Gretchen: Stanford’s “Bimbo”?

Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson displayed an iota of ignorance on A.S.S., the After the Show Show, yesterday. And, no readers and viewers, she does not want to hear about it from you. (N.B. Grechen fans, the author has written “ignorance,” not stupidity.)

Today in the middle of A.S.S., co-host Brian Kilmeade had to leave for his radio show, Brian and the Judge: As he did, the camera panned to his shoes. Colleague Steve Doocy asked, “Brian, are those the shoes from a famous person?” Instead of answering, Brian replied, “What deceased person mailed me shoes before they [sic] died? Gretchen interjected, “That’s the question of the day: That’s the question of the year. Maybe, we could get someone to sponsor that one: It would have to be a foodie.”

Confused, Steve asked, “Foodie?” Surprised that he did not immediately concur, she queried, “Wouldn’t it?” Hoping to end the uncomfortable disconnect, Steve exclaimed, A footie!” Still bemused, Gretchen asked, “Well, are we thinking of the same person who gave those shoes to him?” Steve immediately responded, “Brian got those shoes from Tom DeLuise.” Gretch replied, “That’s what I, yeah, a foodie! He, he was a chef.”

Correcting her, Steve said, “An actor.” Gretch answered, “Yeah, in his later years, tho.” Steve replied, “He did have, like, some, he looked exactly like chef Paul Prudhomme.” With eyes wide open, Gretch queried, “Oh, he wasn’t the same guy?” Chuckling, Steve answered, “No that’s a different guy.” Doubling over in laughter, Gretch simply said, “Oh!” As the crew erupted in laughter, Steve sympathetically stated, “Look, we have a three-hour show.”

Gretch admitted, “I can’t keep it all straight. They do look a lot alike: I thought that Dom DeLuise was, in fact, Chef whatever his name is.” As an aside to the audience members and literally giving them the hand, she sternly warned, “And don’t send me the e-mails about ‘I thought you went to Stanford…you’re not smart, you’re just a bimbo. Don’t send them, okay? Thank you!”

To be fair to Gretchen, DeLuise strongly resembled the celeb Cajun chef. In fact, so much so, that Deluise once jested that he had impersonated Prudhomme at the chef’s New Orleans restaurant K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. Furthermore, DeLuise authored several cookbooks in the latter part of his life.

Nevertheless, it’s never good to give the audience the hand. Or the proverbial finger for that matter.

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3 Responses to “Gretchen: Stanford’s “Bimbo”?”

  1. Dave Says:

    Yes, there was a rather strong resemblance. I noticed that too. Funny that Gretchen made that gaffe on the air. Good that she’s able to see the humor in it. Thanks for another terrific post, Jake. Always catch up with what I missed right here.

  2. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Dave. I’m glad that you find this blog helpful. Also, I appreciate your being a loyal Carpe Diem reader and commentator.

  3. Dave Says:

    Thanks, Jake. It’s a great blog

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