Angie Harmon: “Age Appropriate?”

Apparently, Fox & Friends producers forgot to do their research on guest Angie Harmon, former Law & Order star. Billed as merely an actress, Angie was booked for two segments to promote her charity celeb shoe auction for kids. The second part included a fashion segment entitled, “Age Appropriate?” F&F did not seem to realize that Angie was a fashion model who had won Seventeen’s cover-page contest at the age of fifteen and had subsequently appeared in Elle, Cosmopolitan, and Vogue. (Not to mention that the age of majority is eighteen!)

As the first segment concluded, F&F co-anchor Gretchen Carlson breathlessly promoted the upcoming one entitled “Age Appropriate? (with photos of Gossip Girl Blake Lively in her hot backless, thigh-high slit, and waist-low neckline red Versace Emmy dress),” asking, “Are young women in Hollywood like Blake Lively dressing too provocatively?” Angie, incredulously scoffed, “Oh, come on! She looks beautiful. Really? That’s beautiful. That’s not even provocative!”

When the second segment started, Angie briefly discussed non-profit KaBOOM!’s urban playground initiative with co-hosts Gretch, Brian Kilmeade, and Steve Doocy. Immediately thereafter, Gretch said, “Sounds like a fantastic cause. Let’s talk a little about fashion because we were showing that picture before we went to break of Blake Lively.” Angie joked, “She’s just godawful, isn’t she? Poor thing having to walk through life like that. She’s beautiful!”

Haltingly, Gretch replied, “Yeah, I’m not really sure. I guess.” Steve interjected, “The plunging neckline. She’s twenty-two.” Angie asked, “Is she twenty-two? Then she’s fine.” Less sure of herself than before, Gretch continued, “Dressed provocatively would be the short hemline.”

Angie declared, “She’s twenty-two….Her shoulders look fine. Is it low-cut and high-cut?” Interrupting her, Brian jested, “Do you think they [sic] should be wearing a coat?” Adamantly, Angie responded, “No! It’s LA…. No, I think she looks lovely. If this was [sic] my daughter, I would be fine with this. There! How’s that!”

And that was that.

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