Courtney: My Maid Cleans

After a Fox & Friends story on “green-cleaning” parties (where eco-friendly home cleaning is taught),  bronzed beauty Courtney Friel in accented haughtiness proclaimed, “Hm. I’ll have to tell my maid about that.” When Clayton Morris queried if she had made any of the green cleaning products, Courtney replied, “I did not: My maid cleans.” Then Ainsley Earhardt incredulously asked, “Who needs a maid? We have one bedroom apartments here.” Courtney  admitted, “I do, I do.” As if! Barbi doesn’t clean house!

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36 Responses to “Courtney: My Maid Cleans”

  1. boogiewoogee Says:

    Idiot. Given what she said about her apartment a few months ago (500 sq ft), I doubt Britney Friel’s apartment has any bedrooms – it sounds like a studio. A few years back, I had a studio a little bigger than hers, and I cannot imagine it being divided into separate rooms.

    For someone who lives with a husband and a cat in a tiny walk-up in a so-so neighborhood, I can believe she’s moronic enough to actually have a maid or cleaning lady. What a dope. She should be saving her money (because once her looks go downhill, the career will follow), not spending it on stupid carp.

  2. Al Davis Says:

    I used to think you all were much too tough on Courtney Friel. I now think that, like dumping way too much sugar into the batter, her persona and constant preening has become so thick that the impulse is to hurl.

    Maybe her news presentation abilities would improve if they’d let her read it wearing a bikini….. of course, we’re talking about the brains at F&FW, so they’d prolly put Clayton Morris in the bikini.

  3. M. Davey Says:

    Poor old Courtney! She can’t buy a break. She either sounds dumb or incredibly haughty. I heard that remark before church this morning and meant to, but forgot to pray for them all, either for having to have a maid or a one bedroom apartment that probably costs more per month that a whole 6 months of mortgage payments did for me.

    One day this show is going to learn to stick with the reading of the news and stop trying to ad-lib. It JUST DOES NOT work for any of them.

  4. Chris G Says:

    Well, now, even dusting requires at least a medium IQ……….


    Just something else she cannot do…….like speak, read, behave as if she is over 15……..

  5. Tina B. Says:

    She did sound like cleaning was so beneath her!!

    Love this site! Feel the same way about the F&F weekend crew that most of you do. Has anyone seen Greg Kelly lately at all on Fox?

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    M. Davey, I don’t know how much are your mortgage payments, but I can make a very good guess at the rent that Britney Friel is paying. Based on what she’s said, she lives in a 500 sq ft apartment (too small to have any rooms, has to be a studio) in a walk-up (as in no elevator) between News Corp and Times Square (not the best neighborhood). I would say she’s probably paying $1800-2200 a month in rent.

    Most if not all of that is just on her salary, because until recently her hubby wasn’t working (just “freelancing” for some small local stations and a CBS news service – he was NOT working for the CBS flagship in NY, as the morons on RC claim he was). Instead of wasting her money on a maid (more like a cleaning service or cleaning lady, because maid implies someone who is there all day every day) and all those designer shoes, she should save some. Her looks won’t last forever (or even much longer), and without any brains or personality, she’s going to have nothing in a few years.

  7. CathyG Says:

    You can’t blame the presenters for the content of the show but when I turned on to Sunday’s show and first of all saw the “favoured four” knew it wasn’t going to be a long visit. Then when the main teasers came realised that we were not going to be doing in depth reports of, for instance, the California wildfires or flooding in the Mid West but for the second day in a row it’s “the Ugliest Dog in the World”. Couldn’t get to the remote quick enough. Is this the official line now – we’re aiming for tabloid TV rather than trying to achieve a reputation as a respected international news broadcast network.

    Did wonder if back in February, when Page possibly upset someone, the Kelly gang backed her up and that’s why they got taken off the show too. Now some head honcho in charge of the weekend is still trying to prove that any tacky group of presenters can front a show. It’s a pity that they’re never going to back down and restore the preferred format but there are still several Fox reporting and presenting personnel that could cope more than adequately. On the other hand if the head honcho is the problem then who would want to risk their career!

    On a different note, really enjoyed the visit of Patti Ann Brown to Fox and Friends last week. While I can live with the current line up of the weekday crew it was a pleasant change to have a presenter who was cool, calm and collected rather than frenzied and frenetic.

  8. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Didn’t check in with F&FW this weekend. Don’t intend to any time soon. From what I’m reading here, I don’t think I’m missing anything. I really do like Rick, but I won’t sit through the moron show just to watch him. Obviously, someone with power at FNC thinks the bimbos and the dorks are really great. All the while, they are removing talent that viewers like and can connect with. My viewing of Fox is way off from what it used to be, and I don’t see me going back anytime soon. The upside of this is that I’m getting more housework and yardwork done now and really have found that there’s life without FOX.

  9. boogiewoogee Says:

    Where did this rumor about Page upsetting someone come from? If she did something (of which I’ve seen no proof), why would the Powers That Be punish the viewers, as they’ve been doing for the last 4+ months?

    It’s more likely that the housebound chronic chicken-chokers of RC overwhelmed FNC with pro-Ainsley and anti-Page rants. So that’s why we get such stellar newscasters as this – Yes folks, she’s actually proud of this.

    I guess that’s why she needs a maid, so that she can spend her valuable time putting together such dreadful reels, instead of cleaning her tiny apartment.

  10. boogiewoogee Says:

    What did Page supposedly do to get herself banished from TV? I think her exile has more to do with the onslaught of pro-Ainsley/anti-Page rants from the housebound losers of RC.

    And I guess Britney Friel needs a maid so that she can keep producing quality stuff such as the carp on her latest demo reel:

  11. Chris G Says:

    There’s a thought that the producers are going for a younger, male demographic, who are not too particular from whom the “get their news”. I’m thinking they want those boys to “get” something else while watching FNC. It is obvious that TPTB are in no way concerned with the content of the show now, nor are they interested in producing a high quality show. They had silly segments on before (remember the lawnmower race?) but the HOSTS of the show were a completely different group. The male shut ins do NOT want to lust after their mamas (Page, Lauren Green, anyone over 36…). They want to enter nirvana to pics of the blonde ones on now. They do not want to HEAR them (and, really, why would you want to hear what a tv news reporter has to say?)- just want- well, you know. So, we get the giggle twins and a liberal, immature male, and the nice but dense and boring jock. Hmmmmm……as a woman, I feel very, very shortchanged here. Where’s my eye candy? Oh, right. We ditched Greg Kelly.

    So, they put on these four (and Domenica will fall in line this weekend, oh, yay) to entice the males who are comatosed from their weekend activities and not watching. Heck, they are not even conscious at that time of day. A lose-lose situation.

    All is not well in Mudville.

  12. M. Davey Says:

    CathyG, what a brilliant description…frenzied and frenetic. I’ve got to get out that thesaurus. I have been searching for the right words.
    They just try too darn hard and don’t know what to try. Perhaps, as you noted, when you first tuned in you know that we really weren’t going to learn anything beyond the “ugliest dog”.
    I think I must be lonely. I probably only tune in for a while, just to get to write a few words. Now that is sad!. I’m going on a trip in July, so maybe there won’t be cable there and I can detox.

  13. Chris G Says:

    G.R.I.T.S.- don’t forget, Rick is supposedly going to a wedding this coming weekend, so, you really do not need to tune in to the trainwreck.

    I mean the show, the SHOW, so sorry about that…..

  14. boogiewoogee Says:

    Chris G., I think that Dull Dave is supposed to be the eye candy for women. Yeah, really.

  15. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    Chris, thanks for the heads up! I definitely won’t have to wonder if there’s anything worth tuning in for this next weekend.

    Boogie, if Dave is supposed to be my eye candy, then I’m off sweets cold turkey. My eye candy needs to have a personality and smarts, too–cause beauty may only be skin deep, but dumb goes all the way through. Sounds like I’m describing the blonde bombettes, too.

  16. Chris G Says:

    Dull Dave eye candy? Imagine our collective disappointment. He’s kinda sweet, but slow on the uptake, and rather boring.

    Sorry, female here. My eye candy standards are a bit higher than those of the RC creepies. I need more body parts stimulated (meaning my BRAIN) to consider someone drool worthy. I cannot even think of any FNC guys who are really good looking. I adore lots of them, ’cause they excel at their jobs- but no one I’d spend my life “capping”. FNC has some really competent reporters, commentators on air. They just do not host the weekend show.

    Perhaps if I got myself a MAID like Courtney, I’d feel better, huh?

  17. Boogiewoogee Says:

    It was so nice to turn on FNC this morning and not reach for the remote while mumbling curse words.

  18. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – Dave = eye candy NOT … He’s too creepy like Robert Kennedy Jr …

    Clayton = eye candy NOT … I could pack a full set of wheel bearings with all of the grease (“product”) in his hair …

    Rick & Greg – yeah, bay bee … But, it’s too hard to stomach the queasy quads to wait around for Rick …

    ChrisG – How about Dan Springer and Adam Housley ?? I know, they’re out on the West Coast …

  19. motownman Says:

    What makes the weekday show so great?
    Doocy is arrogant and obnoxious
    Kilmeade is obnoxious and arrogant
    Gretchen is a bore
    Thankfully they removed E.D.
    It was unwatchable when she was on with Kilmeade and Doocy

  20. Boogiewoogee Says:

    You want to know what makes the weekday show so superior, Sparty? The presence of competent adults who are fun, but know how to handle serious news and don’t insult our collective intelligence.

    Why are Steve and Brian “arrogant and obnoxious”? Because they don’t bow down before Queen Ainsley? Yeah, she’s such a great newswoman that she got bumped out of the center seat because the bosses admitted that she’s incapable of covering a death that happened A DAY EARLIER.

    But this isn’t really about Steve and Brian versus Clayton and Dull Dave, is it? Admit that you don’t care who sits on either side of her, as long as that nauseatingly saccharine nitwit is in the center seat.

    Why is Gretchen a bore? Because she isn’t a butterface with gigantic breasts who gives “accidental” panty flashes on a regular basis?

    ED is an intelligent, beautiful and personable woman who has had a TV news career far longer than Butterface Ainsley and Dimbulb Courtney (with the stuffed bra and Spanx-created waistline) will EVER have, since neither has the smarts nor skill to last longer than their early or mid-30s, when their looks will take serious nosedives.

  21. Chris G Says:

    Sparty has over 16,000 posts in less than a year on RC. You’re never going to convince him that Ainsley is anything other than physical perfection. Some of us watch the news/AM show for something other than maintaining sexual pleasure, but you’re not going to get anywhere with that one.

    Here’s what we can do. Demote Aisnley and Courtney to reading the overnight headlines. That way, the RC creepies can still, uh, you know, get their jollies, and the rest of us do not have to see/hear them. Send Clayton back to Philly. Send Dave back to Boston. Keep Rick on the weather. Hmmmm….I do not know who they can put in the chairs. How about some gorgeous, smart men (is that an oxymoron?) for a change? See how they do. A win-win situation!!!

  22. Brendon Says:

    It’s obvious that TPTB really don’t think much of the team they have assembled for F&FW; Clayton nor Dave Briggs have yet to fill in for the vacationing members of the A team, Greg, Page or Kelly Wright always filled a spot left vacant by one of the main players. This week while Brian was off and now Steve, the Judge, Andrew Napolitano and Peter Johnson have filled the void, probably because members of the A team don’t want to have to deal with the amateur and boorish antics of the weekend anchors, I just wish TPTB had the same sympathy for their weekend viewers.

  23. Boogiewoogee Says:

    I agree, Brendon – it’s obvious that the PTB lack faith in the weekend crew, but the nitwits are still firmly ensconced in their weekend perch.

    The mystery is why the higher-ups repeatedly display their lack of confidence in these people – replacing them with the A-team to cover the death of a newsman from a day earlier, not having them cover absent A-teamers – but consistently keep them on the air every freaking Sat & Sun morning. What if breaking news happens during those 6 hours?

  24. Susan Says:

    Keep lookin for those fill ins from the weekend crew to the weekday crew! I think it may happen with vacations around the corner!! Fox continues it’s high ratings – guess there are some people who like the fun on the weekends.

  25. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Sorry, Susan, but not everyone equates fun with vapidity and hyper-horniness.

    Are you actually claiming that F&FWe has high ratings? If so, do you have some proof?

  26. Chris G Says:

    Someone please show me these “high ratings” the weekend show allegedly produces. I do not believe it. And to what are they comparing the show? Reruns of Barney? Infomercials?I do not know what else is on tv weekend mornings, but I am very skeptical that the current hosts of F & F W are cleaning up in the ratings.

    Where would we get proof of their “success”? Everyone I know HATES this new lineup and stopped watching in March. And they all are devoted FNC viewers.

    There is fun, and then there is immature, self-absorbed, juvenile stupidity. I see this bunch in the latter category. And mostly, I feel they lack talent.

    Boogiewoogie, I’m guessing that if breaking news happens- we’re not going to hear about it until AFTER 10 AM. Those clowns simply cannot handle serious, breaking news. They bumbled and stumbled over a fire on a movie lot. God help us if something tragic happens during the weekend mornings! Anything that doesn’t bring giggles from that crew- is butchered.

  27. Susan Says:

    All I know is that they get ratings for every 15 minutes of TV time. If any show were not rated decently in their eyes why wouldn’t the mangement team have made some changes.? That weekend crew has been there since February!- with some other people filling in once in awhile. I t seems in TV land if the ratings aren’t there- they make changes- and it is my understanding that Fox News Channel is rated #1 of its kind.

  28. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Right. In other words, you have no idea what’s going on behind the scenes.

    Even if this Z-team did somehow manage to pull in great ratings, what does it mean when their bosses have to bench them and drag in the weekday regulars to do the show AN ENTIRE DAY AFTER the death of a prominent newsman?

    Also, if this team is so wonderful, why did Megan Henderson get TWO tryouts? Why are the two morons in the end seats not allowed on any other FNC shows?

    Why are the two morons not called in to cover when Steve or Brian are off? Why does Ainsley cover on the weekday show only after a few other women are not available?

    From mid-February through now isn’t a whole lot of time, Susan.

    So, whose relative or agent are you anyway?


    Chris G., what if the breaking news is something like a terrorist attack, a hurricane, or some other imminent emergency that people need to know about immediately? It’s truly irresponsible to leave it up to these inept morons.

  29. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – YOU just jinxed the whole thing … as that buffoon Claptrap is on F&F today in place of the vacationing Doocy …

    I don’t know WHY they didn’t get the Judge to fill in like yesterday … It’s Thursday, so The Judge is supposed to be on the show (not that commie liberal grease bag) …

    I’m starting to think that TPTB are keeping the idiots on just to honk us off … because they’re getting all kinds of free press … and with the media, any press is good press (even if it’s bad press) …

    I’ve never seen any ratings for the weekend show … It’s just ratings for the whole day that pop up … Either way, the show is still getting its butt kicked by the evil aquatic mastermind of doom known as SpongeBob SquarePants …

  30. Boogiewoogee Says:

    What press are they getting for putting these morons on TV? Some pissed off people on a blog?

  31. CathyG Says:

    Well thanks to some great clues from my fellow bloggers think I may have figured it out. TPTB are trying for the ‘BAYWATCH EFFECT’, as in take a reasonably rating show, toss in Pamela Anderson and see the ratings skyrocket. For Pam read Ainsley and I bet they’re wondering about the ratings dive. Well, they need the whole package. ….

    Baywatch was all about hot gals AND guys. The two guys currently on the couch are nearer the nerds who get sand kicked in their face than toned surf gods so they need to go. Not all the cast in Baywatch came from the acting world, a lot were professional models so the couch replacements could be found on the nearest catwalk. There is a precedent for this, on Wednesday’s Fox and Friends the sports headlines were read by a Hooters girl wearing shorts and a singlet! Can you imagine Courtney this weekend ……. actually, Courtney is probably a good fit for the Carmen Electra character. As long as the guys look good working out in the gym and performing athletic racing dives off rescue boats I could possibly live with it. By the way, Clayton doing his Wii exercises is no substitute.

    Next, Baywatch was a fully scripted and recorded show that never pretended to be anything more than a glamour show wrapped round a generally irrelevant story line. To get the ‘Baywatch effect’ Fox and Friends Weekend needs to do the same. Pre-record everything. Provide the presenters with scripts. No ad libbing allowed – ever. Don’t even try to use subject matter that is serious. All the idiot mistakes can now be edited out. It’s fluff stories only. After all, we’re only here to eye up the good looking guys and gals. The closest they are allowed to get to political discussion is a pre-scripted debate on possible names for John Cain’s new puppy. Current news on the weekend at Fox now starts at 10.00 a.m.

    Remember the Baywatch montages where to a sensual song we were treated to slow motion shots of luscious beauties in bikinis running down the beach ….. I have this vision of Ainsley running through Central Park ….. being chased by the Ugliest Dog in the World. I’m now running out of inspiration so I’ll leave it to my fellow bloggers to suggest the background music.

  32. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Boogie – Our rants are picked up on other blogs … which get picked up by other blogs … which makes its way to the computers of TPTB … The fact that we’re talking about the show (even though we hate it & don’t watch it, except for a random drive-by), makes TPTB at FNC happy … Our rants are making other people tune in just to see the uber lameness of the current cast de jour …

    CathyG – In your comparison to Baywatch, the only problem is … Pammy and Carmen are more intelligent & well-versed than Painsley and Courtney … Yes, Pammy & Carmen’s bosom are fake (Carmen had hers done as a preventative measure – prophylactic mastectomy & augmentation as she had found a lump & her mom died of breast cancer when Carmen was a little girl) … One of the guys on the show was a real LA County lifeguard prior to getting cast on the show … The producers / directors / actors knew the limitations of the cast and that’s something that TPTB can’t seem to get a clue with in regards to F&FW …

    At times, it seems like TPTB are trying to have F&FW compete with “Red Eye” … But, it doesn’t work … Whilst “Red Eye” is a comedy / newsy show, F&FW is just a tragedy & a farce … With last night’s “Red Eye” show, I could actually take the guy from “Pleaseeasaur” more seriously than I can take Claptrap & Briggs …

    With the national conventions coming up, if they don’t get rid of the idiot quads … We’ll be stuck with stories on the bad food and biodegradable balloons at the DNC convention … and which celebs show up at the RNC convention …

  33. Susan Says:

    So- a fill in from the weekend show to the weekday show?? My thoughts are still that they want the weekend show to be fun and light with the harder hitting serious side coming from the weekday folks. I think today’s show was acceptable- again chemistry between the members is always up for review when a fill in – fills in! I noticed a few unexpected laughs by Brian and Gretchen this morning. And so Boogie – guess they are having one of the “moron’s” fill in after all?

  34. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Well, if our comments really are getting read by the PTB, then they should know that many of us are not watching.

    If I know that that the Nitwit Patrol (Ainsley, Dave, Clayton, Courtney) will be on, I don’t even bother tuning it at all. I’ve written to them a few times to let them know why I’m not watching, and why I – an adult with disposable income – am now watching other channels’ advertisers.

  35. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Well, Susan (aka Clayton’s agent or wife or mother), I guess that it’s vacation time and nobody else is available. Sorry, but Clayton is an idiot and I barely watched this morning – turned off the TV, in fact, shortly after I saw his insipid grin on my TV.

    Then again, the PTB had to scrape the bottom of the barrel on Christmas Eve and Christmas, and had to plant Britney Friel in the center seat, despite how obvious it was that Brian can’t stand her.

    As for “fun” vs. “serious,” sorry Susan, but news doesn’t follow a strict schedule. If breaking news ever happens on a weekend morning, FNC is doomed.

    So, you really believe that Clayton could bump Steve or Brian from the weekday show???

  36. Donna Says:

    OK- so I liked the fill- in this am as well as yesterday. I watch the show weekdays and am fond of the crew. When they have to have a fill in for a day or two because of vacations I think it is appropriate to have the younger less experienced hosts do the fill in. I for one one don’t see any bumping happening any time soon- but getting them some more experience doesn’t hurt. (And I’m not Dave’s agent, wife or mother.)

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