The Real Deal

The real Fox & Friends A-Team was in action today. In memory of Tim Russert, journalistic legend and esteemed anchor of NBC’s Meet the Press, the usual Fox & Friends Weekend team was preempted. In its place, Fox News featured its top morning news talent consisting of co-hosts Steve Doocy, Brian Kilmeade, and Alisyn Camerota along with meteorologist Rich Reichmuth and news reader Ainsley Earhardt. What an absolute delight!

Watching the synergy, professionalism, and wit of F&F’s best made the usual F&FW fare pale in comparison, to put it charitably. If the Fox News brass knows what makes a good team, why is it so woefully deficient on the weekend? Is it nepotism, favoritism, neglect, or even sabotage that categorizes its usual personnel decisions for the weekend edition?

FNC, quit making F&FW Red Eye in the morning. One must be slightly sauced to enjoy it in its regular state. (The target demographic may well be but its majority is usually sleeping in.) Cut the inordinate silliness, inanity, and idiocy and return F&FW to its roots. I.e., make it fun, irreverent, sexy, and informative again.

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25 Responses to “The Real Deal”

  1. Al Davis Says:

    I woke early enough to see the professionals doing F&FW this morning and was able to hit the DVR record button, so I saw the whole show. It was a delight and the contrast with the recent weekend crew so stark that I simply don’t believe FNC is blind to it.

    Actually, I thought today’s show was better than the usual weekday ones. Perhaps that was because of the Tim Russet theme; I don’t know.

  2. Chris G Says:

    ALLELUIA!!!!!!!! Finally!!! A F & F W show that was bearable to view!!!!! It has not been that good since…..February, I believe. I cannot FATHOM that TPTB think the current weekend crew is anywhere near this level of professionalism. There were no blank looks from Dave, no juvenile actions from Clayton, no simple-minded, uninvolved, self-absorbed comments from Ainsley (they pretty much ignored her today, much to my happiness) no stammering flubs from that other blonde. These folks were on their game. It was a pleasure to view. Ye gads, I feel like the dying man who has been brought to the oasis. OK, that’s a bit much, but, TPTB cannot see what a second-rate, barely tolerable group they have on the weekends now??? I finally realized, watching today, that I LIKE Alisyn, Steve, Brian, Rick. They seem like good folks. They are not perfect, and I do not watch them all the time, but, it was a pleasure to see them interact today. I have NO affection for these new people- none. They do not interest me, make me want to care about them, make me want to watch them. I have no connection with them- and they bore me with their self-absorbed, juvenile actions and comments. What a nice break we had from them today.

    And like I wrote, I think they have a keeper with Rick. He was really great today, and was treated like a peer- not like “the weather dude”. I hope you all got to see a bit this morning- it was worth it!!!

  3. Scottishpiper Says:

    J, One of the few times I’ve ever watched F&F was this morning before leaving the beach. It was good and we thought of you as we continued on XM Radio with F&F in the car.

  4. jakeho Says:

    Thank you, JK. Hope you all’s vacation continues to go well.

  5. boogiewoogee Says:

    Yes, the contrast was so stark! Like black-white, up-down, in-out.

    As I’ve said before, I hope everyone has sent an email to to thank them for a good show yesterday, and let them know that it’s the total opposite of what they’ve been giving us for the last six months.

    How on earth do The Powers That Be keep a weekend anchoring/hosting crew who are utterly incapable of reporting serious news? I think Ainsley looked a bit chastened and subdued yesterday, as well she should have. Then again, she shouldn’t be back in the center seat this morning, or any other morning – unless it’s a major holiday, and it’s down to choosing from among Ainsley, Britney Friel and some cleaning woman from Eastern Europe who doesn’t speak much English. Yeah, I know, Friel’s command of English isn’t much better.

    Anyone else here who would have loved to be a fly on the wall when The Powers That Be told Ainsley and the doofuses that they were being bumped yesterday by real pros?

    I have to agree with everybody about Rick. He sticks out like a sore thumb with the usual weekend nitwits, but seamlessly fits with the pros. Steve Doocy is also a weather guy, but he didn’t try to talk over Rick or anything like that. Yes, that’s because Steve and Rick are competent news professionals.

  6. boogiewoogee Says:

    Hey Ainsley! A few of the buttons on your massively ruffled blouse aren’t open, and you’re not revealing your entire chest, so hurry up and give the RC mutants what they want!

    But hey, she’s good southern girl who goes to church, so it must be OK to flash.

  7. Chris G Says:

    Everyone, go back to bed.

    The D-Team is back.


    Clayton was just running around the office in a HULK costume while Ainsley commented “Ah luv it!”. Griff gave us a surf report, and Courtney is “giving” us news updates. Duhhhhhhh!!!!!!!

    What a difference a day makes, huh?

  8. Chris G Says:

    I think it speaks VOLUMES about what the brass think about their current weekend crew. Although sad, the death of Tim Russert does not equal a national tragedy. Yet, they clearly decided that those four were NOT competent enough to “cover” it. Weren’t they bumped for the Pope’s visit, too? Why O why are they subjecting us to those four, when they have NO confidence in their ability to handle a story? What, breaking, serious news is going to wait until Monday at noon? I hope they were flooded with emails and calls regarding Saturday’s terrific show. Maybe this will wake them up.

    Oh, Ainsley. You are clearly NOT thought of as a reporter by your bosses. When the day calls for more than your simpleton grin- they haul in the pros and you are stuck reading the headlines. And today, since you now KNOW your limitations (and so do your bosses)- you break out the cleavage, the only card you have left to play. Sad, sad, sad. My university professor friend had watched a bit of the last couple of shows. He was disappointed in how these four could wind up on tv. I asked him, since he’s a smart as God, why did he think we were stuck with them. He smiled and asked me if I had ever heard of the “casting couch”. I sure hope not, but it often becomes difficult to see the reason behind their employment.

  9. U-2 Says:

    I agree wholeheartedly with most of the comments here.

    Perhaps fox will realise that it takes more than looks; boobs; and short skirts to make an anchor / host / reporter.

    Experience; intelligence; and at least a rudimentary idea on how to cover a news story or do an interview is a must!!!

    Ainsley and Courtney are pretty “eye candy;” but neither one has a clue as to what they are doing while “on air” and it shows!

    Please give us Page; or Uma; or someone who has at least the semblance of a brain and can ask inteligent questions in an interview.

    Ainsley and Courtney; [plus the two dorks]; isn’t working!!!

    Why can’t TPTB at Fox News see this????

  10. M. Davey Says:

    Well, I didn’t get to watch very long on Saturday. It was subdued and they did do other things other than Tim Russert tributes.
    They all do fit together, but they’ve been doing this a long time. But, at the same time, I just don’t think they have a good mix of people. I think Clayton has potential, even though he can be a jackass at times. He is a good sport it seems.
    I’ve been pondering what the show reminds me of and today it hit me, while watch Griff Jenkins (I hope that’s the name). It’s like the SNL Maya Rudolph sketch where the high school kids put on a radio show and she and her friends and I believe it’s 3 plus 1 sometimes, just like Fox & Friends Weekend. They have the same kind of antics and the same demeanor that the three Saturday people have.
    Please Fox, find the right mix, or start some other projects for Saturday.

  11. Rick Says:

    Ainsley Earhardt is either a racist or a arrogant woman. She joked that she wanted to go on the cruise that a black surgeon was talking about and he then replied politely, “you are certainly welcome.” Ainsley replied with a squinty mean look in her eyes while saying with sarcasism, “I will call you.” IT WAS HOW SHE SAID IT AND THE LOOK IN HER EYES. She said it like someone would say, “Don’t let the door hit you on the way out.” I have a larger than normal hd tv so, I can see everything in detail and when I saw that I was disgusted.

    Ainsley Earhardt looked more gorgeous today than she had ever looked in the past so, I was disappointed.

    I am not a african american. I am just against racist people or snobby women who automatically think that all men want them.

  12. boogiewoogee Says:

    Well, at least we know that the bosses at FNC won’t be fending off phone calls from NBC for any of the weekend crew to take over Meet the Press. As we’ve all mentioned, it’s painfully obvious to everyone – viewers and FNC brass alike – that they’re not capable of covering the death of an iconic newsman who died A DAY EARLIER. Ouch.

    It really does boggle the mind as to why they’re still there and not ineptly pounding away at the cash register at Burger King.

  13. Chris G Says:

    Rick, (and please know I write this respectfully, without being encumbered by a male sex organ that rules my every thought and deed) I am glad that you find Ainsley to be gorgeous. I, however, need WAY more from my newscasters than “gorgeous”, which is one of the glitches about this current lineup that nearly fells me into a stupor. Since beauty and sex appeal are extremely subjective, let us rely upon, at least, some semblance of maturity, talent and intelligence. IMO, Dave, Clayton, Ainsley and Courtney have none of these traits.

    Back in the day, it used to be that you boys would sneak a peek at Dad’s stack of Playboys, and we did not have any interest in the subject. NOW this concept has crept into every waking moment of our lives. Can’t fight biology, but can I at least get my NEWS from someone who can SPEAK and READ without some help from the special ed teacher? “Courtney’s hawt (but I mute the tv when she’s on), Ainsley’s fillin’ out her blouse, bless her li’l o’ heart (but she has nothing to add to a conversation), Megan is, um, smart- but, dayum, she wears those short skirts! Squee!, Uh-oh, this brilliant woman is turning ……40….!!!! She must go NOW! ” C’mon. There must be more to gettin’ on a major news station than bra size and age. I know, everyone has their favorites, and that’s cool. But it speaks volumes to us little folks when there is a fairly big news story- and you ditch your regular hosts- ’cause you know they are not capable of handling it.

    “I am just against snobby women who automatically think all men want them.”

    AMEN to that!! Ainsley certainly fits that bill. Perhaps she has logged onto the RC site once too often……

  14. Tom Says:

    To be fair and logical. Here is a positive and a negative on Ainsley Earhardt:

    The Positive:
    There is nothing wrong with Ainsley Earhardt dressing a little sexy. She can still be religious and not have to subdue the fact that she is a fashionable woman. She is a news reporter & looking her best is required for tv. She is not in a church. She looked Vogue Magazine this Sunday.

    The Negative:
    She probably is both a racist and an arrogant woman. It is quite obvious that she has gotten through life on only her looks and charm. There are sexy news reporters like Kimberly Guilfoyle who hosts the lineup and she is intelligent, sexy and above all humble. But, Ainsley lacks two out of the three. It is also obvious that Ainsley loves feeding off the attention of other people. She now has an e-mail so people can ask her questions which makes her a leach. She is not on Barbra Walters or Katie Courics level and the standard public does not know who she is but, she craves attention and has a big ego. I try not to watch her sometimes but, I am a fan of watching the Fox and Friends show so, I put up with her until they find someone sexy and smarter to host the show.

  15. boogiewoogee Says:

    Dressing sexy is one thing (athough whether a serious news anchor should be doing that is questionable), but wearing a blouse half unbuttoned and skirts so short that “accidental” flashes happen on a regular basis are something else. And those tacky shoes!

    Ainsley didn’t look Vogue this weekend, she looked Lincoln Tunnel hooker.

    I have no idea if she’s racist, nor any reason to believe that she is. Of course I barely watch the weekend show anymore and may have missed something, but based on what’s been posted here, I can’t say that she is.

  16. Chris G Says:

    I’ve never seen her flash cleavage before.

    I thought this was in response to her getting dumped on Saturday, for someone who could actually COVER a news story. As in, “Yeah, ah know ah am not a news journalist, but, by golly, ah’ve got sum cleavage, here, so, um, someone likes meeeeeee”. Ya’ll.

  17. jakeho Says:

    As to any allegation that Ainsley may be prejudiced, I don’t believe I’ve seen any evidence that suggests that conclusion.

  18. boogiewoogee Says:

    You’re right, Chris. She usually just wears the too-tight shirts, but this time she was really signaling for the freaks of RC to get into a frenzy and bombard FNC with pro-Ainsley emails.

    I saw on RC that she showed a photo of herself with her dad yesterday, and I wonder if he caught the show yesterday when she was nearly giving a free topless show. Mr. Earnhardt must have been REAL proud.

  19. Tom Says:

    The way you guys were talking I was expecting to see baywatch. I just saw some photos on line from Sunday and there was nothing even close. She looked civilized and descent. I saw photos of several well known and respected news women who dressed sexier than her. It is 2008. Not 1958.

  20. LauraPh Says:

    I am so happy I found tis site and other people that despise the F&FW show as much as I do. I no longer can watch – i gave the blonde and two dorks a couple of weekend mornings and I have had enough. I do not know what it will take for the network to realize how aweful they are!

  21. Al Davis Says:

    I’ve never seen anything to suggest that Ainsley Earhardt is a racist. I haven’t ever seen her inappropriately show her cleavage, either, and I think that’s just an unfair criticism.

    She seems to do a good job with her gig on Hannity’s show, but she’s still a poor choice for hosting F&FW.

  22. Tom Says:

    I agree with one of the previous guys, I do not think that Ainsley is a racist. She comes off like a sweet southern lady and she probably dated an african american in the past.

    I do have to stay with the fact that there are several news women who dress sexier than Ainsley. She did look great on the show.

  23. boogiewoogee Says:

    Sorry guys, but her blouse was unbuttoned WAY too much on Sunday, and it’s a good thing she wears panties because otherwise she’d be imitating Sharon Stone.

    Sweet? Meh. More like saccharine or syrupy.

  24. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    IF Roger Ailes is gonna keep hiring bottle blondes w/boobs (fake or real) … Then why doesn’t he go all the way and hire Bridgette from “The Girls Next Door” ?? She’s got her Master’s degree in Communications, is working on a 2nd Master’s and wants to get her Doctorate …

    Boogie – I used to go to church with a guy who’s an actor … and he’s appeared au naturale in shows like “Red Shoe Diaries” and “Beverly Hills Bordello” … LOL

    Boogie x 2 – Doocy just plays a weather reader on tv … whereas Rick is an AMS certified meteorologist (just like Janice and Demonica) …

    Rick – Based on some of the stuff that Painsley’s said & done, I’m pretty sure she’s both racist & arrogant … Remember the Hitler comments??

    Fox should get Julie Andrews in to teach the girls “how” a princess / royalty / lady sits down in a chair / couch … Crotch shots just are NOT professional, unless you’re a hooker or porn star or stripper …

  25. Chris G Says:

    Tom, you’re MALE, correct? I will go climb out on a limb, here, and guess that Ainsley wearing tight, short clothes does not bother you in the least. In fact, TPTB will be thrilled that yet another male viewer is dumbstruck by Ainsley’s great body and beauty- not her skills as a reporter. Some of us, however, need a bit more from our news folks than cleavage and leg shots. And, unlike most who get a thrill from the Ainsley/Courntey duo, *I* do not view them on MUTE. I’d like to actually hear the news (although, muting them may just be the way to go…..).

    Being a professional, I would be fired in a second if I showed up to work in her outfits. And probably run out of town, too. Again, I’m not real concerned that Ainsley “LOOKED GOOD, LOOKED SEXY” on the show. You should head over to the RC site. You shall find kindred spirits there, who could care less about Ainsley’s skill and more about her body.

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