Hope Springs Eternal

Clayton Morris, co-host of Fox & Friends Weekend, filled in for Steve Doocy on F&FF and F&F today. My initial reaction was F&F’s corruption continues. (On F&FW Clayton plays the clown and Ainsley Earhard and Dave Briggs are his second bananas: it is as if the court jester has deposed the king and rules supreme among his juvenile claque.) Perhaps, it was the calming influence of the adult presence of Brian Kilmeade but Clayton did a reasonably good job and kept his usual silliness in check. Maybe, there’s hope yet for the weekend version.


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17 Responses to “Hope Springs Eternal”

  1. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    DON’T drink the Kool-Aid !!!!

    It’s all a hoax to lull you into a false sense of security … They’re trying to brainwash you …

    I’m not buying the junk that they’re selling with Claptrap boy … Plus, his Exxon Valdez hair just makes me want to vomit (almost as much as when I hear Barry’s voice) …

  2. Boogiewoogee Says:

    Sorry, but he stinks. Not just a clown, but a moron. I could almost tolerate the antics if he had some brains to back it up, but he does not.

    I think it was the weekend that Megan Henderson was subbing in for Butterface that I actually watched some of the show, only to hear Claytoon trying to appear serious and smart…by asking a pundit guest something about how McCain would go about winning over the independent voters, especially since he already has the conservatives in his pocket. D’oh!

    The weekend show stinks. Reeks. Smells up the place. But he is hardly the sole problem. Dave is excruciatingly dull. Ainsley is an adequate newsreader whose limitations shine through when she is hosting and has to ad-lib and interact with others. She’s sickeningly overly saccharine and thinks mighty high of herself. What’s there left to say about Courtney that hasn’t already been said? That she makes Dave look like a magna cum laude graduate of Harvard?

  3. Darea Says:

    Noooo! Do not cross over to the dark side, I enjoy this blog too much! While I will give you that he was not the complete a$$ he usually is (although I have not watched (and will not watch) F&FW with the current crew), it pained me to see him on the same set as Alisyn and Brian. Sad that he would even be thought to be a replacement for the Judge, too. I will never understand the decision to use that weekend group………try as they may to dress them up as adults, they still come across as court jesters. Just painful to watch………

  4. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Today, they’ve got Briggs & Stratton sitting in for Doocy …

    Briggs knows nothing about weather … But, the NBA draft is all he could talk about in the 1-2 minutes that I could stomach before switching to the Food Network … I was hoping they would’ve found a real man to fill in for Doocy …

    Brian’s there … and he’s the sports boy … F&F doesn’t need an overly pancake mak-upped wannabe pretty boy in Briggs when Brian’s there …

    Ailes / Moody / Shine must be dead or mentally incapacitated for this debacle to keep continuing the way it is …

    Buh & bye, Ailes … I’ve watched FNC since literally the moment it signed on the air back in Oct 96 … But, the debacle of staff changes over the 1 1/2 yrs has forced me to watch LESS of the network …

  5. Chris G Says:

    “Perhaps it was the calming influence of the adult presence of Brian Kilmeade…..”

    That’s ALL I need to know. I adore Brian more than words, but c’mon. When Brian Kilmeade is considered the “calming adult presence” on the show, you KNOW what Clayton is: an immature moron.

    FNC can dress the weekend crew up all they want. They are still AWFUL.

  6. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I for one didn’t watch yesterday or today. When I saw that Clayton was the fill-in anchor for Doocy, I channel surfed until it was time to leave for work. Same thing again this morning when Dull Dave, the wonderless boy, was in. Seems they’re trying to stuff these dullards down our throats whether we want them or not. At least with Greg Kelly we got brains, looks and a quirky personality. Hey, that’s it! We got personality! That’s what the old crew had that I miss so much. Well—that plus intelligence! I have been so disappointed by Fox dumping the really good talent for the Barbie and Ken airheads. Give me somebody who has lived life a little and has some intelligence to go with it. I, too, have really cut back on my Fox viewing. I may only be one viewer and one television, but I’m just not going to dumb myself down purposely just to watch Fox.

  7. Tina B. Says:

    Does anybody know what has happened to Greg Kelly????

  8. LauraPh Says:

    I had to shut the TV off yesterday and today when I saw those two idiots in for Doocy. I could not believe it. I want to know what happened to Greg Kelly, too.

  9. Cindy Says:

    Hopefully they put Greg where he doesn’t have to actually interact with other co-hosts! He was arrogant and acted like he was “it”. If he had his own show(alone) and could just read the news he might be OK. I can’t stand the “better than thou” attitude he exudes!!! Guess they figured that one out all on their own!!!

  10. Tina B. Says:

    I will have to respectfully disagree with you Cindy, on this one. Greg Kelly is not arrogant, just confident, as he should be. He did a great job on F&FW as co-host and on the other shows that Fox has had him on since he left F&FW. He certainly has a lot more to offer than both Clayton and Dave put together!

  11. Brendon Says:

    I too respectfully disagree with Cindy. I never saw Greg Kelly behave arrogantly, I always thought that he was very intelligent, sincere, private and humble. He never called attention to himself or his military service, unlike the weekend crew that presently graces (tongue in cheek) the curvy couch. We hope Greg returns soon!

  12. Cindy Says:

    We are all entitiled to our opinions!!  What else is he on with Fox-  I’ll make sure I keep on missing it. I met him once at an event-nothing worse than someone not ever making eye conctact with you but pretending to be interested in the conversation (I believe the words I am looking for are self absorbed!) I’m glad he is not on when I tune in.  

  13. Chris G Says:

    I agree with Brendon and Tina about Greg Kelly. He interacted well with Kiran and Page, Rick and Kelly. He was smart, capable, funny, awkward and had much to offer an audience. Having never “met” him, and unlike the RC creepies, who believe the weekend crew on FNC come home with them and spend personal time with them, I cannot comment on his personal life. I’ve not read a bad thing about Mr. Kelly, other than from women who were miffed that he didn’t marry them, or something to that nature.

    I only watch these folks on tv, I am not BFF&E with them in real life. Greg was heads and tails above Dave and Clayton. He is missed, along with Page and Kelly.

  14. G.R.I.T.S. Says:

    I totally disagree with Cindy on Greg Kelly. He always came across as very intelligent and was never one to brag about his military service. As someone married to a retired military man, I can say that Greg reminded me of most military men I’ve ever met–confident and capable of doing other things than hosting a morning television show. Also, my husband and I both liked his respectful attitude towards guests. Having never met him I can’t say what he might be like on a personal level. However, my husband and I both really liked Greg. Fox is losing a great asset if they let him get away.

  15. boogiewoogee Says:

    Hmph. Sounds like someone was miffed that Greg Kelly didn’t share her amorous feelings.

  16. Brendon Says:

    boogiewoogee….I was thinking the same thing.

  17. Barry W Says:

    I’ve been unhappy with the Fox & Friends morning change. I’ve warmed up to the new crew some but still miss Greg, Paige & Kelly. They were all great individually and their personalities made a great mix. Any chance they could come back???

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