Gretchen: Get U.N. Out of U.S.

More FNC push-back today for Obama’s stiff arm Sunday? On the very morning that President Barack Obama gave a speech at the United Nations on climate change, Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson called for the ouster of the U.N. from American soil.

After a segment on the President’s full day at the U.N. and mention of tomorrow’s speeches by Obama, Libyan leader Khadafy, and Irani potentate Ahmadinejad, Gretchen made her pitch. She asserted, “I’d like to start a movement. Maybe, we can start a movement to move the United Nations out of the United States. What do think about that?”

Concurring, co-host Steve Doocy declared, “And save us a bunch of dough.” Gretchen continued, “Yeah. We spend gazillions. I think…the U.S. picks up at least 75% of the budget for the U.N., and then we have these people come here and diss us. It doesn’t make sense.”

Co-anchor Brian Kilmeade countered, “But Mayor Giuliani said that our city benefits from this.” “In what way?,” asked Gretchen. Brian anemically answered, “Financially, I think, even though they don’t pay their tickets.” Gretchen laughed, “Let me know when you figure out how it benefits the U.S. to have them criticize us.”

Was she subconsciously including POTUS?

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