“So Delicious”: Chetrylicious!

Thanks, Jamie! After American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry teasingly revealed that she was dancing off camera (during an opening city shot), this viewer complained, “Jamie Kraft should put [you] ON camera when you dance, Kiran. Spike those ratings! P.S. Tell Jamie that Janelle [Rodriguez] did.” Possibly, responsive thereto, AM’s executive producer did just that.

A mere half hour later when AM returned from a commercial break, Kiran and CNN correspondent Alino Cho were saucily dancing at their desk to Fergie’s “Fergalicious.” “So delicious”! Even more so for the author, since Carpe Diem’s long-time description of Kiran has been “Chetrylicious.”

Kudos, Jamie! Not only for your apparent responsiveness to the AM audience but also for loosening things up today on the set. Hopefully, this will be a hallmark of your tenure at the helm.

*American Morning (09/18/09) – @8:54 a.m.

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6 Responses to ““So Delicious”: Chetrylicious!”

  1. Dave Says:

    It’s fun when the anchors let their hair down on the show. There’s already so much bad news in the world and when they allow the viewers to see their lighter sides, it makes us smile, even if for a brief moment. And that’s great!

  2. Kep Says:

    So, is the Kiran Chetry that wanted to go to CNN, the gold standard, to report real news suddenly reverting back to her roller blading and pogo stick days at Fox? Is this woman ever going to grow up and be a classy journalist like Soledad, Heidi or Kyra?

  3. lesskiran Says:

    No Kep, she will never grow up. She tries but fails miserably. She is just eye candy for the men. The better anchor with John is the lady that filled in last week when Chetry was off, Carol Costello. She and John have a better vibe than Chetry & Roberts. Bring on Carol and JR!

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