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Kiran: Jump on It! [Updated]

June 7, 2010

“Oops, I Did It Again!” was the message that American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry sent her Twitter followers this morning. To be exact, she Tweeted, “If you see something on my leg this AM, it’s an aircast. I sprained my ankle pretty badly jumping on a trampoline!” As her Twitter followers may remember, Kiran likewise injured herself (albeit her neck then) last year on a trampoline (Moonbounce) as she showed off for her daughter Maya’s friends at a birthday party with an ill-fated flip.

Strangely, Kiran, co-anchor John Roberts, and AM producer Jamie Kraft made no mention of Kiran’s sprained ankle during the show today. In fact, the cameraperson seemed intent on concealing it: e.g., in Kiran’s standing shots, she was shown from basically the knee up. However, on occasion, her cast could be barely seen from a distance when AM returned from commercial break as the camera panned the studio.

Conversely, could one imagine its juggernaut competitor, Fox & Friends, missing such an opportunity to connect personally with its audience and showcase its co-host? Surely, its hosts, especially, Brian Kilmeade, would have given Kiran all kinds of grief as to how she was injured as their cameraperson took more than a few lingering shots of her gorgeous gams. However, AM executive producer Jamie Kraft seems to have taken the mayo tack to news–all too distinct from the spicier salsa approach that his predecessor Janelle Rodriguez had preferred.

Second-chance suggestion: Jamie, let JD pick a few songs to showcase Kiran’s injury on the trampoline, e.g., Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Jump on It,” Pointer Sisters’ “Jump (For My Love),” or Van Halen’s “Jump”. Or, maybe even include the Van Halen vid itself, too, in which lead singer David Lee Roth bears a resemblance to John in his MuchTV veejay days: a twofer! At the very least, have John and Kiran do another “What’s Under the Desk” segment.

Jamie, “Jump on It”!

Update: According to, Kiran is supposed to have her ankle in an aircast for 4-6 weeks but she hopes to have it off sooner, i.e., the Friday before the 2010 Daytime Emmys (June 27, 2010). (Kiran’s seemingly self-shot close-up of her ankle is included in the article.)

A.M.: Alpha Male 2 Beta Boy?

May 20, 2010

Is CNN/USA prez Jon Klein cutting John Roberts in favor of Jim Acosta? As Campbell Brown departs from her eight o’clock “no-bias-no-bull” perch because of low ratings, Klein seems to be promoting AM co-hosts Roberts and Kiran Chetry’s “open marriage” with Acosta as Chetry’s current courter. Perhaps, he is trying to confect the perfect solution to cure both American Morning abysmal ratings and those of Campbell Brown. I.e., he may want to rejigger the AM format by sending the seasoned news veteran (and CB guest anchor) Roberts to a straight news substitute for CB and replace him with a younger version on AM.

However, such a move may imperil the CNN’s anemic morning news program even further, especially, if Klein replaces alpha male Roberts with a proverbial albeit talented eunuch. As viewers of AM know, Roberts is the MAN on AM. Even weatherstud Rob Marciano cedes the preeminent role to Roberts albeit with an occasional obligatory nip at his elder’s heels. Roberts is CNN’s real silver-haired rogue who loves the ladies, knows his facts, and can still effortlessly play it cool with his AM audience, guests, and co-horts. To boot, he can keep co-host Kiran Chetry in awe at the same time with ease. Without him, AM becomes merely a bevy of beauties, beta boys, and choral castratos.

Even though his departure may well leave AM in the lurch, Roberts would probably be the perfect fit for a CB substitute as the “voice of Olympus” who bellows the”impartial truth” from the throne at Ted Turner’s erstwhile crown jewel. CNN would get their version of “fair and balanced” news and Roberts could finally pontificate in the evening a la Uncle Walter. Not to mention, Roberts also has the hip MuchMusic veejay JD persona to potentially draw in the prized A25-54 demo.

Even if Klein does solve his CB problem with Roberts, he may exacerbate the aforementioned AM one, especially, if he picks Jim Acosta. Yes, Acosta is from the valued Hispanic demographic but he seems to lack the needed machismo as CNN colleague Carol Costello has indicated and Acosta has appeared to acknowledge. To make matters worse, potential co-host Kiran Chetry seems to patronize Acosta by maternally putting up with his incessant interruptions and inane ad libs while charitably comparing him to George Clooney.

If Klein sends Roberts packing to his CB replacement, he should turn to his stable of young stallions like Rob Marciano or T.J. Holmes. Both of those young bucks seem eager to take their place at the helm as ruddy, randy roues ready to regale Kiran and the AM audience. Of course, Kiran’s hubby might prefer the more sedate and effete Acota, but the AM audience would probably continue to decline with such a flaccid fellow.

When will Klein finally face reality? He needs to connect with his vast vibrant audience of the American Everyman rather than his preferred incestuous elitist Manhattan socialites (who tow the politically correct line and massage one another’s egos). If he would embrace the egalitarianism of FNC’s Roger Ailes, CNN/USA’s top suit might realize that he did not need to feign disdain at ratings but rather could actually appreciate them fully if he followed suit.

Ergo, Klein, talk with your audience not down to them. Raze the trappings of hubris that you have embraced and walk among the people. Do away with AM’s distancing desk and the imperious palaver: rather, pull up a few chairs and converse with your viewers intelligently but not pedantically. I.e., get off your high horse a la Marie Antoinette before you meet a similar fate.

Roberts: Back to Canada

March 11, 2009

American Morning’s John Roberts is heading back to Canada. No, Jonathan Klein has not given him his walking papers: Rather, Kiran Chetry’s “nemesis” is to be inducted into the Broadcast Industry Hall of Fame tomorrow during Canadian Music Week. JD, famed former MuchMusic veejay (as well as top-40 CHUM radio show host, music news show CITY-TV’s CityPulse anchor, etc.) will be feted at the annual Canadian Music Industry Awards shindig reception.

Congrats, John!

Worry not, Roberts fans: your guy is scheduled to return to AM bright and early Monday morning.

John Jabs Rob

February 6, 2009

Weatherguy Rob Marciano got put “in his place” by American Morning’s alpha male John Roberts this morning. After John showed off some “impromptu” solo guitar playing to co-anchor Kiran Chetry’s lavish praise, Kiran asked, “Rob Marciano, what do you think? Pretty impressive, right?”

A bit mockingly, Rob responded with an upheld imaginary cig lighter while bobbing his head as if at a rock concert: Kiran rocked with laughter. Then Rob said, “Between now and Monday, I want him to grow his hair back out like [unintelligible but an apparent reference to his MuchMusic veejay days].

Reddening, a smiling John replied, “Low blow, Robbie.” Then hitting back with a subtle but stiff jab, Roberts riposted, “Don’t be talking about photos, Rob!” (Apparently, a reference to an Internet pic of a seemingly besotted, beaming Rob lying supinely on a mattress with his arms around a trio of tempting tarts.)* Laughing but subdued, Rob replied, “Boy! I didn’t tee it right!”


Janelle Jazzing AM

July 1, 2008

New American Morning executive producer Janelle Rodriguez is jazzing the erstwhile stodgy show out of its doldrums. Realizing that the very controlled, sterile lab-like atomosphere of AM needed some edgier eclat and elan, Rodriguez is beginning to allow her talented duo of John Roberts and Kiran Chetry to start to “let their hair down.” E.g., whilom MuchMusic VJ “J.D.” Roberts is now introducing smarter music to the show’s segment segues accompanied by fun, funky camera angles. Moreover, the exquisitely beautiful Kiran is no longer tethered to a non-negotiable script and drab attire but is allowed to ad lib and strut her stuff more. Rodriguez seems to realize that a younger, informed audience wants its news sexy, hip, and irreverent. Uncle Walter is nice, but on the history channel.

AM’s Rocking Morn

June 26, 2008

Yesterday American Morning’s new executive producer let former MuchMusic VJ and current AM co-host John Roberts amp up CNN’s cable news morning program. Instead of the usual elevator music introducing segments, he had kicking rock, e.g., Billy Idol’s “Rock the Cradle” and Kid Rock’s “All Summer Long” sometimes segueing to a similarly themed segment. Now if he and his co-host Kiran Chetry can exorcise AM from its current state of stodginess and establish a hip groove, it may begin to rival FNC’s Fox & Friends.