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Eric “Explains” Kid Diss: I’m a Dog Lover!

November 19, 2013

“I got beat up all day on…the Internet!” One more thing! During the final Five segment Monday, co-anchor Eric Bolling tried to “explain” away his dissing of viral sensation toddler Beau earlier in the day on Fox & Friends (vid). Introducing his “apology,” Eric showed a few pics of Beau and his puppy pal Theo adorably cuddling as they napped and then aired the F&F clip for which Carpe Diem gave him grief for incredibly asking a mother to give her grumpy toddler to someone off screen during an interview. After the snippet ran, Eric remarked, “So that was me recommending, ‘No…keep Theo the dog, and put Beau to the side. I got beat up all day on, on the Internet!”

Looking into the camera, Eric implored, “But, you have to understand something: I’m a dog lover!” Pointing toward the viewer, he continued, “Look at this picture someone sent to me. My brother-in-law sent this to me today. That’s Freedom and me.” As a picture of a big dog licking an eyes-closed Eric on the lips appeared on the screen, Jasper‘s “mum,” fellow co-host Dana Perino exclaimed, “Oh, my god” and co-anchor Greg Gutfeld gibed, “This is perverted!” Uncowed, Eric continued, “We are BFF’s. I love that dog!”

Eric’s explanation: Feeble at best. A red herring? Yes. But, at least, he tried!

Shreveport Cop Canned

February 20, 2008

Police video was vital in the canning of a Shreveport, LA, officer by the chief of police. The big, burly young copper allegedly beat a female prisoner who requested an attorney after the officer asked her to take the D.U.I. test. According to FNC, he then placed the woman in handcuffs and beat her while shackled. During this episode, the camera was either turned off or the lens was blocked: when the video resumed the arrestee, lying in her own blood, was on the ground with cuts, bruises, two blackened eyes, a broken nose, and broken teeth. The officer denied beating her and claimed that she fell down. According to FNC, federal and state officials are investigating possible charges against him.