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Aly: Hostess with the “Leastest”?

January 17, 2010

Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota gave her GreenRoom blog readers the royal brush off this weekend. Yesterday, Aly vapidly posted, “My co-hosts Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs are both brilliant and gorgeous. I have the best seat on the planet”: not surprisingly, all of the responses ignored her penned tripe and discussed Haiti, NFL football playoffs, and other timely topics. Today, Aly did not even bother to post at all: Noting the obvious, Greenroom reader Frank C. laughed, “Who HIJACKED the header from Saturday? That is hilarious.”

And, as usual, Aly did not Tweet either. The hostess with the mostest? This weekend, she played the hostess with the leastest.

Update: Apparently, Aly has added some post-program responses to blog comments. Maybe, now no longer the “leastest.”


Aly’s Resolution: Obey

January 3, 2010

Yes, Alisyn Camerota acolytes, you heard right. In a segment Saturday on New Year’s resolutions with co-anchors Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, Fox & Friends co-host Aly declared, “I think I’ve quit making them…but I’m open to suggestions.” When Dave, apparently, pregnant with a feral litter of ideas, looked at her with raised eyebrows, Aly hedged and then recanted, “I think! I don’t want to put it out to Dave or Clayton as to what I should work on this year because I’ll get an earful.”

Thereafter, Clayton, segueing to meteorologist Rick Reichmuth for his weather report, asked, “Rick, you want to weigh in?” Before Rick could answer, in an aside to her audience, Aly jokingly interposed, “Think about it, guys, I’m sure that it will take you a long time to think about what I should work on.” Then, when Rick remarked, “Tell Alisyn on her blog what she should do…just like her football picks,” Aly interjected, “And then I’ll do it. I am a slave to the blog. Good point!”

And the commands of the blogs were? “[T]o comment more on the blog,” “to Tweet regularly” to her followers, to “stay as gorgeous” as she is, and to wear her blouses “a little lower cut.” If Aly continues to listen to her blog, she may be as successful with her viewers this year as she has been with her football selections this season.

Aly’s Do-Over

October 12, 2008

Poor Aly! Fox & Friends Weekend co-host Alisyn Camerota got as much respect yesterday from ACORN spokesman Scott Levenson as Gretchen Carlson gets from Jackie Mason or Shepard Smith. Levenson sounded like Al Gore listening to George Bush in the ’04 presidential debates: he tut-tutted, sighed deeply, and patronized his opponent John Fund relentlessly as moderator Aly helplessly looked on. After getting grief from her GreenRoom blog, Camerota gave Fund another opportunity today to give his side of the ACORN voter registration controversy unfettered: Levenson was not invited.

Aly Tutors Clayton & Dave

June 27, 2008

As Steve Doocy vacationed Thursday and Friday, respective Fox & Friends fill-in co-hosts, Clayton Morris and Dave Briggs, attended summer school. The F&FW co-anchors got tutored by Alisyn Camerota (and Brian Kilmeade) on being an F&F A-Team member. Both Clayton and Dave appeared to give their teachers proper respect and a harkening ear as they subbed for Doocy. Grading her students, Aly said, “Dave and Clayton are great: they’re really doing well.” Will these fledglings begin to fly a surer path this weekend?

Alisyn Answers Update

March 25, 2008

After posting my “Alisyn Answers” (referencing Fox & Friends greenroom blog) entry, I noticed that, apparently, TVNewser and Johnny Dollar’s Place provided similar posts later. I am honored to be in such company–even if only for a day or so. The Johnny Dollar’s Place F&F greenroom link quoted Alisyn Camerota as saying, “Page [Hopkins] is on vacation [and I] have no idea about Ainsley [Earhardt] being in trouble.”

Links:;; and

Alisyn Answers

March 25, 2008

As readers of this blog may know, Ainsley Earhardt, a “temporary” co-host of FNC’s Fox & Friends, was reprimanded for disclosing the uncertain status of the cast of co-hosts on the morning cable news show to this author. Will research I did today get Alisyn likewise spanked for a similar and earlier revelation on F&F’s greenroom blog? On March 10, 2008, in response to a question about whether the “new folks over the weekend” would be around for awhile, Alisyn answered, “I don’t know the plan for the weekend show yet.” Sounds like she let the cat out of the bag first.

Further, responses to questions about the missing Fox & Friends Weekend co-hosts were forthcoming on the 3/10/08 greenroom blog. In her answer to a comment about missing Page on F&F Weekend and wondering where she was, Alisyn responded, “Try sending an email to viewer services at about page. they [sic] might get a messagea [sic] to her or have some answers.” In reply to a query about Kelly Wright’s whereabouts, Alisyn declared, “I’m told that he’s doing another show on the weekends, maybe the noon hour? I’ll find out for you.”

It appears that FNC has ushered Page Hopkins and Kelly Wright from their seats of the set on F&F Weekend. Page is ensconced in a more secluded area than Chaney is during a national crisis. Meanwhile, Kelly serves as a FNC correspondent and as a co-host on America’s Election Headquarters (AEHq). For now Greg shuttles back and forth between F&F Weekend and AEHq. Will Ainsley, Greg, and Clayton Morris be given officially the reins to F&F Weekend, or will they be hired a la Craig Livingston?

An aside for John Gibson fans: Alisyn said, “[G]ot the answer about the Big Story…Gibson will be back-not sure exactly when.” She added, “Until then fans can catch him at Sirus [sic] Radio, from 6 to 9, at XM 168, Sirius 145, and also”