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Bad Hair Day!

June 29, 2008

Apparently, the Fox & Friends Weekend hair stylist had the day off or was on strike. Foxy meteorologist Domenica Davis looked as if she just toweled off after coming in from the rain: her hair was limp and appeared barely dry. A frumpy Courtney Friel barely fared better: her flaccid mane appeared to have been combed and hair blown over the sink. Jenna Lee’s hair looked fine but nothing special as if she had had sufficient time to prepare for her next business appointment. A bad, bad hair day!

Barbie Runs 4 Prez

June 29, 2008

Today Fox & Friends newreader Courtney Friel took a page out of Hillary Clinton’s fashion bible. In her gray pantsuit, Barbie shows her Presidential candidate look. Barbie can be anything that she wants to be: astronaut, doctor, supermodel, and, yes, President. However, the wardrobes are not equally flattering: today, the poor lass looks like she had a late night on the town and threw on her sweats when the doorbell rang. Being eye candy is not easy!

Ainsley Who?

June 29, 2008

FBN’s Jenna Lee is today’s mistress of the Fox & Friends Weekend house. As the attractive brunette was introduced by Clayton Morris, no mention was made of Ainsley Earhardt’s absence. Then the graphics guys flashed Jenna’s name several extra times at the bottom of the screen to let the viewer know who today’s girl is: Fox News does not need to tell audience about changes only that they’ve been made. Where is the sweet Southern praline? Hmm. No sugar today: only Splenda Lee.

Lesson Learned?

June 28, 2008

Black and white: is that the lesson learned by Clayton Briggs and Dave Briggs from Alisyn Camerota and Brian Kilmeade, co-hosts of FNC’s regular Fox & Friends? The usual weekend silliness of Fox & Friends Weekend seems to have subsided somewhat today but the black and white wardrobe of Clayton, Dave, and Ainsley Earhardt is risible. (Ainsley, in a conservative twist, has a high collar and lower hem.) Even Maxim model Courtney Friel was in on the action today with her below-the-knee skirt: however, she could not resist the temption to, at least, accent her assets with a cradling duo top that limned her bosom yet hid it from view.

F&FW suits, Aly’s lesson: news taken seriously with a fun, sexy side.

Aly Tutors Clayton & Dave

June 27, 2008

As Steve Doocy vacationed Thursday and Friday, respective Fox & Friends fill-in co-hosts, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, attended summer school. The F&FW co-anchors got tutored by Alisyn Camerota (and Brian Kilmeade) on being an F&F A-Team member. Both Clayton and Dave appeared to give their teachers proper respect and a harkening ear as they subbed for Doocy. Grading her students, Aly said, “Dave and Clayton are great: they’re really doing well.” Will these fledglings begin to fly a surer path this weekend?

Jenna Lee or Ainsley?

June 27, 2008

Inside Cable News is reporting that FBN’s Jenna Lee will be co-hosting Fox & Friends Weekend according to FTVLive. However, as Alisyn Camerota promoted F&FW at the end of today’s program, Dave Briggs said that it would be he, Ainsley Earhardt, and Clayton Morris tomorrow. It appears that they may both be right: according to the FNCTV schedule, Ainsley is slated for Saturday and Jenna Lee is listed for Sunday.


Gretchen: Keep Briggs

June 27, 2008

Today Fox & Friends co-anchor Gretchen Carlson gave guest host Dave Briggs her personal imprimatur. In a Barack Obama/Hillary Clinton unity segment, F&FW sports guy explained to Gretch about campaign contribution caps. She exclaimed, “This guy’s smart: I think that we should keep him around.” (What did you snidely mumble, Keith Olbermann?) Expressing what many F&F weekend viewers may have thought, Brian Kilmeade responded that they would “review the tape.”

Hope Springs Eternal

June 26, 2008

Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, filled in for Steve Doocy on F&FF and F&F today. My initial reaction was F&F’s corruption continues. (On F&FW Clayton plays the clown and Ainsley Earhard and Dave Briggs are his second bananas: it is as if the court jester has deposed the king and rules supreme among his juvenile claque.) Perhaps, it was the calming influence of the adult presence of Brian Kilmeade but Clayton did a reasonably good job and kept his usual silliness in check. Maybe, there’s hope yet for the weekend version.

Kiran’s Hideous Hemline

June 26, 2008

Yesterday American Morning’s Kiran Chetry was sabotaged by her clothes support staff. After two days of being the hottie in her minis, she became the “nottie” in a short maxi. Poor Kiran sported a skirt with the most hideous hemline possible, i.e., the mid-knee skirt cut. Kiran’s lovely legs should be celebrated not denigrated by poor fashion sense. Her CNN style advisor should get a swift, sound shellacking.

AM’s Rocking Morn

June 26, 2008

Yesterday American Morning’s new executive producer let former MuchMusic VJ and current AM co-host John Roberts amp up CNN’s cable news morning program. Instead of the usual elevator music introducing segments, he had kicking rock, e.g., Billy Idol’s “Rock the Cradle” and Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” sometimes segueing to a similarly themed segment. Now if he and his co-host Kiran Chetry can exorcise AM from its current state of stodginess and establish a hip groove, it may begin to rival FNC’s Fox & Friends.

Kiran’s Really Back

June 24, 2008

For two days running, American Morning’s Aphrodite, Kiran Chetry, has shunned the Victorian garb that haunts Ted Turner’s former domain. She’s ditched Kyra Phillips’ horrid midis and donned minis more suited for her gorgeous gams. As AM’s new executive producer initiates a less stodgy approach to news, the ratings should show marked improvement against their rival FNC’s Fox & Friends. Kiran has returned in rare form!

Courtney: My Maid Cleans

June 22, 2008

After a Fox & Friends story on “green-cleaning” parties (where eco-friendly home cleaning is taught),¬† bronzed beauty Courtney Friel in accented haughtiness proclaimed, “Hm. I’ll have to tell my maid about that.” When Clayton Morris queried if she had made any of the green cleaning products, Courtney replied, “I did not: My maid cleans.” Then Ainsley Earhardt incredulously asked, “Who needs a maid? We have one bedroom apartments here.” Courtney¬† admitted, “I do, I do.” As if! Barbi doesn’t clean house!

F&F Saturday: Not Must See TV

June 21, 2008

F&F Saturday was not Must See TV today. Yes, I was amused when the Fox & Friends Weekend cameraman panned to Ainsley Earhardt during an “Ugliest Dog” segment promo and when Rep. John Mica (R) sighed wearily and dismissively before answering Ainsley’s self-negating offshore oil question. But overall, F&FW seemed rather tiresome today. Ainsley, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs were able to make even a condo clothing optional story boring and bland. Maybe, it got more pep later but by then I had quit watching.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a whole new day!

Kyra, Nice Melons?

June 20, 2008

Maternity has been good to American Morning’s co-host Kiran Chetry. Today its positive effects proudly peeked over her plum-colored top. Kiran, you had better stay out of the produce department: just ask your CNN colleague Zain Verjee. Kyra Phillips, do you agree?

Dowdy Aly Today

June 18, 2008

Today the stylish, sexy Alisyn Camerota toned it down today: in fact, she turned it off. She hid herself in a drab, dowdy gray business suit with a big-collared top buttoned completely and with a matching gray midi skirt that draped the top of her knee. Since Kiran Chetry’s departure to a more conservative CNN’s American Morning, Aly has out-duelled her former Fox & Friends co-host in the hottie battles with the more liberal FNC’s shorter skirts and more decolletage-baring blouses. (N.B. “Conservative” and “liberal” pertain to the respective cable news networks’ general garb guidelines for their distaff staff.) Today, Aly forfeited the competition to her comely CNN counterpart who had secreted herself in a black midi at the knee and a long-sleeved, v-neck purple sweater top.

Kiran’s Back (W/ Baby Pics)

June 16, 2008

The ever gorgeous Kiran Chetry finally returned today from maternity leave to host CNN’s American Morning. She proudly shared two photos of her two-month-old son Christopher Chetry Knowles. The first pic was of little Christopher being lovingly embraced by his two-year-old sister Maya Rose. The second one was a solo shot of the cute, chubby fourteen-pound tot. The photos were the first ones shown of Christopher by AM: OK! Magazine’s exclusive precluded the pictures of Kiran’s baby at his birth to be aired.

Kiran’s male admirers may have been slightly disappointed. She returned in a Kyra Phillips style red mini dress sans decolletage. However, cloaked beauty is better than none at all.

Welcome back, Kiran!

The Real Deal

June 14, 2008

The real Fox & Friends A-Team was in action today. In memory of Tim Russert, journalistic legend and esteemed anchor of NBC’s Meet the Press, the usual Fox & Friends Weekend team was preempted. In its place, Fox News featured its top morning news talent consisting of co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Alisyn Camerota along with meteorologist Rich Reichmuth and news reader Ainsley Earhardt. What an absolute delight!

Watching the synergy, professionalism, and wit of F&F’s best made the usual F&FW fare pale in comparison, to put it charitably. If the Fox News brass knows what makes a good team, why is it so woefully deficient on the weekend? Is it nepotism, favoritism, neglect, or even sabotage that categorizes its usual personnel decisions for the weekend edition?

FNC, quit making F&FW Red Eye in the morning. One must be slightly sauced to enjoy it in its regular state. (The target demographic may well be but its majority is usually sleeping in.) Cut the inordinate silliness, inanity, and idiocy and return F&FW to its roots. I.e., make it fun, irreverent, sexy, and informative again.

Penitant Page

June 14, 2008

Page Hopkins, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host, appeared yesterday at the “Breaking News desk” on FNC’s Happening Now and America’s Pulse. One begins to wonder whether she is stationed on the isle of Elba or languishing in the Siberian cold. The still-on-the-payroll-for-now flaxen Fox News beauty appears to be atoning for some inside baseball error or the cardinal sin of aging. how much more penance must the lovely lass endure?

Kyra: “Nice Melons”

June 14, 2008

American Morning’s guest co-host Kyra Phillips spiced up the “Great Grocery Challenge” segment yesterday. As she opened the interview with Zain Verjee, positioned in the produce department, Kyra cooed, “Nice melons [pause] behind you there. Embarrassed and disbelieving John Roberts exclaimed, “Whoa!” and spun around.

The well-endowed, dazzling Zain blushed, smiled, lowered her head, and rolled her eyes. Kyra said, “Whoops! Whoops! I’m sorry: was that a personal [unintelligible]? Was that an H.R.?” Zain responded, “Kyra! No, darling! Everyone loves you when you say that–something like that.” Kyra giggled, “Fabulous!”

Watch out Fox & Friends! The looser American Morning appears ready to challenge you. Just wait until Kiran Chetry joins the fight!

Obama’s Knuckle Knock

June 13, 2008

A reader requested an explanation of the “knuckle knock” or “fist bump” by Michelle and Barack Obama. In general, it is a Purell moment of affection or acknowledgement. In their case, it looked hip, especially with Michelle’s “thumbs up” gesture afterwards. Another celeb who practices the “knuckle knock” is Tiger Woods: Watch him after he or another has made an extraordinary shot. Even Mister Monk can join in the fun without fear. It’s harmless, E.D.