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Kiran Laughs: Cries, “Lies,” & Videotape?

September 29, 2010

Kiran: “It’s a long story.” An untold one. Today after “A Soldier’s Story” report by Jason Carroll that had featured a G.I. reading a touching letter from his wife, American Morning Kiran Chetry teared up and strangely laughed.* As Kiran looked at Jason, then at co-anchor John Roberts, and back at Jason, she wiped her eyes, tittered dissonantly, and said, “Sorry.” Leaning in toward Kiran and grabbing her hand, Jason tenderly asked, “Are you okay?”

“Yes,” Kiran replied quickly. Subsequently, raising her hand, she muttered something else rendered inaudible by her continued laughter. Trying to regain her composure, Kiran looked down at her desk and covered her eyes. Then looking up at the viewer, Kiran stammered, “It’s a long story. Sorry. We’ll explain when we come [back].” Still giggling, she closed her eyes and put her hand to her mouth.

As John waited for Kiran to finish, he looked down and bit his lip. When Kiran concluded, John remarked, “Yeah. Okay.” Then, placing his hand on her shoulder, John queried, “You alright? Are you?” As John then began to read the segment out and Kiran began to well up anew, a then off-camera Jason whispered, “It’s okay.” As the block was ending, John echoed, “It’s gonna be okay.” Apparently, trying to exhibit control of her emotions anew, an off-camera Kiran exclaimed, “We’ll be right back.” Once again, John comforted Kiran, saying, “It’s gonna be alright.”

When Kiran and John returned after commercial break for the final segment of the show, a dry-eyed Kiran appeared.** Perchance, conveniently forgetting her promise to her audience to explain her laughing and giggling when we come [back],” Kiran asked John about the playlist song by Rush. As they then discussed Rush’s Atlanta concert tonight and John’s possible participation in it, perhaps, they hoped that the viewers had also forgotten Kiran’s promise to explain the long story.

*American Morning – 09/29/10 (@8:55 a.m. ET)

**American Morning – 09/29/10 (@8:59 a.m. ET)

Update: To her Twitter followers who did not forget, Kiran Tweeted an explanation. To a supportive one, she simply wrote, “@LoniLove just got a little choked up.” Later, to a more critical one (and @LonieLove again), she elaborated, “@Singleintheciti @LoniLove just got a little choked up and teary during Jason’s story. then felt a little silly.” And that’s the rest of the story, Kiran’s “long story”?

Update 2: This article has been republished as “CNN’s Kiran Chetry Laughs, Cries, Or Both At Soldier’s Story at (which has included the video there).

Jerrick: F&FW’s Golden Goat

September 27, 2010

FOX’s new Morning Show with Mike & Aly (& Clayton)”? No, but FNC’s Fox & Friends Weekend viewers got a glimpse of the goatish golden era of their show this weekend with the return of F&FW‘s former co-anchor Mike Jerrick. The wizened satyr was in rare form as he brashly brought his metro Sexyback swagger to the F&FW set. Unlike the old days when he and Juliet Huddy somewhat reluctantly swapped salacious double entendres in front of a more priggish Julian Phillips on F&FW, Mike freely bantered bawdy innuendos about with both of his appreciative co-anchors, Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris.

Mike’s infectious risque humor was evident throughout the weekend. For example, Saturday, Mike and Clayton coaxed Aly into standing up and demonstrating a recent University of Texas study showing that men look at women’s faces for real relationships and their bodies for casual hookups: Subsequently, as a blushing Aly saucily posed for inspection by her male viewers, Mike partially hid her body with his pad and asked if they would like to marry “this woman” and then covered her face and queried if they would like to have a very quick relationship with her. Other salient instances were Saturday when Mike racily asked Aly if she wanted to blow up his (regular) tie during an inflatable tie story and Sunday when Mike, Clayton, and Aly regaled themselves and their audience with some of the most sexually suggestive remarks (pertaining to hammers and a drill during the “All American Handyman” segment) since the old days of Mike, Juliet Huddy, and Julian Phillips.

The old goat was back. And, he was golden as he reminded the audience of the halcyon days of Fox & Friends Weekend when the unfettered co-hosts fully embraced a zany, irreverent, and saucy take on the news. With little doubt, Mike will soon be more regularly gadding and gamboling about the F&FW studio with reckless abandon to the delight of his many fans.

AM: Romans’ Holiday Ends

September 27, 2010

CNN biz babe Christine Romans returned to American Morning as the “Money Mommy” from her maternity leave. Introducing the “Minding Your Business segment, co-host Kiran Chetry declared, “This morning we’re in the baby business for a moment. Our own Christine Romans is back. She’s here with a new addition to her family.”* As a photo of Christine’s adorable baby being held by his proud older brother Billy ran, Kiran cooed, “There he is. Look at Mr. Blue Eyes, Edward Arthur. He was born back on July 11.”

When Kiran opined that Christine’s two-old Finn was probably not in the photo because he was jealous of his new “rival,” Christine answered that “he’s kind of got his own deal going on.” Then, segueing to Christine’s segment (with co-host John Roberts and commentator Max Kellermanz), Kiran remarked, “Well, welcome back…You were dearly missed. And, congratulations.”

Taking the toss, John stated, “We were just remarking a second ago [that] she has this uncanny ability. She has a child and it’s like you look like you were never ever pregnant.” Beaming, Christine replied, “Oh! Stop.” Adding his own praise, Max interjected, “You were pregnant”: Gesturing toward his stomach, Max added, “Just like from here up.”

Basking in the compliments, Christine jested, “Aww….Stop. No, no. Keep going! Keep going!” Doing just that, John asserted, “You’re just a pro at having babies. Welcome back! It’s great to see you.” Smiling appreciatively, Christine responded, “Thanks, thanks. I love it. I love being the Money Mommy. I love it!”

Yes. Welcome back and congrats, Money Honey! Er, Money Mommy!

*American Morning – 09/27/10 (@6:19 a.m. ET)

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A.

September 25, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend’s Fall? On the very first autumn weekend, Fox & Friends Weekend‘s meteorologist Rick Reichmuth was missing: Noone seemed to notice. On-set colleagues, co-hosts Alisyn Camerota and Clayton Morris (and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick) did not even mention Rick’s absence. More tellingly, F&FW producers offered no replacement for Rick nor did they feature any weather segment.

So, where is Rick Reichmuth? Not even officemate and BFF Dave Briggs seems to know. The F&FW co-anchor (apparently, not watching the program) ironically Tweeted, “Ahh to sleep in on a Saturday morning, miss you @ClaytonMorris, @rickreichmuth & @alyatfox.” So, do his F&FW viewers–the ones actually watching today.

Rick Reichmuth: M.I.A. Missing in Autumn. But, more importantly, Missing in Action. And, remarkably, without a clue, at least, to the Fox & Friends Weekend audience.

Update: Rick Reichmuth found. Tweeting in, Rick replied: “@Jakeho dude I’m sick as a dog. Horrible flu came on fast last night.”

Kiran Gives John the Finger: Thrice!

September 22, 2010

After appearing yesterday to forgive her American Morning co-anchor John Roberts’ for his rough rebuke on air, Kiran Chetry finally got her sweet revenge this morning. During a high airfare headlines news story, Kiran seized her opportunity to run with it. And, to top it off, the producers seemed to be in on giving John his comeuppance.

As she read a headline news story on high Thanksgiving airfares, Kiran declared, “It’s time for us to get down to business. And, if you are planning a trip over the Thanksgiving holiday.” Then,  as she turned to John and “innocently” continued, “And, you haven’t booked yet,” she pointed her middle finger straight at John and not so subtly gave him the bird: three times! Then, when she placed her hand back on the desk, she declared, “Be ready to pay.” As she did, a graphic appeared on screen, reading, “Giving us the bird?” Stone-faced yet with a slight smile, John deadpanned, “I’m waiting to find out if I can go somewhere first.”

Giving us the finger? Probably, not. Giving John the finger? Definitely.

And, John, as to where you can go, hasn’t Kiran already told you that?

*American Morning – 9/22/10 (@8:23 a.m. ET)

AM Amnesia: Kiran & John’s “Bad Dream”

September 21, 2010

Nothing happened between us: really! Today American Morning co-hosts Kiran Chetry and John Roberts treated their viewers as if they had been slipped an extra powerful “roofie” and could not recall not only last night but also almost the entire two full weeks earlier. Back together for the first time since the video of Roberts sniping at Chetry on camera truly went viral, both co-hosts acted as if John’s odd behavior had been merely a bad dream (a la Dallas). But, for the AM acolytes suffering from that “amorous amnesia,” Carpe Diem is happy to jog their memory.

As the author first reported almost two weeks ago (September 8), Roberts appeared to brusquely rebuke Chetry on air while he was doing an interview with David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior adviser. The very next day everything seemed to be reasonably civil between Roberts and Chetry but thereafter both of them did not appear together again on AM until today. In the meantime, the strange episode went viral as Mediaite‘s Steve Krakauer seized the story and it consequently reverberated throughout the media outlets, e.g., Huffington Post, Gawker, and, yes, even the staid TV Guide.

Giving the story even more prominence, Chetry’s former Fox News colleague Juliet Huddy added her two cents on Red Eye. When asked by host Greg Gutfeld about the incident, Huddy opined, “I knew Kiran; we used to work together; [and] I like Kiran a lot. She is a very energetic, hyper girl. She was probably either texting or something like that because she’s very hyper.”* Not wanting to appear malevolent, Juliet animatedly concluded, “And, I love her. I do love her.” Then taking a stab at Roberts, Huddy exclaimed, “I can’t believe he did that. Unprofessional!”

Perhaps, most notably, Chetry’s husband, Chris Knowles, weighed in on the matter. When a Twitter follower asked, “Did you catch JR snapping at your wife this morning?,” Knowles tersely responded, “Noticed and no comment.”

Carpe Diem noticed, too, but did comment. And, now, so have many of the other media watchers. Apparently, AM, like Chetry’s spouse, remains mulishly mute, too timorous to remember more.

*Red Eye – 09/17/10 (@3:18 a.m. ET)

F&FW Bromances: “Man Up”

September 19, 2010

Rick: “Dave, you’re my BFF.” When Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-anchor Eric “Jock Rocks” Bolling told co-host Dave Briggs to “man up,” that was not necessarily what he had in mind. When the former Pittsburg Pirate (and FBN Money Rocks anchor) told Dave to do just that during an office nap story, he was merely ribbing him for his penchant for sleeping during the work day: he had no idea that it would be a clarion call for the celebration of F&FW bromances.

Subsequently, during a second-hour segment on new Oxford American Dictionary words (including “bromance” and “BFF”), co-host Alisyn Camerota kidded Dave that she witnessed a bromance between him and their vacationing F&FW co-anchor Clayton Morris on the curvy couch every Saturday and Sunday. When producers shortly thereafter showed a clip of “I Love You, Man,” F&FW weatherguy Rick Reichmuth dared to disclose that he had been on a man-date with co-anchor Clayton Morris to that very movie. When Dave teased him about his bromance with Clayton, Rick gamely remarked that that was when it began. Adding her feminine fuel to the fire, Aly jested about the bromance buds’ discomfort of sharing popcorn. Seeming to have had enough of the discussion of this type of Fox News male love, Eric stood up and said, “I’m outta of here!”And, he was. [Of course, he came back.]

Later, bromance was in the air anew in the final hour as the co-hosts discussed the latest O.A.D. entries. Once again, Aly piqued Dave, joshing, “Well, bromance is obviously something you live every day, the bromance.”** Almost aping a schoolyard taunt, Dave lamely retorted, “And, your BFF, Rick.” As Eric groaned, “Oh, my goodness!,” Dave continued, “Is Rick your BFF? Or, does it have to be a female?” Meanwhile, Rick appeared in a split screen with the trio of co-hosts as Aly explained, “It has to be a girl.” Grinning, Rick interposed, “Dave, you’re my BFF.” As Eric smiled, rolled his eyes, and shook his head in disbelief,” a dimpled Dave declared, “Aww, I appreciate it, Ricky.”

Eric: not so much.

*Fox & Friends – 09/19/10 (@9:33 a.m. ET)

Krakauer’s Kiran Scoop?

September 17, 2010

Not quite. Over a week after the author penned Carpe Diem‘s “Crusty John: 2 Curt 2 Kiran?,” Steve Krakauer wrote his  Mediaite piece, “CNN’s John Roberts Scolds Co-Author Kiran Chetry Live On-Air.” Appearing to suggest an exclusive, Krakauer wrote, “A few people have asked us why no one’s written about this jaw-droppingly awkward interaction between American Morning co-anchors John Roberts and Kiran Chetry last week.” (N.B. He did not say that no one had written about it.) Immediately thereafter, he added, “After some searching, we found what they were talking about.”

Krakauer did not have to go far. As someone who has noted that Carpe Diem “chronicles cable news morning shows” and extensively cited this Carpe Diem author in his Mediaite article, “Fox and More Than Friends – A Host and Guest iPregnancy” (about the Clayton Morris/ Natali Del Conte affair), Krakauer simply had to go to Carpe Diem‘s site and find the answer there.

Unfortunately, Krakauer apparently forgot to cite Carpe Diem and/or the author this time. Nor did he even provide a courtesy h/t to Carpe Diem or the author. Meanwhile, Krakauer basks in a surreal h/t from the Huffington Report as its source for its story on Roberts’ rudeness to Chetry.

Update: Krakauer’s appreciated response: “Hey I hadn’t seen it on your site – happy to add an update with a link.”

O’Reilly Errs: Palin Stares

September 15, 2010

Stewart: “Busted, O’Reilly! Who’s the pinhead now?” Deja vu? Ironically, on this the very night that the Bill O’Reilly aired the Daily Show host Jon Stewart’s comical, acerbic critique (of O’Reilly for his erroneous Andy Griffith Show trivia),  O’Reilly dished out equally unreliable political facts to his audience. However, when he did it this time in front of Republican power player Sarah Palin tonight, he got a welcome reprieve from his Fox News colleague.

During his post-Tuesday primaries interview with the former Alaska governor, O’Reilly praised the Palin and the Tea Party for their influence and mentioned that their candidate had won in New Hampshire.* While Palin looked on with a slight hint of a smile, O’Reilly remarked, “I can’t even say his name. What’s his name up there?” When Palin stayed silent, O’Reilly continued, “What his name in New Hampshire? Tell me in my ear [to producers]. Some guy up there won the primary. And, you endorsed him, Governor.” As Palin still said nothing and continued to stare at him blankly, O’Reilly stammered, “Um. Alright, nobody knows. He’s got a long name. He won. Tea Party guy won in New Hampshire. Okay.”

Unfortunately for O’Reilly, he was wrong–doubly wrong. First, the “Tea Party guy” with “the long name,” Ovide Lamontagne lost. Second, he lost to the Republican establishment’s candidate, Kelly Ayotte, the very choice of Sarah Palin.

Later, making matters all the worse for himself, O’Reilly adventitiously ran the Stewart footage mocking him (for his erroneous Andy Griffith assertion that Thelma Lou was Andy’s girl). In the clip, after Stewart points out that Thelma Lou was actually Barnie Fife’s beau, Stewart exclaimed, “Busted O’Reilly! Who’s the pinhead now?”  Check your facts, old man,  ’cause we’re holding your feet to the fire.” Facetiously, he added, “I expect a full retraction on air–otherwise, I might never trust Fox again.”

After that vid, O’Reilly declared, “Well, the problem with Mr. Stewart’s analysis is that shortly after I made the Thelma Lou mistake I corrected it on the air! Somehow, old Jon didn’t mention that. So, who’s the pinhead now?” Then he added, “By the way, Stewart will be on the Factor next Wednesday. That should be interesting.”

What should be interesting is if O’Reilly shortly corrects his Palin mistake on air. And, if he does not give a “full retraction,” will viewers such as Stewart ever trust Fox again? Tune in to see–especially, Wednesday.

*O’Reilly Factor (09/15/10) – @8:06 p.m. ET)

**O’Reilly Factor (09/15/10) – @8:58 p.m. ET)

AM on Holiday?

September 13, 2010

Lady Gaga still “wins.” With American Morning co-hosts Kiran Chetry and John Roberts off today, it appears their copy editor was playing hooky. As guest co-host Jim Acosta read the MTV Video Music Awards headlines story, the graphics read, “Lady Gaga Winds Big: Takes home eight trophies at MTV VMAs.” (N.B. Glaring error: “Winds” vis-a-vis “wins.”) To make matters worse, it occurred twice: once at 7:07 a.m. ET and again at 8:07 a.m. ET. Doubtless, a timorous truant is awaiting a good tongue lashing by his executive producer–unless Jamie Kraft, too, is on an AM vacation.

Aly & the Boys: Ready to Play?

September 12, 2010

Fox & Friends‘ official “B Team,” Alisyn Camerota, Dave Briggs, and Clayton Morris, had a much too short stint this weekend. Yesterday the trio was regrettably replaced by F&F‘s first-string, Gretchen Carlson, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy, for F&F‘s special four-hour 9-11 edition. Apparently, FNC Senior Veep of Programming Bill Shine thought that he should once again bring in his weekday cast for such a momentous occasion.

Unfortunately, Shine did not give his untried trinity an opportunity to prove their mettle as one. As to Camerota, Shine has shown that he knows she is assuredly “A Team” material. E.g., he has placed his seasoned star side-by-side with Doocy and Kilmeade in such F&F specials as Pope Benedict XVI’s 2008 trip to America, President Barack Obama’s inaugural celebrations, and Senator Ted Kennedy’s funeral. However, perhaps, Shine is still not fully confident in his developing “Doublemen Twins,” i.e., Dave Briggs and Clayton Morris.

As the author has previously noted and Camerota has humorously alluded to, Briggs and Morris have come a long way since they were first thrust upon Fox & Friends fans with the then similarly callow Ainsley Earhardt. Under the tutelage of Camerota, the occasional coaching by the weekday denizens (when subbing), and, perchance, some comments from critics, Briggs and Morris seem to be growing into more serious journalists less apt to play the princess or the clown. Furthermore, they and Camerota seem to be evolving into that ensemble to which they have aspired.

Next time, Coach (Shine), put the Doublemen Twins in with Camerota for the big game to see what they’ve got. Their fans would surely love to see them play. And, just, maybe, they’ll surprise you.

Kilmeade: Not People, Dems

September 9, 2010

Malkin smiled. While most seasoned viewers know generally where the sympathies of the sundry cable news channels tend to lie, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade left little doubt for even the most virginal viewer this morning. During an F&F segment entitled “President to Veto Tax Cuts?,” conservative pundit Michelle Malkin opined that President Obama was fearful of the November election results and simply could not bring himself to say that he would veto the Bush tax cut extensions and “override the will of the people once again.” Always the ready wag, Brian caustically jested, “Right. But, the thing is, Michelle, we’re not even talking about people: we’re talking about Democrats.”

Pausing to punctuate his partisan prick, Brian beamed broadly before continuing his interview. Meanwhile, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson nodded her agreement while co-host Steve Doocy was studiously stone-faced. As for Malkin, she simply smiled and guffawed in agreement.

“Fair and balanced”? At that moment, not so much. Of course, the viewer can always change the channel to find his/her preferred spin.

Fox & Friends – 09/08/10 (@8:07 a.m. ET)

Kilmeade’s “He/She” Lesson: Punt!

September 8, 2010

Yesterday, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade appeared perplexed when introducing seemingly transgendered Kimberleigh Richards as “he/she.” Today, Brian seemed to have learned his lesson when faced with a somewhat similar situation. During a segment entitled “The Seduction Dance” (top guy groove moves to attract the gals) which featured a dancing flat-chested, “junk-in-the-trunk” androgynous automaton, co-host Gretchen Carlson commented, “That is not a guy….Look at the booty. That is not a guy. No way. No way.”* As co-anchor Steve Doocy started to add his two cents about “the booty,” Brian, jokingly interjected, “Personally, I’m removing myself from gender identification for, at least, a year.” Aptly, Gretchen roared with laughter and Steve concurred, “That’s probably a good idea.”

*Fox & Friends – 09/08/10 (@7:33 a.m. ET)

Crusty John: 2 Curt 2 Kiran?

September 8, 2010

Apparently, not rested enough from his Labor Day vacation, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts appeared to snap this morning at his co-host Kiran Chetry. After Kiran read a headline news story to his left, John began his preview to his interview with David Axelrod, President Obama’s senior advisor. Immediately before Axelrod appeared on screen, John glanced down to his left in ire but continued his introduction. After he then thanked Axelrod for his appearance (in a split-screen shot with Axelrod), John’s jaw suddenly tensed and his eyes blinked as he started his query. Mid-sentence, he again looked to his left and brusquely remarked, “Excuse me. Would, would you mind stop–not doing that while I’m talking? Thank you. Appreciate that.”  As if in feigned apology, he added, “If you don’t mind.” Meanwhile, Axelrod looked on in bemusement and chuckled to himself.

John must have had some holiday. Perhaps, paradoxically, he needs a vacation after his vacation. Take a good nap, John: Kiran and Kyra will thank you.

American Morning – 09/08/10 (@7:08 a.m. ET)

F&F: Who’s that “Girl”?

September 7, 2010

Renee Richards? No, Kimberleigh Richards. Appearing addled, Fox & Friends co-anchor Brian Kilmeade introduced his “[Los Angeles] Turnstile Boondoggle?” segment guest, saying, “Kimberleigh Richards, he, she is a public and legislative affairs director for Southern California Transit Advocates.” After hearing Brian’s “apparent” verbal gaffe, television viewers who saw Richards in women’s apparel and adornment may have thought that Brian meant “she” whereas radio listeners who simply heard Richard’s masculine voice may have thought just the opposite.

That confusion seems well warranted since Kimberleigh Richards appears to be a transgendered person. Richards is the former publisher of the transgender periodical Cross-Talk, and the erstwhile operator of a transgender computer bulletin board system. Strangely, neither Brian nor the Fox & Friends producers apprised their audience of Richards’ apparent gender identity: Rather, they left them with the disconnect of the view of a female and the sound of a male.

Who’s that “girl”? Fox & Friends won’t tell. Carpe Diem will.

Fox & Friends – 09/07/10 (@ 8:46 a.m. ET)

Update: adds its take and video.

Hemmer: Huddy, “Kiss a Little More Butt”

September 6, 2010

America’s Newsroom‘s Bill Hemmer added his own special spice to the “barbie” this morning as he and co-host Juliet Huddy confected the Labor Day edition of America’s Newsroom. As the program began, the low-key Bill remarked, “We labor together on this Labor Day. I’m Bill Hemmer….How [are] you doing, Juliet?” Saccharinely unctuous, Juliet responded, “Juliet Huddy, in for Martha MacCallum. I’m good. Sunny and beautiful outside but it’s sunny and beautiful in here with you, too, Bill.” Smiling, Bill answered, “Good to be here with you.” Conspicuously facetious, she responded, “It’s good to be with you.” Looking down and grinning, Bill deftly riposted, “Kiss a little more butt!”

And, to think, that Bill was once a stodgier American Morning co-host on CNN: his transmogrification appears complete.

Major “Maxim” Garrett

September 4, 2010

Good grief? Megyn dishes on former office husband. America Live anchor Megyn Kelly took puckish pleasure at Fox News’ White House correspondent Major Garrett’s expense on his final day at FNC Friday. As the segment with Garrett began and after an job stats/Obama story, Megyn said, “Major, I’m supposed to ask you about these numbers and what the President said but we’ve already talked about them…so I got to get down to business with you. Your last day on the air with Fox News Channel: aren’t you gonna miss us?* After Garrett assured her that he would, explained his move to National Journal as a congressional correspondent, and then bantered a bit more, Megyn mischievously remarked, “Well, we were officemates….I remember when Major and I first moved in together…when I started at Fox News Channel. And, do you remember, Major, you were not there when I first moved into our office. You remember?”

Smiling and nodding his head abashedly, Garrett replied, “Right. Yes, I do.” Enjoying a bit of Schadenfreude, Megyn asked, “And, you remember what was there?” Grinning broadly, Garrett responded, “Yes, I do.” With a gleeful glint in her eye, Megyn queried, “Do you want to tell them, or should I?” Blushing, Garrett confessed, “Uh, Maxim Magazine.”

Roaring with laughter, Megyn recounted, “Bruce Becker, our then deputy bureau chief walks me into the office….Not only are [Garrett’s] gym clothes all over his half of the office but Maxim Magazine was like open!” Before giggling, she added, “Maxim Mag: you know, it’s not Playboy but it’s not exactly a Disney publication either.” Still blushing, Garrett jested, “It’s not Good Housekeeping: no, it’s not. No.”

Having had her fun with Garrett, Megyn turned serious and expressed her deep respect for him. Then, she declared, “Major, we are gonna miss you desperately.” In response, Garrett stated, “Well, I appreciate that….It’s been a been a privilege and an honor to serve [the Fox audience] and what I’ve tried to do every day at this job…is serve this audience as best I can and as aggressively as I can.” Megyn concluded, “Alright, MG. Well, we will miss you. All our love and our sincere thanks. See you soon, Friend.”

Assuredly, the Fox News audience will miss Garrett, too. Fair and balanced: a job well done, Major.

[Author’s aside: During the interview, Major Garrett provided two of his e-mail address for those who wished to write to him. They are as follow: (iPhone) and]

*America Live – 09/03/10 (@2:23 a.m. ET)

FNC: Missing Mike?

September 3, 2010

From Gretchen’s “secret” to Janice’s plea, Philly Fox 29 host Mike Jerrick was back–or, perhaps, well on his way back. The former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host received an extra tight embrace from his former colleagues, especially, F&F femmes, anchor Gretchen Carlson and meteorologist Janice Dean today. The bad boy was back and the girls were loving every minute of it.

Welcoming Mike warmly as the show began, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson turned to him and cheerfully announced, “Mike Jerrick [is] back!” As Mike exclaimed, “Good to see you!” and eagerly kissed her cheek, Gretchen continued, “We haven’t seen each other for so long. Or, well, we see other but [have] not worked together.” When Mike then animatedly answered, “Yeah, yeah. It’s been three, four years, I think,” Gretchen turned to the audience and teased, “Coming up sometime during the show, I’m gonna share a secret about Mike Jerrick.” As Mike playfully tensed up and an off-camera floor crew member muttered, “Uh, oh!,” Gretchen added, “There’s many but I’m gonna share one secret.”

Apparently, Gretchen was right. When she segued to FNC meteorologist Janice Dean for her Hurricane Earl story, Janice laughed, “And, can I just say that most women around here have secrets about Mike Jerrick.” Chortling, Gretchen exclaimed, “No kidding!” When Janice concluded her report and tossed back to the co-hosts, Gretchen declared, “Mike’s speechless ’cause he’s wondering what your secret is.” Not quite so, Mike interposed, “I’m very scared about Janice’s secret.” Smiling and shaking her head, Janice sweetly responded, “We love Mike so much! It’s such a pleasure to see you.” Nodding her head, Gretchen concurred, “Very true.”

The lovefest continued unabated. Later, when Janice finished her final weather segment of the program and tossed to the co-hosts, Gretchen stated, “Earlier, I said there’s a secret about Mike Jerrick….I just want to say real quickly that when I started at Fox, you were the nicest person in the world to me. And that’s my secret.”* Seemingly incredulous at her innocuous revelation, Mike queried, “That was the secret?” Gretchen replied, “That’s my secret. And, I, I miss you not being here anymore but I still love you.” Interjecting, Janice pleaded, “We love you. Come back!” Chuckling appreciatively, Mike succinctly answered, “Okay.”

Perhaps, Mike shall–if Juliet Huddy, his television wife (FNC’s F&FW & FOX’s The Morning Show with Mike and Juliet), gets her wish, too. When the author Tweeted, “Would be fun to see Mike [Jerrick] back on w/ you sometime, too, Juliet replied, “Would love to be back on with Mike! Miss him terribly.”

Apparently, Juliet is not alone. And, perhaps, FNC had put out the word to F&F today. Welcome back, black sheep?

[Author’s aside: Today, even one of Mike’s most macho whilom colleagues was showing him the love this morning. During a segment promoting a retrospective on his journalistic work, Geraldo Rivera playfully slapped Mike on the the thigh repeatedly and remarked, “Nice to see you from Philly!” When Mike fondly recalled their spending time together on Fridays, Geraldo replied, “I miss that.” When he added that he had “stopped drinking, though,” Mike jested, “You did? Oh, we can’t hang out.” At least, not during off hours.]

*Fox & Friends – 09/03/10 (@8:42 a.m. ET)