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Kiran: Still Off Her Game?

May 24, 2010

BP: “Beach P” or “Beach Pee”? American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry appears all wet when it comes to BP and its oil spill of late. Last Thursday and Friday, Kiran seemed deaf to the estimates of the BP oil well leakage per day in the Gulf of Mexico. Today, she did one better: she got the company’s name wrong.

In a preview of her upcoming interview with BP COO Doug Suttles this morning, Kiran misspoke, declaring, “Coming up next on the Most News in the Morning. More than a month later, thirty-five days the oil still pouring into the Gulf of Mexico. We’re gonna be speaking with Beach P‘s chief operating officer, Doug Suttles.”* Not quite, Kiran. Of course, BP is an acronym for British Petroleum.

In Kiran’s defense, maybe, she simply had a Freudian slip a la such notables as the erstwhile House Majority Leader, Dick Armey, and former President Jimmy Carter. As to Armey, the conservative Texas Republican once referred to the proudly gay Democratic liberal Rep. Barney Frank (D-MA) as “Barney Fag.” Re Carter, he flubbed his 1980 Democratic presidential nomination acceptance speech by dubbing the loquacious late Dem great Hubert Humphey as “Hubert Horatio Hornblower.”

Perhaps, Kiran merely said on air what she, too, may say in private, at least, in front of her children, i.e., “Beach Pee” (a rather mild invective against BP, the polluter of Louisiana’s wetlands now and most probably its beaches soon). Reader, remember, she does say “h-e-double hockey sticks” in the hearing of her kids, Maya and little Chris.

Nevertheless, Jamie, you may want to give Kiran a bit bigger BP briefing book tomorrow.

American Morning – 05/24/10 (@6:39 a.m. ET)

Kiran: Make No Mistake We Are a Team!

October 15, 2009

Chris Knowles is no Waldo! Last night Kiran answered forcefully the author’s article “Kiran’s ‘NY Family’: Where’s Chris?” (Kiran was profiled in the October 2009 issue of New York Family and appeared on its cover with her two children but sans her husband Chris.) She assured the author that her hubby is indeed an integral part of her family. To wit, she Tweeted, “[A]ll 4 of us are pictured in the mag. I don’t have control over which shot the mag puts on the cover. Make no mistake we are a team!”

The author certainly understands and appreciates Kiran’s response. In fact, the author had not contended that Kiran herself excluded Chris from the cover but alluded to a possible New York haute monde mentality that the magazine may have manifested. Ergo, in reply, the author Tweeted, “Kiran, I know that u & Chris r a team (& that u didn’t pick the cover shot): I’ve followed u 2 since F&F. Still felt for C.”

A real New York family: Kiran, Maya, Little Chris, AND Chris!

Kiran’s “NY Family”: Where’s Chris?

October 14, 2009

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry was profiled in a very flattering photo shoot and article “Mornings with Mom” in New York Family’s October 2009 issue. On the cover was a photo of a smiling, beautiful Kiran with her two lovely children, three-year-old daughter Maya and one-year-old son Christopher. Missing? Chris Knowles, Kiran’s hubby and their children’s daddy.

Odd for a magazine that is entitled New York Family. Perhaps, a husband and father is no longer considered truly an integral part of a New York family among the glitterati. Nevertheless, happily, inside the magazine Chris did get a prominent photo with Kiran and the kids and mentions throughout the article by Kiran.

But still. When the poor fellow passes the newsstand, surely, Chris must feel a mite miffed that he is not there on the cover with his gorgeous wife and adorable kids. On the bright side, at least, he was not quite as inconspicuous as Waldo.

JD: Kiran, “So You’re Pregnant Right?”

June 15, 2009

Last Tuesday, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts stirred the pot to his colleague Kiran Chetry’s discomfit. In a pre-ad preview to a ten-week-pregnancy-gender test story, American Morning co-anchor John Roberts turned to colleague Kiran Chetry and commented, “So you’re pregnant, right, and you’re going along in your pregnancy. Do you want to know the gender of your child?” Smiling abashedly, Kiran grabbed John’s wrist and insisted, “Don’t all start rumors, John. No, no, no, no, no.”

Of course, whether Kiran meant that she was not gravid or whether she meant she did not want John to broach the topic further was left open to interpretation. When the commercial break ended and before the segment with Dr. Sanjay Gupta began, John declared, “Typically, the first question expectant parents want to know is, ‘Is it a girl, or is it a boy?” Then looking at Kiran and trying to quell the queries of Kiran, he declared, “Not like Kiran because she’s not pregnant.” Off camera, Kiran laughed but said nothing.

Whether the mother of sixteen-month-old Christopher Chetry Knowles is with child again is doubtful. However, when given the opportunity, Kiran, an only child, did not seem to close the door conclusively that she may be adding to Chris’ quiver. The lithe lovely certainly does not appear gravid but she has kept her figure well during her earlier pregnancies.

Regardless, Kiran probably will not be sipping Coke and nibbling Nabisco crackers any time soon–at least, on camera.*

AM Sickness, Kiran?

October 23, 2008

Coke and crackers? As Kiran Chetry greeted her American Morning audience, she had an open Coke instead of her usual lipstick-kissed Starbucks grande. Later in the hour, Kiran had Nabisco Premium crackers nearby instead of her preferred Mickey Dee’s Sausage McMuffin. Kiran, well known for her voracious appetite and her morning coffee “addiction,” indeed had a rather paltry repast today.

In a Carpe Diem entry entitled “Kiran’s AM Nausea” two weeks ago, this author previously noticed Kiran looking queasy: however, since Kiran had recently (April ’08) given birth to Chrisopher, any thoughts as to a pregnancy were somewhat dismissed. Since then Kiran has looked similarly sick in another AM show. Today, she broke out the “morning sickness” best foods. Maybe, my initial assessment was a mite premature.

Is another Knowles in the offing? Since Kiran’s oldest Maya and her second Christopher are only about two years apart, her having another a little over a year apart doesn’t seem out of the question. Kiran, an only child, may desire to have a fuller quiver for her hubby Chris. If she does deliver another Chetry Knowles, she will help make her world a better place.–Food-guide-5269.htm

Kiran’s AM Nausea

October 8, 2008

American Morning co-host Kiran Chetry had an apparent bout of nausea today. During a young voter presidential debate perspective segment with Obama backer Alexandra Acker and McCain supporter Jason Mattera, Kiran held her stomach and gulped as if trying to keep her vittles in check. Morning sickness? It would seem a bit early after the April birth of her son Christopher Chetry. Perhaps, she was reacting to the pundits’ logorrhea. Or was she recalling yesterday’s brown pantsuit meant for Kyra Phillips that she had mistakenly put on? Regardless, she recovered nicely and continued in fine form.

Kiran’s Back (W/ Baby Pics)

June 16, 2008

The ever gorgeous Kiran Chetry finally returned today from maternity leave to host CNN’s American Morning. She proudly shared two photos of her two-month-old son Christopher Chetry Knowles. The first pic was of little Christopher being lovingly embraced by his two-year-old sister Maya Rose. The second one was a solo shot of the cute, chubby fourteen-pound tot. The photos were the first ones shown of Christopher by AM: OK! Magazine’s exclusive precluded the pictures of Kiran’s baby at his birth to be aired.

Kiran’s male admirers may have been slightly disappointed. She returned in a Kyra Phillips style red mini dress sans decolletage. However, cloaked beauty is better than none at all.

Welcome back, Kiran!