Jenna Lee or Ainsley?

Inside Cable News is reporting that FBN’s Jenna Lee will be co-hosting Fox & Friends Weekend according to FTVLive. However, as Alisyn Camerota promoted F&FW at the end of today’s program, Dave Briggs said that it would be he, Ainsley Earhardt, and Clayton Morris tomorrow. It appears that they may both be right: according to the FNCTV schedule, Ainsley is slated for Saturday and Jenna Lee is listed for Sunday.


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22 Responses to “Jenna Lee or Ainsley?”

  1. Boogiewoogee Says:

    According to the FNC sked, Butterface is on tomorrow morning and Jenna is in Sunday. Maybe Sunday is teeth bleaching day – Butterface and Britney are both overdoing it, and it looks extremely unnatural on both of them.

    Dave obviously took a few too many direct hits to the head, and Gretchen was probably being kind and showing some charity when referring to him as smart (for reading something off a teleprompter).

  2. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, Boogiewoogee. After checking ICN, hearing Dave, and posting the apparent inconsistency, I checked the FNCTV schedule and realized that, perhaps, they’re both right. You’re quick on the draw: immediately after editing my posting to reflect that fact, I checked your incoming comment to see that you, too, had picked up on it.

  3. Boogiewoogee Says:

    I think I speak for many here, Jake, when I thank you for your dedication and hard work!

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Ditto Boogie …

    I don’t know “who” Jenna Lee is as I don’t have FBN (not rich enough to afford digital cable) … But, even she can’t save F&FW …

    Butterface ?!?! You’re gonna have to explain that one … LOL

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Jenna Lee is pretty good. Not great, but has some smarts and a good TV personality.

    Butterface: A woman who has a great body, but a rather unattractive face – as in “Nice body, but her face? Ugh.”

  6. U-2 Says:

    First; Megen Henderson; now; FBN’s Jenna Lee.

    Could Ainsley be headed out the door for good?

    we can only hope so!

  7. Tom B. Says:

    We got it boogie, about ten years ago. No need for a definition. But it’s still funny.

  8. U-2 Says:

    “Butterface” and “The Ditzy One!”

    Throw in those two nitwits; “Beavus and Butthead;” and F&FW is unwatchable!

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    Tom B., I didn’t explain that because I’m bored but because tiamatsrevenge asked for a definition.

    U-2, if they were totally satisfied with Butterface, they wouldn’t be bringing in other women.

    Oh wow. I just clicked past the show and what happened to Britney? Her skirt is so tight and pulling so hard across her thighs and is making those thighs look ginormous. Is dental bleach really fattening??????

  10. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    U-2 – It’s Beavis & Butthead … But, don’t insult them by comparing Briggs & Stratton to them … Beavis & Butthead have moments of brilliance & clarity which is something that Briggs & Stratton don’t have …

    Boogie – Thanks! That’s one name that I had not heard til you started using it …

    I flipped past the show & caught a snippet the workout segment … Me thinks Painsley was jealous of the guest’s moobies … as his were bigger than hers … and more perky … LOL

  11. jakeho Says:

    Thanks, B & T. I appreciate such sharp and informed readers.

  12. Tom B. Says:

    Sorry boogie, now I see. The term butterface still cracks me up, and it’s totally appropriate in this case. Too much.

  13. U-2 Says:

    Booglewoogee; that’s the point I was trying to make!

    If Ainsley is “so good” then why are TPTB trying so hard to replace her?

    Simply put; Ainsley isn’t any good as a anchor / host!

    Courtney is even worse!!!

    Expect to see even more “fill-ins” for Ainsley until they find one they like.

  14. motownman Says:

    For Boogie


    Credit to Sandman

    The best smile in the business :)

  15. boogiewoogee Says:

    No, Sparty. That’s a regulation size NHL rink.

  16. Chris G Says:

    Sparty, you are NEVER going to convice most of us that your Angel is any good at her job. We know you worship her for how she LOOKS in those tight clothes and you think her bleached smile is there just for YOU. That’s great- for you. The rest of us wish for a more competent person in that middle chair. FNC has several women who can easily fill that position. My advice would be to keep capping that woman, as she will probably be replaced soon with someone who can do a better job. You’ll always have your pics of her to get you through your day, and the rest of us will have someone on the weekend who doesn’t need aid and assistance at their job.

    My opinion only, but Jenna is doing a fine job. Ainsley, start checking out the help wanted ads……

  17. U-2 Says:

    Don’t tell Sparty; but Megan Henderson had her “meeting” with TPTB at fnc after her last appearance on F&FW.

    They were impressed with her enough to offer Megan a contract.

    Will Megan be Ainsley’s replacement???? Who knows.

    If I were Ainsley; I would be updating my resume!

  18. tiamatsrevenge Says:


    We don’t need Megan … with her hurricane hair from DFW via the OC …

    IF TPTB are impressed with any of these maroons, then TPTB are all completely braindead and should be put out to pasture …

    Remember – These are the very same TPTB who dumped E.D. off F&F and now is in limbo, forced Wretchen on us, banished Page to Siberia … and have been constantly pimping the halibut outta Courtney & Painsley / Briggs & Stratton … AND they refuse to dump Jerry Riviera and his porn stache …

  19. Anonymous Says:

    Anisley is the most perfect woman in the world Why would Fox ever think of letting her go

  20. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Anonymous – How can she be the “most perfect” since she’s married & not to you?? Fox needs to dump her sorry bony butt back into South Carolina … Plus, she dyes her hair, plucks her eyebrows, overbleaches her teeth … She’s got flaws, Bucko … Maybe if she went back to her natural brunette hair color, she might gain some credibility … And she’s got to tone down those chompers as she could even scare Bruce …

  21. elodie Says:

    salut jena lee je suis tros contente de savoir qu’une chanteuse pense la même chose que moi

  22. Annie Says:

    You are all a bunch of PIGS

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