French/Swedish Lousiana lad

James K. Hogue
Newellton, LA
Email address:

4 Responses to “French/Swedish Lousiana lad”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    Alyson better than EH whohas very annoying voice……

  2. Karen Says:

    I live in St Louis U work for Serco the company approves or disapproves applications for Obama Care. What a joke. 800 people employed an NO work we are paid 15-21 hour plus additional 4.02 to pay your personal insurance. We sit an do nothing It’s against everything I believe but it pays the bills. I need my job but u need to come here an get us all fired. If the tax payers knew they would die. Our own channel 4 tried to break the story but government shut them down. If you do get me fired plz try an find me a new job. It’s been tough in Missouri

  3. Anonymous Says:

    St. Louis Mo
    We process Obama Care. We are paid 16-21 hour an do NOTHING. What a joke. It’s against everything I believe but it’s a job for some of us and we sit around and stare in our chairs in circles for eight hours channel 4 news tried to do a piece on this but were shut down immediately by the federal government please come break the story

  4. Karen Says:

    He’ll No. I did not post that

    My co worker did on my phone. She will never touch my phone again

    This maybe true but I need my job

    Please do not respond to

    Thank You

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