Kyra: “Nice Melons”

American Morning’s guest co-host Kyra Phillips spiced up the “Great Grocery Challenge” segment yesterday. As she opened the interview with Zain Verjee, positioned in the produce department, Kyra cooed, “Nice melons [pause] behind you there. Embarrassed and disbelieving John Roberts exclaimed, “Whoa!” and spun around.

The well-endowed, dazzling Zain blushed, smiled, lowered her head, and rolled her eyes. Kyra said, “Whoops! Whoops! I’m sorry: was that a personal [unintelligible]? Was that an H.R.?” Zain responded, “Kyra! No, darling! Everyone loves you when you say that–something like that.” Kyra giggled, “Fabulous!”

Watch out Fox & Friends! The looser American Morning appears ready to challenge you. Just wait until Kiran Chetry joins the fight!

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