Aphrodite’s Autumn Allure

There’s something about his American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry that gets co-anchor John Roberts’ blood versing through his veins in autumn. Last fall, American Morning co-host John got caught “pumpkin peeking” and this year he added some “stem research.” Only two days after the unofficial end of summer, Labor Day, John just could not help himself again.

In AM’s penultimate segment, John and Kiran jointly interviewed Brian De Villiers, the coach of teen tennis sensation Melanie Oudin’s coach. All three were seated in the plush black chairs and shown in full-body shots. Kiran was wrapped ravishingly in an arm-baring black dress with a plunging, narrow neckline and her above-the-knee hemline had markedly risen to more generously reveal her gorgeous gams.

As Kiran asked the first question, John turned toward her and gave her a quick and subtle appreciative glance, eying her from head to toe. For the rest of the interview he studiously avoided lowering his gaze: In fact, it appeared that he looked slightly behind her head as if to avoid further temptation. Possibly, AM Executive Producer Jamie Kraft had whispered in his ear.

Don’t worry John, like T. J. Holmes, AM’s red-blooded male viewers can not blame you for giving in to Aphrodite’s allure.

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7 Responses to “Aphrodite’s Autumn Allure”

  1. Tom B. Says:

    So a quick glance downward is the equivalent of eyeing someone from head to toe? Poor JR. I hope Kyra ain’t reading this. ;)

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