM returned from commercial break as the camera panned the studio.

Conversely, could one imagine its juggernaut competitor, Fox & Friends, missing such an opportunity to connect personally with its audience and showcase its co-host? Surely, its hosts, especially, Brian Kilmeade, would have given Kiran all kinds of grief as to how she was injured as their cameraperson took more than a few lingering shots of her gorgeous gams. However, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft seems to have taken the mayo tack to news–all too distinct from the spicier salsa approach that his predecessor Janelle Rodriguez had preferred.

Second-chance suggestion: Jamie, let JD pick a few songs to showcase Kiran’s injury on the trampoline, e.g., Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Jump on It,” Pointer Sisters’ “Jump (For My Love),” or Van Halen’s “Jump”. Or, maybe even include the Van Halen vid itself, too, in which lead singer David Lee Roth bears a resemblance to John in his MuchTV veejay days: a twofer! At the very least, have John and Kiran do another “What’s Under the Desk” segment.

Jamie, “Jump on It”!

Update: According to, Kiran is supposed to have her ankle in an aircast for 4-6 weeks but she hopes to have it off sooner, i.e., the Friday before the 2010 Daytime Emmys (June 27, 2010). (Kiran’s seemingly self-shot close-up of her ankle is included in the article.)

“So Delicious”: Chetrylicious!

September 18, 2009

Thanks, Jamie! After American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry teasingly revealed that she was dancing off camera (during an opening city shot), this viewer complained, “Jamie Kraft should put [you] ON camera when you dance, Kiran. Spike those ratings! P.S. Tell Jamie that Janelle [Rodriguez] did.” Possibly, responsive thereto, AM’s executive producer did just that.

A mere half hour later when AM returned from a commercial break, Kiran and CNN correspondent Alino Cho were saucily dancing at their desk to Fergie’s “Fergalicious.” “So delicious”! Even more so for the author, since Carpe Diem’s long-time description of Kiran has been “Chetrylicious.”

Kudos, Jamie! Not only for your apparent responsiveness to the AM audience but also for loosening things up today on the set. Hopefully, this will be a hallmark of your tenure at the helm.

*American Morning (09/18/09) – @8:54 a.m.

American Morning: See Ya!

July 14, 2009

For the second day in a row, American Morning co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry have given their audience a distant adieu. Instead of thanking their loyal viewers for joining them, they have merely handed them off to Heidi Collins of CNN Newsroom with nary a fond farewell. I.e., yesterday, John merely declared, “And the news continues with Heidi Collins in News[room], and today, Kiran simply proclaimed, “And we’ll see ya here tomorrow.”

Hopefully, a stereotypical New York City attitude is not re-emerging under AM’s interim executive producer Jamie Kraft. Janelle Rodriguez had made positive strides in making AM more personable and viewer-friendly: Kraft should try, at least, to maintain her progress. To wit, AM’s audience should be patently appreciated, not seemingly taken for granted.

Pinup Kiran

May 27, 2009

“Just one look, that’s all it took! Yeah, just one look that’s it all it took” for American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry to go from pinup to pinned up. After AM’s Aphrodite, apparently, caused yet another co-host to have an errant eye, out came a cloistering clasp.

After Kiran had been on the air with guest host T.J. Holmes for about an hour in her lovely white blouse with a very modest neckline, her top began to open somewhat more. As co-anchor John Roberts did around Thanksgiving time (“Pumpkin Peeking,”),* T.J. could not help but notice: as he turned toward her, for a nanosecond, he seemed to steal a glance. AM’s executive producer Janelle Rodriguez must have noticed, too: after that segment, Kiran could be seen only with the pin primly placed to the dismay of many of her male fans.


A.M.: Salsa to Mayo?

May 16, 2009

Will American Morning return to its blander past? One year ago AM procured Janelle Rodriguez as executive producer (EP) to spice up the morning show co-anchored by stentorian veteran, John Roberts, and his beautiful, much younger colleague, Kiran Chetry: During her tenure, AM has increased its share of the coveted 25-54 demographic 35%. Now CNN is moving Janelle to night-time Campbell Brown to be its EP, and replacing her with AM’s senior broadcasting producer Jamie Kraft as interim EP on June 1.

Can Kraft, an erstwhile producer for CBS Evening News with Dan Rather and for 60 Minutes, keep up the strides that Janelle has made? Or will he revert to the dry fare that American Morning used to dish out to its viewers? Janelle has seasoned AM with a more piquant olla podrida of spontaneity, sexiness, and sass than it’s previous chef. Hopefully, Kraft will not return to a staler, stodgier, and safer menu fit for those who want their news delivered from on high.

Kraft, remember there is more than mayo in the condiment cupboard.


E.D.? A.M. Viagra

May 7, 2009

With co-anchor John Roberts away, the girls will play! As American Morning opened it’s early erectile-dysfunction-commercial-regulation segment to the thumping beat of AC/DC’s “Hard as a Rock,” the camera lovingly surveyed it’s co-host honeys, Kiran Chetry and Carol Costello, from various angles and then finally zoomed in. Grinning broadly, Carol Costello placed her hand to her mouth and said, “So wrong on so many levels: The choice of songs which you’ll understand in just a minute.” Struggling to keep a straight face, Kiran facetiously replied, “Yeah, but they have nothing to do with the stories: It’s just, you know, it’s a, it’s a real, it’s a random selection.” Rolling her eyes, Carol responded “Yes! Sure!”

Of course, Kiran then segued to Jim Moran’s attempt to ban daytime e.d. ads, e.g., Levitra, Viagra, and Cialis. No nexus indeed! Just AM executive producer Janelle Rodriguez spicing it up!

Roberts Abashes Alina

April 16, 2009

Another unanticipated Roberts ad lib! Yesterday American Morning correspondent Alina Cho’s reported on the inspiring debut of Susan Boyle on “Britain’s Got Talent” debut and her consequently sensational YouTube success. [Boyle aptly sang Fantine’s “I Have a Dream” from Les Miserables.] As her segment closed, AM co-anchor John Roberts replied, “She’s fantastic!” To which, Alina answered, “Let’s hope they don’t make her over.” Co-anchor Kiran Chetry drily agreed, “I know. Just waiting for the makeover: They do it to everybody, right?”

Then John rained on Alina’s parade. Not unlike when he embarrassed former CNN legal eagle Sunny Hostin with an off-the-cuff query,* WikiRoberts queried, “Maybe, they’ll let her play Cosette [another Les Miserables character]. What do you [Alina] think?” Looking like a deer in the headlights, she looked hopefully at Kiran, shook her head, and mouthed, “I don’t [know].

Trying to cue her, John interjected, “In the next iteration of Les Miz.” Prompting her further, Kiran commented, “Yeah.” Alina responded, “Oh, oh, the character. Yes.” Then Alina smiled, lowered her head, and added, “You got me there. Sorry!”

John, Janelle is going to get you one day for not staying on script!

Pussycat Kiran Busts a Move

March 30, 2009

Kiran’s Chetry’s got the rhythm! The comely American Morning co-anchor gave viewers a taste of her saucy, sexy side when she thought the camera wasn’t looking. As the strains of Rihanna’s “Please Don’t Stop the Music” introduced recessionista Lola Ogunnaike’s Virgin Megastore closing segment,  American Morning co-anchor Kiran Chetry placed her hands on her svelte hips and began to jauntily gyrate.

Suddenly sensing she was on air, she stopped. Turning to a subtly swaying Lola, Kiran explained, “Just gonna break out a dance move: I didn’t realize we were on camera. Oops!”

No need to apologize, Kiran. AM could use more of a fun, flirty flair from the femmes to balance its hard news approach. Maybe, AM could give Fox & Friends a real run for the money if AM EP Janelle Rodriguez would “Let the Cats Out.” Mew! Mew! Mew! Mew! Mew!

“John & Kiran”: Sexist?

March 14, 2009

“John and Kiran”: Sexist AM sign-off? Sounds silly, eh? Perhaps: Perhaps not. The recently standard segue of American Morning correspondents (when they do not know which co-anchor is following them) always seemed somewhat strange to the author: Why did not the reporters change the order on occasion? A possible explanation seemed to be that the obviously more senior co-anchor was being given greater honor.

However, when guest host Rob Marciano Thursday and Friday substituted for John, the invariable reporters’ au revoir seemed to manifest more a sexist tinct. Even though Carol Costello concluded her report with “Kiran, Rob” (according more accolades to Kiran, the permanent co-host), the other correspondents concluded their reports with “Rob and Kiran” as if it were “male and Kiran.”

Does the author think that American Morning’s reporters are intentionally sexist? Absolutely not. However, in the future, it would be helpful if AM executive producer Janelle Rodriguez were to have them alternate the names so as to not indicate otherwise.

A.M.: Aesthetics Masked

January 27, 2009

With the dawn of a new presidency promising optimism to the States, American Morning’s fashion has signalled the polar opposite. As Kyra Phillips posited, the unveiling of the feminine form augurs well for an economic boon. However, after Obama’s inauguration, AM seems intent on presaging inauspicious days ahead.

Unfortunately, AM’s executive producer Janelle Rodriguez has allowed AM’s foxy trio of Kiran Chetry, Alina Cho, and Christine Romans to clad themselves in garb more befitting a funeral procession than a wedding party. Kiran has hidden her fab figure behind various distaff obfuscations, e.g., turtlenecks, slacks, and hosiery; Alina has cloaked herself diurnally in maxis (not to mention her horrid Ping-Pong-ball necklaces); and Christine has adopted the priggish attire of her business bud Gerri Willis.

Janelle, according to President Obama, America needs a stimulus package now!

Kiran: Underneath My Skirt

January 7, 2009

“Could have gotten ugly”? Many of Kiran Chetry’s admirers would dare to disagree. Like the famed burlesque star Sally Rand, American Morning’s Kiran Chetry may have disabused many of her fans of the mystery of distaff delight. Apparently, no more popular Fox & Friends YouTube moments for now.

After a segment airing the “Moment of Zen” from Comedy Central’s the “Daily Show with Jon Stewart” showcasing Richard Simmons amorously kissing Kiran’s foot, AM co-anchor John Roberts asked, “Did he just snap or what happened?” Kiran explained, “Well, he’s Richard Simmons.” Roberts randily further queried, “A foot kisser?” Kiran replied, “Apparently. He would not let go.”

Then she added, “The…good news is that I had on emergency bike shorts underneath my skirt because it could have gotten [sic] ugly.” When Roberts feigned embarrassment, Kiran tittered, “Too much information?” Roberts responded, “Just a bit.” Laughing, Kiran replied, “You just never know if you’re going to trip in the studio: you’ve got to be covered. I hope that’s not the next moment of Zen.”

Kiran, emergency biking shorts? Sounds like Chris has given you some Zen Depends. You and Janelle may well want to reconsider that netherwear choice.

“If you’re going to trip in the studio,” you might as well look good in the video.

Buttoned Up Kiran

January 5, 2009

American Morning executive producer Janelle Rodriguez must be feeling a bit priggish this morning. In the first hour, comely co-host Kiran Chetry looked smart and sexy in her red blouse with three buttons (including the collar one) opened. However, after her Gaza interview with star reporter Christiane Amanpour in the 7 o’clock B Block, Kiran reappeared looking quite prim and proper with her top tightly buttoned up and her mike repositioned.

Janelle, don’t keep Kiran too tight under wraps!

A.M.: Sex & the View

December 12, 2008

What happened this a.m. on American Morning? As a male, I felt like I was watching the View or Sex and the City. Sure, there is that one luscious lady but did I really want to stick around through the whole show. (I did.)

If you did not see AM today, it was anchored by Kiran Chetry and guest host Carol Costello. Kiran looked quite feminine in her modestly opened buttoned-down purple top tempered with a charcoal above-the-knee skirt and closed-toe black heels: However, Carol looked less so attired in a nana’s “Liz Claiborne” mid-knee black dress with stockings and black heels. Attending the femmefest also were conservatively attired business correspondent Christine Romans and fashion lady Lola Ogunnaike. Poor weatherguy Rob Marciano seemed like a lad more than a bit out of his element.

Janelle, all girl is good. However, no need to limit AM entree to the estrogen-laden. Please remember your male viewers as well.

Louisiana A.M.

December 3, 2008

Today American Morning co-anchor John Roberts revealed that Friday mornings are Big Easy A.M.’s!

At the close of a segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the bane of middle-aged beauties imbibing more than 2 drinks, Roberts asked, “You can’t go by raw numbers, can you, when you’re talking about mixed drinks? As people know, some bars water down their liquor.” He then revealed, “There’s a fellow here who serves us sometimes when we get off the air on Friday morning: Two of his drinks are like twelve of anybody else’s.” Guffawing, Gupta quipped, “You go there on Friday morning? There’s the real headline.” Roberts retorted, “It’s our six o’clock at night: come on!” Gupta responded, “Good point.” Roberts acknowledged, “People do look at us a little weird.” Gupta concluded, “If you drink at a Friday in the morning, there’s other problems: that’s another segment.”

Perhaps, Janelle Rodriguez should loosen up Kiran Chetry and John with a few mimosas pre-show. The viewer could get informed and entertained. Bring A.M. to the Big Easy, Janelle: perhaps, during Mardi Gras. A good time will be had by all!

Roberts’ AM Noose: Too Tight?

November 24, 2008

Roberts’ no-tie look: fashion or necessity? Without warning, the impeccably attired John appeared on American Morning Thursday with an open white shirt without explanation or comment from him, Kiran, or anyone else: Friday Roberts was similarly attired. Today Roberts took the week off after Kiran had said (perhaps, generically), ” We will see you back here on Monday.”

Is Roberts merely taking off an unannounced Thanksgiving week off? Or is he having a recurrence of neck pain that is eased without the fashion noose? Remember, Roberts broke his neck last Thanksgiving in a biking accident.

Regardless, Roberts tieless look looks good. AM needs more of a devil-may-care attitude in apparel and ambiance. In fact, the set could use it, too: the corporate desk and standing tables could be replaced with comfy chairs and/or a couch. Instead of waking up to workplace environs, the viewer would welcome coffee and a smile with well-informed friends before running the rat race.

Janelle has a stellar cast. Hopefully, she will help them shine.

Peacock Struts: PeaKiran Demures

November 20, 2008

American Morning co-host John Roberts strutted his stuff today as he disdained his quotidian sartorial attire with his casual abandonment of the fashion noose, i.e., his tie. It was a good caz look that would seem to presage a like liberty for his co-anchor Kiran Chetry. Regrettably, it was not so: the nymph nonpareil was relegated to the rags of a long khaki skirt and long-sleeved, high-collared red top.

Janelle, Janelle. If you are going to jump start AM, you need testosterone as well as estrogen. John may get the girls going but Kiran needs to be set free to fire up the fellows. However, your theft of FNC’s “red memo” was a great idea:* of course, your lovelies (e.g., Kiran, Zain Verjee, Christine Romans, and Carol Costello) need not be adorned in the color of love to be desirable.

By the way, Kiran, don’t necessarily listen to your television spouse. Did he suggest cutting your long tresses? He may have been a mite jealous of your appreciative audience. Of course, you still look gorgeous but your magnificent mane should not have been tampered with.


Veiling Kiran’s Viands

November 6, 2008

Since this author reported Kiran Chetry’s Coke and Nabisco Premium crackers breakfast about two weeks ago, has AM’s Janelle Rodriguez been trying to conceal what Kiran consumes? Kiran’s Coke bottle (and ubiquitous Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts coffee cups) has been replaced with nondescript white disposable cups and her Nabisco box (and McDonald’s wrappers) has given way to aluminum foil and saran wrap. (Nevertheless, Kiran has managed to sneak a Red Bull or two with the back of the can facing the camera.)

Perhaps, AM does not wish to fuel any further baby speculation. Or it simply may no longer want to promote brand names inadvertently. Or both.

An interesting aside: in his AM health segment today, Dr. Sanjay Gupta said that Kiran would know about as good as anybody that women need to think about prenatal care up to four months in advance. Merely a random remark?

Kiran Turns Up Heat

October 20, 2008

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry turned up the heat today. Unfortunately, it wasn’t on air: it was at home. In fact, she told AM meteorologist Rob Marciano that her hubby Chris would probably wake up sweaty this morning.

For those whose minds may be wondering down a certain path, Kiran told AM meteorologist Rob Marciano that she turned on her heat in her house for the very first time this fall. Apparently, when she dressed, the chill was still very much in the air. On AM she wore an almost wintry navy jacket with a matching knee-length skirt and a warm persimmon blouse. To ensure that her ensemble was complete, she shod her feet in brown closed-toed high heels and painted her nails an autumn dark red.

Janelle, turn up the studio heat so that Kiran can do the same!

Ali Cleans Up

September 26, 2008

American Morning’s Ali Velshi returned today to the air with a much needed cueball cut and fresh shave. Yesterday the Bald Prophet of Doom sported a five-o’clock shadow and wispy temple tufts, apparently, after a late night. Today Janelle Rodriguez must have brought out the razor again for her wayward business correspondent. As punishment, she may have even used the one dulled by shearing Ali’s Mr. Potato Head goatee.