F&F Saturday: Not Must See TV

F&F Saturday was not Must See TV today. Yes, I was amused when the Fox & Friends Weekend cameraman panned to Ainsley Earhardt during an “Ugliest Dog” segment promo and when Rep. John Mica (R) sighed wearily and dismissively before answering Ainsley’s self-negating offshore oil question. But overall, F&FW seemed rather tiresome today. Ainsley, Clayton Morris, and Dave Briggs were able to make even a condo clothing optional story boring and bland. Maybe, it got more pep later but by then I had quit watching.

Hopefully, tomorrow will be a whole new day!

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13 Responses to “F&F Saturday: Not Must See TV”

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    Glad I didn’t see any of today’s travesty, but I’m not surprised that it sucked. Of course these ninnies would botch a story that should be an easy get for laughs, interest, whatever.

    What happened with Mica? Did Ainsley ask a stupid question?

    As for Ugliest Dog, I do have to say that she is a classic case of Butter Face.

  2. M. Davey Says:

    I woke up late and was going out, so only caught that one little bit, which was a classic, about the “ugliest dog”. But during the beginning of one of those segments, they asked each other how much coffee they drank. Clayton and Dave both confessed to 5 cups.

    So…..I now have it. They’re so wired on caffeine that they can’t stop, can’t stop, can’t stop! I didn’t notice that they were dull today. They just continuously talk over each other and please! how many stupid gifts that no one can afford do we have to see?

  3. Chris G Says:

    Nope, you are correct. The national consesus is that today’s show was beyond terrible. They have dug such a bottomless hole for themselves. Is there any hope that they can climb out?

    Sadly, no.

    And, please, please, please- Rick. Resist the temptation to lower your standards and “banter” with those four. If you drink the idiot Kool-Aid, I’m selling my tv.

  4. Al Davis Says:

    Turned the telly on, saw the three on the couch, and then immediately changed the channel. In fact, I haven’t watched FNC all day. Wonder how long it will take before I stop checking altogether…

  5. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Well, that IDIOT Courtney didn’t let me down today in my extremely low impression of her …

    Whilst attempting to read the headlines … She royally screwed up the story about the death of NHRA Funny Car racecar driver Scott Kalitta …

    She mispronounced his name, the sanctioning body’s name, the race’s name …

    Then the bovines in the control room started running the video of the wreck before she could even get out the warning about it …

    Geez Courtney … The man DIED … The least your pea sized brain could do is pronounce his name CORRECTLY … But, you couldn’t do that …

    The other 3 morons are sooooo dayum into their little “know your candidates” segment that they couldn’t even acknowledge the man’s death … You know they would’ve been all over it if it was someone like Derek Jeter or Shaq …

    I cannot believe that Rupert Murdoch doesn’t see how those 4 idiots are dragging his network through the sewer because they are soooo BAD … The credibility of the network has gone into the toilet because of these 4 (as well as John Gibson & Heather Nauert’s botched job of covering the death of Heath Ledger) …

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    I still just want to know which FNC exec watches this show and says “That’s great TV! Let’s keep this Fab Four on the air every weekend morning!”

  7. boogiewoogee Says:

    Tiamat, given how these bozos have disrespected the deaths of some TV icons (who were famous before the idiot bimbos were born) and were taken off duty last weekend during the Russert death coverage, why did you expect anything different?

  8. DoneWithFox Says:

    They are the worst thing on morning television. Hands down, without a doubt.

    Courtney also has her skirt bunched up around her hips. Most women when they stand up will adjust their skirts.

    When the second news segment started, she had the skirt the same way.

    Then added insult to injury by preening for the camera, from side to side, “Which side, which side? OK, this side is better.” What an egotistical, empty headed moron.

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    DWF, is she STILL primping and preening in front of the cameras??? Between that and her inept delivery (can’t read, can’t pronounce certain words, can’t say the “g” at the end of words like “waking,” constant stumbles and mistakes), she hasn’t improved ONE BIT since she started at FNC more than a year ago!

    So, if FNC is going to continue to insult my intelligence and tell me that I’m too old (30s) for their target audience, I’m going to keep watching the weekend Today show and whatever other slop the local NBC station (which happens to be the flagship station) puts on each weekend. Of course that means that I’ll be watching NBC’s commercials before heading out to do any shopping for the days. And I’m willing to bet my apartment (which is much bigger and in a better neighborhood than Britney Friel’s, according to what she said a few months ago) that I have more disposable income and do more shopping than the unemployed shut-ins of RC, who are apparently the current target demo for this piece of garbage show.

  10. Scott Says:

    Boy dont you think they should have kept Kiran Chetry

  11. Scott Says:

    Tg me they are still no worse than Ducey, Carlson and Kilmeade

  12. Joe Conway Says:

    Camerota says she wants to return to Boston. When will she go!

  13. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – I knew that they would screw it up … So, I wasn’t expecting anything differently …

    BUT … if the morons were actually professionals, they would’ve made an effort to learn how to pronounce someone’s name correctly …

    This is the same idiot girl that when reporting that Paul Newman had dropped out of directing a play/movie (something) because he’s sick … she said “Get well soon or something” & was dancing around like she had to pee … She failed to understand that Paul Newman’s apparently battling cancer …

    The disappointment is the fact that News Corp continues to let those idiots kill the credibility of the entire company … whilst the brass lets the good people leave … They keep the idiots (Briggs, Claytone, Painsley, Courtney, Gibson, Nauert, Riviera) …

    The FNC of today is NOT the FNC that I know from 1996 … It’s gone down hill the past 2 years … It’s almost as if Rupert Murdoch is trying to get a huge tax write-off …

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