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Lauren Sivan Moving: Yoga Tape “Missing”

August 31, 2011

Red Eye host Greg Gutfeld: Sadly, the voice of Long Island is leaving us. This morning Gutfeld cheekily announced that New York reporter Lauren Sivan was departing New York City for “newer and, hopefully, more sober opportunities in Los Angeles.”* In his paean to the self-dubbed “Dancing Shiva” with the “tramp stamp,” Gutfeld ran a cinematic collage of Lauren’s past appearances.

As Gutfeld did, he teased, “Have you [Lauren] ever got in trouble for anything you put online work-wise? When she coyly answered, “I don’t have any online accounts,” a TV test pattern with the graphic “tape missing YOGA NEWS 11/7/2009” appeared.* At the end of the montage of her vintage clips, a smiling Lauren declared, “Vapid and yet obscene. I think I just lost my new job. Thank you, Greg!”

Hopefully, not. However, when “TV’s Andy Levy” asked her in the “Postgame Wrap-Up” whether she wanted to tell the viewers where she was going or not, she enigmatically remarked, “I’m going to Los Angeles, a little town called Los Angeles, um, to, to, to work for FOX in a different capacity.” In response, Andy sarcastically replied, “That was good, Lauren: people know exactly where to find you.”

Given her history with FNC, perhaps, Lauren was wise to omit the details of her future FOX job. At least, Greg had cut her famously sexy “Yoga News” segment, which has been quite the hit with her red-blooded male admirers–if not the Fox News suits. At the time Lauren performed the racy workout, one Twitter follower was so enraptured that he sent Lauren links to the hi-def caps of it. In response, she replied, “Thank You! I will either get promoted or fired for this:).”: Less than three months later, she sadly bid adieu to her fans.

Good luck, Lauren: you’ll be missed. Hopefully, you’ll return to Red Eye on your next visit to the Big Apple. Until then, your RE fans still have the memories–and the vid.

[Author’s aside: Lauren’s “missing” Red Eye tape can be found here.]

*Red Eye – 08/31/11 (@ 3:52 a.m. ET)

FNC’s Molly Henneberg Preggers

August 31, 2011

“A new Redskins fan later this year.” FNC correspondent Molly Henneberg announced her pregnancy this morning on Fox & Friends. As her 8:32 a.m. ET report from the White House ended, the life-long, DIEHARD Washington Redskins fan joyfully asked, “Did I tell you all that my husband [Marine Capt. Chris Nagel] and I are expecting a new Redskins fan later this year?”

When the co-hosts had clapped and had offered their hearty congratulations, co-anchor Gretchen Carlson asked, “What’s your due date?” Radiant, Molly answered, “December 25th, Christmas Day!” Later, she disclosed, “It’s a little girl. We’re going to name her Jacqueline after my mom.”

Congratulations, Molly and Chris!

Carlson’s Sexy Cruise

August 31, 2011

Gretchen: “I can’t tell you what movies I saw.” Bronzed and refreshed, Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson returned from her vacation to the center of the curvy couch today. Looking sassy and sexy in her short, sleeveless,  turquoise dress, Gretchen appeared ready and able to titillate her co-hosts and her viewers. And, she did.

After showing the “Shot of the Day” (Justin Beiber‘s “wrecked” Ferrari), co-anchor Brian Kilmeade  jested, “He’s a little bit different of a kid who’s working to be normal.”* Concurring, co-host Steve Doocy declared, “That’s true. You saw the movie?” In reply, Brian said, “Right.  Because I was on the Disney cruise–you [Gretchen] were just on a cruise….They [Disney] showed the Justin Bieber documentary every nine minutes.” Turning to him with a saucy smile, Gretchen interjected, “I can’t tell you what movies I saw.”

Grinning goatishly, Brian queried, “You can’t?” Shrugging her shoulders suggestively, Gretchen cooed, “They’re a little different.” Probing Puckishly, Brian chuckled, “People have clothes on?” Laughing, Gretchen quickly answered, “Yeah.” Then she risquely added, “Sometimes!”

Tanned, rested and randy: Carlson 2011!

* Fox & Friends – 08/31/11 (@ 6:31 a.m. ET)

Ali Velshi: [I] Miss Kiran Chetry Every Morning

August 30, 2011

Yesterday American Morning co-host Ali Velshi pined for Kiran Chetry, his  gorgeous, exotic former AM co-host. After her hubby, meteorologist Chris Knowles, appeared anew on A.M.: Wake-Up Call for a weather segment, Ali Tweeted, “@chrisknowlestv nice to see you on our air. Miss @KiranChetryTV every morning.” And who could blame him?

After Kiran tearfully left AM for a mysterious “very special opportunity” on July 29, he has co-hosted the program with Christine Romans and Carol Costello. For the cosmopolitan Kenyan-born Canadian, his two former Iowa farm girls may seem a mite too plain and prosaic in comparison–especially, if the lovely ladies’ recent dress and mien are any indication. On one hand, Christine, overly cloaked in her high-collared tops and school marm midis, appears determined to play the earnest advocate: On the other, Carol, too oft in her Kyra Phillips slacks and/or Mary Jane shoes, seems to strive to be the studied cynic.

Unfortunately for Ali, AM‘s Aphrodite has left the the Time Warner Center: And, the sexy Nepalese beauty has not been replaced. Only Kiran’s personally dubbed “resident fashionistaAlina Cho may have come somewhat close. But, alas, Ali was gone that day.

Missing Kiran, Ali? So do your American Morning viewers!

Hurricane Huddy: Camerota a Casualty?

August 28, 2011

“I’m Dave Briggs, Juliet Huddy is in, [and] Brian is in for a vacationing Clayton Morris.” As Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Juliet Huddy celebrated Saturday her third straight weekend at the F&FW helm since Megyn Kelly returned from maternity leave, Juliet Huddy abandoned her usual “in for Alisyn Camerota” intro each hour. Instead, she simply said, “I’m Juliet Huddy.” As Aly’s four-month-plus absence from F&FW continues, her co-anchor Clayton Morris’ “maternity shuffle” explanation becomes less and less credible: in contrast, Carpe Diem‘s suggested “Shine shakeup” seems more and more realistic.

Yesterday, F&FW co-host Dave Briggs did nothing to dispel any rumor that Juliet had replaced Aly on the curvy couch for good: in fact, he continuously fueled the fire. Shortly after Juliet began the show saying, “I’m Juliet Huddy” and greeted F&FW guest co-anchor Brian Kilmeade, Dave did not add his customary “Juliet Huddy in for Alisyn Camerota” but rather pointed to Brian and remarked, “By the way, Brian in for a vacationing Clayton Morris this morning.” Two hours later, after Juliet Huddy again introduced herself, simply saying, “I’m Juliet Huddy,” Dave commented, “Clayton Morris is off….Brian is here in his place. Juliet here.” Subsequently, when the final hour began with Juliet repeating her new abbreviated intro, “I’m Juliet Huddy,” Dave declared, “I’m Dave Briggs, Juliet Huddy is in, [and] Brian in for a vacationing Clayton Morris.” But, again, not a single word about the missing Aly.

Nevertheless, the trio talked often about Clayton. Not only did Dave repeatedly reference the “vacationing Clayton Morris” but also Brian Kilmeade began the show acerbically ribbing Clayton for remaining on vacation while the President and NJ Governor Chris Christie cut theirs short for Hurricane Irene. Furthermore, Juliet revealed that Clayton had gone to Ocean Springs, Maryland, and Dave disclosed that he had had to be evacuated.

However, today, no mention was made of either Clayton or Aly. Rather, F&FW producers obviated the problem by introducing the co-hosts (Dave, Juliet and guest co-anchor Steve Doocy) via a banner beneath the trio rather than the usual self-introductions.* Nevertheless, Juliet seemed to limn F&FW‘s future even more pellucidly. She Tweeted, “Quite the 24 hours….See you on FnF’s Friday thru Labor Day.”

And, speaking of labor, Clayton, a pregnant Megyn leaves her show for four months but her non-gravid “maternity shuffle” partner Aly is still not scheduled to return to F&FW almost a month later? Seems implausible at best. Rather, it sounds more like a “Shine shakeup” or yet another of his F&FW anchor defenestrations without properly apprising the audience.

Perhaps, Shine is using the special coverage of Hurricane Irene to transition stealthily between Aly and Juliet. If so, maybe, some F&FW‘s viewers won’t notice. But, Carpe Diem readers will.

*[Author’s aside: At the beginning of the first two hours, Dave, Julie, and Steve were given an introduction only with the regular chyron: however, at the start of the final two, strangely none was given at all.]

Penguin Poops: HuffPo Oops!

August 28, 2011

Carpe Diem: scanned but unread? Someone at the Huffington Post has egg–or penguin poop-on his face. After Carpe Diem reported that karma visited Fox & Friends co-host Brian Kilmeade Wednesday in the form of African penguin dung for his maligning of Happy Feet (the straying Antarctica penguin who ended up in New Zealand), HuffPo appeared to retell the story without a customary “h/t.”

Perhaps, as a result, karma revisisted HuffPo. Apparently, the HuffPo author merely scanned the Carpe Diem article before penning his own. In the beginning of the Carpe Diem column, F&F‘s co-anchor Gretchen Carlson’s warning to Brian after he disparaged Happy Feet a month ago was quoted. Unfortunately, the HuffPo columnist did not read more closely or he would have realized that Juliet Huddy, not Gretchen Carlson, was co-hosting Wednesday: since he did not, he erroneously dubbed the F&F co-host as Gretchen Carlson in an apparent rewrite of Carpe Diem‘s “Kilmeade’s Karma: A Penguin’s Revenge.”

HuffPo‘s chagrin: it’s karma?

[Author’s aside: If the reader watches HuffPo‘s own vid, Juliet Huddy is clearly seen for a brief moment during the abbreviated penguin segment. P.S. TVNewser got it right three days later.]

Kilmeade’s Karma: A Penguin’s Revenge

August 24, 2011

Gretchen: “I guess you don’t like penguins. The next time they come on the show….” Less than a month after Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson uttered those ominous words to Brian after he scoffed at her heartwarming story about Happy Feet (the straying Antarctica penguin who ended up in New Zealand), co-host Brian Kilmeade got his just desserts. I.e., he got dumped on today–literally–by Happy Feet’s African cousin.

In a delightful “Penguin Picassos” segment, Brian and his co-hosts, Steve Doocy and Juliet Huddy, interviewed the Mystic Aquarium caretakers of two African penguins, Yellow Red and her mate Gray Silver, who walk over canvas to create paintings. When Yellow Red had demonstrated her technique, Brian reached out his hands and asked, “Wow! Now, could I hold her?” Moving away from Brian, the caretaker replied, “She might let you touch her. Let me go back here [to the canvas for another walkover].” After Yellow Red made another run, Brian remarked, “Wow! That’s fantastic.”

When the camera subsequently panned over to a, possibly, now jealous Gray Silver held high by his caretaker, Brian exclaimed, “Oh, geesh! Uh! My brand new shoes!” As Juliet howled with laughter, Steve asked, “What happened to you?” Brian replied, “Uh, it’s, I got to change my shoes.”

As Brian then limped off the set, he held his black right shoe high in the air in disgust: staining it was the white fecal karma for his Happy Feet diss. As if Brian needed to be reminded, Steve “sympathetically” said, “Brian…and that was a new pair of shoes.” Seemingly exasperated, Brian responded, “I know! That’s the last time I have a penguin at my house.”

Or, perhaps, just a little more penguin respect in the future, Brian? Karma’s a penguin. At least, today.

Kiran Chetry: Miss Nepal USA 2011?

August 23, 2011

You be the judge! Three weeks after tearfully leaving American Morning for a “very special opportunity,” Kathmandu’s comely Kiran Chetry reemerged into the limelight as a judge of the Miss Nepal USA 2011 beauty pageant Saturday. As she proudly paid tribute to her homeland’s lovelies, Kiran further served up a sop to her fervent fans who impatiently await her next move.

Before judging the Miss Nepal USA 2011 contest Saturday, Kiran solicited queries from her Twitter followers for the pageant contestants. Then, she posted photos of the judges (including herself) and several apparent competitors. Finally, when Miss Nepal USA 2011 Sujita Basnet was crowned the winner, Kiran sent out a pic with her congratulations.

Yes, Miss Nepal USA was assuredly gorgeous: But, so was Nepal’s “Ray of Light.” Kiran was back for a mere moment and looked better than ever. But, when will Nepal’s real beauty queen finally return to her ardent acolytes?

Stay tuned.

Juliet: “This is Weird!”

August 16, 2011

A.S.S.: Caught in Mike’s lap. Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-hosts Juliet Huddy and Mike Jerrick seemed like old flames Saturday. As the two former two-time TV spouses [F&FW and Morning Show with Mike and Juliet] got back together on F&FW, they seemed to reignite that old spark in a “Philly Sandwich” with co-anchor Clayton Morris: But, according to Juliet, it got “just weird” during the After the Show Show (A.S.S.).

As A.S.S. began, Mike, Juliet, Clayton, and meteorologist Rick Reichmuth walked over to the nearby “trading desk” to talk with FBN anchor Nicole Petallides and two other business guests about stocks. With only two seats available (one at each end of the desk), Clayton took one and Mike the other: Meanwhile, Juliet stood behind Nicole and Rick next to Mike. When Clayton began to interview Nicole and before the camera zoomed in on her, Juliet walked over toward Mike as he pulled back his chair. Putting her hand around Mike’s neck, a smiling Juliet then sat down seemingly in his lap (by then off-camera).*

As Nicole finished her answer and the camera panned out for a shot of the whole cast, there sat Juliet comfortably on Mike’s knee!** When Juliet realized that the viewers could see her in Mike’s lap, she smiled and blushed. Chuckling uncomfortably, she stood up and turned to Rick, whispering, “This is weird!”

As Rick sheepishly grinned, Mike looked down as if nothing unusual had happened. Weird? No, just classic Fox & Friends.

*After the Show Show – 08/13/11 (@0.54/5.53)

**Ibid at @1.17/5.53.

Juliet Huddy: Inside a “Philly Sandwich”

August 14, 2011

Clayton Morris: “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.” FNC anchor Juliet Huddy returned to the center seat on the curvy couch this weekend between regular F&FW co-host Clayton Morris and guest co-anchor Mike Jerrick. When Mike noted today that Juliet was with a “couple of Philly guys,” she laughed and naughtily stated, “A Philly sandwich!” And, quite a sandwich it was–at least, yesterday.

As the two-day reunion between Juliet and her former F&FW hubby Mike began Saturday innocently enough, Mike remarked, “All of the sudden we’re back in 2002 (when the two co-hosted F&FW with Julian Phillips).” Clayton chuckled, “Feel like I’m in a time warp, too. Yeah, hi, hey, a third wheel.” But, he did not remain one for the entire show.

About two hours later, after a “Marriage Matters” segment with comedian Steven Crowder, Mike pointed to Juliet, joking, “We’ve known each other so long people do think that we’ve dated….We are like a married couple though: we annoy each other and there’s no sex.”*

Perhaps, with Juliet and Mike’s purported platonic relationship in mind, Clayton decided to make his own Philly “pass” at Juliet about an hour later. After a Home Depot segment on replacing a faucet ended, Clayton tossed backed to Mike and Juliet, randily deadpanning, “Juliet, I’ll be over a little bit later to help you with your plumbing.”** As a blushing Juliet shook her head and smiled, Mike arched his eyebrow and exclaimed, “Well!”

Feigning innocence, Clayton insisted, “She said, she said she needed it!” Reddening even more, Juliet stammered, “I, I, I didn’t.” Grinning goatishly, Mike jested, “It could, it could use some help.” Suddenly, Mike’s words were muted–perhaps, by the producers–as his lips continued to move. Seemingly, still at a loss for words, an embarrassed single Juliet simply giggled in response.

Juliet’s F&FW “Philly Sandwich”: extra beef and a little cheese.

*Fox & Friends Weekend – 08/13/11 (@ 7:55 a.m. ET)

**Ibid at 8:42 a.m. ET.

Geraldo’s F&F Gaffe: “Steve, E.D., and Brian”

August 12, 2011

Indignant Gretchen: “Geraldo, Gretchen’s been doing this show for about five years. Not E.D [Hill]!” Twice this morning FNC anchor Geraldo Rivera called Fox & Friends co-host Gretchen Carlson “E.D.” And, Gretchen was not amused–at being confused with her older, immediate predecessor, i.e., the blond brassy Texas beauty, E.D. Hill (whom the 1989 Miss America unceremoniously replaced as FNC celebrated its tenth anniversary).

When Geraldo concluded his weekly Geraldo at Large promo segment today at a ceremony honoring the returning troops from Afghanistan at Fort Campbell, KY, he somberly noted the year of loss to them and the consequent questions of whether the sacrifices were worth it. As he did, he mistakenly said, “Steve, E.D., and Brian.”* Then, as he began the further question of the troops families, i.e., “Where do we go from here?,” the apparent cackle of Gretchen could be heard. When Geraldo concluded a few moments later, he remarked, “These are very, very important issues, Steve, E.D., and Brian.”

Without so much as acknowledging those “very, very important issues,” Gretchen insouciantly exclaimed, “Geraldo, Gretchen’s been doing this show for about five years: not E.D!” Looking perplexed at her solipsistic response, Geraldo stammered, “What, what’s that about five years?” Laughing heartily, Gretchen waved her hand dismissively and answered, “”It’s okay. I’ll tell you when I see you next week.”

Ending the segment with a sigh, Steve said, “Alright, Geraldo Rivera live at Fort Campbell, Kentucky, with General Campbell.” Chuckling, guest co-host Clayton Morris commented, “You’re going to receive a nice fruit basket in your office very soon. I’m sure of that.” Gretchen responded, “I am?” Clayton replied, “Yeah, I’m sure.”

As Gretchen took apparent umbrage at Geraldo’s gaffe, ironically, she made her own. I.e., she forgot the returning troops, their fallen comrades, and their respective families at Fort Campbell. Maybe, a few more fruit baskets should be in order. Posthaste.

*Fox & Friends – 08/12/11 (@ 8:32 a.m. ET)

Update: Video of Geraldo’s second (segue) gaffe. (Courtesy of J$P.)

Megyn: Yardley’s Mom

August 9, 2011

Back in the saddle again: from GQ pinup to Fox(y) flapper. Yesterday America Live anchor Megyn Kelly returned from maternity leave to her FNC show looking as hot as ever. And, she hopes to stay that way.

Just about nine months ago (December 2010), Megyn graced the pages of GQ Men of the Year (December 2010) in a plucky, provocative pictorial for her fans: Then, around five months later (April 7),  she left for maternity leave. Perhaps, Megyn was merely holding her randy devotees over while she had the “impertinence” to have her second child, Yardley Evans (April 14). After all, they would have quite a wait for her to return, i.e., not, the usual three months but four long ones.

When Megyn finally returned to her AL admirers yesterday, she did not disappoint. After leaving them as a sexy, long-tressed Stacy’s Mom, she returned to them as wanton, short-bobbed flapper ready to rev her boys in a whole new way. Or, rather, in a retro way.

Welcome back, Megyn!

CNN Cuts “Warrior for Christ”

August 8, 2011

Shush, American SEAL hero widow! American Morning let Kimberly Vaughn’s offensive reference to Christ in a tribute to her husband get by their censors once but they had the politically correct sense to cut it a mere five minutes later. In a moment reminiscent of NBC’s “regrettable” omission of “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during its coverage of the U.S. Open two months ago, CNN cut  “warrior for Christ” from Kimberly Vaughn’s tribute to her hero husband (one of twenty-two Navy SEALS and eight other servicemen killed two days ago in a Chinook helicopter during a mission in Afghanistan).

When introducing a two-part report entitled “Deadliest Blow of the War” this morning, anchor Carol Costello commented, “One Navy SEAL widow wants the country to know [that] her husband was a hero.”* Immediately thereafter, a video aired of a tearful Kimberly Vaughn proudly proclaiming, “I want to tell the world that he was an amazing man, that he was a wonderful husband, and a fabulous father to two wonderful children. He was a warrior for Christ, and he was a warrior for our country. And, he wouldn’t want to leave this earth any other way than how he did.”

Subsequently, Carol went to CNN correspondent Barbara Starr who gave the latest details of the story. When Starr had finished her account, Carol’s co-anchor Ali Velshi segued to CNN correspondent Brian Todd, who was in Virginia Beach, Virginia (the “adopted home of the Navy SEAL Team”), asking, “What’s the mood around there?” In response, Todd declared, “What happened on Saturday is just now beginning to sink in, and it’s very, very tough to take.”

Then, Todd began his report with a snippet of Kimberly Vaughn sorrowfully recounting her mournful reaction of falling to her knees when informed of the death of her husband, Navy SEAL Aaron Vaughn. Subsequently, as Todd intoned that Kimberly was now left to care for their two-month-old daughter soon-to-be two-year-old son, the video continued with Kimberly’s tribute aired only five minutes earlier. However, this time CNN censored the clip: Gone was Kimberly’s six-word remark, “He was a warrior for Christ.”**

Regrettable, CNN? Or, just “all the news that’s fit to air”?

*American Morning – 08/08/11 at 8:08 a.m. ET.

**Ibid at 8:13 a.m. ET.

Update: Video: CNN’s censored clip of Kimberly Vaughn’s tribute. Cf. CNN’s unedited transcript of it.

Update2: CNN’s online uncensored clip of Kimberly Vaughn’s tribute was posted today under the rubric “SEAL widow: ‘He was a warrior for Christ'” notably, without any apparent time stamp.

Juliet Huddy: “See You Next Weekend”

August 7, 2011

Where’s Aly: lost in Shine’s “shuffle”? The purported “maternity shuffle” ends Monday with Megyn Kelly’s return to her show America Live. However, if Fox & Friends Weekend guest co-host Juliet Huddy’s adieu today is true, it appears that things may not be quite what F&F‘s official co-anchors Clayton Morris (Aly’s “maternity shuffle”), Dave Briggs (Aly “WILL be back”), and Alisyn Camerota (“I’ll be back”) would have their F&FW fans believe: I.e., Aly will finally return to F&FW when Megyn’s maternity leave ends. At the end of F&FW today, Juliet was thanked by Dave “once again for filling in,” she smiling replied, “My pleasure, my pleasure. See you again next weekend.”

Do tell, Juliet. Megyn will be back on her own show next week but Aly won’t. Aly’s “shuffle”: Bill Shine’s “shakeup”?

Shannon Bream: Megyn Kelly Looks AMAZING!

August 4, 2011

Former Maxim model Courtney Friel: “She looks awesome.” Last week, Deadline Hollywood reported that Megyn Kelly will return to America Live next Monday exactly four months after taking maternity leave on April 8. Yesterday, the FNC foxes began to herald the return of their alpha vixen: Megyn’s America Live fill-in Shannon Bream trumpeted, “Just saw @MegynKelly and she looks AMAZING! She’s back Monday!!” Today, FNC entertainment correspondent Courtney Friel chimed, “She looks awesome and is sporting a new haircut.”

Apparently, Slate’s “Post-Feminist News Babe” is back in rare form and is raring to go after giving birth to her second child (daughter Yardley Evans) on April 14. Whether or not she has shed those baby pounds and returned to her GQ pinup prime is yet to be seen. Regardless, Megyn’s avid AL acolytes are assuredly more than eager to welcome back their brainy, blond beauty.

Whether Megyn’s return to America Live is short-lived is not yet known. Once The Five has ended its run this summer, FNC Senior VP of Programming may yet promote his “rising star” to that evening hour. Nevertheless, at least, for now, welcome back, Megyn!

Zain Verjee: “The Delilah of Kenya”

August 4, 2011

Zain’s “Love Lines.” CNN correspondent Zain Verjee revealed her sexy radio roots to CNN Newsroom anchor Kyra Phillips Monday. After a CN story on the launch of MTV thirty years ago with the Buggles’ “Video Killed the Radio Star,” Zain was ready to give her report on Amy Winehouse. Before she did, Kyra queried, “Zain, I want to bring you into this discussion….You say that’s actually the first song you played as a radio D.J.?”

Zain answered, “Yes, it was in Kenya and I was doing the love show, which was called “Love Lines” at the time.” Mellifluously, she added, “Kind of like the Delilah of Kenya almost.”

Then, more to Kyra’s point, Zain remarked, “When we launched this private radio station [in Nairobi], it was a big deal because in Kenya at that time everything had been [under] state control. So, it created all this buzz and that was the first song that was played on the breakfast show on Capital FM radio, “Video Killed the Radio Star.” It also launched my career.”

The Delilah of Kenya“: No Philistine.

[Author’s aside: Elaborating on her radio show in a 2010 interview in Kenya’s Standard, Zain said, “It was called Love Lines and it was just sort of playing romantic music, reading people’s love letters, and dispensing of advice that I was ill positioned to give.”]

Breastfeeding Benefits: Sanjay’s “Bloody” Banner

August 3, 2011

Yuck: American Morning’s graphic graphics. In recognition of World Breastfeeding Week, AM co-hosts Christine Romans, Ali Velshi, and Carol Costello interviewed CNN chief medical correspondent Dr. Sanjay Gupta about the benefits of breastfeeding this morning. Unfortunately, the CNN graphics department made it almost impossible for this AM viewer to concentrate on Sanjay’s sage advice. As the distinguished doctor explained the advantages of nursing to both mother and child, directly behind him was a pulsating bloody banner of his name and title (Sanja Gupta MD).

Reminding the author of a barbershop pole with its red, white, and blue colors, Sanjay’s graphic (atop a white background) had his name in black lettering to one side with his title in blue on the other separated by a bright red line. Fine and good. But, as Sanjay spoke, images of barbarous bloodletting were evoked as  splotches of bright red blood seemed to flow up and down the banner repeatedly throughout his segment.

Breastfeeding benefits: what “bloody” benefits, Sanjay?

American Morning – 08/04/11 (@ 8:52 a.m. ET)