Penitant Page

Page Hopkins, former Fox & Friends Weekend co-host, appeared yesterday at the “Breaking News desk” on FNC’s Happening Now and America’s Pulse. One begins to wonder whether she is stationed on the isle of Elba or languishing in the Siberian cold. The still-on-the-payroll-for-now flaxen Fox News beauty appears to be atoning for some inside baseball error or the cardinal sin of aging. how much more penance must the lovely lass endure?

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21 Responses to “Penitant Page”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    I was in the car listening on Sirius when I heard Page reporting about the jury reaching a verdict. If they think she’s too old then they’re idiots. I’d also add that she’s actually good at her job unlike those other two.

  2. Chris G Says:

    Page is great. Love her. I’d take Page on a bad day to Ainsley at her “best”. No comparison, there, IMO. Wish she were still on the weekend show. They’d, of course, have to get rid of Dave and Clayton, ’cause Page would cut off their legs and feed them their feet for breakfast with a simple glance.


    The good old days…….

  3. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    Well, if Page is too old …


    WHY are Gretchen and Alisyn still on the air as the three of them are the same age ?? With Gretch & Aly sharing the exact same birthdate … All three were born in 1966 …

    I still have to wonder about that infamous email that Ailes sent out back in Feb …

  4. boogiewoogee Says:

    Rumor is that the Ailes email was about people who’ve been bitching about Courtney’s sudden rise and undeserved position. I’ve also heard that it was directed to Laurie Dhue.

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Back to the topic at hand – Page has nothing for which to apologize or repent. She’s an intelligent and beautiful lady with an equally beautiful (and fun) personality.

  6. Susan Says:


  7. U-2 Says:

    Page = experience; inteligence; and common sense with a personality.

    Ainsley = clueless; inept; superficial; and not too bright.

    Courtney = self absorbed; incompitent; ditzy; and dumb as s***!

    Of course; guess who gets air time and who gets exiled to “Radio Land.”

  8. Chris G Says:

    I totally agree, U-2. Very good adjectives.

    And, I love your band.

  9. M. Davey Says:

    I just keep thinking that maybe Page wants time off for a while. Or, maybe Fox is just giving people a slot sort of an audition, in case some other networks need anchors. Or, maybe it’s just the next step in their internship.
    Oh, wait! Haven’t all of them worked before at other, smaller stations?
    That’s right, so it can’t be internship.
    Maybe if Fox would just not keep everyone in the dark, the viewers would not be so frustrated.
    I’m also curious about E.D. and her new show.
    I can’t believe that everyone has such thin skin that they can’t get over a remark that wasn’t even all that bad.

  10. LauraPh Says:

    Page is funny and smart. She can banter and turn it off when things get serious. I hate to see her bumped for such idiots on the weekend.

  11. Pete B. Says:

    I really miss Page, and not just because she has great legs. I used to look forward to F&F weekend, now I usually skip it.

  12. Marilyn T Says:

    I miss Page as well as E.D. Hill on Fox and Friends. The weekend F&F is not viewed at my home due to the current hosts. I am not crazy about the daily F&F since they shuffled E.D. and Lauren Green around.

  13. Twila Beyeler Says:

    I am so sad to not see Page Hopkins, or Greg Kelley (Kelly) Why do we not get answers to find out where our favorites are? I am among several people who have stopped watching our old favorite _ Fox and Friends>>.
    Also why are you so critical of EDHill. She was doing a great job. There are a lot worse comments than any she made. I still miss her on Fox and Friends.

  14. Paige Says:

    All f us in here need to contact Fox about bringing back Page, Greg, and Kelly for the weekends. I usually turn on Fox in the early a.m. but when I see the three goof balls sitting there, I quickly turn the tv to something else. And Courtney is so ditzy, what is up with her outfits lately? She can’t read a teleprompter at all. She is just not for a news reporting station at all. Do any of you remember the good old Fox and Friends with Juliet Huddy and Mike Jarrett. Now that was a good show. Even through the day for Fox and Friends, Gretchen Carlson is just not worthy of the middle position. What an airhead!

  15. Al Davis Says:

    Paige, I think Gretchen Carlson will succeed or fail on F&F based solely on its ratings. Doocy, Kilmeade, and Camerotta have already proven their abilities to draw viewers and if the ratings decline then Carlson will get the boot.

    We don’t really know what the deal was with Kelly and Wright. Maybe they didn’t like getting up so early or perhaps one or both were ready for something else. It does seem that somebody is being an idiot for keeping Hopkins off the air. Anyway, they can put whoever they want on F&FW and, if it’s a quality team, I’ll watch. This current group, though, has only succeeded in sending me to watch CNN.

  16. Penny Lovett Says:

    I, too, opt for other shows on the weekend. The Fox network must think only idiots watch the weekend news. Otherwise they would use better anchors.

  17. ken Says:

    the new team is a waste, Paige was the sharpest with a great spicy sense of humor. What a loss! I do not care to watch the show anymore. Fox is losing it

  18. Ralph Says:

    Page was the best!!!
    Smart, gorgeous and a great sense of humour.
    What a waste not having her on the air.
    Fox News has become dull.

  19. Lee Says:

    I am on this page because I have been wondering what happened to Page, my favorite. Much as I love Fox, seems to me employees are unfairly treated. I also love Julie Banderos and was thinking she will probably disappear also. One I definitely do not miss is Laurie Dhue.

  20. Beefeater Says:

    For awhile it looked like Fox was running a dumber version of the Three Stooges. But now with Alison in there, it’s only the Two Stooges and saving grace. But my time watching is dwindling down each weekend. How about Ali, Page and a smart guy with a sense of humor. Send Clayton to Dayton and give Dave the wave.

  21. Jim Brown Says:

    Where is Page??? Ainsley had weights on her ankles to keep her on the couch. Now FF is kiddie city, what a bunch of Goofs. That Brian thinks Mt Rushmore is a natural phenomenon….Page was pretty, bright , knew the issues and can speak without a script. Who did she p*** off, hope she lands with one of the networks in their news dept…get her back on tv

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