Shreveport Cop Canned

Police video was vital in the canning of a Shreveport, LA, officer by the chief of police. The big, burly young copper allegedly beat a female prisoner who requested an attorney after the officer asked her to take the D.U.I. test. According to FNC, he then placed the woman in handcuffs and beat her while shackled. During this episode, the camera was either turned off or the lens was blocked: when the video resumed the arrestee, lying in her own blood, was on the ground with cuts, bruises, two blackened eyes, a broken nose, and broken teeth. The officer denied beating her and claimed that she fell down. According to FNC, federal and state officials are investigating possible charges against him.


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2 Responses to “Shreveport Cop Canned”

  1. hgb3 Says:

    This dude should definitely have been fired and considered fortunate not to be beaten himself. The woman’s attitude didn’t help of course, but he’s definitely to blame.

    This unfortunately probably qualifies the cop for “gentleman” status in the TV and news media. (i.e. criminals and thugs are always referred to as the “gentleman” who beat, stabbed the victim, etc.. the only time the phrase “gentleman” is ever used anymore……)

  2. jakeho Says:

    Geo., I’m not sure exactly what you meant by her attitude. She appeared to be lucid and trying to avail herself of her rights to an attorney. In my opinion, the officer will likely face multiple charges of criminal conduct and the department will probably face a significant civil suit.

    Geo., “gentleman” has surely evolved in the media lexicon. In a similar fashion (yet in the opposite direction), the term “egregious” has changed from “standing out from the crowd in a positive way” to “standing out from the herd in a negative manner.”

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