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AM Disses Queen Royally

July 6, 2010

CNN co-host John Roberts: “So inappropriate! I’m sorry!…Won’t happen again.” As Queen Elizabeth II returns to New York City for the first time in almost 35 years, CNN’s morning news show, American Morning, gave her the regal middle-finger salute. The rude welcome came from both CNN’s senior United Nations correspondent Richard Roth and AM producers.

During an otherwise respectful AM segment entitled, “The British Are Coming! with co-hosts John Roberts and Kiran Chetry and British CNNI anchor Richard Quest, Roth started the royal slams after his report.  When the discussion turned to the Queen’s first scheduled address to the United Nations since 1957, Quest questioned, “Why now, why do [sic] the U.N. want her now?”* Less than respectfully, Roth retorted, “Look, who wanted who here?…They’ll take whoever they can get there. I mean, because the image of the place…has suffered over the years.”

Canadian-born Roberts was not amused. Taking umbrage at Roth’s comment, the Canadian/American riposted, “Speaking as a person who bridges both worlds, having grown up in a Commonwealth country, “I think we [Roberts and Brit Quest] ought to lay down the gauntlet here to Richard.” Undaunted, Roth retorted, “No. I mean it’s an impressive visit but why doesn’t she come in September during the General Assembly when more Presidents and Prime Ministers [are there]?”

Later, in the program’s final segment “Royally Psyched,” the producers themselves gave the Queen a bumptious Bronx cheer with a blast from the Sex Pistol’s notorious anti-Queen screed (mockingly named, “God Save the Queen).”** As the camera panned to the co-hosts and Roth, Roberts hid his head in his hand. Looking at Roberts, Chetry naively queried, “What are you laughing at?” Shaking his head and putting his hand over his mouth, Roberts exclaimed, “Oh, cause that was just so inappropriate! I’m sorry! I apologize for that!”

Still oblivious, Chetry asked, “Aren’t they a U.K. band?” Without responding, a chagrined Roberts turned away from Chetry, shook his head, tapped the desk repeated;u, and incredulously exclaimed, “Oh, gosh!” To make matters worse, after Roberts then introduced Roth’s report, Chetry cluelessly commented, “And, they sang that song the last time.” Without a word, Roberts rolled his eyes and sighed loudly.

Meanwhile, someone apparently put out THE word to Roth, Roberts, and Chetry. After Roth’s story ran this time, a rather repentant Roth immediately remarked, “And, the President of the General Assembly of the United Nations is glad the Queen is coming, hoping it will help the delegates press on with some of their big needs in the coming years.” When the segment had concluded, Roberts somberly addressed the audience, saying, “And, again sincere apologies about the Sex Pistols. We discussed that situation. Won’t happen again.” As he did, Chetry meekly looked down at the desk and rearranged her papers without a peep.

After American Morning today, Jonathan Klein may be really singing, “God Save CNN.”

*American Morning – 07/05/10 (@7:42 a.m. ET)

*American Morning – 07/o5/10 (@8:55 a.m. ET)


Smoking John Roberts! Not!

September 15, 2009

The latest bad boy? Shortly after an American Morning segment today entitled, “So Much Misbehavin’,” the seemingly irritated AM co-anchor whacked his CNN colleague Jason Carroll with his rolled up papers.* Ironically, in a show bemoaning the lack of civility based on the recent behavior of Rep. Joe Wilson (SC-R), Selena Williams, and Kanye West, John swatted Jason after he questioned whether John was indeed an ex-smoker.

In an earlier segment on the proposed Central Park smoking ban, John had seemed to indicate his support for it. He had commented, “You know, you walk down the streets in New York…and somebody half a block ahead of you is smoking, it just permeates the environment.” In Jason’s second story on the ban, co-host Kiran Chetry said, “You’re talking to two ex-smokers. And, when you’re an ex-smoker.” Interrupting her, Jason pointed to John and incredulously said, “Ex-smokers? I thought you knew.”

Looking at John and then at Jason, Kiran insisted, “We’re exes.” Immediately, as if Jason were an impertinent child, John rolled up his papers and punished him with a pop to the top of his head. Thereafter, a surprised Kiran laughed as if she were not quite sure how to respond. Jason, trying to be a good sport, did as well.

At the end of the segment when the film footage had run, John, mimicking Wilson, Selena, and Kanye, apologized. Addressing Jason, he said, “Sorry, I shouldn’t have whacked you with the paper.” As an apt aside to the audience, Jason rejoined, “Maybe, he should take up smoking again.” Kiran chuckled, “Maybe, it would calm him down.” John jested, “You know what they say: there’s nothing worse than a reformed smoker.”

Maybe. Perhaps, a reformed smoker that’s still sneaking a few?

*American Morning (09/15/09) – @8:55 a.m. ET

Scrooge McKilmeade

August 17, 2009

Brian, you wanted lemonade money back from Clementine, a ten-year old little girl? It’s one thing to tend to “welch” on lost wagers with your Fox & Friends co-hosts:* However, today was another thing altogether. Like Scrooge, it seemed a little too rich.

In a sympathetic story on Clementine Lee, who was ticketed for selling lemonade (fifty cents per cup) at Central Park in New York City, to the small lass, Brian effused, “You’re an entrepreneur, and we’re a capitalistic society.” At the end of the segment, co-anchor Gretchen asked, “Can I have some lemonade this morning.” Co-host Steve Doocy said, “I’m buying! How much is it per glass?”

When Clementine responded, “Fifty cents,” Kilmeade, pulling a dollar from pants pocket, asked, “Can I get two, one for me and my friend? Anybody else?” Then, giving Clementine another, apparently, also from Brian, Gretchen stated, This is the tip.” Clementine softly and sweetly replied, “Thank you.” Handing her another two dollars, Brian remarked, “Don’t let the government stop you.” As the segment concluded, he laughed, “[Clementine, you’re] taking all of my money.”

Off camera, as the promos ran, Brian exclaimed, “I’m not getting my money back.” Perhaps, regarding the tip, Gretch answered, “I’ve got one.”

Maybe, it should have been “Hush!”