Kiran’s Back (W/ Baby Pics)

The ever gorgeous Kiran Chetry finally returned today from maternity leave to host CNN’s American Morning. She proudly shared two photos of her two-month-old son Christopher Chetry Knowles. The first pic was of little Christopher being lovingly embraced by his two-year-old sister Maya Rose. The second one was a solo shot of the cute, chubby fourteen-pound tot. The photos were the first ones shown of Christopher by AM: OK! Magazine’s exclusive precluded the pictures of Kiran’s baby at his birth to be aired.

Kiran’s male admirers may have been slightly disappointed. She returned in a Kyra Phillips style red mini dress sans decolletage. However, cloaked beauty is better than none at all.

Welcome back, Kiran!

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One Response to “Kiran’s Back (W/ Baby Pics)”

  1. Kep Says:

    Does it seem like interest in Kiran Chetry is waning a bit? She has returned from maternity leave, and so far very little attention has been paid to her on the cable news websites.

    I saw some screen caps of Kiran on American Morning today, and the caption underneath had to do with a lesbian couple who married in Massachusetts a few years ago when it became legal. I don’t know if the other woman in the photo is one of the “spouses” or just someone who reported on the story, but Kiran has a big smile on her face! The media loves the gay marriage stories, but they made no mention of a lesbian couple who tortured their child recently. Now, stories of heterosexual couples who do these horrific things frequently makes the news, but the liberal media will mostly stay silent on anything that might reflect badly on the homosexual community. They get special treatment.

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