Bikini Aly

Hottie Alisyn Camerota, Fox & Friends First co-host and F&F newsreader, flaunted her assets today. In F&F’s homage to the ’80’s decade, she treated viewers to a peek of her figure in her “prime.” After a few pics of old beaux with an apparent Brian Kilmeade appreciation of her derriere, the tasty Italian tart gave her male viewers a lusty, lingering look at her bodacious bod bedecked in a barely-there bikini. Aly modestly mouthed, “People if you’re not watching your television right now, please come to the tv and stare at this: you’ll never see this again; …I’m a figment of my former self.” Then she teasingly described her “short-in-the-front-long-in-the-rear” Joan Jett mullett as “business in the front and party in the rear” to the gleeful delight of Brian and Steve Doocy and to the chagrin of Gretchen Carlson.

Lara Croft, or rather, Kiran Chetry, when did you say American Morning is doing its tribute to the ’80’s? Sweeps? We’re waiting!

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10 Responses to “Bikini Aly”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    Hottie on the 80s and still one twenty years later, Ms Camerota tops it with a pleasant personality and a professional on-air presence. Maybe she could tutor What’s-Her-Name pool table chick.

  2. U-2 Says:


    Alisyn looked HOT & SEXY in that white bikini!

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