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CBS Evening News: Kiran After Katie?

March 18, 2010

With her American Morning show seemingly on its last legs in its current iteration, is co-anchor Kiran Chetry considering jumping ship to CBS? During her March 4 “Women in Media” talk to her hometown Larchmont Historical Society, Chetry did not completely rule it out. According to the Larchmont-Mamaroneck, the local newspaper, Chetry was asked whether she would like Katie Couric’s job at CBS Evening News desk in light of the fact that Couric current contract concludes soon. Chetry replied, “”Is it my ultimate goal? I don’t think so….I wonder if those jobs will continue. Because of instant access to technology, there’s no need to make an appointment to view the news to get news.”

Even if Couric’s chair is not her ultimate goal, it may be her next one (if AM’s shake-up coincides with the end of her own CNN contract). As Couric’s reportedly $15 million/year contract winds down in little over a year, CBS with its financially-distressed news division may be looking for a newer version of Couric at a cut-rate price: Chetry may well be an attractive option.

Earlier in Chetry’s Larchmont oration, she had said that Katie Couric ” is like a mentor to me and someone I aspire to be in TV news.” Like Couric, she earned her chops as a sharp, smart, and personable–and, yes, sexy–morning news co-host. (In fact, she has the “fabled legs,” too.)

Aside: If Couric’s contract is not renewed, John Roberts, Chetry’s AM co-anchor, may himself want to take another stab at Uncle Walter’s seat.

Briggs Bashes Absent Blago

September 12, 2009

After apparently being blown off by former Illinois guv Rod Blagojevich this morning, the Fox & Friends co-anchors were not particularly happy, especially Dave Briggs. In the final half hour, Alisyn announced, “We have been awaiting a guest this morning, Governor, former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who’s out with a new book.  He’s supposed to be here any minute but we haven’t seen him. We’re getting a little bit concerned.”

Then Aly posited that his absence might be her fault. Rhetorically, she asked, “Is it possible that he could have cold feet? As you will recall, I did interview him less than a year ago. He told me that time that I was mean and that it was the meanest, most frightening interview he had undergone…Where is Governor Blagojevich at this hour?”

Clowning, Clayton began to ostensibly look for Blago in the studio. Dave advised, “Smell for hair spray: Get the scent of hair spray.” Going to the F&FW hair stylist, Clayton commented, “I went right to the hair person because we know Blago’s hair and…we know he was going to be about an hour for that.” Meanwhile, Aly pleaded, “We would love to have you on, governor: we’re hoping that you’re in the car heading in our direction right now.” Then Dave sternly declared, “We hope that you live up to your promise–come, come here as promised.”

Thereafter, turning to Aly, Dave acerbically added, “There might be another scent that you smell for because a lot of people say that he’s full of–uh, a few things.” When Aly responded, “I’m not sure that you’re encouraging him right now to come on. An unapologetic Dave answered, “Well, it is what it is!”

Dave’s version of Cronkite’s tagline?

O’Reilly No Cronkite?

July 22, 2009

One culture quiz question too many? Bill O’Reilly appeared to be hoisted on his own petard today.* Or, at least, that of his O’Reilly Factor Culture Quiz queen and Live Desk (LD) co-anchor, Martha MacCallum.

During a LD discussion on who was the most trusted person in America after the death of Walter Cronkite, of lib Forbes columnist and FNC frequent guest Dan Gerstein, MacCallum facetiously asked, “What do you think, Dan? Bill O’Reilly is what you were going to say, right?” Not necessarily towing the network line, Gerstein subtly reminded viewers of O’Reilly’s embarrassing sexual harassment lawsuit by Andrea Mackris,** a former producer: He replied, “We know some things about Bill that we might not have known twenty years ago that affects [sic] people’s trust….I would probably say Oprah.”

Not the answer that MacCallum expected. Nor the one that the cable king and his network probably appreciated.

*LD (07/22/09) – 1:41 p.m. ET

Janelle Jazzing AM

July 1, 2008

New American Morning executive producer Janelle Rodriguez is jazzing the erstwhile stodgy show out of its doldrums. Realizing that the very controlled, sterile lab-like atomosphere of AM needed some edgier eclat and elan, Rodriguez is beginning to allow her talented duo of John Roberts and Kiran Chetry to start to “let their hair down.” E.g., whilom MuchMusic VJ “J.D.” Roberts is now introducing smarter music to the show’s segment segues accompanied by fun, funky camera angles. Moreover, the exquisitely beautiful Kiran is no longer tethered to a non-negotiable script and drab attire but is allowed to ad lib and strut her stuff more. Rodriguez seems to realize that a younger, informed audience wants its news sexy, hip, and irreverent. Uncle Walter is nice, but on the history channel.