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FOX-y Kiran Returns: CNN Glam?

July 13, 2014

Chetry: “Are we perfect?”* Kiran Chetry looked luscious this morning as the former American Morning co-host returned to CNN as a guest on Reliable Sources. Paired with older beauty Judy Woodruff, co-host of PBS News Hour, Kiran seemed to make a deliberate decision to glam down, i.e., less makeup, flatter hair, and a more demure dress (sleeveless but with a higher collar and a lower hem). Perhaps, she or CNN’s makeup mavens decided to pander to a more politically correct meme and/or audience.

In his segment [vid via J$P], a  “must-see discussion about women, television news and attractiveness”** (based on a HuffPo article about a British news anchor “who should hike up her skirts”), RS anchor Brian Stelter remarked, “Kiran, you’ve brought some notes with you all of the different things you have been told about how you to dress over the years.” Kiran answered, “When you…called and said…do you want to come join us to talk about this, I laughed.” Elucidating, she explained, “I think that attention to women’s appearance, I think that it’s not just news: I think that’s just sort of society, and we can take it with a grain of salt or we can get very insecure about it.

Sharing her own experience, Kiran explicated, “But, I laughed over the years: People said that I should buy a wig–which I’m actually thinking that I probably should have because my hair is too thin for TV, they didn’t like that–and then I was told not to bare arms but Michelle Obama changed that for all of us.” Of the proffered advice, she added, “Dye your hair blond, wear your skirts shorter…don’t wear pantsuits.”

Subsequently, as Judy bemoaned the inevitable emphasis on the looks of female journalists, Kiran responded, “There is a huge amount of emphasis put on looks: I don’t necessarily think [that] it’s a horrible thing [but] it’s definitely, it’s trying.” When Brian asked for specifics, Kiran related that when she was a twenty-two old anchor in an NBC affiliate (WICU-TV) in Erie, Pennsylvania, she posited the adiaphorous example of being encouraged to wear shoulder pads and “pouffed out hair” to look older.

Hoping for a more apt example, perchance, Brian asked, “When you were at Fox News, was there a more of a focus on your looks than there were at other places?”

Smiling and tilting her head alluringly, Kiran replied, “Yeah, one of my favorite quotes ever: Never mind, I can’t say it. I can’t, I just realized that I can’t say it. I’ll tell you later!”

Don’t hold out, Kiran! As to whether you look perfect, to paraphrase Alabama for your steadfast fans, “you’re close enough to perfect for me.” And, when you really return to TV, the author has a feeling you just might be.

* Reliable Sources – 07/13/14 (11:17 a.m. ET). [Re the subtitle, supra, Kiran asked at the beginning of the segment, “Are we perfect because we’re both wearing sleeveless?”]

Aly’s F&F: “The Hardness Factor”

February 20, 2011

Camerota:  “Tempest in a ‘C’ Cup.” Before hitting the snowy slopes this weekend, Fox & Friends‘ alluring Alisyn Camerota heated up the F&F “lodge” Friday. To wit, she started the fires with her racy analysis of the Sarah Palin/Michelle Obama breastfeeding brouhaha, stoked them with her “Hardness Factor” promo, and later brought them to a roar with her handling of the fertility segment itself.

When F&F ran the Sarah Palin/Michele Obama story (in which Palin jauntily jested that new moms should follow the First lady’s advice to breastfeed their babies “because the price of milk is so high,” Aly asserted, I’m confused by this debate.”* Elaborating, she declared, “Everybody basically agrees that breastfeeding is best: So…they’re not in dispute. It’s good economically [and] it’s good nutritionally….I think that Michelle Obama is just…trying to cut down on obesity….First Ladies have often had advocacy of certain issues.” Defusing the partisan issue with her sexy spark, a smiling, suggestive Aly saucily concluded, This is a tempest in a teapot. Or, a teacup. Or, a ‘C’ cup.”

Subsequently, matters turned more sensual in the final hour as Aly’s co-anchor Steve Doocy teased the “Hardness Factor” segment. As Geraldo Rivera waited in the wings to promote his show, Steve ribaldly remarked that F&F was going to tell viewers how to have a baby on 11/11/11.** Amused, Aly animatedly clapped her hands and saucily tittered, “Not only that, Brian and I are going to eat libido-enhancing foods: Steve, you may want to wear some protective gear after that. That’s all I’m saying.”

As Steve cringed in mock disgust at Aly’s fresh comment, co-host Brian Kilmeade laughed heartily, declaring, “And, Geraldo is here weighing in on everything: there’s not a topic that he can’t handle. Meanwhile, the priapic anchor of his eponymous show Geraldo at Large appeared on split screen with the co-host trio, salaciously interjecting, “My head’s going to blow.” As a smiling Aly raised her eyebrows and a reddening Steve laughed heartily, a waggish Brian exclaimed, “So to speak!”

Later, Aly turned up the heat even more in her sexy food segment with Brian. Before she did so, Brian introduced Dr. Steven Lamm, author of “How to Achieve Your Best Health and Sexual Fitness at Any Age: “The Hardness Factor” and asked him to give a “clinical look at something people like to giggle about.”*** Complying with alacrity, Lamm asked what food should not be eaten before lovemaking. When an off-camera Steve interjected, “Garlic,” Aly correctly countered, “No…Oh, no! I know the answer. It’s this one [cheeseburger and “raw meat”].”

Subsequently, Aly showed that her apt answer was no fluke as Lamm went through his list of fertility foods by property (anatomic, aromatic, and chemical). As he began to explain, saying, “When you look at foods, they are either going to look phallic,” a lusty Aly arched her eyebrows, smiled suggestively, and nodded assuredly. Then, when Lamm explained that other aphrodisiacs emitted an aroma, a light-hearted Aly identified basil as one that Italian men loved. Subsequently, when Lamm elaborated that hot peppers, chocolate, and honey chemically charged the body for love, a naughty Aly dipped her index finger into the honey (at Lamm’s invitation), put it between her lips, and then sensually suckled it.

Seemingly, Aly was too hot for F&F‘s producers. As she stuck her finger into her mouth, the camera lingered for a few safe seconds on the honey jar. Not until she began to suck her finger clean, did it pan up to her face, and then–at a discreet distance.

Nevertheless, apparently, Aly felt just right. As she concluded the “Hardness Factor” with Lamm, she randily remarked, “Thank you. We’re feeling more fertile already. Thanks, doctor.”

Aly: F&F’s real Doctor Feelgood?

*Fox & Friends – 02/18/11 – @ 7:09 a.m. ET

**Fox & Friends – 02/18/11 – @ 8:01 a.m. ET

***Fox & Friends – 02/18/11 – @ 8:23 a.m. ET

WOMAN: “Whoa”man or “Woah”man?

January 19, 2010

True feminists: Pants or no pants? For AM’s Christine Romans vs. F&F’s Gretchen Carlson, that is the question. This morning, American Morning biz babe Chistine Romans and Fox & Friends comely co-host Gretchen Carlson seem to disagree on true feminism. I.e., whether the true path to gender equality is to mimic a man or to embrace one’s feminine power.

On AM today, Christine gleefully trumpeted AM New York‘s “Now She Wears the Pants” article on the “rise of wives” as to the increasing percentage of women who earn more than their husbands and who are better educated. (Christine’s implicit position seemed to be that the sexist trope “wearing the pants” was worthy of aspiration since it exemplified one’s greater worth within the familial unit and culture as a whole.) However, on F&F this morning, Gretchen (after the show began to the American Idol rap of “Pants on the Ground, Pants on the Ground), riantly remarked, “Who’d have thunk that that would be our motto since I never wear pants. At least, at work!” (Gretchen’s implied message seemed to echo her colleague Ainsley Earhardt who famously declared, “See, here at Fox, we like to be feminine so we don’t wear the pants.”)

As insignificant as it may seem, the newswomen’s different assertions actually mirror the current debate between the old school feminists and their postmodern counterparts. In other words, whether to mimic the “old boys” for success in the workplace or to embrace their own sexuality to achieve their own empowerment. In this arena, Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama appear to have chosen different paths.

F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II

April 24, 2009

Today Fox & Friends provided the viewer with F&F’s Swedish Foot Fancy II between co-hosts Steve Doocy and Gretchen Carlson. As Carpe Diem readers may remember, Gretchen, in jest, asked Peter Doocy to rub her toes which did not sit overly well with either son or dad.* To a certain extent, today the shoe was on the other Swede’s foot.

During a Gretchen-read headline story in which Michelle Obama called her Portuguese water pup Bo “a crazy dog” because “he loves to chew on people’s feet,” Steve interjected, “Me, too.” Continuing to read, Gretchen stopped abruptly and exclaimed, “What?” Steve replied, “Yeah.” As co-anchor Brian Kilmeade roared in the background, Gretchen laughed, “Oh, my goodness! Revealing details from Steve Doocy about chewing feet!” Although his response was not fully audible, Steve sounded as if he said, “Awesome.”

“Crazy Dog” Doocy!

F&F (04/24/09) – 7:34 a.m. ET


O’Reilly Into Ingraham’s Arms

March 5, 2009

Conservative radio talk show host Laura Ingraham got Bill O’Reilly’s rapt attention when she suddenly took her sweater top off during an interview on the O’Reilly Factor. As she revealed a matching coral tank top underneath, O’Reilly randily remarked, “Laura is taking her clothes off: Is that for my ratings’ benefit?”

Laura jested, “I’m totally in solidarity with Michelle Obama and the whole sleeveless thing: Okay, I’m trying to do what I can to build a bridge in fashion.” O’Reilly flirted, “It looks like you’ve been working out a little bit.” He added, “If you get a little chilly, just let us know and we’ll help you out.” Laura smiling replied, “No problem. No problem.”

After then discussing President Obama’s ratings, errant Republicans, and her radio show’s main thrust, O’Reilly’s attention returned to Laura’s well-toned arms: He asked, “Do you do the show with the bare arms or do you have the sweater?” Laura laughed it off. As he segued to the next segment, O’Reilly responded, “Alright, Laura, you’re looking good out there”: We always appreciate you coming on the program.”

O’Reilly: A bare shoulder guy?

E.D.: Fox No More

February 5, 2009

E.D. Hill, former FNC fox and author of “I’m Not Your Friend, I’m Your Parent,” announced today that she left Fox News one week ago. In a book interview on Today’s Issues (an American Family Radio program), the erstwhile co-host of Fox & Friends and anchor of Fox News Live and America’s Pulse further revealed that she has resumed her masters degree pursuit. The brassy Texas beauty exhibited no ill will toward her former employer even though her contract was not renewed (after she, seemingly, fell from FNC Programming SVP Bill Shine’s grace after her infamous Barack/Michelle “terrorist fist bump” quip).

AM: Michelle Sans Noblesse Oblige?

December 11, 2008

American Morning, a paycheck for our first black First Lady? In an odd segment with Alina Cho and John Roberts, the issue of payment for her services was discussed in a serious fashion. Alina and John discussed the diverse duties that are required of the First Mate and the income lost: However, Alina was careful to indicate that the Obamas were not seeking such compensation.

In the author’s mind, the question arose of whether a similar colloquy would have occurred if Michele had been white. Generally, assumed within the role of a First Lady/Gentleman is a principle of noblesse oblige, i.e., the obligation of the noble to act dutifully and generously toward the less fortunate without expectation of recompense. Did AM inadvertently imply that this concept is not cherished by our first black First Lady, Michelle?

Boos News: U Choose

August 26, 2008

Fox & Friends’ UText poll was an utter disaster today. In the first quarter hour of the show, Steve Doocy, Gretchen Carlson, and Brian Kilmeade solicited votes for the question of the day. (The question was “Did Michelle [Obama] win over her critics?”) In the first reporting of the poll results, the screen indicated that 41% said yes and that 58% said no: Steve haltingly and hesitantly reported the results. Thereafter Steve and Gretch reported the results thrice: each time they were polar opposite of those on the screen. Not once did either explain the discrepancy.

FNC reported one thing for your eyes and another for your ears: you decide which sense to choose.

E.D. Again: Relates 2 “Nut Cut” Comment

July 19, 2008

Bill O’Reilly guest host, E.D. Hill, continued to push the Obama offense envelope last night. The former co-host of America’s Pulse, who lost her show shortly after asking if the Barack/Michelle Obama knuckle knock was a “terrorist fist jab,” told Geraldo Rivera that she could relate to Jesse Jackson’s “nut cut” comment. Geraldo responded, “What do you mean?” E.D. jested, “I’ve been through a divorce” and clarified that she didn’t mean it in a racial way after an Geraldo prompt. Part of the Texas beauty’s allure is her brash and blunt nature: however, one would expect her to try to be a mite more circumspect in her ad libs after her initial Barack blunder.


Obama’s Knuckle Knock

June 13, 2008

A reader requested an explanation of the “knuckle knock” or “fist bump” by Michelle and Barack Obama. In general, it is a Purell moment of affection or acknowledgement. In their case, it looked hip, especially with Michelle’s “thumbs up” gesture afterwards. Another celeb who practices the “knuckle knock” is Tiger Woods: Watch him after he or another has made an extraordinary shot. Even Mister Monk can join in the fun without fear. It’s harmless, E.D.

E.D.’s Barack Knock

June 10, 2008

Erstwhile Fox & Friends co-host and current America’s Pulse anchor E.D. Hill gave FNC cover to ax her. According to the Huffington Post, in reference to the knuckle knock of Barack and Michelle Obama, E.D. asked if it were a “terrorist fist jab.” Today the beautiful blonde Texan ate crow and apologized on America’s Pulse. According to TVNewser, her show has been canned to extend Martha MacCallum’s show The Live Desk for another hour.

Was E.D.’s Barack knock answered? She appears to be out of a show and with FNC in an unspecified capacity. Look for her in the shadows with Page Hopkins.