Dowdy Aly Today

Today the stylish, sexy Alisyn Camerota toned it down today: in fact, she turned it off. She hid herself in a drab, dowdy gray business suit with a big-collared top buttoned completely and with a matching gray midi skirt that draped the top of her knee. Since Kiran Chetry’s departure to a more conservative CNN’s American Morning, Aly has out-duelled her former Fox & Friends co-host in the hottie battles with the more liberal FNC’s shorter skirts and more decolletage-baring blouses. (N.B. “Conservative” and “liberal” pertain to the respective cable news networks’ general garb guidelines for their distaff staff.) Today, Aly forfeited the competition to her comely CNN counterpart who had secreted herself in a black midi at the knee and a long-sleeved, v-neck purple sweater top.

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One Response to “Dowdy Aly Today”

  1. tiamatsrevenge Says:

    The outfit reminded me of a warden in one of those “good girls gone really bad” prison movies … LOL

    That’ll get the menfolks fantasies up … They love them some bad girls …

    But, having said that … The outfit was not SOP for FNC babes … Mebbe they got a new wardrobe person ??

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