French/Swedish Lousiana lad

James K. Hogue
Newellton, LA
Email address:

5 Responses to “French/Swedish Lousiana lad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Alyson better than EH whohas very annoying voice……

  2. Karen Says:

    I live in St Louis U work for Serco the company approves or disapproves applications for Obama Care. What a joke. 800 people employed an NO work we are paid 15-21 hour plus additional 4.02 to pay your personal insurance. We sit an do nothing It’s against everything I believe but it pays the bills. I need my job but u need to come here an get us all fired. If the tax payers knew they would die. Our own channel 4 tried to break the story but government shut them down. If you do get me fired plz try an find me a new job. It’s been tough in Missouri

  3. Anonymous Says:

    St. Louis Mo
    We process Obama Care. We are paid 16-21 hour an do NOTHING. What a joke. It’s against everything I believe but it’s a job for some of us and we sit around and stare in our chairs in circles for eight hours channel 4 news tried to do a piece on this but were shut down immediately by the federal government please come break the story

  4. Karen Says:

    He’ll No. I did not post that

    My co worker did on my phone. She will never touch my phone again

    This maybe true but I need my job

    Please do not respond to

    Thank You

  5. Patricia Anthony Says:

    Hillary says Chris is a GOOD friend but she had not spoken to him in a year and he did not have her personal number or email address, this left him with no other recourse but to send his request to the same people who were denying the request or worse ignoring the request.

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